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Peer To Peer Lending – Does It Really Work For Borrowers

This client is wondering what “peer to peer lending” is and does it really work for borrowers. They also want to know if peer to peer lending will work for them, what the process is and whether they will actually be advantageous for them compared to just borrowing money from their own local bank. We […]

Quick Personal Loan to Bail Out Relative – $5000 in Escondido, CA

This latest client is requesting approval for a quick personal loan to bail out a relative for the amount of $5000 and lives in Escondido, California.  Normally lenders are not that interested in what an unsecured personal loan will be used for. The lenders are focused on the credit worthiness of the applicant and their […]

Loan for Plastic Surgery – Various Procedures in Fresno, CA – $20000

This client is applying for a loan for plastic surgery to cover various procedures that she would like to have completed. This includes several minor updates to her face and also breast enlargements. She lives and works in Fresno, California. The operation will apparently cost $20,000 and is payable once the operation is completed. It […]

Bad Credit Used Motorcycle Loan in Los Angeles for $15,000

Our client is hoping to be approved for a bad credit used motorcycle loan and currently lives in Los Angeles. The loan he is looking for is  $15,000 for a used motorcycle in a private deal. Most people applying for a motorcycle loan will usually go through the dealer they are buying the motorcycle from. […]

Loans for Plastic Surgery

It’s no surprise that people get loans for plastic surgery, if you consider that a cosmetic procedure is usually a luxury and not  covered by medical insurance plans. In some cases cosmetic surgery IS covered by insurance, but the vast majority of the people reading this only have one option if they truly want some […]