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I Need a Loan Fast To Stop Eviction – Please Help!

The consumer writing into this site is applying for a small loan of only $2100 to help him and his wife avoid eviction. They got behind on his rent payments and now owes his landlord three months of overdue rent payments. They have managed to save enough for the coming month, but need to make good on the overdue rent to avoid eviction.

Both his wife and himself have minimum wage jobs and are working overtime to make more money to make up what they owe. He lost his job a few months ago which is what put them behind on the rent. They chose to pay their utilities, put food on the table and to repay a small balance they had on their credit card. From a credit rating perspective, this was probably a good strategy since these companies will quickly make reports to credit agencies if there is a missed payment. Landlords are a little more forgiving. In this situation, the consumer’s landlord is threatening eviction but has not made any reports to credit agencies. He knows they work hard and is trying to give them a break.

In terms of being approved for a loan, he stands a pretty good chance that he and his wife will be approved for this small loan. They still have a good credit rating; they both work although making minimum wage. They also have a zero balance on their credit card and have a good record of paying their credit card bills.

As an alternative, if they cannot get approval for a loan at a decent interest rate, they are planning to take a credit card advance on their credit card. They really want to stay where they are and do not want to move. They know that the interest rate will be 21%, which is very high, however they plan to repay the full amount within three months to minimize the interest. This is their backup plan if a loan is not approved for them.

Based on their credit rating, they are both working and making overtime to repay their debt they are considered a good credit risk. They likely will be picked up by a lender offering terms that will be better than their backup plan of using a cash advance from their credit card.


Home/Mortgage Loan Amount : $2100

Home Loan Application and Processing Speed (when do you need the funds): within the next week to pay our overdue rent

Do you currently have a mortgage? : no, we rent

Bank Name and Branch : Chase Bank, N State College Blvd

What City/Town, State and County do you live in? : Anaheim, California

Zip : 92806

What is your employment field? : Service industry

Employment Position : Retail

When are you paid? (monthly/weekly/biweekly): biweekly

Your credit rating to be – excellent, fair, or bad? : fair to good

How did you find us? : looking for online loans

How are you paid? (direct deposit/paper check): direct deposit

Gross Amount Per Paycheck : $2400 total for both of us

Do you agree to have this information published online, without your PRIVATE information of course? : sure

Extra information here please (some detail):

My landlord is threatening to evict me by the end of the month! I need a loan fast to stop eviction – please help me now! I lost my job a few months ago and got behind on my rent payments. I currently owe my landlord for three months past due rent and the next rent payment is due in a couple of weeks. He is threatening to evict me if I do not pay him the past due rent and this months rent now.

I found another job and my wife is also working overtime to make ends meet. We choose to pay our utilities, put food on the table and pay our credit cards. We let the rent slide for awhile. We have enough money set aside to pay one months rent, but not enough to cover the past three months overdue rent payments. We plan to repay everything as soon as we can save enough money. Unfortunately, our landlord has got tired of waiting and wants his money now.

Can you help us with a loan at a decent interest rate? We need a loan for $2100 which will cover the three months we owe. If we can pay the overdue rent and this months rent, we will be back in good standing with our landlord. He has been very patient and wants to help us, but cannot give us any more time.

We are thinking of taking a cash advance on our credit card. I know the interest rate is going to be high. The interest rate is 21%, which is over the top, but we are desperate. It will take us several months to repay this loan, and we are trying to keep our expenses as low as possible. We would like to borrow the $2100 at a lower interest rate and repay it within three months.

When I lost my job a few months ago, it was pretty difficult to find another job. Thankfully my wife was still working and has a steady job. She makes minimum wage and is working overtime to make a little more money. I was able to find another job in the service industry, also making minimum wage. Apparently after I have been on the job for a few months, I will be eligible for a small raise which will help. I am also working overtime to try and make some extra money to go towards the overdue rent.

We do not have any savings and have cut back on everything. We really want to pay our debts and we want to recover our credit rating as well. So far I think that our landlord has not reported our overdue rent situation to the credit agencies. If he has not made a report, then our credit rating is probably ok. We chose to pay our credit cards and our utilities so that our credit rating would not be impacted.

Can you help with a small loan so that we can avoid eviction? We would really like a competitive interest rate.

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  1. David wrote:

    I need a loan to fufill my purpose in life. I can help millions of people in the U.S.A. and globally if someone would just believe in me to the tune of 20 grand. “Yourwater©” i was homeless in2016. I spent a year living in the woods in w.v. sleeping.on my.favorite root pillow…. I was blessed. I went to the shelter.i got kicked out and went to a mental bospital after i attempted suicide…spent thansgiving in there. When i got.out i was homeless again. I slept in a parking garage… I woke up to a man who hadnhis child urinating on me while he threw one Dollar bills at a dancer.On christmas eve i gave to god…. And got soberm i got clean. Im a year sober. A year clean. I have a home. It’s an apt. I dont have a.lisense which costs 3200.00 to get. I do have a 95 dodge dakota thatbruns most of the time. But i need a plumbing truck. I do custom floors. Like Brazilian maple. Or italian marble. And im a plumber so im allways busy.but i also cant resume vistation with my daughter untill i can pick her up. Well now that i live in the city again. It drives me nuts being stuck. I saw disaters over this year. And god was tugging at my heart to take my.kyak amd truck down there wtih free water for the victims… Not 48 bucks. And i could do some pmumbing. I believe strongly.mympurpose is to tell people… You can live. We can love.amd i can help. Ill deliver the water to ever disaster. Ill get companys to donate bottling amd.ill but land.with springs on it. I will tap a.spring fed.well for every one. And evert single.ounce.of that water would be free to victims.of disaster.or misfortune. Id give it to homeless people by the crate….i can experiences to help the world. I need money for land. Well equipment. A truck and my lisense…. About 20 to 40 thousand. I could pay ten percwnt interest if thataa not.too low. My credit is garbage . it’s like 582 i think. I got divorced and kinda got raked… Over a period of 5 to 7 years at 10 percent. I cohld figure it out until i found investors to help with the storage facilities and upkeep while im out crushing the plumbing repair world in between bottling 🙂

