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How to Get a Loan to Pay Off $10000 In Taxes

One of the biggest problems that consumers find they have to deal with is cash flow. It does not matter whether it is credit card debt or as in this case large renovation projects. If you do not have the cash to pay your bills eventually it will catch up with you and your going […]

Status On IRS GOV Refund Check – Where’s My Refund Site?

We get allot of emails from tax payers, during tax time, asking, “Where is my is my IRS GOV Refund Check?”, or “What is the status on my IRS Refund Check?”. Well there is a very simple way to check into the status of your refund by using the IRS website. The big bad Gov […]

How To Report Your Income – Taxes

People who are not self-employed receive at the end of the year an income receipt slip from their employers. They complete their Form 1040 (United States Individual tax return) then submit it to the IRS. They either pay additional tax or enjoy a moderate refund. It is through this income reporting that lenders verify the […]