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Quick Cash Loan for $1500 in Bakersfield, Ca

┬áThis is a loan application from Bakersfield, Ca. The applicant wants to borrow $1500 overnight and has a very bad credit rating and score. We see hundreds of these applications a month at CLF, and it’s fitting that this is the first app we run through here. My name is Carol, and I have written for CLF years now, and this is a refreshing type of application to post – frankly, because this kind of loan application helps me make deadlines easier during the summer months.

This borrower wants to pay back their loan in a 30 day period, or month if you prefer. I will join the list of CLF writers who want to encourage borrowers, like our friend here in Bakersfield, to be aware of the penalties on a loan like this one. Always pay back what is due to the lender on time, and avoid getting yourself stuck in a vicious high APR cycle.

Quick Cash Loan Amount :: $1500

Quick Cash Advance Speed :: Overnight

Quick Cash Loan Term Length :: 30 days

Have You Taken Out a Quick Cash Advance in the past 3 years? :: No

What City/Town and State do you live in? :: Bakersfield, California

Are you military personal (active duty)? :: No

Job Description :: Lab Technician

Choose your credit rating from below please :: Terrible

– excellent
– good
– fair
– bad
– very bad
– terrible

For your security, please don’t include the following;

– ABA or bank routing #
– SSN (social security number)
– Real Name
– Street Address
– Work Address
– Name of Employer

Have you defaulted on the loan payment recently? :: No

What do you need this loan for? :: I require this loan to pay off some outstanding bills that have added up recently, and this is to protect my credit rating. If I don’t make these small payments to my credit card, my phone bill, and my electric bill, then I will hurt my credit history. I can’t have this happen. Please help quickly.