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My Parents or the Pawn Shops (and My Reversal of Fortune)

If you have been struggling with bad debt problems your entire life, there is a reason for it. I know, because for the the first 35 years of my life, my credit was bad, and my bank balance was always upside down. I never felt like I was really bad with money – I just […]

Lawsuit Loan = Pre-Settlement Loan [3]

Continued from part [2] If you manage to stay calm during your litigation process and be what I call “a good plaintiff” a qualified attorney (or attorneys) that you hire can ensure you recoup all of the money from your employment down-time and cover all of your medical expenses. Try to let the attorneys handle […]

Assessing Bad Debt + Monthly Budgets [3]

Continued…… Fortunately, most of you doing your personal financial worksheet will discover that you indeed make enough money each month to pay for all of their “needed bills” and still have at least 10% of their income left over to transfer into savings.

Mortgaging The Future to Pay For the Past

Getting out (and staying out) of debt is such an important part of developing your personal finances. The temporary enjoyment of the fancy meals, new clothes, vacation trips, etc., soon disappears when the bills arrive and you don’t have the money to pay them. To make up for your past excesses, you have to consume […]