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Would You Approve This Loan – The Series

So the we get these loan requests emails all the time here at CLF, and lately we have been asking permission to post their loan request and even their picture. We promise to remove their personal information for them so as to protect their identity (and we of course do), but we post the more outrageous loan requests here for all California Loan Find visitors to see. This series should prove to be interesting and entertaining, as we are seeing all sorts of people who want loans for all sorts of wacky reasons. Some of the pictures are hilarious and some of the loan requests appear to be jokes, and you can usually tell when the loan request is phony for not.

In some case the borrower looking for a loan has no problem with us using his real name, and location. Let’s face it – there are some real A-Type extroverts out there who will take any kind of attention they can get their hands on – even if it means looking like a financial train wreck. One thing we never do (even if the debtor insists it’s OK) is publish the street address where the user lives – that is just plain irresponsible on every level you can think of.

So we’re going to set up a voting survey for everyone of these loan requests posted so that you, the reader, can tell us the following things;

  • Is the borrower using his or her real name
  • Would you grant the applicant their loan request
  • Is the lending request even a real request, or a submitter trying to be funny
  • Your overall opinion of the loan request posted
  • Is it sad (no stars = no comment – 1 star means not sad at all – 5 stars means very sad)
  • Is it funny (no stars = no comment – 1 star means not funny at all – 5 stars means very funny)
  • Is it a bore (no stars = no comment – 1 star means not boring at all – 5 stars means very boring)

This could be a fun series – we’ll see. If we find any examples that are especially entertaining, we’ll post them on Digg or some of the other social networking sites.