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Finding a reputable personal loan provider online is rather difficult with all of the so-called “shady lenders” you may be worried about taking advantage of your financial needs. The good news is that personal loan lenders are not usually corrupt or dishonest in anyway – it’s usually the “middlemen” in the financial system that try to leverage borrowers’ need for an expedited loan.

Most borrowers think that only the major banks (or conventional lenders) will approve personal loans without demanding high fees and high interest payments. Most borrowers think that reputable lenders will have a lower APR then non-conventional lenders, and the loan serving fees will be much more reasonable. Some of these assumptions may be true to some degree, but the “ethics line” has blurred over the last decade between what consumers call reputable lenders and unreputable, or shady lenders.

Reputable banks don’t hide balloon payments in their loan agreements and they don’t slide fine print into the personal loan agreement. They generally have EARs (effective annual rates) that are transparent and upfront. The loan officer at a reputable bank will show you the detail of your personal loan terms and they make sure you fully understand the service fees on the loan.

Unfortunately there are many lenders who choose to hide all of the above and convince you to sign a loan agreement that is designed to cost you huge money in service fees and in unfair interest rates. Banks and lenders like these are know as “predatory lenders”.

Who Is a Reputable Lender or Bank

Below is list of the characteristics of a reputable lender or bank that offers personal loans:

  • they ask for detailed information regarding your finances
  • they carry out credit checks
  • they offer a low APR
  • they don’t rush you in anyway
  • they have a full disclosure policy with their personal loan terms
  • they may ask for some kind of down payment on the purchase
  • they may ask for a cosigner on the personal loan
  • they have been lending and banking for a long time
  • their personal loans don’t have balloon payments
  • they make you aware of the total cost of the personal loan (the EAR)
  • they don’t ask for a fee upfront before they do business with you
  • they don’t guarantee a loan
  • they don’t promise fast loans
  • they don’t offer “no credit check personal loans”
  • they don’t claim to provide personal loans the same day you apply even though you have no credit, bad credit, or are in bankruptcy
  • they don’t offer instant personal unsecured loan (these don’t really exist without paying ridiculous fees and signing on to a high APR “loan shark style” loan

These are just some of the traits you must watch out for when choosing a reputable bank to give you a personal loan. A reputable bank won’t ask for your bank account numbers or visa numbers unless it is done through a secure method. Security is a factor that you will notice with reputable lenders online.

You should notice the URL (web address) of the lender’s (or bank’s) web site. Notice the all important s in the URL. Example https instead of http. This means that you are using secured web pages on secured web sites. These sites are using 128 bit encryption so that your personal financial information is secure. Be wary of any web pages that ask for personal financial information on unsecured web sites, or unsecured web pages.

Reputable Lenders – Online or Offline?

The reality is that you can find reputable or shady lenders online and offline. Don’t assume that because the lender is an online lender and does not a have a bricks and mortar street address and office that they are not reputable. Just the same – just because a lender has an office in your home town and they have a pretty sign on the front of the building means they’re honest and forthright.

There are some online lenders that are straight-shooting and every bit as trustworthy as a major national bank (in some cases they’re even more forthright).

Recognizing Reputable Lenders Online

There some things you can do tell if an online lender is honest and reputable. You can use their phone number to call them and ask their loan officers or administration staff lots of questions. I mean a whole lot of questions. If they are uncomfortable answering your honest to goodness questions then you should be suspicous.

If the online lender does not allow phone calls into their office (assuming they have one) this may be a cause for concern.

You can use search engines like Google, MSN, and Yahoo to find information on the lender. Try typing the online lender’s name and the word review when you are doing your search. You will very likely find some reviews of the online lender written by other borrowers. You can read blogs (like this one) and forums where consumers have and writers have made comments regarding the lender and their reputation.

Reputation is everything online these days and lenders cannot afford to make a bad name for themselves with even a few online borrowers. News travels fast across cyberspace – especially these days.

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29 Pre-apps

  1. Ken H. wrote:

    I need 50,000 to keep my small business a float. I have good future contracts out there, but no capital until those contracts are signed.

    Thanks in advance,


  2. Kimberly wrote:

    I live in San Diego, Ca and I need a loan for 10,000. I have had the same job for 4 years and have absolutely no problem making the payment please help me!

