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$15,000 Dollar Student Loan in East Los Angeles

This student loan application was submitted by a web developer who lives and works in East Los Angeles. She wants to get some more education in her related vocation of computers and web design. She is requesting a total student loan of $15,000 to take some part time courses through the next couple of years. […]

Fast Personal Loan in Los Angeles – $2k-$3k-$5k-$10k

This California resident desperately needs help with a loan in LA and has a nasty credit rating. About as a bad of a credit rating as you can get – a FICO below 500. In the eyes of banks and lender you are basically a financial pariah and not to be associated with. Well, it’s not personal […]

$5000 Unemployed Personal Loan in Monterey Park, Los Angeles

We’ve been getting many of these personal loan applications coming through from people who are unemployed and between jobs. They all have one thing in common – they’re all looking for legit lenders who will consider their loan application regardless of how bad their credit score is a the time. Unfortunately, we have never seen […]

$8000 Dollar Installment Loan to Be Paid Back in 3-5 Years

2017 Update: Know the law and protect yourself from predatory lenders. Learn how to avoid scams. Once again this loan request is coming from the Greater Los Angeles area and this is woman in her thirties who is in a big panic to get an $8000 dollar loan before the week is up. She needs […]

Los Angeles Loans – Online And Personal

We are always receiving requests for Los Angeles loans from applicants in the City who want a personal loan to pay off credit card debt (and other personal debt) when they have finally buried themselves too deep in a financial hole – so to speak. Often these personal loans that they want approved online. There […]