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Wells Fargo Credit Cards – Right For You?

wellsfargocreditcardsWells Fargo credit cards are not really much different than any other bank’s or lender’s credit cards, except that Well Fargo has a slightly wider selection for cards to choose from. List below are the 7 different cards available today.

Keep in mind when looking at this information in the chart below that you only get the APR shown for 6 months and then it’s variable. Not that this is a big surprise, because many banks do this, but beware – variable can mean they may crank your rates if you are late on a payment. No evidence of this but this is standard practice with allot of credit card offers.

  • The Rewards Card
  • The Cash Back Card
  • The Home rebate Card
  • The Platinum Card
  • Cash Back College Card
  • The College Card
  • The Secured Card

On all of the Wells Fargo cards they claim to have low APR (annual percentage rates), but as we all know – they all say that right? The thing to remember with Wells Fargo is that they have been a lender for a very long time.

One thing I have heard for sure is that their student credit cards are very good, fair, and flexible for most all students. Their rewards cards are “OK” as far as our research has discovered.

Our team at CLF does not make any money whatsoever from Wells Fargo so we would have to be called completely unbiased. We don’t promote any one banks credit card(s) and we won’t be doing that in the future either. In our opinion you should just find a card with a reasonable interest rate and PAY it back in FULL every month. Every month in full!

Below we have listed a throw together table showing all of the Wells Fargo Cards and what they offer to the individual.

Take note of the credit card they have for rebuilding a damaged credit rating (high FICO score). Really simple. You just deposit whatever cash you want into your card account, and then you can charge those funds when you really need a credit card. Usually when traveling, or ordering something online for a couple of obvious and common examples.

Our overall review is that Wells Fargo’s cards are sort of middle of road as far as APRs, rewards, and fees go. There are better cards with better companies, but there are worse. Sort of luke warm here.

I have a buddy who has a Platinum credit card from Wells Fargo, and he’s had it for over 7 years – he’s happy with it. However, keep in mind that he pays all his bills the minute they hit his mailbox.

Wells Fargo Credit Card Types and Info

Wells Fargo
Rewards Card
Wells Fargo
Cash BackSM Card
Wells Fargo
Home Rebate Card
Wells Fargo
Platinum Card
Wells Fargo
Cash Back College Card
Wells Fargo
College Card
Wells Fargo
Secured Card
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Overview Earn rewards points on purchases1 Earn cash back on purchases2 Rebates help pay down your Wells Fargo Home Mortgage principal Simplicity, convenience, and great rates College students earn cash back on purchases as they build their credit3 College students enjoy a low rate as they build their credit3 For those looking to establish or rebuild credit4
Annual fee $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $18 a year
Annual Percentage Rate (APR) 0% for 6 months, as low as 10.65% variable after 0% for 6 months, as low as 10.65% variable after 0% for 6 months, as low as 10.65% variable after 0% – 5.9% for 6 or 9 months, as low as 8.65% variable after 7.9% – 13.9% for 6 months, as low as 15.65% variable after 5.9% for 6 months, as low as 11.65% variable after Variable 18.99%
APR applies to Purchasing and balance transfers Purchases only
  • Wells Fargo Online – Enjoy the convenience and security of online statements, email/mobile alerts, and 24/7 access to your accounts
  • Mobile Banking – Send a text to get your balance, sign on to transfer money or pay a bill, or find nearby ATMs
  • My Spending Report with Budget Watch – See exactly where your money goes and how much you have coming in each month
  • Card Design Studio service – Customize your card with a personal photo
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