  3. Gary Touzjian wrote:

    I need $100K can pay back within 5 years, high interest rate is OK. I need is as soon as possible.

  4. Leondas wrote:


  5. Mary wrote:

    Had family emergency had to get title loan now there gonna take my car, already paid $1,500 in interest. I am older, disabled on fixed income have a young son and need help please. I am current with loan but it I’s interest only need a lower payment which can go on principle.

  6. Shawn wrote:

    I’m currently unemployed and it has become very difficult to keep up with credit card & student loan payments which is taking a toll on my once great credit score. I need to borrow $40,000 as a personal no-collateral loan, to pay off student loans & credit card debt. I will be able to repay the loan within 1-3 years. Can you suggest a reputable private lender? There is a high probability the loan may be paid in full before that time frame. Need it as soon as 6/11/2012! Thank you.

  7. Brian wrote:

    My partener and myself are looking to start a business and we need 45,000 loan. My partner has a credit score of 780 and we are still having a hard time getting the funds. He currently is a RN nurse and will not be quitting his job. We need this money ASAP as we want to get the business going asap.

  8. Andrea wrote:

    I am in desperate need of a $10K loan to payoff ALL my bills!After a Breast Cancer diagnosis in 2010, I have been left with MAJOR medical bills on top of normal household bills. My daughter is having oral surgery($1500)in one month. I am a single mom, therefore, I have no one to fall back on. However, my credit score of 624! I have steady income & only 6yrs to retire! PLEASE, PLEASE someone give me a loan so payoff my debt & I can breathe AGAIN!!Loan needed ASAP!

  9. Sarah wrote:

    My husband and I need a personal loan of $35,000 to $40,000. to pay off credit cards and other debts. We are current on all our bills and make the payments on time. Our income is sufficient to make a loan payment, (which should be smaller than it is presently.) Our income is steady and is of the type that will continue. We do have high debt (35,000-40,000) in credit cards and other debt, but as I stated, we continue to make timely payments. It would be a great relief however, to pay off high rate cards. We can verify our income and would authorize auto payments from our bank account. Thank you

  10. Honeyy wrote:

    Looking to borrow $2000 to pay off 401k loan to re-borrow larger amount to buy a car. I will be able to pay off loan in 2-3 weeks (processing time) from Institution.

  11. Matthew wrote:

    My wife and I need a personal loan of $45,000 to $50,000. to pay off credit cards and business tax. We are current on all our bills and make the payments on time. Our income is sufficient to make a loan payment, (which should be smaller than it is presently.) Our income is steady and is of the type that will continue. We do have high debt (35,000-40,000) in credit cards and other tax, but as I stated, we continue to make timely payments. It would be a great relief however, to pay off high rate cards and the business tax. We can verify our income and would authorize auto payments from our bank account. Thank you

  12. Randy wrote:

    I am Randy seeking a $10000 loan for medical expenses while i am @WALTER REED ARMY MEDICAL CENTER IN BETHESDA,MD to help pay for my expenses while i am out of the hospital i will be there for approx 6to9 months for treatments my bills are not paid while not being in the hospital.i am a100% service connected veteran needing help wheather by loans,donations,gifts anything please i am not tryig to beg i shall pay back every penny i may recieve.i only asking for a hand up not a hand out Thank You GOD BLESS SINCERELY,RANDY

  13. ken wrote:

    Would like to borrow 45000.00 to pay off credit cards and personal loans .Am current on all of our bills. have 671 -700 credit score .Would like to pay off credit cards they are at 32% at this time. Would be willing to pay 16-20% on loan for a 60 month term would be also willing to pay bi weekly. Thanks for your time and consideration . ken

  14. Jean wrote:

    We are trying to get an official approval to purchase the home we are renting. The owners told us on 12/11/15 that we have only until 1/31/16 to close or we have to move out. Our income and credit score qualifies us for USDA mortgage but our DTI is off by a few points. We are in need of $5000 payable in monthly payments for 24 months to consolidate and therefore bring our DTI where it needs to be. We are current on all of our payments but need to lower the payments and interest.

  15. George wrote:

    I need an immediate loan of 85-100K for renovations on two homes of which one will be sold when renovations are finished. All my savings was spent when my wife was sick and eventually passed away (not sob story, just fact). I have been employed with the same company for 22 years and make $144,500 annually. I don’t mind high interest loan in exchange for getting quickly. My credit was bad when I could not pay all credit cards associated with my wife. Any help is much appreciated.

