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Loans and Lenders in Watsonville

This page is for lenders and borrowers in Watsonville, California. Lenders can leave their information in the comment area at the bottom of the page, and borrowers can ask questions of the lenders in the same area. All lenders, banks, and credit unions have to do is leave their vital information, such as contact info […]

Lender Listing for Visalia, Ca

All banks, private lenders, community banks, and credit unions doing business in and around the Visalia, Ca area, please feel welcome to leave all of your lending product information and contact information on this page. All borrowers from the Visalia area can use this page to see some of the lending ogranizations who provide loans […]

Free Directory for Davis Ca Lenders

As part of our ongoing quest to provide lenders in California to borrowers needing some kind of personal financing product or service, we are now adding a free listing page of the credit unions, banks, and unconventional lenders in Davis. This will always be a free service for Davis, Ca residents, borrowers, and banks. It […]

Free Online Directory for Concord, Ca (Banks and Private Lenders Welcome)

At ClF we are creating free online directories for banks and private lenders all throughout California. This page is for lenders in the Concord, Ca area. This is sort of a daunting task as there are credit unions, payday cash advance lenders, consumer community banks, commercial banks, and auto title loan companies. This is a […]

Free Directory for Bakersfield Lenders and Banks

We want to list off any lenders from Bakersfield, CA as part of the CLF personal and small business loan web site. We will start with a small list here. These are conventional banks located in the Bakersfield area. Please add your loan business in the comment section below. Please include the type loan products […]