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No Collateral Personal Loans – Over $10000 Up to $100,000

2017 Update: Know the law and protect yourself from predatory lenders. Learn how to avoid scams.

We know there are MANY reasons why at some point we need to borrow ten grand (with a no collateral loan), and even as much as $100,000 or more.

You can go the hard money route, but I would gander a guess that you are like me and you want to get a loan with a lender who is not trying to fleece you in the process – I know it’s easy to get frustrated with all the crap out there on the Internet these days, but there actually are some lenders left in this world that have some scruples left.

Lenders that adhere to the Usury Laws in the perspective States to the tee, and some that even keep their rates BELOW the maximums set my State law.

For no collateral personal loans over $50,000, $60,000, $70,000, $80,000, $90,000, and up to a whopping $100,000 dollars, you are going to be borrowing at an APR that may break your back before long.

Almost every loan, that every bank approves will involve collateral of some kind, whether it be a savings account, a vehicle, a house, or a rental property – the banks have to have security or they will not even consider dispersing the funds you. So if you are willing to take on a no collateral loan there are some details you need to understand regarding this kind of personal financing.

We are going to pull out our loan calculator again today and show you the different no collateral lending scenarios you are likely to see approved at the consumer (personal) level.

Get ready to see some big numbers, because we are talking about borrowing up to one hundred thousand dollars at a high APR (as already mentioned above, but you need to get these hard money lending practices understood thoroughly before you even think about applying with a private or commercial lender. Now, before we get calculating your no security loan we need to cover one more thing.


See the flashy “APPLY NOW!”? This is where you (the borrower) are supposed to get excited and start throwing caution to the wind. Even worse, throwing out your hard earned money on a really high “vig”. Please avoid applying for your persona loan(s) online “willy-nilly” as the English would say.

Every loan application you make, whether is online or offline will be noted in a database by the usual suspects (the credit bureaus).

Stop foaming at the mouth, dreaming about how you are going to spend all that money once you get approved – you need to do your homework first, and get real. I know this sounds quite harsh, but more borrowers to hear the hard cold facts before they start applying for loans all over the Internet and all over town.

Just because a lender is an Internet lender does not mean the record of you applying for the loan does not show up on the Experian, Transunion, and Equifax databases. So without further delay, let’s get into the numbers on some no collateral (no security) loans.

No Collateral Loan for $50,000 Dollars

To borrow 50000 dollars with no collateral you will be looking at an APR of around 16% because the lender will ultimately be a private lender.

Banks won’ t approve a loan with absolutely no security because this kind of lending product is not even considered and Non-Conforming loan. Don’t even waste your time applying at a bank, maybe the most prudent way to go. This also means that you have to beware of loan sharks, and find a legitimate and reputable private lender. We’ll get into that a little later, but now we start with a calculation of APR (interest) over the term of a private deal.

We’ll (once again) use our calculator at the bottom of the page to tally up what you will likely be expected to pay in interest over the full life of the private note. Get ready for some big interest numbers here as we need to see the highest costs of these types of lending agreements. By the way, there is some debate on whether or not these exceedingly high interest rates should even been lawful under United States statutes.

Amount of loan = $50,000 (no collateral)
APR (interest rate) = 16%
Length of Loan = 5 years
Payment Frequency = monthly

$50,000 No Collateral Loan (Calculation Results)
Total Amount to be payed: $70,329.52
Total amount of interest $20,329.52
Payments: $1,156.10

Now let us examine the results of this kind of lending scenario. See how the very high APR equates to a massive total interest cost of over twenty thousand dollars? See how this loan was for only 5 years? Really – unless you are really desperate for money AND you are SURE you can pay back the note long before the 5 year period, I would suggest against it.

No Collateral Loan for $100,000 Dollars

So now we step things up to the highest interest rate legal. 25% APR is the standard legal limit for interest bearing loans.

For a no collateral loan with absolutely no security, and a bad credit rating to boot, you could be facing this kind of enormous cost of borrowing.

For this non-security loan for 100k the numbers below represent the lender’s demands on the cost of borrowing. $100,000 dollars over 10 years at 25% using biweekly payment frequency (period between payments)

Amount of loan = $100,000 (no collateral)
APR (interest rate) = 25%
Length of Loan = 10 years
Payment Frequency = biweekly

$100,000 No Collateral Loan (Calculation Results)
Total Amount to be payed: $225,479.83
Total amount of interest $125,479.83
Payments: $864.85

Pay special attention to the total amount of interest on this loan. See how you are actually paying more interest over the 10 year period that the actual principal of the loan – 125,000 interest on a loan for 100,000.

Obviously you never want to borrow this amount of money at these rates for an extended period of time. You have to be in a position to pay back the lender in full quickly. This is why for these high interest rate loans you must make sure the lending agreement between yourself and the lender states clearly that there is NO PENALTY for paying down the principal in lump sum payments, and no penalty for completely paying off the loan early. Otherwise, this is a very bad way of borrowing money. Believe it or not, we have seen individuals get personal loans from private lenders at these high interest rates.

As long as they have allot of money coming in every month, and they can fully service the note, they actually end up paying off the entire loan without default – but what a huge loss in expensive borrowing. Please avoid this kind of borrowing at all costs. If you are borrowing the money short-term for the use in a business or land development deal, stay away. A loan as expensive as this one should be paid off in no less than 3 months time.

No Collateral Personal Loan for $10,000 Dollars

Now, if you need a $10,000 loan we will use a cost of borrowing rate much more in line with a common personal loan. The interest in this case will still be typical of a loan approved for a borrower with a moderately damaged credit rating (FICO of 650). You will see that this loan can be paid down over the entire term of loan without having to pay a stupid amount of interest to the lender. Your average reputable bank will use these numbers, so you are not tied to a private lender, or hard money lender.

