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Fast Short-Term Loan for 2000 – 10000 In Oakland Ca

This client is an excellent example of where a fast short term loan can actually save him some money compared to just allowing his credit card debt to run a balance. Every time you do not pay the balance in full on your credit card by the statement due date, the credit card company is […]

Loan for Forclosure Purchase – $120000 in Oakland, CA

This client is looking for a loan to purchase a home that has been for-closed. They would like to be approved for $120000 mortgage and live in the  Oakland, CA area. This client appears to really have his financial affairs in order. He works in the financial planning area and indicates that he is trying […]

Mortgage Refinancing Loan in Oakland, Ca – Second Mortgage

This applicant is looking for a mortgage refinancing loan in Oakland, California and we have no doubt that they will be approved based on the information provided. They have an excellent income, a stable job and their home still has lots of equity room to work with in terms of taking on additional debt.  The applicant […]

Quick Cash Loan for $3000 in Oakland, Ca

Our applicant here is from a young fella who lives in Oakland, California. He needs to get a 3000 dollar loan in the next 24 hours or he has been promised by a collection agency that he have his car towed away. He sounded quite wound up and stressed out over the phone, and as […]

$25K to $40K Personal Loan for Knee Operation – Bad Credit in Oakland, Piedmont, San Francisco Bay, CA

This applicant lives, works and supports his family working two jobs in the San Francisco/Oakland Bay area. He is applying for an unsecured loan anywhere from $25,000 up to $35,000, but as you will read, the recommendation was that he get a personal loan for more – $40K. This recommendation is based on his current DTI, his marital […]