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How to Get Approved For a $10,000 Personal Loan

Establishing a good credit line can be difficult for people just entering the work force like our latest client. He is working as a waiter at a well known restaurant, making good tips and setting up his new apartment. He does not have a lot of expenses or debt such as a car loan or […]

Quick Personal Loan to Bail Out Relative – $5000 in Escondido, CA

This latest client is requesting approval for a quick personal loan to bail out a relative for the amount of $5000 and lives in Escondido, California.  Normally lenders are not that interested in what an unsecured personal loan will be used for. The lenders are focused on the credit worthiness of the applicant and their […]

Personal Loan With Bad Credit – $50000 in San Berdanino

This customer is having trouble obtaining approval for a personal loan with a bad credit rating and he is applying for a loan of  $50000 . He currently lives in San Berdanino. He thought he had excellent credit, until he applied for this personal loan and was turned down. His bank indicated to him that […]

Excellent Credit Personal Loan With Collateral in Santa Clarita California – $10,000

Our client has an excellent credit rating and he is hoping to be approved for a personal loan were he is offering up collateral to obtain the best interest rates available. Both he and his wife live in Santa Clarita , California and they are both just retired. He is looking for a small loan of […]

Bad Credit and Looking For a Loan In Hard Times

So sometimes I don’t want to publish posts JUST on loan applicants and their applications here at CLF. Sometimes it’s nice to just write an open article on something I have been thinking about, and there is one thing I just can’t stop thinking about – that is the hard times that so many people […]