  2. Darryl wrote:

    I need a loan to help get my life back in order and to save my family. My wife and I recently celebrated a sure blessing: we had out first child. A high risk pregnancy, the stress was unimaginable. She was in so much pain throughout, making everynight hard when coming home from work. After a full week of enduced labor, the doctor decided his shoulders were too wide, and it would be better to just have a C-Section. While I’d be lying if I said watching them getting our son out wasn’t the most traumatizing site ive ever seen, but at the same time? the happiest i’ve been outher than our wedding. We’ve had an amaizng first 3 months with him, actually happy to wake up to him at 4 A.M. almost everyday, wanting nothing but attention and someone to play with. However, we were left in a bad place a few months ago. Drivng home, I was in a car accident that put my car out of commision, nothing to remember it by other than a remaining balance owed to the dealership. Thank god neither my wife or sone were in the car,so although i was hospitalized for some rib fractures and needing a couple staples in my head, everyone was safe. Unfortunately, our insurance decided we needed something to stress over, or else lifes just too kind, right? So they refused to cover the vehicle, putting us with monthly payments for a non existent vehicle. This also left us unable to relax, but really leave stressed and handicapped on a reliable income. For I am driving for most of my job, and without a car… there was no way to work. With my credit still terrible due to a motorcycle accident i was in almost a decade ago, There’s no way to get funds wihtout insane APR. This began stressing us both out. If I’m not working, what about the rent? The monthly payment on the totalled vehicle? The payment and insurance on my wife’s car? The things we need to be getting for the baby on a steady pace (Infant clothing fits about as long as ice cream stays frozen the stove!)We have been beyond stressed, causing arguments and trust issues on dependability. This, along with other situations caused by the loss of ability to get to work properly, caused us to begin drifting further apart. All the way to the point she has began slowly moving her things to her parents over 80 miles away, in which she brings our son along to stay. Without being able to put enough into her account to cover the bills under her name, or a way to continue working the distance i do to cover rent, groceries, or the dealership payment on the old car, I’m afraid our marriage will be ending sooner than later. Helping me get back to work could not only save our marriage, but save my son from the most important stages of development being without his father present, making sure he is taken care of with everything he needs. I need about 18-22 thousand, with would cover an SUV for work/daily commute, a matress for the crib we’ve yet to assembled being unable to afford a mattress, and straighten out the small amount of bills we havent been able to handle with money regretfully borrowing from family. This would get us once again stress free, myself back to work, and our son in a house that doesn’t have an uncomfortable cloud of uncertainty floating over that handsome little head of his. With an APR of 7%-9%, we would be not just grateful, but hopefully paying the balance off in much less than 5 years

  3. Chase wrote:

    Please help, I was injured on the job in Sept. 2016, due to my injuriues I had to have emergency back surgery which put me out of work for 6 months. My surgeon gave my wife and I the great news that I could never work in construction again, or any job that required any physical labor or standing for long periods of time. I have 20 years in the trade and unfortunately work in CT has become scarce so I was unable to find any sort of supervisor or foreman position. We lost everything, luckily we found a couple that has rented us a place and they have been very understanding of our financial struggles, especially since we have two young children. I was able to find a job a few months ago that has been amazing, I help seniors with their Medicare and state benefits the reward of helping these people feels wonderful. The workers comp case for my injury has been a terrible fight, they have denied the whole incident, but finally after a year and a half the case was granted by the commissioner for workers comp in CT. The bad thing is we are out of time, it’s still going to be no the before we receive our benefits and get paid back for our medical bills, the homeowner has run out of patience with us and our only vehicle broke down. When it rains it pours. We desperately need a $20,000 loan so that we can get ahead and keep a roof over the kids. I can afford a $400 a month payment and am not to concerned with an interest rate if someone’s willing to help. My credit score is 624, please help us, we are out of time I have until Friday to pay all the rent owed. Thank you and godbless

  4. Tony wrote:

    I need a loan to fund a project that will change the world for the better; where it’s a small loan or a big loan I will try to pay it back. My first time asking for a loan online so I don’t really know what to put, so I tried to put everything in without putting too much. Thanks for reading.

    I ended up needing a loan from the Internet because I have not meet anyone that I can trust; I’m hoping to find a lender that has trust issue as well.

    The project would be the way I will pay back the loan or I could help you start your very own project. Depending on the amount of loan(s) will determine how much I can earn at the start and will decide what the total growth will end up as.

    The “project” is like a new way of living for (me, myself, and I) but can end up being a bad idea if I let the wrong people in on it.

    The income will come from:Framing Animals, Plants, Energy, Water, Dirt, Bugs, etc, etc; Also will be doing business online with: Apps, Games, Programs, Website, etc, etc;

  5. Kristy wrote:

    $5000 loan within the next 3-5 business days.
    Looking to pay off a few old collection debts left from my divorce and get my credit (currently 600) back where it use to be prior to my divorce.
    I reside in VT and have a great career and annual income over $50,000.

  6. SHON wrote:

    10000 loan. I have a few issues, I am relocating to Washington for a new job with BNSF. My oldest daughter is having surgery in June, and I could use some help with the medical bills. My credit score is a 602 FICO 8. At BNSF I will be making 40000, and I only have 9000 in debt total. Housing expenses will be about 600 a month. I am able to afford 500 per month payment, and I will take interest up to 35 percent. I know my score is not very good, but I have been perfect for almost a year.

  7. Michael wrote:

    Need a 5000 loan for legal fees. Have a full time job with gross pay between 2-3000 a month (depends on overtime worked during pay period) minimum of 2000 gross. Have spousal income of another 1000 that can be added. Credit is about a 550. Payment amount can be up to 300-350 a month and I personally don’t care about interest. At least 1 year term. After housing I have between 4-600 “disposable” income a month. Have had job for a year.

