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Credits & Sources

At CLF we have various writers and contributors, some of which are ghost writers and background researchers. We have featured writers/authors that contribute financially related material.

Our writers all have their own personal sources of finance related information, and for their references we cannot speculate.

However, some of the material on California Loan Find is paraphrased from established literary sources, and in some cases excerpts are directly quoted. It is here that we list all references to authors, scholars, teachers, professors, politicians, and those who work in the financial profession.

Books & Authors

  • John Kenneth Galbraith (click here to learn more about his life and work at the Kennedy Library site) Galbraith passed away in 2006. He was best known for his book, The Affluent Society (1958). He was born in Ontario, Canada and became an American. He was given political posts by Kennedy. Read more on John Kenneth Galbraith at Wikipedia. We presently have excerpts from his book, Whence It Came, Where It Went.
  • Graham Bannock, R.E. Baxter, and Ray Rees – excerpts from the book, Dictionary of Economics (new edition).
  • Richard E. Schell – excerpts from the book, Quick Cash – A Guide To Raising Money During Life’s Planned and Unplanned Changes.