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I Need a Loan Fast To Stop Eviction – Please Help!

The consumer writing into this site is applying for a small loan of only $2100 to help him and his wife avoid eviction. They got behind on his rent payments and now owes his landlord three months of overdue rent payments. They have managed to save enough for the coming month, but need to make […]

I Need a $10000 Loan Today

The request from this consumer who needs a $1000 loan today is actually pretty typical for many consumers. Unless they have unlimited income, most consumersĀ  receive a certain amount of income each month and unless they match their spending to this income they end up with a situation similar to this consumer. Insufficient cash to […]

Emergency Loans for $5000, $6000, $7000, $8000

Lots of consumers need emergency loans for $5000, $6000, $7000, $8000 orĀ other amounts from time to time for a wide variety of reasons. In this case we have a potential client who is dealing with a medical emergency and has received a hospital bill for $8000. They are still in the midst of negotiating the […]