As mentioned and worth re-stating, a borrower (maybe you) can usually get an unsecured personal loan for ten thousand dollars without any kind of collateral, AND a poor credit rating – the rub is that you need to have a full time job for a few years, and show that you have been living in the same place for the same amount of time.

The bank’s only security, in lieu of collateral, is your monthly (or biweekly) employment income, so if you don’t have some documentation from your employer showing your good standing within the organization, and perhaps a personal reference of your work record and character. When there is no collateral at all, you can expect the lender(s) to get really uptight about loan default issues. They will see you as a high risk borrower, and the interest rates will tendered based on this information.

Below our numbers go as follows; 10,000 dollar loan over 3 years, paid monthly with an APR of 12 %.

Amount of loan = $10,000 (no collateral)
APR (interest rate) = 12%
Length of Loan = 3 years
Payment Frequency = monthly

$10,000 No Collateral Personal Loan (Calculation Results)
Total Amount to be payed: $11,849.65

Total amount of interest $1,849.65
Payments: $324.65

Notice how this personal loan is much more reasonable and therefore appropriate in the opinion all our CLF staff. The amount of interest paid during the course of the loan is manageable, and the payment every month are not so much that they would leave you in a “debt poor” situation. Of course you will have to watch your monthly and weekly budget constraints (if you have been smart enough to make a full monthly budget report for yourself and/or family.

In Closing on Needing a No Collateral Personal Loan

As you can see by the numbers above, a no collateral loan can “break you” or “make you”. You have to be careful how much you borrow and what the loan agreement has in the fine print. I hope we have made it clear that no matter how bad your credit rating is, you don’t want to borrow so much money, without collateral, that you are labeled a high-risk borrow and as a result, end up paying more interest on the loan than the principal. This is what we at California Loan Find call having an “underwater by APR” loan.

I know it can be very tempting to apply for a no collateral, no security, high risk personal loan, because you really are desperate for the money, but the long term affect of these lending products can be crippling to say the least. You have to make sure you do your numbers.

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  1. Tedmans wrote:

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  2. CLFadmin wrote:

    Hi Tedmans – getting a loan without collateral is difficult, but you have some form of income you can get approved. You asked about cosigners, so this means you are in the right track, but the word you are looking for is “coborrower”, where you have someone signed on to the loan agreement stating that they will take responsibility for the loan if you can’t make the payments (hard to find that kind of deal).

    Some people actually search for loans with no job and no collateral – if you see one ever get approved, let me know, cause “this I have to see”.

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    Hi Lisa.

    What have you done so far? Have you applied with your existing bank? Have you gathered together all your financial information and got your credit report checked? What do you need the money for, and do you have collateral, cosigners – is your credit good or bad?

    More information please.

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  29. Pursan wrote:

    im looking for a 100k Unsecured/no collateral loan with terms between 7-10 years. i realize interest rates will be high, but i intend to pay this loan off in far less time that the 7-10 years i request. So no penalties for early repayment or payment in lump sums would be needed as well. Im located in Wv

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    We have paid off our truck. We have great credit card debt. We need to move closer to where he is working. My mother lives with us and is on SS and she gets $1368.00 per month.

    My mother also has an ongoing wrongful death lawsuit over her 2nd husband. It is 7 months in the works. Will take approximately another 6 to 12 months to close. We expect our share to be about 400K which we would pay off all debt at that time.

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    Do you have lenders that can help a veteran get back on their feet. I am looking for $100,000 with an interest rate of 10% and payments of $741.08 for 25 years or less. This loan will help me to keep my house. I have two mortgages on this house that is more than the house is worth. The first mortgage payoff is $65,000 and the second mortgage payoff is $28500.

    Thank You

  50. Bruce wrote:

    I am very interested in a $50,000 or greater personal unsecured loan. My telephone number is (removed for privacy). I get two direct deposits every month from the Federal government in an amount I wish not to disclose right now but of course can provide if requested. Thank you.

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    I need a loan to take care of somethings that happened when my husband died

  52. Brandon wrote:

    Good day,
    I am trying to get a no collateral 63,910$ Loan to be paid back at 2,000$ a month I am active duty military I have 1 year and 7 months left on current contract and work a part time job on the weekends. This loan is for debt consolidation I am currently paying over 2600$ a month and sinking quickly. All my payments thus far have been on time and I have been in this situation for 6 months. I can furnish a credit report, which is at 650 due to my credit to debt ratio. I have no capital left and need to lower my monthly payments ASAP. Good luck all. And thank you for your time.
    Best regards

  53. Brandon wrote:

    Furthermore, I will have a automatic deduction (allotment) from my military pay direct deposited to lender if one is found. I’m currently working and living in Philidelphia in the USA. I make 6 000 dollars a month. I would like to loan 100 000 dollars for a surgery that can only be performed in america, I will be able to pay back the loan in less than 3 and a half years? Is it possible, how do I become an applicant?

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    Hello. I have 750+ score for more than 10 years with current mortgage from 2006. I’m starting a new food business in California and need 50K to 100K loan and line of credit if possible. can you please tell what are my chances and how I can do it? My company is up and running from 2002. Thanks

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    just need a small loan $8,000 i really dont have a collateral except a new michael kors watch i didnt wear yet and i need it today or tomorrow as fast as i can get it.

  57. Jay wrote:


    I am looking to receive a loan for the amount of $10.000 . I live in Dexter NM and have been at the same job for 10 years. Need some money to pay off some bills and help put down payment on a small place. If you could help I wood appreciate it a lot . Thank you Jay

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    I am looking for a $10,000 personal loan as quickly as tomorrow if possible. I live in Minnesota an I have been at the same job for over 5 1/2 years and it is a very secure position in the organization I make enough to cover payments every two weeks if necessary. Anything you can do to assist me, would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you for your kind consideration in this matter,


  59. Melissa wrote:

    I need $55000 to pay off an equity line of credit on a house that was foreclosed on 5 years ago and now they are garnishing my pay to pay it off. I can afford a monthly payment just not 25% of my pay. Please help.

