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Home Renovation Loan for $50,000-$60,000 in Antioch, Ca

Underwriter’s Loan Description :: This is a home renovation loan in Antioch, CA for $60-$70 thousand dollars. The applicant needs to have his home repaired so he can sell it. Sounds like he would have plenty of money left over with this size loan, but you never know. Why do you need a loan? :: […]

Motorcycle Loan in Modesto California

This story is about Julie Anderson and her motorcycle loan. Julie lives in Modesto California.  Julie awoke one bright morning in late July 2008 and all she could think about was getting herself a motorcycle. It’s just one of those things you realize you’ve been thinking about for months but never really taken action. Julie […]

Urging You To Learn About Money

First of all I want state that I have much to learn about money myself. I hate to admit it, but I was a loan officer living and working in Los Angeles for a decade and I was completely ignorant in many disciplines in personal financing. You may think this is strange, but if you […]

Where We Get Our Borrower Case Studies From?

I had an email from one of our first readers this week wondering where we get our borrower case studies from. An obvious question. We get them from various loan and personal financing web sites that have forms. One in particular is, but there are more. When Californians are frustrated with the current state […]