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Need Commercial Mortgage Lender in Riverside Ca – $500000

This business owner is looking for a commercial mortgage lender in the city of  Riverside Ca who will lend him $500,000 as a line of credit to help him manage his cash flow and facilitate his plans to continue his expansion in the landscaping business. Riverside , California is a competitive market for landscaping firms […]

Need a Bad Credit Mortgage Lender in L.A. – Need To Borrow $350,000

This applicant is looking for Mortgage Lender in L.A. who provides financing to people with bad credit and he would like to borrow $350,000.  Based on the information provided, it will be difficult to approve this applicants mortgage request. There are a number of things that are going against him which would make it difficult […]

Quick Cash Loan for $5000 in Los Angeles, Ca

Our lonesome borrow today hails from L.A. and he is need of a three-prong loan (so to speak). He needs to pay off three creditors the same week as his application, and one of those creditors is his sister, whom he has to pay back $3000 dollars. His other creditor is the landlord who wants […]

Loans in Santa Clara County

We attempting to list all of the different lenders and lending products in Santa Clara County (California of course). This list will be including small business loans, personal loans, bad credit loans, payday loans (cash advances), mortgage refinancing, RV loans, auto loans, student loans, and debt consolidation loans. This is to be an all encompassing […]

Yuba City Banks and Credit Unions

This is a very quick post created for residents and lending organizations in Yuba City, Ca and surrounding areas. It’s very very simple. Banks provide their contact information for free, and residents use this info to contact them and apply for a loan. Yuba City has a few conventional banks of course and a few […]