  60. Ken wrote:

    My name is Kenneth and I’m looking to obtain a loan in the amount of $60K. The purpose is to acquire an existing business that gross a little over $4.5M annually. Yet, I’d like to acquire such via a Personal Loan. My credit isn’t bad, just little to no credit. You see, I got sick a few years back and virtually lost everything I owned. Beat the odds and proceeding to get back to a level I once enjoyed. Three kids in college and one to go, I need a means of unconventional method to aid in such cost as well as get back into the business I once had.I don’t have any major collateral for such request, but household items, and nothing to put down. Within the first 30-45 days, I can show via such operation a side collateral for the full amount which would easily be paid off, yet I’d like to continue full term to establish credit to its fullest.If there’s any possibility that this request is indeed viable, then please contact me. I’m in Atlanta, GA (EST). Thanks, as I shall look forward to your response.

  61. Dan wrote:

    I need 100k to buy a position with an income producing property. 16% for 5yrs would be no problem and still leave me positive cash flow with the position. The offer is structured to pay this loan payment first (from a 9,000/mo net income) before splitting profit. Also a bonus position is being offered on another multifamily property in progress of being purchased. I am bringing skill sets to the table and the offering party has been through an unusual circumstance and is back on track. I would like to speak to a lender about this as I need to make it happen before too much longer. Thank You

  62. Stephanie wrote:

    I need a $30,000 for 5 year payback with monthly payment.

  63. Stephanie wrote:

    I need a $30,000 loan to pay off my house and u exspected bills. I need it within one week. I would lije to pay the loan once a month for 5 years

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    I need a $50,000 personal loan. I live in Alabama and will be using the loan for debt consolidation. Thanks

  65. dennis wrote:

    I want to borrow $10,000 on a 3 year unsecured loan. I make $80,000 base with 0.75% gross revenue commission. We are on the verge of breaking out of a 3 year slump. We were heavy military and now into medical, renewable energy, military, and transportation. We are looking at from $20 million to 500 milion in revenue in 2013. However, I am 5 – 6 months from my commissions reflecting the positive change.

    I have 3 sons in various stages of college. I also have an ex who lost heer job and is now going for her phd degree in psychology. We are divorced but committed to getting kids and each other back on feet.

    I am also looking to relocate closer to work. I have been working at current job since November 2004 and living in same apartments since decembeer 2004.

    I have a 3 – 6 month window where money is extremely tight but then should loosen up significantly. My intent is to pay back loan within year but taking 3 year loan as worst case since everyone will be out of school by then…

    I would like to make monthly payments. The loan will help me pay off bills and quit paying late fees, etc. My ex was supposed to get unemployment through this June, but in January her school schedule changed to full time so her unemployment benefits were unexpectedly stopped immediately I wasn’t expecting a 6 month stoppage of the $1,800 per month. I fell behind on some payments because I thought I was waiting for late checks from unemployment and didnt know they had stopped totally.

    Your help in this matter is greatly appreciated.


  66. Dee Dee wrote:

    how much you need to borrow- $25000
    – what type of loan you need- personal loan no collateral
    – what State you live in- Georgia
    – how quickly you need the loan- asap

  67. Gerardo wrote:

    I am in need of a $50,000 loan to purchase an overseas property to house my family. I am in the military and cannot access my VA benefits for overseas properties. Any suggestions?

  68. grant wrote:

    I require a 25,000 non colateral loan
    My credit score is approx 640
    Bankkrupcy in2010lease help

  69. Marvis wrote:

    car repair,business purposes and vacation

  70. KATHY wrote:


  71. KATHY wrote:


  72. shellie wrote:

    I need to borrow $4000 to pay off some bills so I can get my credit cleaned up. I also need to finish paying off my sons braces, they are about to need to come off, bug that will not remove until paid in full.

  73. faye wrote:

    I need to borrow 40,000.00

  74. Han wrote:

    I need $10,000 and I wish to apply for an unsecured personal loan. I live in Pennslyvania and I need it right away. Of possible by the end of today.

  75. fiona wrote:

    Good day!

    I just want to apply loan for additional business capital, I’m having my financial difficulties because of disaster and calamities happens in our country. I have my business “used house hold equipments from other country” in short SURPLUS STORE. I have 7 workers but suddenly the typhoon coming and my place was filled by flood and almost of my stock and items are damage. I promise that will return the money in repayment terms and conditions. I hope and pray that you will allow me to loan in your company.

  76. fiona wrote:

    I just want to apply loan for additional business capital, I’m having my financial difficulties because of disaster and calamities happens in our country. I have my business “used house hold equipments from other country” in short SURPLUS STORE. I have 7 workers but suddenly the typhoon coming and my place was filled by flood and almost of my stock and items are damage. I promise that will return the money in repayment terms and conditions. I hope and pray that you will allow me to loan in your company.

    Loan Calculation Results:

    Amount Needed: $ 100,000.00
    Interest: 15%
    Duration: 5 years
    Total Amount to be payed: 138117.85
    Total amount of interest 38117.85
    Monthly Payments: 2270.43

  77. Andrew wrote:

    I am looking for a loan of $80,000. to be paid back over 5 years to help start a business.

  78. Reymondo wrote:

    I live in La puente California and I neeed a loan for bill consolidation and to get my car out of the impound this way I will have one monthly payment to whom ever can give me an unsecured for $30,000 with 65months to pay it back.

