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I Need a Loan Fast To Stop Eviction – Please Help!

The consumer writing into this site is applying for a small loan of only $2100 to help him and his wife avoid eviction. They got behind on his rent payments and now owes his landlord three months of overdue rent payments. They have managed to save enough for the coming month, but need to make good on the overdue rent to avoid eviction.

Both his wife and himself have minimum wage jobs and are working overtime to make more money to make up what they owe. He lost his job a few months ago which is what put them behind on the rent. They chose to pay their utilities, put food on the table and to repay a small balance they had on their credit card. From a credit rating perspective, this was probably a good strategy since these companies will quickly make reports to credit agencies if there is a missed payment. Landlords are a little more forgiving. In this situation, the consumer’s landlord is threatening eviction but has not made any reports to credit agencies. He knows they work hard and is trying to give them a break.

In terms of being approved for a loan, he stands a pretty good chance that he and his wife will be approved for this small loan. They still have a good credit rating; they both work although making minimum wage. They also have a zero balance on their credit card and have a good record of paying their credit card bills.

As an alternative, if they cannot get approval for a loan at a decent interest rate, they are planning to take a credit card advance on their credit card. They really want to stay where they are and do not want to move. They know that the interest rate will be 21%, which is very high, however they plan to repay the full amount within three months to minimize the interest. This is their backup plan if a loan is not approved for them.

Based on their credit rating, they are both working and making overtime to repay their debt they are considered a good credit risk. They likely will be picked up by a lender offering terms that will be better than their backup plan of using a cash advance from their credit card.


Home/Mortgage Loan Amount : $2100

Home Loan Application and Processing Speed (when do you need the funds): within the next week to pay our overdue rent

Do you currently have a mortgage? : no, we rent

Bank Name and Branch : Chase Bank, N State College Blvd

What City/Town, State and County do you live in? : Anaheim, California

Zip : 92806

What is your employment field? : Service industry

Employment Position : Retail

When are you paid? (monthly/weekly/biweekly): biweekly

Your credit rating to be – excellent, fair, or bad? : fair to good

How did you find us? : looking for online loans

How are you paid? (direct deposit/paper check): direct deposit

Gross Amount Per Paycheck : $2400 total for both of us

Do you agree to have this information published online, without your PRIVATE information of course? : sure

Extra information here please (some detail):

My landlord is threatening to evict me by the end of the month! I need a loan fast to stop eviction – please help me now! I lost my job a few months ago and got behind on my rent payments. I currently owe my landlord for three months past due rent and the next rent payment is due in a couple of weeks. He is threatening to evict me if I do not pay him the past due rent and this months rent now.

I found another job and my wife is also working overtime to make ends meet. We choose to pay our utilities, put food on the table and pay our credit cards. We let the rent slide for awhile. We have enough money set aside to pay one months rent, but not enough to cover the past three months overdue rent payments. We plan to repay everything as soon as we can save enough money. Unfortunately, our landlord has got tired of waiting and wants his money now.

Can you help us with a loan at a decent interest rate? We need a loan for $2100 which will cover the three months we owe. If we can pay the overdue rent and this months rent, we will be back in good standing with our landlord. He has been very patient and wants to help us, but cannot give us any more time.

We are thinking of taking a cash advance on our credit card. I know the interest rate is going to be high. The interest rate is 21%, which is over the top, but we are desperate. It will take us several months to repay this loan, and we are trying to keep our expenses as low as possible. We would like to borrow the $2100 at a lower interest rate and repay it within three months.

When I lost my job a few months ago, it was pretty difficult to find another job. Thankfully my wife was still working and has a steady job. She makes minimum wage and is working overtime to make a little more money. I was able to find another job in the service industry, also making minimum wage. Apparently after I have been on the job for a few months, I will be eligible for a small raise which will help. I am also working overtime to try and make some extra money to go towards the overdue rent.

