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Quick Cash Loan for $3000 in Oakland, Ca

Our applicant here is from a young fella who lives in Oakland, California. He needs to get a 3000 dollar loan in the next 24 hours or he has been promised by a collection agency that he have his car towed away. He sounded quite wound up and stressed out over the phone, and as […]

Used Boat Loan With Down Payment Collateral – Bad Credit in San Luis Obispo

This borrower is living in central California in San Luis Obispo and wants to borrow $112,000 in the next month so he can upgrade his boat to a Sea Ray 340 that he has his eye on. He has collateral in the form of the used boat he is buying and he has some home […]

Small Business Loans for Minority Women – Fresno/Visalia California

Hello. My name is Celia Jackson and I live in Visalia and I have a strong educational base in business management. I am ready to get a small business loan so I can by an established laundromat/dry cleaning shop in town here that is up for sale for a steal. This is a very good loan I’m […]

$25K to $40K Personal Loan for Knee Operation – Bad Credit in Oakland, Piedmont, San Francisco Bay, CA

This applicant lives, works and supports his family working two jobs in the San Francisco/Oakland Bay area. He is applying for an unsecured loan anywhere from $25,000 up to $35,000, but as you will read, the recommendation was that he get a personal loan for more – $40K. This recommendation is based on his current DTI, his marital […]

Bad Credit Personal Loan in Alhambra California – $5000-$10000 Dollars

Our CLF applicant today works and resides in Alhambra, CA and she is trying to find a bank or lending institution willing to set her up with a consolidation style loan for many different kinds of debt. Her creditors are the typical creditors – Visa, American Express, her local Wells Fargo bank with $3700 dollars […]