    Thank You

  79. Jonathan wrote:

    My wife and I are in NEED of a 10,000.00 loan 5yrs. Anything below 28% interest, I am in the marine corps and have a steady flow of money, I’m an E-3, my problem is, not being able to get financed by anyone, due to my “credit score” i get paid bi- weekly and I know I’m good for pay back, I have every intention of paying what I need to, to establish this loan, my wife works as well, I rake in about 4500 monthly, and my wife about 1200, please get back to me, I know I’m just another person out there asking for money, but I am a marine serving this country, in need of a little help,

  80. ricky wrote:

    i need a 10,000 personal loan.i make 250 a week.
    pay it bank monthly,have fair credit,no co-borrower.

  81. Dr. David wrote:

    Long story short….I managed to save up 75,000 out of my own hard working money for 3 years to buy a chiropractic practic of my own, while my wife took the money with her boyfriend and ran to Mexico with it, and I am stuck here. I’m a great doctor – I just need someone to help me. God bless you (phone number removed for privacy reasons). I have helped people that could not pay over the years for free – lots of them.

  82. Michelle wrote:

    – how much you need to borrow – 50,000.00
    – what type of loan you need – secure or nonsecure
    – what State you live in – Kentucky
    – how quickly you need the loan – in the bank by Friday the 12th.

  83. BRIAN wrote:


  84. Patti wrote:

    we are in need of a personal loan( no collateral) for about 2500.00 dollars. we own our home and vehicle, We are on social security and need a loan to pay back taxes and a huge electricty bill…our bank of over 26 years declined a home equity loan, as we have had one repossession in the past 3 years, yet we do own our own home. we can pay about $150.00 a month for 12 to 18 months please help. our electicty may be cut off and thank you( lost 4 jobs in the last three years, but we do own our own property)

  85. Karen wrote:

    I need a loan for $100K. These funds are for legal expenses. I am under prosecution for a crime I did not commit and have used all my personal funds, charged up my 2 credit cards, refinanced my house to draw out equity, and am at my wits end. I have good credit (about 735) and would be able to pay approximately $1500 per month to pay back the loan. I have an income of over $4K per month, but I need this money up front to pay for forensic, psychological, and IT experts for my case. This has drug out for over 11 months and I NEED HELP ASAP !!! Thank yu for any help you may be able to give me.

  86. Karen wrote:

    I’m not sure my first request got through. I am in need of $100K. This is for legal fees. I am under prosecution for a crime I did not commit. I am in Colorado, if that matters. I bring in over $4K per month, my credit is good (735) and would be able to pay about $1,500 per month. I have spent all my personal funds (to include my husbands life insurance), charged up my 2 credit cards to the max, refinanced my home to get the equity, and I am at my wits end. I need the funds for psychological, forensic, and IT experts on my case. Any assistance you can give would be greatly appreciated. Thank yu.

  87. Jill A. wrote:

    I live in Hawaii. I am employed as a RN with The Queens Medical Center for 5 years. I am seeking a $10,000 to $12,000 loan to be used as debt consolidation. I currently have less then $5,000 in CC debt. My annual salary is about $95,000. I have an auto loan for $450 per month and a $400 to rent-a-center per month. I wish to get out from under the rent-a-center and purchase my own appliances. I am willing to pay %8.99 intrest over 36 months, but as my credit is poor I am willing to negotiate if an offer is made.
    Thank you for your consideration

  88. ryan wrote:

    I am looking for a $10,000 non secured loan for a very short term. I have the plan to pay it off within approx 45 or less. Last time I needed to perform this I was able to pay off in 18 days.

  89. taoheed wrote:

    i need a $10000 loan without collateral urgently and immediately.i live in maryland and i neeed the loan to pay off some debt and start a taxi cab business for a second source of income.

  90. charles wrote:

    I am looking for 100k for the down payment on a loan to purchase a business with 3acres of commercial property. This business sell about 900k a year, and nets about 200k. How can i get this loan at any terms?

  91. Jeanette wrote:

    I just need $12,000 fast
    ** credit not to good
    ** Looking at 5 years repayent
    ** need money not preapprove

  92. richard wrote:

    need 30000 to pay off bank and buy a wrecker. put 5 loans together

  93. Mickey wrote:

    Hello, I am looking for a $75000 loan for 120 months(10yrs).This amount would pay off two cars, buy a house and zero out all debt. In a sense, this no-collateral loan will result in alot of collateral.I have put myself and my kids in a bad situation with alot of small loans and has messed up my budget.The house I am looking at has been priced to sell quickly, so I am in need of help quickly!! Thank you.

  94. Paramjeet wrote:

    I need a 100,000 dollar loan to expand my business. I would like to receive more info on the best possible way to get this done. Thank you and im looking forward to hearing from you.

  95. EDWARD wrote:

    looking for $5,000 loan for to be repaid in 12 months – I make over $100,000 a year – got behind and need to catch up – HELP!

  96. Paramjeet wrote:

    I need a 100,000 dollar loan to expand my business. I am currently living in California. I don’t really mind the loan type because i know ill be able to pay it back, but i would like some more info on possible loans. Also, i wouldn’t mind receiving the money as soon as possible. Thank you and i’m looking forward to hearing from you.

  97. Lisa wrote:

    I need a personal, non-collateral loan for $50k. I live in AZ and can provide proof that I can repay the payments. Need help immediately.

  98. Michael wrote:

    I am looking for a loan of 50,000 at 10% for 60 months my credit not the best. I live in Illinois and i need the loan in 2 wks. If you can help that would be great. Thank You

  99. Michael wrote:

    i Need a personal, non-collateral loan for 50,000 at 10% interest. I live in Illinois will pay back over a 60 month time.