  8. Stephanie wrote:

    Well, it’s about 2:00 am. I came on to try to tackle a debt issue I’ve been dragging on because it’s incorrect and I found myself wondering if there really could be such a thing as real Angel Loans. There is no such thing as free, I know. Not in my world. But if there is help out there, anything that could help me breath again, stop this over powering feeling of losing grip, I’ve got to at least know I tried. I won’t waist the time telling of my woes of youth except to say I have been working since I was a little girl, babysitting and picking strawberry’s for fair or personal monies. through high school as a Kelly girl, selling furniture, Rainbow Vacuums, printing books, making the advertisements. Married for 29 years, got to abusive but would of stayed if I knew I’d live. Worked my way back from Indiana, with newborn down syndrome child and 12 yr. old son. broke down slept in park in thunderstorms 5 days, it’s another book. I reached the west coast where I was born and I have been a single mother for the past 25 years, I got a job right away and welfare let me have emergency stamps for 2 months because they knew I’d need it. got an apartment, and my husband showed up after 5 months. Of coarse we missed him. He pleaded that he had a home, working on the drinking etc., and after much pressure from my son who needed him, the process began and we headed back. the next day I asked about the home. There was none. He just needed us to come. We reached Indiana and I’m finding places to sleep while he’s sleeping at his mothers. A prejudice, jealousy issue their on her part. Eventually I make it back. Start waitressing and rent a little studio. My daughter has no immune system so if cold or raining I took cabs to babysitter and ran to work, ran to pick her up and cab home. she got sick all the time. then I picked up another 0ffice job right in front so I could keep her with me. for 15 years I did all I could do riding the waves of life, being the oldest of 6 I had plates on top of plates to deal with, another book. At 53 that job ended and the next spiral began, lost our apartment, stayed here and there. Planted myself in an unfinished apartment 50 mi. away that I still had the keys to from office job. My son’s fighting me through it all running away, etc. and went with back & forth with his father. The owner, ex boss, found out. I explained, he should not of done what he did and take my job. But I would do my best to hurry. I could not get hired at that age with a disabled daughter. Got her is school set up transportation etc. I finally got a call from the restaurant that had new owners and raced 50 miles back and forth beating her bus. I even went to computer school on line. Which I got taken in a scam on another site. I was stressing because I couldn’t seem to get the coarse. It went back and forth till we realized they had sent me the wrong coarse in books! I’m cramming to catch up in lessons and during the final tests I stood up and felt dizzy, I layed on the floor but no better, so I tried to reach where I lived so daughter would have someone if bad. made it 3/4 when I was stiffing, Got admitted. it was a spider bite I kept scratching thinking it was just an itch at the time. On and on till I went again for aide. The restaurant was barely paying for gas. Telling them my story they asked why I wasn’t working as her Home Care Provider. I explained “she’s my daughter & my responsibility and I can take care of her. He said “I’ll just set up the interview, what do you have to lose? go listen to it”. During the interview & my thinking it’s a handout the Lady say’s “look we can hire a care taker from the registry of workers to take care of your daughter while you continue to beat our head against the sidewalk for a job your not going to get or we can hire you as her provider and you can continue to care for and make sure she is safe like you have always done.” I began to cry saying ” since you put it that way, I guess its ok”. I took awhile to get on some sort of track paid a little for staying in the unfinished opened bedroom walls where wind and bugs came in. We moved a few times and made it back home. got apartment over internet before move. Got my old waitress job while daughter in school and her Care provider still. As I age the caring water, laundry and groceries while helping her is getting harder. After selling at swap meet on day, I’m unloading up and down stairs and I prayed “Lord.. I can’t do these stairs much more, you know my finances, what kind of deposit I might afford, I (said my name) cannot do it! I give it to you” and finished unloading. with in 3 days a call from an old landlady came in to see if I was interested in renting her home. I loved that place but she moved back in. For the past four years I’ve been her. PLEASE, I PRAY YOU ARE STILL WITH ME. I ONLY HUMILIATE MYSELF AND WRITE A FRACTION OF THIS BECAUSE I NEED YOU TO UNDERSTAND HOW MUCH I NEED HELP.PLEASE IF ANYTHING JUST HUMOR ME. The first year, my landlady went on vacation and ask if I could keep an eye on her daughter. living in back. I found her almost dead and she was in a comma in hospital, had to search for phone numbers and track landlady down in Mexico, others flew in and after lending my car to them for travel etc. they wanted my place and another book of attacks there. after months she was awake and home. just in time for me to start rushing landlady to hospital during night hours. Along with a 90 year old who I take care of. my daughter who was 2 years old is now turning 21 and her father is planning to come for the first time from back east to our place to surprise her. I’m nervous but they need to have this time. seven days of taking them to feed the seals etc. and the morning I’m taking him to airport he died in our bathroom! I try CPR till help comes, that was a 6 hr ordeal while medics rushed him to living room floor, I’m running ahead to get my daughter out but they’re right behind me so I’m holding her head in my chest, I couldn’t have her step over him. This is where I begin to get where I am at now. I had been paying a debt repair place I got of tv $235 a month for a loan that began at $500, raised to $700, then $1200 because I had kept it up. this is when I had my office job. I had gotten behind paying less and less and I went in with $175 cash explaining I had lost apartment, etc. They would not take it. I said “what do you mean your not taking it?’ “Your going on three months behind, that won’t due” “I said well you can at least put it towards it” but they didn’t and I left that bank upset. I continued paying $200 here and there to creditors it kept getting bought from. at the time I went in it was about $750 but now it keeps climbing to $1200 to $2300 and I’m still paying bits and pieces. I had my jeep payment (2nd owner) rent etc. not section 8, no food stamps etc. I begin hiding jeep for fear of repo, (I never totally got behind there but the fear was building) so I’d park after work and walk to my place. when I hired repair program that was the main event. my Credit that I thought was -0 was actually at 620 after a few years it was at 729 and I actually quailed for a home loan. I got to touch those papers for a month. And felt good for a minute. When husband died, it through me into another tailspin. I had to get a loan to get him home and pay for releasing him from hear and all that went with it. get us in a position to go also. we we’re on the freeway back hear 30 minutes from home when my sister in Law called. My brother we just left, was in the hospital, he was confused. “What! we just left there, I’m almost home I’ll call you when I get there.” she said “ok but hospice is coming in” “What! hospice”. I got home called in for another emergency loan Now totaling $5,000 with all the interest. we turned around missed the flight in LA and he died in route. Stayed there a few weeks dealing with a mess. while broken hearted, when we returned home,I was told my union partner just died and I wrote and spoke for services, with in a week my father began to get sick. lost my uncle and more. I was on the freeway, pulled in to atm and my paycheck had not been deposited. I called from the side of the road and was told my job ended when her father died. “What! wouldn’t I get a letter or something?” they explained when he died she went onto his social security SSD and that In Home Supported service was paid through her medical and she would no longer have that either. I had to continue up north and my father died the next day. My daughter lost everyone even her boyfriend since grade school. they went to every prom, birthday etc, together. He got leukemia and I was takng her back and forth to LA. At one point during the 21 funerals 3 in my back yard, I received a letter telling me not to do business with the debt program any longer that they were under federal investigation. on and on. needless to say I began receiving calls from a couple of places and I paid them. all seemed ok but I’m now dog peddling trying to duct tape things together when I recently began receiving collection papers from a name I didn’t know. it turns out the original debt I hired someone to take care of is now or still at $2300 and rising. In calling my other debtors to see payoffs some kept calling pressuring me to use them. and I began this downward turn where I am having a panic attack. Or maybe just tired. Every account has sent letters over the past few years that files stolen, even last week received one from Sacramento stating my daughters files were part of stolen papers and may have been jeopardized. Which means more paper work!!! So you see I have to beg on my knees if there are angel lenders… I cannot stop this fast or long moving train. when my landlady died, and place sold, my rent has been raised 3 times. now $1600 month. I need $10000 to pay off 2 loans,1 seems to have a rising interest rate. I pay $209 and only $39 goes to principle. It wasn’t like that on the first loan. And 1 credit card that’s $1700 I just can’t seem to get to all these papers, to fight the ones that seem wrong. and I so need someone to help me. I now bring home $1700- $1900 twice a month and we have as payee my daughters $1200 I just can’t stop and get it on track. I know it’s ridiculous to be in this position. But I have not dated in over 10 years because my girl and son at times take up every thing in me. along with so much more. I managed to copyright a song that I can’t get back too. I have a book in pieces that I can’t do. my jeep is paid off. I’ve managed to close a few things, but this collection thing for something that keeps haunting me for 8 years now. just knocked me off the hamster wheel. And here I am. forget about the loss of my insurance or getting myself checkups… I just need a miracle. My mother was shot 37 years ago, and I have been on my own forever. I’m not a loafer, I have worked so hard not having to her no. but what have I got to lose right. that’s it. it’s almost time to get my daughter up for the day. I know it’s too much, yet it’s nowhere enough of my story, thank you for your time. Any consideration would be so appreciated. I used to speak in Sacramento and fight for disabled and seniors, did my share being involved but for 2 years I can’t get to it. Sincerely, Stephanie

