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10,000 – 100,000 Debt Consolidation to Pay Off Bills in San Diego

The situation that this applicant is in happens to many consumers. They are living their life, managing their finances and working to feed their families and put a roof over their heads. Medical issues can cause a huge drain on their finances as it has done for this couple who are applying for an $85,000 […]

Credit Repair Loan for $5000 in San Diego

Usually a prospective borrower is desperate for a loan and needs to pay some other debt off to avoid high interest charges or late payment penalty fee’s when they fill in one of our applications . This potential client in San Diego is in a unique position in that he currently rents and has no […]

Really Bad Credit Home Mortgage Refinance in San Diego California – Lowest APR

This client is in a tough sport. Due to a conflict that he had with a credit card company, he now has a really bad credit rating.  One wonders if he would have been better off to have just paid the amount in dispute and moved on to protect his credit rating. He has really […]

Flight School Loan for Commercial Pilot’s License

This loan application is for flight school training to the tune of $50000. The applicant wants this loan to complete two phases of flight school training – 1) Private Pilot’s License 2) Commercial Pilot’s License. You will see the complete breakdown of this young man’s expected training and aircraft rental expenses on his journey to […]

$50,000 – $70,000 Debt Consolidation for People With Bad Credit – National City/San Diego

This debt consolidation loan request was submitted by an applicant – Brad H. (last name removed for privacy) who lives in National City, Ca. He works anywhere in the San Diego County area, and he needs a fairly healthy chunk of cash to pay of credit card. He is asking for between 50K and 70k […]