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Unconventional Loans in 2010/2011 – Personal Philanthropy Loans

Unconventional lending is going to be focused on in the upcoming weeks and months here at CLF. Carol has finished here lending series, and she will be focusing on these uncommon lenders for a while to come. This type of lending will be mostly for personal loans and not so much business financing and raising of captital for small businesses and large businesses. Two good examples of the lending products we will be discussing will be Angel Loans and Philanthropy Loans. These kinds of loans are not the norm for borrowers who are borrowing money for personal reasons, but yet they are sought after by thousands of people every day online.

Actual Links and Contact Information to Philanthropic Lenders and Angel Lenders

I have no idea how Carol plans to format her posts on Angel lenders and Philanthropic Lenders, but I know this much – Carol can be quite thorough in her research and I’m guessing she will provide some links to web sites that provide Free Loans that don’t require collateral, and I’m guessing she will provide some contact phone numbers and street addresses where Angel Lenders mount the campaigns. Surely she will be discussing Government grants as well. I spoke with her this morning and she hinted that there will be a fair amount of information on Angel Loans, and Philanthropists (such as people like Warren Buffett, Oprah Winfrey, and Bill Gates). There are of course lenders that are not celebrities and these lenders dispurse funds from and grants managed by Church Associations, and charitable organizations.