  9. Chris wrote:

    Had a death in family. Had to come up with the arrangements. Put me behind on bills. Namely RENT. I almost have this place paid for and I am about to lose it. HELP. I really could use $5000.00 Loan

  10. Chris wrote:

    Need help $5000.00 Death in family. Put me behind on RENT

  11. Joy wrote:

    I recently got my car repo’d by my lien holder. This automobile is almost paid off. This is my only transportation to and from work. I am working 2 jobs (full and part time). The reason why i got behind was because I had to move out of my apartment due to the fact the rent was too high. not too long after my car kept needing repairs that held up some payments. I only have about $7000 left to pay on it and the bank keeps calling me wanting the money because the car won’t sell for much in the end. What they are saying is that its only worth about $3000 leaving me with $4000 to pay back in the end. I am close to file for bankruptcy which i really don’t want to do. If you can help at all please let me know!

  12. Frederick wrote:

    This calculation is from this Non Profit Loan Finding Service for the 50000 dollars I require : Loan Calculation Results

    Total be payed over 7 yrs: 78329.30

    Total Amt. of interest @ 16% 28329.30

    Payments per month: 919.72

    I have at this time the needed monthly income to repay this loan so I may rebuild my life after losing everything because of an automobile accident in 2010 caused by a tortfeasor who had no insurance. Because of that fact I was forced to use 5 years of my life healing from serious injuries that almost killed me. I do NOT have a credit score however because I have always self financed my projects in the past and always paid my wholesalers and business overhead on time.

    As I finally became healthy enough to try to work again using my skill sets as an antique auto and furniture restorer in a small shop I had erected in 2014, a cell phone charger malfunctioned which started a fire and the shop burned completely. All of my tools, equipment and inventory were lost so I was forced to use all of my life savings to put everything back to resume my retirement goals but have come up short in the amount of 50000 dollars.

    With this additional funding I will be able to resume my lucrative business and eventually purchase property in a picturesque area I have already chosen to develop into a luxury private RV resort for high net worth clients which was my original goal before the auto accident.

    Thank you for this opportunity to find funding.

  13. Jodi wrote:

    I would like a 10.000 . The past two years ai accrued debt visiting my Father in WI every other month. He passed away and now need to pay off credit cards and small loans. I am an educator with a masters so have a steady job and can afford one $800 a month payment to pay off the loan. I also decided to teach a teacher workshop in the summer which would allow me to pay off the one loan quickly.

  14. Beth wrote:

    im a single 59 yr old female living with my bf who is 63 and makes less than i do. in the last 2 yrs ive seen 3 drs, had surgery, a car accident, and dental work and im over my head in debt. i wish to borrow $10000.. trying to find a second job just to get by. please help me. ive worked hard to get my credit where it is. thank you

  15. Michael wrote:

    Need asap to pay off debts

  16. Diane wrote:

    My husband and I are on a fixed income of $1831 a month and currently in need of a loan of $5000 to pay off the debt we have occurred . Right now I have a credit score of 593 and we also have a bankruptcy that is less than a year old. We are not behind on anything at this time but I am afraid we may be if we don’t get a loan and will not be able to buy food. I just want to be able to breathe again without having to worry about where we are getting the funds to pay everything. With a loan we could get rid of all of our debt and just have one loan to pay back. We would appreciate your help. Thank you.

