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Good and bad credit personal loans:

Special Note:
We DO NOT promote payday or cash advance lenders on this website. Only fair interest rates with monthly payments or the lender is not allowed in our network of over 220+ and growing.

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For all other loan purposes see below:

Do NOT include personal information yet. That is for the actual lenders you communicate with. Your pre-app process just alerts lenders in your State. Do not include last name, address, phone number, SIN, place of work or business, etc.

All Other Loan Types:

  • click the loan type below
  • fill in first name, email, purpose of loan
  • get confirmation email
  • wait for lenders to email you
  • choose company with best rate
  • finalize your loan with lender
  • get money transferred to your account

That's it in a nutshell. We take your loan application this way because it allows lenders an organzied and easy way to find borrower's to do business with.

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Basic Information On Personal Loans

There is a large volume of perspective borrowers and customers across North America that need personal loans, and they need these loans for very personal reasons sometimes - so much so that they don't really want to talk about it with our staff here at California Loan Find.

So we don't ;-)

We have lenders based in California, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, New York, Florida, Ohio, and Idaho, that lend cash money on an installment basis to borrowers in every single State of the USA, and some provinces in Canada.

Some of these lenders were VERY hard to get set up.

Back when we started (2003) we realized that most of our potential borrowers had bad credit problems and they were going to have to find lenders that will actually approve their loan, and NOT charge them some ridiculous APR (annual percentage rate).

To get approved for a personal loan you need to leave your request know to our over 220 lenders (coast to coast). All of the personal loan requests are viewed and combed over by lenders who will provide financing on an installment loan basis. These lenders are private and semi-traditional lenders who will approve small and medium-sized loans to people who make their request(s) now and are found to be viable customers.

Usually these loans are for purposes such as paying off bills, paying off medical expenses, paying off overdue loans, paying off utility companies, phone companies, and sometimes just food. These loans can be for anything legal - from clothing for the family, or simply just to get themselves out of a temporary financial slump.

We have lenders that provide loans for bad credit applicants on a regular basis, and they usually always request that you have some form of income, whether that be Social Security Benefits, Unemployment Benefits, Retirement Income, or Employment Income. If you don't have some form of income, you should save your time and not bother filling out the comment section for your pre-application. Sorry, but you have to have some form of income.

Personal loans can be approved for people with bad credit scores as low as 500 FICO, and some of our lenders approve loans via vehicle title so it doesn't matter how bad your credit rating is as long as you have a viable form of income.

When making your loan request in any of our comment areas make sure you don't use your last name, phone number or your street address. This is for your own privacy.

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