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Credit Union Loan for $5000 in Fresno California

The current writer is looking for a credit union loan for $5000 and lives in Fresno California. He and his wife both work and they believe they have fair to good credit rating. They have no other loans or debt at this time. They rent a town home and are just making enough to live […]

Loans in Santa Clara County

We attempting to list all of the different lenders and lending products in Santa Clara County (California of course). This list will be including small business loans, personal loans, bad credit loans, payday loans (cash advances), mortgage refinancing, RV loans, auto loans, student loans, and debt consolidation loans. This is to be an all encompassing […]

Yuba City Banks and Credit Unions

This is a very quick post created for residents and lending organizations in Yuba City, Ca and surrounding areas. It’s very very simple. Banks provide their contact information for free, and residents use this info to contact them and apply for a loan. Yuba City has a few conventional banks of course and a few […]

Loans and Lenders in Watsonville

This page is for lenders and borrowers in Watsonville, California. Lenders can leave their information in the comment area at the bottom of the page, and borrowers can ask questions of the lenders in the same area. All lenders, banks, and credit unions have to do is leave their vital information, such as contact info […]

Lender List in Ventura

Here is our quick page which we will use to compile our growing list of lenders and banks that serve the Ventura area. The banks listed here will be submitted by the lending institutions themselves, and we will review each submission for authenticity of their contact information and loan products. This is completely unbias information […]