  17. Brian wrote:

    Daughters college graduation told her id be there but just cant swing it!needing about 2000

  18. Esther wrote:

    Hi, I am looking for a personal loan in the amount of $9000 to help me consolidate the rest of my credit card debt which occurred due to emergency situations where my mom got suspended from her job with no pay and needed help paying bills and buying food. And I am also looking to relocate to another state where I will be transferring from my current job to the same company in that state. I will also be getting a higher pay as I plan to transfer to another deparment in the company. my current income is about 1500 per month and I get paid weekly. My credit score is really low 470 and I have been trying to find a lender that will approve me despite my bad credit. I know it would be a high risk but I am very responsible and i will no doubt make sure to always be current with my monthly payments. I actually plan to pay at least 2-3 months in advance to ensure you that i won’t fall behind.

    This is the loan Calculation Results
    Amount requested: 9000
    Total Amount to be paid: 13780.57
    Total amount of interest 4780.57
    Payments: 161.81

    This was just to have an idea, I will be willing to negotiate with whatever terms are offered to me. I hope to here from one of you soon thank you!

  19. Dieter wrote:

    I need a loan of $3,500 to cover rent and living expenses as I am a month behind payments. I’m starting a new job in June after being unemployed for 8 months and this money will help me pay late bills until I get my first paycheck on the 15th of June. I intend to start making payments on this loan starting in July. Thank you for your help.

  20. David wrote:

    I need a personal loan for 12,000,and my credit is not where it needs to be ,I just need a little help to get on top of things and stay on top of things,I work two jobs,and will continue to work two jobs until I get everything situated,and yes I can afford to pay a month $305.00 a month

  21. Denise wrote:

    My credit score has dropped. I need to get a person loan for $1500. Please help

  22. David wrote:

    Hello my name is david hicks and I was just checking on my application.

  23. Marcia wrote:

    I have been with the Postal Service for a year. My credit is horrible. I have a chargeoff and delinquencies. I feel I deserve a second chance to get my credit back on track. I go to work every day and I’m trying to tread water but it seems I can’t get help anywhere.

  24. Sheila wrote:

    In need of quick money to pay off debt and plan a little vacation.

  25. Andrea wrote:

    Hello, I need a loan of 9,917 dollars o pay for college next fall. I am a full-time student who has had a lot of medical problems. I am currently paying those bill no problem, but I don’t think I will have enough to pay my tuition for the fall. I work part-time as well as receive help from my parents. College is my dream and I really need the help. I am pleading with someone out there to please help. It would mean a great deal.

  26. Brent wrote:

    Was ill and had to stop working to receive medical treatment which put me behind on my mortgage and bills. Need $7000 loan to get back on my feet
    Thank You

  27. Abigail wrote:

    My credit score is low because I testified in court against someone who hurt me so I had to change my identity. I received a new social security number. So I’m 54 years old with no credit. And I have an emergency and need $5,000. I have a good job and can afford a good payment.

  28. Wanda wrote:

    I have been struggling with alot of debt since my divorce. I have worked for 2 years 70 hours a week no days off 7 days a week. I cannot get ahead at all. I just need to get one thing taken care of and then I will be able to pay all off. I am developing some issues that is not allowing me to work right now. Dizzy spells. I just need about $30,000.00 to pay off a bill then I can get things to normal.

  29. vicky wrote:

    I have a lot of medical bills that is nickel and dimeing me to death my husband just returned to work from a hip replacement and I want to help by taking some of the pressure off him I have my own monthly income and I need to do this for him and for my self

  30. Kassem wrote:

    I just moved to Los Angeles from Texas. Aspiring musician. Want to bring back rock n’ roll. Led Zeppelin quality.

    I need a loan to pay for my move-in TOMORROW (June 1st) to an apartment in Hollywood. I am in an agreement with a service called Pillow that will allow me a Minimum Price Guarantee per month for leasing the apartment on Airbnb. The loan I am requesting is $3000.

    The apartment itself is in the ballpark of $2600, and I will be using a furniture renting service to furnish which will add another few hundred dollars (thus the $3000 loan request).

    I graduated from college with Industrial Engineering in May 2017 and worked with an engineering firm until I decided to pursue Music in April 2018. I am now Licensed to sell Life Insurance to provide for myself on a part-time basis while I pursue music.

  31. DEBORAH wrote:

    I messed up the first time I tried to do this and never put all my information in this the first time sorry… my name is David
    Deborah I trying so hard to get some one to give me chance on getting a personal loan for 7500. I live in Cincinnati, Ohioy credit is all messed up 535 ,495. from a car wreck I was in i was a passenger and I got hurt true bad had to have few surgeries on my neck and lower back have rods and s fees down both sides I was unable to work for a while I took a dam car title loan out coz I been trying for months to get someone to give me a chance to prove myself with a loan but no one will ism working every day and I can not keep up with the title loan at 300% interested if I lose my car I will lose my job I need loan today or asap for that but I also have bunch of medical bills on.u credit I like to pay off do I can start to the care of myself again I can’t stand struggling like this it miss with your whole life I work 50/60 hours a week I can payback the loan of 7500 at 9.5% for 4 year or less for $180.00 up to $200.00 a month if anyone would just give me a chance I would be sogrestfull and happy like my old self I could even get a good night sleep I wouldn’t have to worry so much. Please I will not let you down if u just give me a chance. Thank you for your time Deborah..

  32. Jannet wrote:

    I am retired and my funds are received by the First of each month. On Friday I went to my Dentist due to horrible pain in my jaw. Once examined my Dentist stated I need to have two root canals. I paid the $1500.00 but now I need funds to avoid my account being over drawn due to this emergency. I can pay $250.00 per month which will enable me to repay the loan quickly.
    Thank you.

  33. Tim wrote:

    I have a family of four an I need to move us in to a house with enough room and more suitable for the family needs. We are all in a 2 bedroom small moblehome that is falling apart. I’m the lease holder an the 3 kids deserve a better house… Please help me take care of my family

  34. Merle wrote:

    I have opened too many credit avenues that I would like to pay off and have just one bill. $3000.00 would get me on the right track and with what I have learned, it would keep me from getting back here again. Thank you.

