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Need A Loan For $6000 Dollars Today

The situation this consumer has found himself in actually happens a lot more often than many people would think. One of the spouses will incur a lot of debt just before they break up with their spouse or significant other. In many cases, the debt is actually registered in both names and both people are liable for the debt regardless of who incurred it. Both parties risk their credit rating taking a hit unless the debt is dealt with in a timely agreeable manner. There can still be a great deal of difficulty in resolving these situations. Ultimately one spouse must take the lead and deal with the debt.

This consumer has a different problem. The credit cards are in his name only. Even though his girl friend has initiated all of the charges on his cards, he is responsible for the debt she incurred. He has no option. He must repay this debt or risk additional cost from high interest charges on his credit cards. Although he did not mention what the interest rate will be on his debt associated with his credit cards, most cards charge 18% or higher.  Interest can add up quickly unless the full debt is paid off.

In addition if he misses a payment, his credit rating will be impacted. At the very least he must meet the minimum monthly payment to avoid an immediate negative impact on his credit rating.

Many lenders specialize in lending money quickly. They can deal with situations like this. They are able to approve a loan quickly and advance the funds to their customers bank accounts within twenty four hours. In this case, the client may need to provide some additional information. Based on an initial assessment he may qualify for the loan, however once a full application is completed his loan will be reassessed.

This loan will also be in his name only. If he is able to retrieve some of the goods from his girlfriend and return them he may be able to repay his loan more quickly. For the moment it will be assumed that he is liable for the full amount and will need to repay it over whatever term is agreed to. Not all vendors may be willing to accept returns. If the items being returned are used or damaged in anyway, vendors may not accept them.

Most readers will acknowledge that this consumer should have protected himself more. Avoid disclosing credit card numbers to anyone that might abuse them. If a new relationship is being considered, debt should be taken on very carefully and with full protection. Both parties should sign for it and be jointly liable. If your relationship is on the rocks, pay attention to unusual charges and activity on your accounts. Finally most people find that it is better to avoid debt altogether, however in many cases this is easier said than done. We wish this consumer good fortune in the future.


Home/Mortgage Loan Amount : $6000

Home Loan Application and Processing Speed (when do you need the funds): right away, my girl friend left me and stuck me for her credit card debt. It is due tomorrow.

Do you currently have a mortgage? :no, I rent a condo on the south side of the city.

Bank Name and Branch : Chase Bank, Katella Ave

What City/Town, State and County do you live in? :Anaheim, California

Zip : 92804

What is your employment field? : Entertainment

Employment Position : Customer Manager at Disney

When are you paid? (monthly/weekly/biweekly): biweekly

Your credit rating to be – excellent, fair, or bad? : fair as long as I pay these credit cards by tomorrow

How did you find us? : looking online for fast loans

How are you paid? (direct deposit/paper check): direct deposit

Gross Amount Per Paycheck :$1875

Do you agree to have this information published online, without your PRIVATE information of course? : Sure, just do not disclose my personal details online

Extra information here please (some detail): Can you believe it, my girlfriend just left me. She moved out the day before yesterday. We had a big fight and she just announced she was leaving. I really think she has been planning this for awhile because I just discovered these credit card statements in my name which are charged up to their limit.

I was going through all of the paperwork she left behind. I had not seen the credit card statements until just yesterday. I am so furious. She charged $6000 in the last month and then she leaves. Not only did she not tell me about these charges, they are all for jewelry which of course she took with her. I cannot even return it to get a credit. I am going to go after her for the charges, but by the time I get any money out of her, my credit will be ruined.

These credit cards are in my name only so I have no excuse. She ordered all of this stuff online and I guess it was delivered when I was not home or to another address. Who knows, either way I am going to lose a lot.

Anyway I need $6000 by tomorrow to pay off what I owe on these credit cards. The due date is tomorrow, otherwise I will miss the payment and pay even more interest charges. In addition my credit rating will nose dive.

I work at Anaheim Disney properties as a customer manager. I have been on the job for 18 months and already have received a raise. The job is a lot of fun and I expect to be there for quite some time. There are no other debts other than these credit cards. Some people would say that I am lucky she did not take me for more than the six grand.

Anyway with the income that I am making, I should be able to afford this loan as long as I get a decent interest rate on the loan and I can pay it off over the next  3 years.  Can you help me be approved for a $6000 loan today?