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What Is a No Teletrack Payday Loan?

A No Teletrack payday loan is a loan whereby the lender does not use the tracking services provided by the company Teletrack. This means that there is very little follow up required before the applicant is approved.

If the applicant has a poor credit rating they do not want all of their “dirty laundry” (or bad credit history) coming to the attention of the lender. There are other reasons for avoiding non-conventional lenders that use Teletrack. Read on….

Most payday lenders these days use Teletrack’s services but borrowers (some with legitimate intentions and some with fraudulent intentions) still search online for No Teletrack loans hoping to get a loan faster and with out a credit check hassle.

noteletrackUsually when someone wants a No Teletrack, No Credit Check, or No Fax payday loan they are applying online. Some non-conventional online lenders do approve these kinds of loans but they charge much higher APRs and much higher fees. They justify these higher rates because of the risk they are taking.

Payday loan skippers take full advantage of these loans by creating temporary checking accounts with false (invalid) SSNs and false names. Any payday loan company that uses Teletrack can trace the borrowers information and avoid most of the fraudulent skippers.

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11 Pre-apps

  1. Krista wrote:

    Interesting. I didn’t know that Teletrack was the name of a company. Thought it was just a process name for verfication. I guess it is a process name but named after their company.

  2. Luz Calendar wrote:

    need 3 thousands to star a business… i live in puerto Rico and I need my loan yesterday

  3. George wrote:

    i need to borrow 7000 to consolidate some other loans and credit cards i would like a persomal loan i live in south carolina i need this loan in the next week my goal is to get a 700 credit score

  4. Hazel wrote:

    I need to borrow about 2000. I make 1630.00 in one check and so, I am more than able to pay back. Please help.

  5. Aaron wrote:

    I read the date wrong on my college deposit and need a $2500 student loan to buy time and stay enrolled in 3 days time. I live in North Carolina.

  6. mike wrote:

    hello- I enjoyed reading some of your content. I am in need of a loan today. I have 1 year old twins and a 3 yr old at home. I have a good job that pays well but have a lot of debt. We had a power outage in virginia that put us out for a week and lost a lot of $$. Plus all our food. My acount is overdrawn $700 right now and I don’t get paid till the end of the month. Right now I hardly have any food in the fridge due to power outage and don’t have money for mortgage(1900) and living expenses. I am having a really good sales month in july and my august commission check will be $20,000 so I will definitely have money coming back in. Just need enough to hold me over till then. maybe $4000? just looking to keep head above water.
    I hope someone can help. I checked out some rates out there and they are super high šŸ™


  7. mike wrote:

    didn’t know if my post made it?

  8. mike wrote:

    Mu name is mike and I’m a husband and father of 3. (one year old twins and a 3 yr old) I’m embarrassed to say but my account is overdrawn by $700 right now and need money for everyday living till the end of the month. Mortgage is late and needs to be paid as well. We had a power outage for one week and lost all food and had to stay in hotel. That put us behind. I get paid at end of the month (july 31st) I also have had a big month so far in sales and my commission check for august will be near $20,000 so I can pay back the loan on august 31st. I just need a loan to square my checking account, pay my mortgage and feed my little ones. I hope you can help. please..

  9. Bipin wrote:

    I am looking for a bad credit personal loan, i have a really
    poor credit. I need the money for my daughters wedding. I make 2500
    a month. I am on disability and retirement. i applied to so many lenders
    and i would never get a respond i would just be filling out long forms all day.
    I need a serious lender who is willing to let be barrow this much money. thank you

  10. Nasrollah wrote:

    I am looking for a bad credit personal loan, i have a really
    poor credit. Iā€™m a husband and father of 2..I need money to pay my rent,I got discharge(honorable) from U.S.Army 4 weeks 5 days i have to pay my rent..i’m living in California(los angeles)
    i need $5000..plz help me to keep my family.
    Thank you

  11. Carole wrote:

    Need $500.OO to pay for a brace to help me walk. Have paid $1000 of $1500 bill have no more money.

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