  35. Merle wrote:

    I really need this loan fast to pay off my creditors and get myself back on the right road to freedom and only having one company to pay off within a years time. Having learned the hard way, I know I will stay out of debt. Thank you.

  36. Tiffany wrote:

    I am a sick person and I need to borrow 10,000 to help purchase a vehicle to get back and forth to my appointments either a installment loan or a unsecured loan I need this loan by tomorrow or Monday. Thanking you in advance

  37. Amanda wrote:

    I would like to get a loan for 60,000. I have hospital, cars, house, and other personal matters to get paid off. I get paid bi-weekly and if someone could give me a chance. I can get all of this rolled into one payment. I just don’t want to struggle this much. I would really appreciate the help. I need this loan as soon as possible. I need to get this hospital paid off.

  38. mae wrote:

    hello i am in need to borrow $1500.00 dollars payable in two months time. i am a good person with a full time job. got in too a situation that place me where i am finances wise. bank could not lend me due to being at my work for only 6 mos. family members do not have this much to lend. Please help

  39. Jimmy wrote:

    I’m a disabled veteran During time waiting for disability benefits my bills and credit got bad.Presently monthly streams are good but I need loan pay off debts

  40. Andrew wrote:

    Financially I am in a bind and debt has overtaken my life. Paying office one source would free me financially but also emotionally. I have poor credit with decent full time income and I know a loan would be life changing

  41. Randall wrote:

    i’m a 68 year old Navy vet who is in dire need of a $3500 loan. my wife had a ruptured brain anyuerism and no longer work as an electrical engineer. we are both on social security. i’m disabled and also cannot work as a certified electronics tech. this loan is to payoff debt and get our 13 year old german shepard to the vet.
    i can repay at the rate of $250.00 monthly

  42. Michelle wrote:

    I need a debt consolidation in the amount of 8, 10,000 that I can pay back monthly.

  43. Cierra wrote:

    Hello, I need a loan to help with my bills to back on the right track. Thank You

  44. Simon wrote:

    Hi, I went to University, have the degree, and several patentable products, some with prototypes, I work hard but due to personal circumstances , I cannot afford provisional patents to start any licensing or marketing of my products. I require $20000 over 5 years a rate <5% would be great please. FYI I am not dwelling in the USA but Europe, although two of the product fill a gap in the US markets. I have not set up a business yet, I would rather know that the product is selling before I do so, but I will work in the meantime to repay. My product ideas are mainly food/drug packaging, retail, and energy/transport related.

  45. Maria wrote:

    I am retired getting monthly benefit and also working part time. I helped out a friend and used up my savings to get her out of financial problem but she can’t pay me back yet and my bills are filling up. I need to borrow $5000 to get back on track.

  46. Cristina wrote:

    I am retired receiving benefits monthly and working part time. I helped out a friend to settle her financial problem and used up my savings and she can’t pay me back yet. My bills are filling up and need $5000 to get back on tract. I used the loan calculator at 15% interest for 3 yrs at $168/mo repayment. I can afford to pay this loan back at specified time. I need this loan immediately. Thank you for helping.

  47. Deborah wrote:

    I need a $20,000 loan, to pay off some medical bills #3500.00 dental bill for $1600.
    credit card for $6000. $4800 of that is from a scam with my credit card. The card closed the account. It is on my credit file.
    $20,000. loan at $10% interest for 6.5 years
    $26,852.27 with a payment of $336.13 for 6.5 years.
    If I am able to I will pay more money each month and get this paid off quickly.
    I live in Georgia my credit score is 535 and it is slowly coming up from the scam I was involved in. I got behind 3 months in trying to pay my bank where the credit card company sent the scammed amount to the bank, for payment. So all my money went to the bank until it was paid off.
    I need this in the next week if possible, to keep from getting further behind. It is very hard to get a loan when you need the amount I need with the score I have. But I do pay my bill when I get the money the reason the credit card is so high is that I had to use them for gas and food a couple times. This loan would truly help me out.
    Thank You, for this opportunity

  48. April wrote:

    I am part time and my account was hacked. I had to open a new account for my direct deposit. All my money is now gone. I need to pay mortgage, car, and utilities. I have nothing at the moment. I need to borrow about $3400 and can make payments monthly of bi-weekly. Please reach out to me. I have no where to turn and I am going to lose everything.

  49. Darrin wrote:

    I have gotten behind in rent car payment and everything else I’m about to be evicted and that would mean my daughter and grandson and myself would be on the street. I have no one else I can turn to. I just got back to work but I need to borrow 10,000 so I can keep a roof over my kids head Im begging for your help. I need the loan ASAP or we will be living on the street. The last couple of years has been hard for me I was out of work for a long time then my wife committed suicide and we lost our place of residents now with work being scarce for me it has put me in a very bad place financially and I really need help. I don’t want my family living on the street PLEASE HELP.

  50. Darrin wrote:

    I got behind in my rent and and other bills due to lack of work and my landlord has given me a three day notice to pay or he will evict me and my daughter and grandson. I have no one else I can ask for help I just started a new job but i need help to get back on my feet please Im begging for help i need 5,000 please help I don’t want my family living on the street.

  51. Eddie wrote:

    I was a truck driver working hard to get things together when in April I gad a stroke.Now unable to work I’ve used up what money I had and cant get more help. I have been granted my Social Security but was told I wont start getting my checks till November due to 6 month waiting period. I need to borrow 2000 til my checks start coming in.

  52. Elizabeth wrote:

    My credit score is 596 and need to borrow $7500.

  53. Delores wrote:

    I am in need of a little cash to help pay my property taxes.

  54. Sam wrote:

    I need of loan to pay rent, in process of eviction.
    Loan amount: 5,500.00
    Thank you

  55. adam wrote:

    I need $15000.00 personal loan for monthly payment around $300.00 to $350.00

  56. Rob wrote:

    Have short term loans that require 30% fees every payday and that does not reduce the principal. Looking to get out of those, consolidate them and reduce monthly payments. Employed. Great income, just too much short term loan debt. Credit score about 600.

