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My Credit Is Terrible and I Need a Loan – Help!

Divorce or separation is always painful for the parties involved. Some couples seem to be able to handle separation in a mature manner, dividing up assets evenly and getting on with their lives. While others play dirty and end up costing themselves and their spouses a lot of extra legal fees and expenses. This consumer […]

$50,000 – $70,000 Debt Consolidation for People With Bad Credit – National City/San Diego

This debt consolidation loan request was submitted by an applicant – Brad H. (last name removed for privacy) who lives in National City, Ca. He works anywhere in the San Diego County area, and he needs a fairly healthy chunk of cash to pay of credit card. He is asking for between 50K and 70k […]

Applying For A Personal Loan? [1]

Do you need a personal loan to clean up some bad debt or do you need a loan to pay for schooling and/or college?  I ask these simple questions because many many visitors to our web site are looking for personal loans because they simply want to spend more money on something they want rather […]

The Consequences of a Debt Consolidation Loan

What are the consequences of a debt consolidation loan? This is a question many of our readers/borrowers ask. The short answer is very little negative and all positive. Why? Because it shows you are taking positive action to clean up your bad debt, and perhaps learn to live within your means. Bad debt defined as […]

California Subprime Personal Loans

Are you a resident of California and think you need a subprime loan? If you are at the point where you have fallen behind in payments, or you are at the point where you can only afford to make the minimum monthly payments on your mortgage, vehicles, debt consolidation loans, and credit cards then you […]