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Status On IRS GOV Refund Check – Where’s My Refund Site?

IRS GOV Taxpayer Refund SiteWe get allot of emails from tax payers, during tax time, asking, “Where is my is my IRS GOV Refund Check?”, or “What is the status on my IRS Refund Check?”. Well there is a very simple way to check into the status of your refund by using the IRS website. The big bad Gov can be a bureaucratic pain in the rear, but they’re trying friends.They do have a tracking system that works pretty darn good. Some taxpayers try to find the IRS phone number to get an update on their return, but that can be a really frustrating experience. We suggest you make yourself aware the Internal Revenue Tax Refund Schedule and use the tool described below.

Advantage of E-Filing Your Tax Return (TIME!)

The advantage of E-Filing your tax return is that when you want to get an update on the status of your return, they will get back to you in approximately 72 hours. If you file using snail mail, you will have to wait 2-3 weeks, and that doesn’t count the days it takes for them to receive your request for status in the mail!

When you make an inquiry on your refund status you will need to have your SSN (Social Security Number) which is the same as your Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN they call it in the IRS offices). You will also need to have your Filing Status, and the Exact Whole Dollar Amount of your refund.

Where’s My Refund IRS Tax Return Tool

They have a special online tool called, Where’s My Refund, and you can access it by going to their Where’s My Refund Site. You’ll see the fields you need to fill out. This is a VERY simple form to fill out with only 3 fields;

  • filing status (Married – Filing Joint Return, Married – Filing Separate Returns, Single, Head of Household, Qualifying Widow(er)
  • the IRS Taxpayer Identification Number (SSN)
  • exact “whole dollar amount” (you have to be very accurate with amount of the refund or you will NEVER be sent the status of your refund check. This is where most people get it wrong. Check your return for this exact dollar amount  to the penny!

If you need more help from the IRS (the GOV) regarding the status of your tax return be sure to use their help page.

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