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What To Check Out Before Getting A Subprime Loan

The latest applicant needs a new mortgage of $250,000 and needs approval quickly so that he and his wife can remove one condition on an offer they have on a home they would like to purchase. They are being offered subprime mortgages by other lenders and are wondering what to check out before getting a […]

Unsecured Small Personal Loan in Angelino Heights, Los Angeles (Bill Payments)

This applicant and borrower needed to borrow an unsecured cash amount of $5000 – $1000o for the purpose of paying down bills and cleaning up expensive debt. Our guess is of two different possibilities – one, they really need the cash to inject into their business, or they actually want to pay off some credit card […]

$8000 – $10000 Personal Private Consolidation Loan in Van Nuys, Los Angeles, Ca

This morning loan approval was with a borrower who works and lives in Van Nuys, Los Angeles, Ca. She wanted to borrow between 8000 and 10000 dollars in the next couple of weeks – basically needed to qualify for a consolidation loan to get rid of her credit card and student loan debt so she […]

$3000 Personal Loan in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles (same day)

As part of our new series on Los Angeles loans, we are presenting this loan app from the Sherman Oaks District. The applicant is needing a 3000 dollar loan to pay for some auto repairs. He would rather pay the shop using cash, and avoid the hassle that an insurance company will put him through. […]

2000 Dollar Personal Loan in Fresno

Personal Loan #1 In Fresno This first loan in Fresno, CA is a personal loan applied for and approved. It took one week before the applicant was approved. The APR granted by the lender was 13%, and the loan was for a 3 year period. Final principal on the loan was $3000 and not $2000 as […]