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Credit Union Loan for $5000 in Fresno California

The current writer is looking for a credit union loan for $5000 and lives in Fresno California. He and his wife both work and they believe they have fair to good credit rating. They have no other loans or debt at this time. They rent a town home and are just making enough to live […]

$137,000 Bad Credit Mobile Home Loan in Fresno, Ca

Underwriter’s Loan Description :: Borrower has a bad credit score and is applying for a mortgage on a mobile home in Fresno, Ca. He has a down payment of $23,000 and the mobile home is listed for $160,000. The borrower is married and has two children to care for. He is gainfully employed right now […]

Military Loan for Veteran In Fresno – Mobile Home

This applicant is currently living in his Mom and Dad’s basement suite in Fresno California. This is just temporary and the added factor in this story is that the borrower is an Iraq Veteran, and just got home recently. He is an Aircraft Mechanic by trade in the Air Force and is looking for work […]