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Quick Cash Loan for $5000 in Los Angeles, Ca

Our lonesome borrow today hails from L.A. and he is need of a three-prong loan (so to speak). He needs to pay off three creditors the same week as his application, and one of those creditors is his sister, whom he has to pay back $3000 dollars. His other creditor is the landlord who wants […]

Quick Cash Loans

One of the loan categories we have not focused on at CLF is quick cash loans, and there is a reason for it. Most quick cash loan providers offer fast loans, but they generally charge their customers high APR, and in fact, punishing APR levels. That is also why our writers and editors at […]

Payday Loan Store Locations Bakersfield, Ca

This is our all inclusive list of PDL stores, shops, and outlets in Bakersfield. Always be careful using these kinds of lenders because their services are very expensive. It’s always best to find other sources of funding or lending first. This particular PDL listings took a LONG time to create. Adding all of these business […]

New Quick Cash Series

At Clf we are featuring a new series or category called Quick Cash! We will be discussing all the different ways you could possibly get some extra money in a hurry. This is directly related to the information here found at California Loan Find, because some of our visitors simply can’t afford to take on […]