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Home loan approval was the most recent addition to our loan products here at California Loan Find, and there was a reason for it. Read on.

We had many different loan products that borrowers could apply for and we worked hard to find legitimate lenders to use our web site and provide honest customer financing. For a long time we couldn't find any willing financial institutions to work with us - those days are now gone. Thankfully.

To date we have over 50 mortgage providers for our soon-to-be homeowners to get approved with - the majority of these mortgage providers WILL approve bad credit loans to people with FICO scores ranging below 600. All lenders have different approval criteria and all borrowers have their own special financial needs - we at CLF bring these two parties together almost every day of year.

How To Apply For A Home Loan

As mentioned above, home loans and mortgage facilitation is the most recent loan type here at California Loan Find, and there are already hundreds of different loan requests for the purpose of purchasing a house or family property. All you need to do is use the comment area at the bottom of a loan review and you can have access to over 220 different lenders who service people with good credit, bad credit, and sometimes even terrible credit.

Be sure to use as much detail as possible in your pre-application comment area, because lenders need to know what State you live in, your financial status, and your sources of income.

They also want to know if you have a spouse living with you that can help you make the payments on the mortgage. Some of these private lenders do not work like traditional lenders (who may only put one person on the chopping block for the responsibility of making the payments). Some private lenders will allow you to assume responsibility as a couple, and this is realistic considering that so many households have dual incomes.

All of your information will be kept private and we encourage you to remember the rules of making pre-applications in the comment areas. Never use your last name, your phone number, your street address, or the street address of your place of work. We will remove any of this information before it is pushed through to the lender pool, so please make our job easier by keeping your privacy protected.

Important Note: Each pool of lenders has access and they can comb through all of the different loan requests that are generated through the site. Each lender approves financing in their own way and some are faster than others, but rest assured they are watching and responding.

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