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No Teletrack $300 Payday Cash Advance Loan in Riverside – Moreno Valley

This is a heart breaking application as well and it’s for a no teletrack payday advance loan in Moreno Valley/Riverside area.

The applicant has no credit anywhere to speak of, no credit cards she can use, and no living relatives that can front her the money to get a flight with United Airlines or Southwest Airlines.

She needs to fly from LAX to JFK by the end of the week, and the end of the week is coming quickly.

Her approval for this very small loan is hampered by the fact that she had a check go NSF (non sufficient funds) not long ago, and any payday cash advance lender that uses the DP Bureau and/or Teletrack system will not approve her or qualify any kind of amount for an advance.

This is why you must ALWAYS make sure you don’t bounce a check with a paycheck cashing company – we don’t want to every let a check bounce of course.

No Teletrack $300 Payday Cash Advance Loan – Application Data

What kind of loan are you applying for :: No Teletrack payday loan cash advance.

How fast do you need this loan funded :: I need this cash advance to be a same day loan, and I don’t want to use a fax machine or deal with a lender that uses Teletrack.

What do you need this cash advance for :: I need to buy a plane ticket to New York by the end of the day because my Mother is gravely ill and I need to get to the Bronx before she passes away. My father has passed away as well, and I’m an only child. I need to get back to say to goodbye to my Mom and make sure she has family there when she passes on into the great white void.

What City, State, and County do you live in? :: I now live in Box Springs which is between Moreno Valley and Riverside California (County is Riverside as well)

Zip :: 92504 – 92553 – 92507

Are you in the United States Military? :: No

No Teletrack $300 Payday Cash Advance Loan – Employment Background

What is your employment history? :: I work in an art studio as a sales person and I have been working in the art world for 2 years now and I really love my job. I like it so much that I am the favorite employee there because of all the overtime I do and don’t ask to be paid overtime pay.

Employment Position :: Lead sales associate.

When are you paid (biweekly/monthly)? :: Biweekly

Bank name and Branch Location :: Bank of America – Pidgeon Pass Rd. in Moreno Valley

How are you paid (EFT, paper check, cash)? :: Paper check

No Teletrack $300 Payday Cash Advance Loan – Employment Income

Gross Amount Per Paycheck :: I get paid a base gross amount of $875 per two week check – so $1750 per month, but then I get sales commissions of 2% on all pieces of art sold off the floor of the studio. This can come to more money than my base pay. However, my commissions have only once been more than base. Just to be honest here.

Have you ever had a paycheck go NSF with a no teletrack payday lender in the past? :: No, but I have to this time because I defaulted on a payday loan four months ago with a Los Angeles lender and I’ve been declined for approval with all PDL providers who do use the Teletrack system for checking. I suppose this means that I not only have a bad credit FICO score, I have a bad credit Teletrack score as well.

Don’t include ABA, bank routing, or SS #s here. Can we publish this application online (privacy guaranteed) :: I included my ABA numbers and bank routing information along with my social insurance number on the lender’s application form, so I will be sure to not attach it anywhere else.

No Teletrack $300 Payday Cash Advance Loan – Extra Information

Extra info here :: I’m desperate to get back to the East Coast to get my only parent’s death bed. It’s more important to me than anything I can think of. I don’t have a Visa card or Mastercard to buy a ticket so your loan is my only chance of getting on this flight.

Attached note from cash advance provider :: This loan was approved for the applicant Sheila H. from the Moreno Valley, Riverside, Box Spring area of California. We moved this into the Los Angeles loan file. The cash advance that was taken out was for $300 dollars which was easily approved with one of our lenders that no longer uses the Teletrack system.

The $300 she was granted was added some of her savings so that she could afford a seat-sale and get to New York in time to see her Mother before she passed away. She did manage to make sure that the money was in her checking account waiting for the lender to withdrawal in the date entered into the loan agreement. This was a 100% percent online no teletrack, no faxing advance.

No Teletrack $300 Payday Cash Advance Loan – CLF Tip

A tip one of our staff member wanted added to this loan submission is to do with the matter of the Teletrack system and the lenders that do not get their repayment.

If you have unfortunately had a previous NSF check go down with a payday lender then don’t keep running from the collectors, and find a way to set up a small installment payment each month to pay back the lender the money you owe them. If you negotiate this properly then you may even be able to get your Teletrack and DP Bureau records cleaned up as well, OR – just leave behind the PDL providers and cash advance companies all together and forever. This kind of lending can leave you in a personal financial positions whereby your debts are spiraling out of control.