We do not have any savings and have cut back on everything. We really want to pay our debts and we want to recover our credit rating as well. So far I think that our landlord has not reported our overdue rent situation to the credit agencies. If he has not made a report, then our credit rating is probably ok. We chose to pay our credit cards and our utilities so that our credit rating would not be impacted.

Can you help with a small loan so that we can avoid eviction? We would really like a competitive interest rate.

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6 Pre-apps

  1. David wrote:

    I need a loan to fufill my purpose in life. I can help millions of people in the U.S.A. and globally if someone would just believe in me to the tune of 20 grand. “Yourwater©” i was homeless in2016. I spent a year living in the woods in w.v. sleeping.on my.favorite root pillow…. I was blessed. I went to the shelter.i got kicked out and went to a mental bospital after i attempted suicide…spent thansgiving in there. When i got.out i was homeless again. I slept in a parking garage… I woke up to a man who hadnhis child urinating on me while he threw one Dollar bills at a dancer.On christmas eve i gave to god…. And got soberm i got clean. Im a year sober. A year clean. I have a home. It’s an apt. I dont have a.lisense which costs 3200.00 to get. I do have a 95 dodge dakota thatbruns most of the time. But i need a plumbing truck. I do custom floors. Like Brazilian maple. Or italian marble. And im a plumber so im allways busy.but i also cant resume vistation with my daughter untill i can pick her up. Well now that i live in the city again. It drives me nuts being stuck. I saw disaters over this year. And god was tugging at my heart to take my.kyak amd truck down there wtih free water for the victims… Not 48 bucks. And i could do some pmumbing. I believe strongly.mympurpose is to tell people… You can live. We can love.amd i can help. Ill deliver the water to ever disaster. Ill get companys to donate bottling amd.ill but land.with springs on it. I will tap a.spring fed.well for every one. And evert single.ounce.of that water would be free to victims.of disaster.or misfortune. Id give it to homeless people by the crate….i can experiences to help the world. I need money for land. Well equipment. A truck and my lisense…. About 20 to 40 thousand. I could pay ten percwnt interest if thataa not.too low. My credit is garbage . it’s like 582 i think. I got divorced and kinda got raked… Over a period of 5 to 7 years at 10 percent. I cohld figure it out until i found investors to help with the storage facilities and upkeep while im out crushing the plumbing repair world in between bottling 🙂

  2. Darryl wrote:

    I need a loan to help get my life back in order and to save my family. My wife and I recently celebrated a sure blessing: we had out first child. A high risk pregnancy, the stress was unimaginable. She was in so much pain throughout, making everynight hard when coming home from work. After a full week of enduced labor, the doctor decided his shoulders were too wide, and it would be better to just have a C-Section. While I’d be lying if I said watching them getting our son out wasn’t the most traumatizing site ive ever seen, but at the same time? the happiest i’ve been outher than our wedding. We’ve had an amaizng first 3 months with him, actually happy to wake up to him at 4 A.M. almost everyday, wanting nothing but attention and someone to play with. However, we were left in a bad place a few months ago. Drivng home, I was in a car accident that put my car out of commision, nothing to remember it by other than a remaining balance owed to the dealership. Thank god neither my wife or sone were in the car,so although i was hospitalized for some rib fractures and needing a couple staples in my head, everyone was safe. Unfortunately, our insurance decided we needed something to stress over, or else lifes just too kind, right? So they refused to cover the vehicle, putting us with monthly payments for a non existent vehicle. This also left us unable to relax, but really leave stressed and handicapped on a reliable income. For I am driving for most of my job, and without a car… there was no way to work. With my credit still terrible due to a motorcycle accident i was in almost a decade ago, There’s no way to get funds wihtout insane APR. This began stressing us both out. If I’m not working, what about the rent? The monthly payment on the totalled vehicle? The payment and insurance on my wife’s car? The things we need to be getting for the baby on a steady pace (Infant clothing fits about as long as ice cream stays frozen the stove!)We have been beyond stressed, causing arguments and trust issues on dependability. This, along with other situations caused by the loss of ability to get to work properly, caused us to begin drifting further apart. All the way to the point she has began slowly moving her things to her parents over 80 miles away, in which she brings our son along to stay. Without being able to put enough into her account to cover the bills under her name, or a way to continue working the distance i do to cover rent, groceries, or the dealership payment on the old car, I’m afraid our marriage will be ending sooner than later. Helping me get back to work could not only save our marriage, but save my son from the most important stages of development being without his father present, making sure he is taken care of with everything he needs. I need about 18-22 thousand, with would cover an SUV for work/daily commute, a matress for the crib we’ve yet to assembled being unable to afford a mattress, and straighten out the small amount of bills we havent been able to handle with money regretfully borrowing from family. This would get us once again stress free, myself back to work, and our son in a house that doesn’t have an uncomfortable cloud of uncertainty floating over that handsome little head of his. With an APR of 7%-9%, we would be not just grateful, but hopefully paying the balance off in much less than 5 years

