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Overnight Loan for $4000 To Pay Off Bills and Other Stuff – Bakersfield, CA

This client has got himself into a financial cash flow problem and the only way out of it in the short term is to take out a loan which must be processed and the money delivered overnight. He has applied for an overnight loan for $4000 to pay off bills and other stuff which includes […]

Home Equity Debt Consolidation in Bakersfield Ca – $70,000

This home owner is looking to refinance his existing mortgage and consolidate his mortgage and credit card debt in to one low interest mortgage for a total amount of $70,000. He lives in Bakersfield California and works as a sales person for a local sporting goods firm that sells boats and ATV’s and other associated […]

Quick Cash Loan for $1500 in Bakersfield, Ca

┬áThis is a loan application from Bakersfield, Ca. The applicant wants to borrow $1500 overnight and has a very bad credit rating and score. We see hundreds of these applications a month at CLF, and it’s fitting that this is the first app we run through here. My name is Carol, and I have written […]

California Mortgage Planning – Down Payment Considerations

The first step to buying a house in California is to figure out how large a mortgage and down payment you can afford. Keep in mind that these rules are very general and apply to all jurisdictions of California. This includes all major cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Palm Springs, Bakersfield, etc., and […]