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Bad Credit Loans in 2016 for 40000-50000 Dollars

This consumer is looking for a lender who will lend him $45,000 to help him deal with an emergency and also consolidate his credit card debt. Many home owners experience emergencies from time to time associated with their homes. In his case, he needs a new roof and also must repair some collateral damage to […]

How To Find a Lender When Credit Score is Between 500 and 650

This consumer is looking for a $10,000 loan to help with the purchase of a small boat and wants to know how to find a lender when credit score is between 500 and 650. The following paragraph provides some information on credit ratings and what it means. Lenders rely a great deal on credit scores […]

$10000 Bad Credit Loan in Palm Desert

This client is applying for a $10,000 loan with a bad credit rating. He lives in Palm Desert in the Coachella valley in southern California. Palm Desert is a great community were a lot of retirees spend their winters golfing and enjoying the many restaurants in the area. Our client works at one of the […]

Bad Credit Loan Provider in Palm Springs

Our latest applicant is looking for a loan provider in the Palm Springs area who will provide a personal loan to a customer with bad credit. He is also looking for lower interest rates as well compared to what he is paying on his credit card debt. He has three cards that are all charged […]

$50,000 – $70,000 Debt Consolidation for People With Bad Credit – National City/San Diego

This debt consolidation loan request was submitted by an applicant – Brad H. (last name removed for privacy) who lives in National City, Ca. He works anywhere in the San Diego County area, and he needs a fairly healthy chunk of cash to pay of credit card. He is asking for between 50K and 70k […]