  100. SHELBY wrote:


  101. Latonya wrote:

    I am in dire need of an unsecured personal loan without collateral. I live in Washington, DC. The amount that I need is $10,000.00. I really do need a fresh start financially and paying it back in monthly installments would be the way that I could pay you back. My credit situation is not that great and I would like to get my finances back on track. I look forward to hearing back from you with great expectancy. I need your financial help also because I have a series of medical bills that need to be pack as well. Thank you.

  102. Kyle wrote:

    Need $50,000 to pay off debt on credit cards in my parents name that they let me borrow. They need me to get this debt in my name only. Can pay $1100 a month.

  103. Kyle wrote:

    oh and I live in Washington state.

  104. Jackie wrote:

    I would like more info, is there an early payoff penalty? Is the interest a “flat” rate fee? Looking for loan to pay small debt but mostly to expand business.

  105. Thomas wrote:

    Do you lend in New England? Maine/NH Do you do “asset based lending”? We have lived at our house for 8 years, never missing a payment. I was put on SSDI do to an accident in 2008 and have a monthly steady income. My fiance will be on SSDI Apr ’13. We are selling our home to a smaller, more affordable home. Our house is on the market and should sell within reasonable time. In the mean time we have found a nice home, $108,000. We are putting $15,000 down. But we cannot qualify to banking standards until she officially has an income. Her Credit score is 750ish. I have damaged credit after trying to recover from divorce and then getting injured and loosing my job and insurance. I would like to offer an even 100k which would leave a balance of $85k. We have the resource to pay on the loan until the house sells, while keeping up on the payments of the house. I need a lender with no prepayment fees nor penatlies for the loan will most likely be paid within a 48 month period. Any thoughts? and thank you for your service.

  106. ROMICA wrote:

    I want to borrow $ 30,000 for 6o months term please contact me at the email address romyca.margelu @

  107. Howard wrote:

    I divorced seven years ago and lost my business that I built for eighteen years. Two years ago I decided to work for a corporation whose business is growing trees and plants as well as owning eight nurseries. I’m a salesman. My salary is close to $55,000 a year and I don’t rely on a bonus. I didn’t have a bank account for seven years in fear of my ex “title searching” wife taking me back to court for more money. She destroyed me financially. About two months ago I started to rebuild my credit. I applied for and received two unsecured credit cards, opened two checking accounts, obtained a loan from a high interest lender and procured a secured loan for three thousand dollars from a credit union. I did this with the intention of refinancing my car and high interest loans with the credit union. All was going well and then I helped my fiance monetarily, leaving me short of capital causing me to bounce checks with all three of my banks. In a panic, I started frantically to apply for loans online marking my credit score with twenty six inquires. My score was 678 two months ago and now I’m afraid to look at it. I’m current on all but one out of three credit cards and current on my loans, but that’s not going to last. I could consolidate and be well if I were to get an eight thousand dollar loan. My expenses are low other than my loans and credit cards. I am eager to straighten my credit out and live a normal life. I would be happy to change to direct deposit from my employer and make the payment of the loan an automatic withdraw. I’m sincere, have W-2s to prove salary and will never be out of a job. You will get an excellent reference from anyone in my company. I just need some help.

  108. Becky wrote:

    Am looking to obtain a loan for $50,000.00 to do some much needed house repairs and consolidate bills. I want to have only 1 payment a month besides the mortgage. The interest rates I have seen here are lower than other places. The example of 50,000 at 16% for 5 years would work for me – or even 25% at 10 years. I just really need to get the home repairs done so the house doesn’t fall down around my husband and me.

  109. Becky wrote:

    sorry, I live in Virginia

  110. Theresa wrote:

    I need a personal loan secured or unsecured debt consolation immediately – within 6 days. My credit score is Fair. As I am retiring soon, my 401 can be used to secure the loan as it will be available within 45 days. However, I can repay the entire loan including interest within 15 days of receiving the loan. I live in Michigan.

  111. JEROME wrote:


  112. Phillip wrote:

    I am looking for 85K at 10% over 5 years to consolidate debt after a divorce. Have good income/cash flow from my private practice sustained and verifiable over the last 14 years.

  113. Annette wrote:

    I am a single mother of 2 and my exhusband left us with poor credit and I need $10,000 to consolidate some bills and to get a reliable car so I can go back to school and get a better job. I need to get a better job to be able to support my kids and I in the manner we deserve. I am hard working and I know I can do this but I need some help in getting this started. I can do this if I can find someone to loan me this amount for about 10% or less for 10 years. I might be able to put up some collateral if you are able to help me. Please get back to me as soon as possible if you are able to help me.
    Thank you,

  114. Franc wrote:

    I am in need of a private lender who is willing to loan me $100,000.00. I have no collateral, no property and no credit.
    But I am willing to meet the lender, personally, to explain my current financial situation and business venture for this year of 2013 and provide other private information. I am not in debt nor am I financially struggling. I am merely trying to initiate a business in the wellness industry, which I believe will provide time and financial freedom for both myself and those who are in need of help, and show an opportunity that could also help change their lives

    Payment for this loan will be within this year PLUS the interest rate. With regards to the terms of the agreement I’d like to discuss it personally too.

    I need the loan as quickly as possible, as early as possible. In order to start the business as early as now.
    From San Francisco, CA
    Thank You very much.


  115. Connie wrote:

    I am a single mother of two teenagers — one will be going to college in the fall. My credit took a nose dive after my divorce. I have borrowed from Peter to pay Paul so many times that I’ve gotten myself into a situation where the monthly payments on these debts are killing me. I desperately need to consolidate into a more manageable payment per month. I also need to be in a better situation financially so I can buy my daughter a more reliable car to travel back and forth to college. I have no collateral to offer, but I’ve been at my job for seven years, have direct deposit, and make good money. I need $8000 to consolidate my current debts and have a little leftover for a downpayment on a car. A three-year loan would be ideal. Please help me out of this never-ending hole!! Thank you.

