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Home Refinancing Loan to Pay Off Credit Card Debt – In Palm Springs California

This client is a retired couple who now live in Palm Springs California and are hoping to be approved for a home refinancing loan to pay off credit card debt that they have accumulated on three credit cards. They would like to borrow $70,000, $30k to refinance the existing mortgage and $40k to pay the […]

100% Cash Secured Credit Cards

At one time people were able to walk into a bank with $1000 in cash to secure their first $1000 credit card. Their new card was 100% cash secured which removes most risk from the bank to help someone establish themselves within the financial sector. This seems simple enough right? Today however, times have changed […]

Establishing Credit With Four Easy Steps

Finding credit needs to be approached as if you are trying to find a really good job. Anybody can fire out a dozen resumes around hoping someone calls them back. Fewer people research the type of job they prefer doing and whom they prefer doing it with. These people are better prepared to land a […]

Divorce and Bankruptcy In LA (Dennis and Sandra)

Dennis and Sandra were married when they were 27 years old (Dennis was 28 actually, and Sandra was 27). Dennis worked in an auto body shop and made a fairly good earning due to the many hours he put in. Sandra also worked – as a checkout girl at the local Wal-Mart. They were never […]

Your Spouse, Your Credit Cards, Your Debt, and You

There will come a time when you apply for a loan and your spouse’s credit bureau report will also be reviewed. The benefit of two incomes also carries with it the prior repayment history of each applicant. Challenge your individual rights to privacy based on marital status, sexual orientation, religion, and other personal information. Question […]