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Loan to Stop Forclosure in Stockton, CA – $1000 to $5000

Our latest applicant is applying for a loan to stop foreclosure on his home and lives in Stockton, CA. He is looking for a loan in the range of $1000 to $5000. He appears to be getting his financial position under control. He had lost his job and in the process of trying to balance […]

Fast Emergency Loan to Avoid Eviction – $1000 in Anaheim, CA

Our latest client needs a fast emergency loan of $1000 to avoid being evicted from his apartment. He lives in Anaheim, California and works at the Disney complex here in Anaheim. He apparently is very good at managing his finances and always pays his bills on time. He only has one credit card and no […]

Quick Cash Loan for $1000 in Sacramento, Ca

In Sacramento this applicant needs a $1000 dollar advance so he can quickly get himself a motorcycle to get around on. He had to give up his GMC truck in order pay off his credit card balance that was just killing him in interest payments. He sold the truck to a friend for over $2000 […]