  116. Nii wrote:

    I need a business loan of $20,000.00 within the next two days. Please help

  117. Nii wrote:

    I need a business loan of $15,000 to $20,000 asap. Please help. My company is also on the brink of total collapse and my bankers are on me.

  118. KeAsia wrote:

    I need $30,000 secured or insecured personal loan for bills and my kids
    I stay in Pennsylvania and I need the money by tomorrow morning.

  119. dean wrote:

    i need a loan of 9000 for 4 to 5years to pay off high unsecured loan I’ve been paying for a year tried one loan place in buffalo ny and was ripped off for 1600 live in minnesota

  120. Daniel wrote:

    I need to borrow $15,000.00 for personal use. I will b able to pay it back within a year or less. I would like the agreement to be written for a 5year term though. To be realistic. How do I apply for this money

  121. Keith wrote:

    I and my company need a $100,000 loan to help with relocating to a new location here in the San Francisco Bay Area. This money will also help in advertising my business. I would expect to pay back this loan in 9 to 15 months.

    Thank you, Keith

  122. Steve wrote:

    I am looking for a $50,000 personal loan that will be used to develop a secondary source of income and increase my current monthly income substantially. Starting in 2012, my current income is now 5 figures and I have very little debt. I am just getting back on my feet financially after a major financial mishap. Several years ago in an elaborate scam, scammers (who now have been sentenced to jail) took high 6 figure amount of money from me. This money is being held by government and will be paid back to me upon completion of all legal actions and is expected within the next year. In the meantime with this personal loan, I can service the $50,000 debt from my current income while generating another income source of high 5 figures. A five year term at 16% APR is acceptable for my purposes. My credit score is in the 530 range because of several years of hardship caused by the above event. Please respond to my request for further detailed information.

  123. Eric wrote:

    I am looking for a $100000 loan to start up a very lucrative business. Due to student loans, my personal credit is not up to par. Regardless, this a great opportunity every way around. Please respond to my request for additional information. Thank you

  124. Miss E wrote:

    Hello. I am about to file for bankruptcy in May. I cannot have money in an account that the trustee would see and confiscate. As soon as I receive my discharge (usually in 120 days), I can access my IRA funds but not before then. My problem is that I need to buy a house and move. My questions are (a) would you lend me $80,000 for 4-5 months, (b) what interest rate, (c) what would my total cost be to make a lump sum payment in full, (d)would you be willing to hold off and issue the check directly to the seller of the house so I could bring it to closing and it will not go through my account; also so the loan will not be accruing interest before it is needed, (e) I would not want a prepayment penalty. This is a short term loan. I mention $80,000 but it could be a little less or a little more. In Georgia, it is possible to buy a house for that amount due to huge numbers of foreclosures. I would like to move before it’s 100 degrees every day. Thank you.

  125. Ingrid wrote:

    I am in the process of trying to sell my home – market is slow. We need $35,000 ASAP to get the house we are trying to buy before we lose it. Would be able to pay back as soon as current home sells – hopefully not much longer. We are moving due to my husband’s health, he is disabled and on much medication. We have been told he needs to live in a cooler climate as the medication he takes puts him at risk in high heat temperatures.

  126. Duffy wrote:

    I need a $8000 personal loan to get my truck fixed. I am married and have 4 kids I make $3000 a month and my wife makes $2000 a month. Ihave had a steady job for the government for 3 years and my wife has worked at the same place for 5 years now. we do not have real high credit scores but they are a little over 600 and we have no co signer.

  127. lorna wrote:

    Needing a non collateral loan to repair my mothers home and consolidate some debts asap, Needing a loan of 10,000 with interest no more than 10% for the next 5 years with a single monthly payment. Have been in same occupation for over 13 years same company over 6 years, same home over 6 years.

  128. Wanda wrote:

    I am applying for a loan of $50,000 to put on a musical opera. I would pay bi-monthly from my salary of 1,900 bi-weekly for 5 years or at a term that is best for you. You can have auto-deductions for ease of payment to you. I would be a repeat customer for many musical productions.

  129. Bryce wrote:

    Hello there, I would like to request a loan for the amount of 10,000 dollars. I would use some of the funds to help my parents purchase a nice used truck so that my dad can haul yard fertile mulch and yard debris from his current house in Port Orchard, Washington. In addition to the rest of the funds I would like to use as a small down payment on a little house over in Port Orchard Washington and would also like to pay off my other debt loan that I currently have with Springleaf Financial Services of $3100. I currently work three part-time jobs which equivalent to more that 45-50+ hours per week and I make around $2000 take home per month net income. A comfortable and affordable payment for me would be somehwere as high around $400/month with a term length of somewhere between 3-5 years. My credit score is 549 so I know its not the very best but I am working on improving it. Thank you for your time.

  130. Laurent wrote:

    I need to borrow $40000. I live in Los Angeles, CA; a 5 year term with interest of 15% to 17% and a payment period of 14. My credit score is 742.

    I had two back surgeries last year, one that I had to pay cash for and one that my insurance company refused to cover.

    Hope you can help.

    Thank you

  131. Valencia wrote:

    Hello I am Minister and I Honestly Need $250,000.00 and I NEED it like yesterday and/or ASAP. However, If I Need to go Lower can it be No Lower than $190,000.00 to $175,000.00, PLEASE. And I do know the Rates and I’m willing to pay a decent $1500 a mo. or less and not higher then $2000, Please. (For the “No collateral personal loans”)

    The Loan is Needed for a Combination of things But Mainly for my Building for My Ministry. Where I help Youth and Young Mothers. I Really NEED your Help Asap. Thanks.

    City – Aston, State – PA.

    Credit Score – 577.

    I Need the Loan Asap by June 14th, 2013 No Later than June 21st, 2013. Thank You and God Bless You.