  16. Andreas wrote:

    An extremely well educated aerospace scientist (have LinkedIn profile) with flawless payment history and hard 700 credit score and 138000 salary looking for large private consolidation loan 100K-125K. I ended up with too many small loans for some personal science projects with iffy interest rates. Well established position in well known global company. I’m willing to pay up to 20% interest per year and would like to pay off the loan in 7 years. I’m flexible on the terms and willing to establish legally binding papers protecting the lender from default. A very serious professional looking for a straightforward loan.

  17. Baltazar wrote:

    We owe $75k in house payments and if we pay that, we will have over 100k equity and we can refinance or sell the home to recoup and payback the money right away.

    Can you help?

  18. richard wrote:

    Good morning, my name is Richard I live in Centralia Washington and I am requesting a personal loan of 33,000.00 at no more than 15% for approx. 6 years. My Equifax score is 543 and my credit history is poor. My wife and I had kids very young and over the years we have worked incredibly hard to get where we are, we now make approximately 98,000.00 a year and want to buy a home. But until we take care of both the past and the present that will not b possible. We started working on our credit about two years ago and in that time we had one daughter hospitalized for six months, two other children got married, my company went on strike, and my wife was off work for 3 weeks. Needless to say we are very behind. So I would by far rather get a loan then do debt settlement which is my next option. We can easily afford 700 a month and from now until the loan is paid off we can focus on our credit, which my wife signed up with Lexington law, so we will b in a position to purchase our first home.
    If this is at all possible and someone is willing to take a chance on us I guarantee you will not regret it. Thank you for your time.

  19. Eric wrote:

    Hello, I need a loan of 55K for a business startup which can give a ROI of 50% or more in approx. 3 months. I could pay the total loan in less than 1 year and If I can get it at 15% would be fantastic. The business has great potential. I’d appreciate your help.

  20. Shannon wrote:

    My only income in SSI, monthly. I have a 2015 new car, paid for. Can be collateral. My credit is not great due to medical bills. I’d like to borrow 80,000 to purchase a home for myself and 2 grandsons that I’m raising. I don’the mind a high interest rate. I have great references and other then medical, my bills are paid. I pray and hope you can help. Thankyou.

  21. marcia wrote:

    In need of a quick personal loan for about 60 to 90 days. Waiting in insurance check to come from a accident and need to get another car. Can pay back as soon as the insurance check come in. Hope you can help me with this matter. Thank you in advance for time and hopefully help with this.

  22. Enoch wrote:

    I will like to borrow an amount of $100,000 to start a small business. Can pay back within 7-10years. Any assistance will be appreciated

  23. bruce wrote:

    15 year @ 10% intest rate calculated out to $537.30 a month payed at $268.65 auto withdraw every two weeks.

    pay off state and federal debt
    credit cards
    other debt
    home repairs and upgrades

    i am needing to pay everything off and just have 1 monthly payment and get everything back on track

  24. Susan wrote:

    I need to find a loan!
    So i can start paying my medical bills
    and a loan of 2500.00 that i took out for my son wedding I am a Cancer Survivor and now i am in Debt.
    I would like to borrow 8,000.00
    I have been at my home over 17 years
    and I have been employed same place for 7 years. need help

  25. Adrienne wrote:

    I am looking for a personal loan of $10,000 to consolidate debt and pay for urgent home repairs. I will be able to pay off the loan by the end of 2017. I have a graduate degree and have been working full-time, with no breaks for over 12 years since completing grad school. I am really seeking a way to break free from small debts and start saving again. Thank you!

  26. Dawn wrote:

    Spending 1400 a month for rent.I want and found a fixer upper house.I dont have deposit but i know i can pay it back.

  27. Javed wrote:

    I am working abroad and had to borrow money to support a family medical emergency back home. I need $50,000 to pay off loan here so I can come back to USA to a guaranteed job offer.

  28. Derek wrote:

    Yes I am looking for a 35000 dollar loan to pay off all of my credit cards,truck,timeshare and another loan I took out last year to put a roof on my house. If u can help I would greatly appreciate it.

  29. William wrote:

    In need of $53000.00 to pay off unsecured debt. Income 56k. Please assist.

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