  57. Ken wrote:

    Need loan to pay off surgery bills for both my wife and me. Thank You

  58. Mary wrote:

    My family I need $10,000 to get back on our feet again. We’ve endure the worst 3 years of our lives with lots of loss and pain. We’ve endured 2 massive hurrances (Matthew and Irma), lost 2 homes to destruction and flooding, our 7-person family crammed into my in-laws home just as my mother-in-law was diagnosed with Stage IV lunch cancer. During this same time period, our family endured 4 job losses. We are underwater with chemo and radiation treatment bills – the hospital is not ameliorating this financial situation much – I guess we don’t qualify for their programs, although I can’t imagine why not. Recently we have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to move into a neighbor’s “mother-in-law” suite, however, it needs quite a bit of work just to be liveable – a tree feel through it’s roof during Hurricane Matthew, so 2+ years of rain and debris have fallen inside creating mold, etc. Three of us are working, but it is hard to make ends meet as we care for the 2 elderly members of our family. I am staying hom trying to care for everyone and ensure my mother-in-law gets to her appointments and status on top of her medication.
    A $10,000 loan would go such a long way to helping us out. We’d be able to catch up some bills, hire part-time medical help to free me up a bit so that I could return to work, and help us repair this piece of property we’ve been offered. My husband has started a new company which he expects to be profitable soon. We anticipate being able to pay ever bit back on time, but just need some help. We are quite desperate.

  59. Tomara wrote:

    I am in desperate need of a $20,000 loan to pay my rent (will be evicted in 3 days), fix my 20 year old car for my son to drive back and forth to college, and to purchase myself a newer car. I will also pay off some debts on my credit files.

    I ended up in my current situation due to leaving my job to take care of grandfather (who was like my father) with dementia for 4 years until his death. With the lost of my income in my household and only being paid a small monthly stipend for the care of my grandfather from the Veterans Administration, I truly fell behind on Bill’s and wasn’t able to care for my car. I have basically lost everything and is starting over.

    I started working again the summer of 2017 and have been at the same employer since. I am still playing catch up from the previous 4 years and months after my grandfather’s death. I was able to finally get my credit to a point where I qualified for an apartment after live with relative with my family.

    I am being educated in 3 days due to a rushed move with really no money. I moved in my apartment in the middle of the month taking what little money I had to pay rent, lights connection, application fee, rental insurance, rental deposit, moving truck rental, and water connection. Within 2 weeks of moving in those bills are due for someone who has exhausted all funds to move due to having to move out from with relatives.

    With this loan, I will be able to bring all my Bill’s current, pay off previous debts, ensure a way for my child to get back and forth to college, and ensure I have a reliable transportation to and from work to make money to pay my bills.

    I am in need of a $20,000 loan with an interest rate around 20%-25% with payments of $334 for 60 months.

  60. Desiree wrote:

    I have been supporting my family of 5 on only my income, ever since my husband became mentally ill and in & out of mental hospitals. We have 3 children 1 in college, one on home studies due to her anxiety and mental health issues and a two year old. I have always been ok living paycheck to paycheck but when my company got bought out i lost my job and we lost our apt and lived out of the car and family members which is hard with a skitzophrenic husband. Our car has now broke down and we are living in a motel which makes it hard for a deposit even with a decent job. I can pay 200 monthly with my job income

  61. Delainea wrote:

    6000 loan quickly. I need to fix a bedroom that was ruined by a leaky roof. I need to replace insulation and drywall, fix the closet, paint and buy bedroom furniture. I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan. My credit score is 485. I work for Molina Healthcare as a Nurse Case Manager.

  62. Brad wrote:

    Need $45,000 loan to consolidate debt and get back o my feet. Willing to pay a higher interest rate for a longer term loan. I have played Mr Mom and taken care of my parents and am now reentering the workforce…picked a good time to do that.My wife and I are refinancing but need to get back on our feet immediately. once I find a job we will accelerate payments in order to get completely out of debt. It would act as a bridge loa. Any counter offer would be great. We could use more but were trying to keep it at a minimum. Thanks for your consideration.

  63. Mary wrote:

    Just a small 200 or 300 loan, probably similar to a payday loan for some unexpected medical and household emergencies.

  64. Renee wrote:

    I would like to be considered for a 20,000 dollar personal loan. I need to consolidate my debt as well as compete some home improvements. I need to sale my house because I have to relocate for business. I need to consolidate as soon as possible before I fall behind. Thank you ahead of time for your consideration.

  65. Renee wrote:

    I need 20,000 dollars to consolidate my debt so I can have just the one payment. My credit cards were used more than usual while I was starting a new business. I am trying to get this as soon as possible so I don’t fall behind with my bills. Thank you-

  66. Kimmy wrote:

    Good afternoon. I am wanting to apply for a 300 dollar loan asap . I received monthly benefits from social security disability as steady income. I need the money as my wife’s health has declined and getting back and forth to her specialists is very costly. We get by but this month her meds and other needed medical things chewed our budget! I can re pay the loan if just given a chance to arrangements.I am caught between a rock and a hard place but i love my wife. We are both on disability incomes but we just need help. I ask to give me a chance to prove i can repay the amount while getting much needed supplies. Thanks

  67. Jill wrote:

    Need 10,000.00 loan with monthly payment between 300-325 monthly. Divorced on fixed income need one payment instead of 8.

  68. Donald wrote:

    I am needing a $15000.00 loan asap. I have been out of work for 2 months because of slight heart attacks. I have work soon and can repay a loan at about $400 per month until paid. I have a mobile home that FEMA said I can not live in it because of mold and I can not find any lenders for fixing this home. I paid cash for it and was forced to live in it that caused my health problems. I have a $1200 a month vehicle payment that I am 1 month behind and can not loose it because I use it for my income. Is there anyone who can help me.

  69. Shannon wrote:

    Trying to refinance my vehicle 2010 ford Explorer. Pay off is around 8300. Interest is 21%.Would like to bundle into the loan amount 5000 line of credit at 29%. I’m paying $327 a month for vehicle and 187 for the line of credit. I just need a break on these interest rates.