  132. Valencia wrote:

    Hello I’m a Minister and I’m not sure what you mean by Moderation but If I have to do your highest of $100,000.00 I will Appreciate that. (Even though I Need $250,000 No lower than $190,000).

    The Loan is Needed for a Combination of things but mainly towards my Building for My Ministry. Where I help youth and young Mothers.

    Aston, PA.

    Score – 577

    I Need Loan Asap by June 14, 2013 No later than June 21, 2013. Thank You and God Bless.

  133. Rev wrote:

    Hello lenders and supporters, I am a Minister, I honestly and sincerely NEED $250,000.00 and I NEED it like yesterday and/or ASAP. However, If I Need to Lower the amount, then can it be No Lower then $190000 to $175000 PLEASE.

    And I do know what the rates are and Willing and Able to pay a decent $1500 a mo. or no higher then $2000 a mo., PLEASE. (For the No Collateral Personal Loans).

    The Loan is Needed for a Combination of things, Seriously and Honestly. But it’s needed Mainly for my Building for my Ministry. Where I Help Youth and Young Mothers get on their feet. I really NEED Your HELP ASAP, PLEASE. I’ll Sincerely be so Grateful. Thank You. (And my Payments will be made and on time.)

    City & State – Aston, PA

    Credit Score – 577

    I NEED the Loan ASAP or by or Before June 21, 2013 and Definitely not pass June 28, 2013. Thank You and May God Bless You.

  134. Gregory wrote:

    Hello, My name is Gregory, I work full time and I am retired military. I have a good income coming in but I recently went through a divorce, sold the house and restarting my life. I have everything in order for now just need a $70,000.00 personal loan, I can repay direct deposit monthly for 10 years. I want to buy a house next year and I will be finished with all my schooling by april also I do work for the government the schooling is for promotional purposes. I can pay up to 1200.00 a month with no interference in my life or life style because everything I am paying off comes to much more and I’ve been paying it for over year now and I need a break and start saving more money for a house. Thank you very much and I really hope you can assist me with this matter. Have a great day.

  135. Kristian wrote:

    I am in need of a $100,000 personal loan to consolidate a few debts and to recover from a bad financial settlement as a result of my divorce in 2008. I am a high income earner and can make monthly payments in the $1500 range, as well as quarterly or semi-annual lump sum payments between $2500 – $5000. Thank you for your consideration.

  136. H wrote:


    I have a real estate program for seniors. I have the ability to access, purchase and renovate property at roughly 50% of market value. I have a mortgage broker which will use their reverse mortgage program and allow the senior to take ownership of these properties only paying the taxes and insurance. The only qualifications for the senior is they have to be of age and there’s equity in the property, no credit qualifications. Right now I have over 20 seniors ready to go along with perspective properties. I need funding for the purchase and renovation of the properties. The average properties market value is 200k and I need an estimated 100k to complete each deal.

  137. Vendris wrote:

    I am seeking a loan of 19000.00 to relocate my family and pay off some debts for them. I am a mother and I new to credit. I just started building my credit and is doing well at it.
    I am pleading with you.

  138. Mike wrote:

    I need 70,000 unsecured to consolidate debts into one payment for ten year term. Any help would be much appreciated.

  139. Joel wrote:


    I need a loan amount of $30,000.00 for business, loan term 5 years.

  140. Allen wrote:

    Looking for a personal loan with no collateral for about $50,000. Need some cash flow for business improvements.

  141. Elizabeth wrote:

    I’m in need of $50,000 to consolidate all my debt… I’ve have made some wrong choices. This why I’m in need of the money. My credit is not bad I have a 680 score.. I make a decent salary and I know I can make a monthly payment of atleast $1300. Please help me.

  142. Caleb wrote:

    I am in desperate need of a $70,000 loan. I can offer collateral. My credit score is not fantastic, however I do have a decent and secure job averaging a little more than $5k a month gross.

  143. Lacy wrote:

    I am in need of a $25,000 loan for 5 years. I have a lot of medical bills and I am at risk of them garnishing my wages. I have a steady income, but I need to consolidate these bills to get a fresh start. I do not have collateral.

  144. Brenda wrote:

    My husband and I are Real Estate Investor in Stockton, Ca need of funds of $75,000.00 to $100,000.00. Purchasing, fix and flip properties. For more information contact me.
    Thank You

  145. Michelle wrote:

    I am looking for a personal in secured loan of $8000.
    It would be used for personal and business needs.
    Thank you.

  146. Marc wrote:

    Hello, I am a United States Marine, have been in the service for 19 years now. I make about 65,000 a year. I need an $80,000 no collateral loan to consolidate my debt (50,000 in credit cards and loans and 30,000 in auto loans). I am going through a rough child custody case in two states, due to the legal fee’s and buying plane tickets to see my kids I have racked up credit cards and loans and I am now starting to fall behind on bills. I can afford a $1500 a month payment on a ten year term, which will allow me to get back on my feet and start my savings back up, and I am confident I would be able to pay it off in full early. If I can get all this debt into one monthly payment it would help me and my family out tremendously.
    My credit score is 650.
    I have held the same career for 19 years.
    I live in Murrieta, California.

    I am asking for this as soon as possible, like I said I am falling behind on bills and I am not currently able to make it through a pay period without running out of money.

    Thank you so much for any assistance you can provide.

  147. Heather wrote:

    My husband and I wish to borrow 45,000 and create a clean slate for us. We gave low credit score but fantastic jobs and jobs that we hAve been at long term (20 years for him and 10 years for me); we want to have just two thing to take care of each month and be done. We fell behind due to illness and now we just want to be responsible to our mortgage this pymt. Ouy children will be starting college in a few years and we’d like that to go smoothly as well. Please help us help ourselves. We’ve also promised to give more to those in need. Thank you do much for at least your consideration.

