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$8000 Dollar Installment Loan For Bad Credit – Boise ID

This writer lives in Boise ID and is looking for an $8000 dollar installment loan for a bad credit situation. He was quite up front about his bad credit and how he ended up with bad credit. There is nothing wrong with this approach since the lenders would find this out anyway without the benefit […]

How To Buy A $30,000 Car With Bad Credit

This consumer has an old car and is wondering about how to buy a $30,000 car with a bad credit rating. Old cars that break down often are usually not a good investment. They cost a lot of money to repairĀ and they are potentially unsafe as well. Bald tires, poor brakes, and rusty muffler systems […]

A Bad Credit Car Loan in Los Angeles Ca

There are hundreds of thousands of people in Los Angeles and California at large who have very poor credit ratings. Bad debt usually in credit cards is a massive problem in all states and cities, and L.A. is just one of those cities where people with bad credit can’t get car loans. There are some […]