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Sacramento Payday Loan Companies

We recently drove through Sacramento last year and saw an abundance of cash advance type lenders in the area. We were surprised that there were so many shops considering the payday loan laws in California that greatly restrict lenders in the way they lend money, how much they can lend, and how much they can […]

Yuba City Banks and Credit Unions

This is a very quick post created for residents and lending organizations in Yuba City, Ca and surrounding areas. It’s very very simple. Banks provide their contact information for free, and residents use this info to contact them and apply for a loan. Yuba City has a few conventional banks of course and a few […]

Lender Listing for Visalia, Ca

All banks, private lenders, community banks, and credit unions doing business in and around the Visalia, Ca area, please feel welcome to leave all of your lending product information and contact information on this page. All borrowers from the Visalia area can use this page to see some of the lending ogranizations who provide loans […]

Helping Borrowers and Banks in Santa Ana

This is our “getting together” page for the fine people of Santa Ana. Borrowers and banks are welcome to use this meeting place to find each other. All banks, brokers, and credit unions are free to enter their information for communique with citizens of Santa Ana and surrounding areas. Banks and Lenders; leave your full […]

Lender/Borrower Service for Oceanside

For Oceanside California we have this page as a free service to local banks and borrowers alike. We have somehow neglected to get this communication page up for the Oceanside financial community, but I suppose better late than never. So you can simply add your banking products (Mortgage, Debt Consolidation, Refi Loans, HELOC’s, Saving Accounts, […]