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What to Say (and Not) to Say to a Loan Officer

2017 Update: Know the law and protect yourself from predatory lenders. Learn how to avoid scams. Credit is a privilege, not a right. It’s something that needs to be earned – like respect. Don’t expect to receive it without qualifying why you are eligible. Simply having a good story and a bank account does not […]

How To Correct Credit Bureau Errors

If there is a mistake in your file, you must challenge it. Most credit bureau errors can be corrected by providing receipts to prove that you’ve made a payment, or by getting the bureau to check with the creditor. Simply fill out a form requesting the appropriate item be removed from your file, making mention […]

Divorce and Bankruptcy In LA (Dennis and Sandra)

Dennis and Sandra were married when they were 27 years old (Dennis was 28 actually, and Sandra was 27). Dennis worked in an auto body shop and made a fairly good earning due to the many hours he put in. Sandra also worked – as a checkout girl at the local Wal-Mart. They were never […]

Your Spouse, Your Credit Cards, Your Debt, and You

There will come a time when you apply for a loan and your spouse’s credit bureau report will also be reviewed. The benefit of two incomes also carries with it the prior repayment history of each applicant. Challenge your individual rights to privacy based on marital status, sexual orientation, religion, and other personal information. Question […]