  3. Chase wrote:

    Please help, I was injured on the job in Sept. 2016, due to my injuriues I had to have emergency back surgery which put me out of work for 6 months. My surgeon gave my wife and I the great news that I could never work in construction again, or any job that required any physical labor or standing for long periods of time. I have 20 years in the trade and unfortunately work in CT has become scarce so I was unable to find any sort of supervisor or foreman position. We lost everything, luckily we found a couple that has rented us a place and they have been very understanding of our financial struggles, especially since we have two young children. I was able to find a job a few months ago that has been amazing, I help seniors with their Medicare and state benefits the reward of helping these people feels wonderful. The workers comp case for my injury has been a terrible fight, they have denied the whole incident, but finally after a year and a half the case was granted by the commissioner for workers comp in CT. The bad thing is we are out of time, it’s still going to be no the before we receive our benefits and get paid back for our medical bills, the homeowner has run out of patience with us and our only vehicle broke down. When it rains it pours. We desperately need a $20,000 loan so that we can get ahead and keep a roof over the kids. I can afford a $400 a month payment and am not to concerned with an interest rate if someone’s willing to help. My credit score is 624, please help us, we are out of time I have until Friday to pay all the rent owed. Thank you and godbless

  4. Tony wrote:

    I need a loan to fund a project that will change the world for the better; where it’s a small loan or a big loan I will try to pay it back. My first time asking for a loan online so I don’t really know what to put, so I tried to put everything in without putting too much. Thanks for reading.

    I ended up needing a loan from the Internet because I have not meet anyone that I can trust; I’m hoping to find a lender that has trust issue as well.

    The project would be the way I will pay back the loan or I could help you start your very own project. Depending on the amount of loan(s) will determine how much I can earn at the start and will decide what the total growth will end up as.

    The “project” is like a new way of living for (me, myself, and I) but can end up being a bad idea if I let the wrong people in on it.

    The income will come from:Framing Animals, Plants, Energy, Water, Dirt, Bugs, etc, etc; Also will be doing business online with: Apps, Games, Programs, Website, etc, etc;

  5. Kristy wrote:

    $5000 loan within the next 3-5 business days.
    Looking to pay off a few old collection debts left from my divorce and get my credit (currently 600) back where it use to be prior to my divorce.
    I reside in VT and have a great career and annual income over $50,000.

  6. SHON wrote:

    10000 loan. I have a few issues, I am relocating to Washington for a new job with BNSF. My oldest daughter is having surgery in June, and I could use some help with the medical bills. My credit score is a 602 FICO 8. At BNSF I will be making 40000, and I only have 9000 in debt total. Housing expenses will be about 600 a month. I am able to afford 500 per month payment, and I will take interest up to 35 percent. I know my score is not very good, but I have been perfect for almost a year.

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