  148. pam wrote:

    I need a 90,000 personal loan to take care of a tax lein and to upgrade equipment for my job..i am an owner operator and own one truck that needs repairs I have a low credit score would like monthly payments

  149. lynn wrote:

    I am in need of 100000 loan to buy house and clear credit from identity theft. Would offer house as collateral. Would like 20 year loan

  150. Adella wrote:

    Hello need to borrow at least 20,000 dollars which will be personal and used for my husbands eye surgery and to pay off bills and also to pay off my credit history so i can start building up my credit. My credit score is really low 546 i have no co signer or no collateral. Not able to go to regular loan or bank company without getting denied. Want to restore my credit and wanting just one person to give me a chance to prove that im trying to rebuild my credit. Also if i dont get the loan my husband needs the eye surgery before its to late and his eye sight will be lost.please help me and if any possible really soon.My husband has got laid off due to his eyes but he is getting the unemployment benefits until his eyes are fixed then he can return back to work were he was making 1000.00 or more a week.He has been with company for over 2 years and they want him back but right now his unemployment benifits are 406.00 a week and my income i work for 3 years now i bring home 257.00 a week. thank you

  151. carl wrote:

    Hi, I’m a viet nam vet on a 50% disability, would like to borrow $80,000.00 at 10% with monthly payments being my disability check for $810.00 a month. roughly 10 years. I don’t know what my credit score is but its not great, lots of reasons that I won’t go into. I have rented the same place going on 19 years. retired SSI. Last place of emploment retired from there a year ago, 19 years! I can set up a joint account or whatever works for you. need soon! Thanks, PS: open to alternatives that will work around original request! Thanks, Carl

  152. jeavoye wrote:

    i need a 30000 loan with no collateral

  153. Jennifer wrote:

    I need a 50,000 dollar unsecured loan. I would be able to pay this loan back within 5 years. I need this loan to consolidate my debt to an affordable monthly payment. I am a school teacher and with rising interest rates, I can barely afford my minimum balance due. I live in Dover, Ohio and my current credit score is 650. I would need this loan as soon as I could be approved. I’m not asking for a free handout. I just want a lower interest rate and one affordable monthly payment. I’ve applied for unsecured loans and have not been approved due to my debt to income ratio.

  154. Issac wrote:

    I’m trying to borrow $80,000 to consolidation credit cards and installation loans. I’m in the military currently oversea but stateside address is 678 Booth Pond Rd; Raeford, Nc 28376. My monthly pay before taxes is $11,000.

  155. Issac wrote:

    Sorry this is same person from 154: I forgot to add: My credit Score is 614; I would be able to pay this loan back within 5 years. I need this loan to consolidate my debt to an affordable monthly payment. Just have some unexpected events happen within the last 12 months.

  156. Larry wrote:

    I would like to borrow $35,000 unsecured. I was in Africa for 4 months and just got back to the states. My credit tanked while I was gone. I own a home health care business and need new clients. I need to advertise with the money I borrow. My income is decent when I work, about $1,500 per week gross. I have the ability to pay this loan back. Please let me know if you can help.

  157. Rose wrote:

    Am looking for a business loan of $100 000.00 I run a home health agency and just got approved for Medicare with that company can now start treating patients and get reimbursed via each patient medical insurance. The problem is the cash flow, I see myself had to closing down after all this effort of getting an Accreditation and Medicare Certification. There are incomes following after we get started and the numbers are big. All I need is the working capital in order to get off the ground and this is an urgent matter as we will be losing most of our clinicians as they need to get paid. I can provide our company website and other information as needed to show how genuine we are.

  158. Michael wrote:

    I am in need of a $50,000 personal loan to consolidate my debts resulting from bad decision making and bad judgement concerning family. I have a higher income now around $90,000 and can make monthly payments in the $1,0000 range for 8 years at 15% interest. I’m from the state of Nebraska and have a full time job and trying to establish a forage business also.
    Thank you for your consideration.

  159. Pam wrote:

    I need 7-10,000 to pay off debts. I was employed but the business closed.I now drive for uber full time and will be able to pay money back comfortably within 3=5 years.

  160. Deborah wrote:

    I am a retiree who helped their family with keeping a roof over their heads and now I am $100,000 in debt(4 loans, 2 credit cards) and looking to make 1 payment a month to clear up paying 6 payments to creditors each month. My pension which is all I live on is $60,000 annually; $4,099 monthly. I live with approximately $150 for groceries, transportation cost, laundry cost, etc. I am currently on time each month with meeting obligations, it is just so tight living with this amount of debt. But again if I can make 1 monthly payment to a creditor it would be a joy. I thank you in advance for your time and consideration in reviewing my matter.

  161. Deborah wrote:

    I reside in Brooklyn, NY

  162. Sherry wrote:

    I am in need of a 90,000 to repay my employer. I make about 88,000 a year and have no collateral. I can repay this loan in 5 years, but hopefully sooner.

  163. Wanda wrote:

    I am in need of this loan to replace my roof and pay some medical bills. My husband is disabled and I am the only one working. I am an insurance agent and work on a commission basis. I make anywhere from 6-8 thousand a month but have a lot of expense with taxes and social security and just need to get out from under these bills and pay off some stuff! I would really appreciate your help. Any amount of 4500 up would help

  164. Wanda wrote:

    50,000 is the amount I need sorry I didn’t put that in the earlier pre-app

  165. juan wrote:

    need to pay property taxes in 2 weeks please help if you can thank you

  166. Kenneth wrote:

    I am an Auto Broker. I am trying to grow my business through the Web and Social Media. I am looking for $25000-$50000. We are currently depositing about $12-15K a month. Everything comes in goes right out! I need to have some capital to get things done. I have been in the car business since 1994 I have extensive background in the Automotive industry and I have been highly awarded over the years

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