  70. Steve wrote:

    Hi, Looking for a bigger home to get around in with my wheelchair and walker. W/acres/land would be also helpful, for my daughter to do horse boarding and raise some animal/livestock for her income. Would greatly appreciate it. Need a $60,k loan Thank you.

  71. Gloria wrote:

    I only need help with 1600.00 to get back on track with rent work was a little slow at times and i was helping someone out at the time he was supposed to be paying rent well didnt so he not here no more son moved back in last week hasnt got his first check and i just started two home jobs and keeping my other one . well be fine hopefully husband will be coming back home meanwhile lanlord wants her rent doesnt want to wait please help 3 day up today I should have it payed back in a week or less. please email me asap

  72. James wrote:

    I need this loan of 8000.00 so the I can just make one payment and not more. I would b able to get some order into my life and work for myself and not others, I hope that you can help me. Thank You

  73. Lacey wrote:

    I have a few bills that I need to get paid up and also pay off rest of one college so that I can apply for loan for the college that I am transferring to this coming spring.I would need 30000 unsecured loan and can afford at least 800 payments back per month

  74. John wrote:

    I would like to borrow 200 dollars.
    I am on CPP disability and would be able to pay the loan in 3 payments with interest.
    I would appreciat this ty.

  75. Rachel wrote:

    ok here goes. I am 55 yrs old and on disability for heart issues. I filed for bankruptcy when this happened like 4 years ago. I was doing good paying things then I had some more medical issues and got behind. i am working with a debt consolidation co on most of my things but i have a few small bill that I would like to pay off that have high interest rates and have only one payment to make each month. I would like to borrow 2500 and can pay 75-100 a month. My credit is also 500 and something. Not too good

  76. Bill wrote:

    Looking To Borrow 8000 dollars monthly payments 5 years credit good

  77. LaTasha wrote:

    Hello, I previously posted for help to purchase a home for my parents and family to move together. I hope this can be added to what I already submitted. We found a perspective house. My parents debt to income ratio is too high, and my credit has too high amount of student loans. The house costs $130000. An aluminium ramp costs $4000, coverage of mortgage for one year $4800, cost of cosmetic touch up to sale old house $10,000 (If it does not sale rent it out,) cost to move and make basement a studio $15,000. Lowest payment wanted $450 a month. My credit score lowest 589 highest 622. My parents scores lowest 647 highest 679. We all have never missed a payment or rent payment for the roof over our heads. Our total income together is $6100 a month. We currently reside in Northwest, IN.

  78. Zachary wrote:

    I am trying to get a $5000 loan to get a my home repaired due from HURR. IRMA, I went through FEMA and was offered $450 I sent it back My credit is bad due to ID THEFT 3yrs ago have been trying to dispute all but to no avail. I would be happy to have someone give me a chance. I understand I will have high interest rates,but again I wish I could have another chance Thank You

  79. Joanne wrote:

    I have just gotten out of a bad relationship where my partner had a gambling problem and was physicaly abusive so in the name of love and not want any conflict I made several bad choices financially. need a fresh start with moving expenses and setting up a new home for myself. Also to pay off some debt

  80. Dennis wrote:

    Hello, I am 58 years old, I’ve had some health problems for around 4 yrs,and have been on disability for that long. I feel fine and have a small Constitution/handyman buss. I do on the side for cash money, but my credit score is bad. my ex-wife left over 5 yrs ago and once the divorce was final, filed bankruptcy with out my knowledge and left me a pile of debit. I also have some medical bills on my credit report that are all being disputed. but with my credit score so low that its impossible to get a loan. My landlord is selling the place I have been renting for the last 4 years, and need to move soon, i also have 2 vehicles that both broke down with in weeks of each other.I am struggling. I need just one person to give me a chance, i want to get my life back and normal. My bank account was hacked in Dec. and I lost $700.00, with trying to recover I’ve borrowed from friends and family, and Im responsible each month of paying back that money to them, but it just keeps snowballing. I need the loan to repair my vehicles, money to move, and so I’m ahead on payday, not already behind. I’m a Veteran, I’m not a big drinker, I don’t do drugs, I love children and animals, Just an all around decent guy is praying that i can find that person that is willing to give me the chance to get a new start, before I take a long walk off a short pier.
    Thank You for your time

  81. sanford wrote:

    looking to borrow 8000 dollars monthly payments 5 years fair credit

  82. Teresa wrote:

    I am requesting an installment loan for $10,000 at 10% interest for 3 years – payments of $147.28 bi-weekly. Mine and my husbands scores are 570/492. We have had financial hardships related to family medical issues that are ongoing and have much needed vehicle repairs as well as appliances that are in need of repair (dryer won’t dry, refrigerator going out), dental work that is needed (husband needs 2 root canals and crowns and has put off as long as possible) and we are also trying to move and downsize which will lower our rent and put us in a better place financially – so the cost of the deposits, first months rent, changing utilities etc. I also have a 17 year old Dog in poor health that I am going to have to put down soon. We live in San Antonio, TX and are in need of this to help us get ahead and change our situation asap. Would greatly appreciate your consideration. Thank you!

  83. Teresa wrote:

    I am requesting an installment loan in the amount of 10,000 @ 12% for 3 years = $303/month. Our scores are 570 & 492.
    My family has been through medical hardships and has one ongoing issue and just keeps getting hit with other things all at once not allowing us to be able to catch up or build an emergency fund. Broken dryer, ice maker on fridge out, both cars need repairs, husband needs 2 root canals and crowns (he has already held off for a long time), I have a 17 year old dog that I am going to have to put down because she’s not doing well and I can’t stand to see her suffer. We also are planning to downsize and move and need assistance with the first and last months rent and deposits as well as transferring the utilities deposits. Some of these items like the dental work and car repairs need to be done ASAP so we really need the loan ASAP. This loan would allow us to get the critical items taken care of first and also have an emergency fund so we are not always struggling. We live in San Antonio, TX. Thank you so much for your consideration and I hope to hear from you.

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