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Need a 10,000 Dollar Personal Loan? – Let’s Do The Math

2017 Update: Know the law and protect yourself from predatory lenders. Learn how to avoid scams.

It seems to me that if you need a personal loan for 10,000 dollars you could find ways of borrowing the money in such a way that it doesn’t burden you with extremely high interest.

You might want to consider getting legitimate debt relief company working for you before borrowing any more money.

We have our favorites as far as normal installment lenders go, but we’ll get into that later – right now we want to fill you in on the nerdy details a bit. You are better off applying for loans after you fully understand how APR works.

You want to try and find the lenders who are not acting in a predatory manner, and BELIEVE ME, we have to keep our eyes peeled if we want to find lenders that aren’t trying to line their pockets with the business of rubes.

One of the ways you can keep your APR limited, is to ensure your credit rating is solid and expansive. I’ll explain the expansion of your credit in a moment, but first let talk about borrowing 10000 dollars when you have a bad credit rating.

If you have a FICO score that is under 700 you will be penalized with a high APR (and sometimes more expensive closing fees) so let us say for this scenario, you have a FICO score of 700. The lending terms on ten thousand dollars is as follows. Please keep in mind that I’m only using the loan calculator I have at the bottom of this page. (handy for quick calculations for any loan amount).

$10,000 Loan With a FICO of 700  – APR 11%

FICO = 700
Loan = $10,000
APR = 11%
Term = 5 Years
Monthly Installments
Interest per year on average = $559.062
x 5 years interest = $2795.31
Total gross amount to pay back the lender = $12795.31
Monthly Installment Payment = $210.33

You can see in this first example how much you are punished for having a bad credit rating. Over  the five year term you are almost paying back the entire loan in half again. In this case the $5,500 is a steep payment to make over 5 years. This is how banks make their money and this is how you loss your money. For our 10,000 dollar loan amount used in this example you can really see how a high interest rate can result in a serious windfall for the bank or lender. This is a prime reason why, if you can, you want to borrow the money from a family member or friend with no interest.

For the next example we’ll use a borrowing and lending scenario where the borrower has an excellent credit rating and relationship with the bank. Their current FICO score is a whopping 770 – which most consumers will never have in their lifetime. For a credit score that good you need be a business owner or merchant that has carried substantial credit lines in the past – and has done so for many years.

$10,000 Loan With a FICO of 770 – APR 3%

FICO = 770
Loan = $10,000
APR = 3%
Term = 5 Years
Monthly Installments
Interest per year on average = $152.472
x 5 years interest = $762.36
Total gross amount to pay back the lender = $10762.36
Monthly Installment Payment = $176.92

As you can see, this borrower gets a much better deal. It’s all based on risk assessment by the lender – in this case the bank. In this case it is most likely that the borrower will have some sort of LOC (line of credit) that is very close to prime, and sometimes lower than prime. This kind of borrower would likely never go to the bank for a relatively small $10,000 dollar loan. These borrowers would simply withdraw the 10,000 dollars from their LOC account and pay it all back in due time. To have a guaranteed LOC account you almost always have to have some sort of collateral in the form of equity. The $10,000 is completely secured by your equity as wrapped up in your LOC.

For the 3rd example we’ll use a credit score of 600 which many consumers and borrowers have these days. The calculation of numbers really explodes in these worse case examples, so hang to your hat – this is going to get ugly.

$10,000 Loan With a FICO of 600 – APR 17%

FICO = 600
Loan = $10,000
APR = 17%
Term = 5 Years
Monthly Installments
Loan Calculation Results at 17%
Total Amount to be payed: $14,320.02
Total amount of interest $4,320.02
Payments by monthly installment: $235.40

As you can see in this example the borrower is paying almost half as much back in interest over the principal loan. If you need a $10,000 loan you had best be doing it another way if you have a really bad credit score as demonstrated here.

Reference: Picture of $10,000 bill found on Pennylicious

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  3. Markus Orelious wrote:

    For a 10000 loan amount what would my payments be if I had the loan for 10 years, and paid once a month.

  4. Wayne Johnson wrote:

    Been looking for a $10,000 loan this last week. I don’t need to tell you that it’s hard when you have trouble with your credit score.

    I can’t find anyone that will lend me ten thousand dollars – can you help?

  5. CLFadmin wrote:

    Hi Wayne,

    Yes. It’s difficult to find someone (or bank) to lend $10,000, and any amount of money, these days with the banks being so stingy. If you want to borrow ten thousand dollars then I would seriously look at finding a local credit union that you can make an appointment with.

    Sit down and give them all your information so that they know you are a credible borrower, and prove to them you are not a high risk, and that you WILL pay back the loan as per their terms.


    Do you have collateral of any kind?

    Are you employed?

    How long have you been at the same address?

    How long have you been employed by your current employer?

    Do you have dependents to support?

    Are you married?

    Are you making all your payments on time with the current credit you have?

    All of these questions have to be answered if you want to get approved ($10000 or even $5000).

    You can alwsys look at this way too; Put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself if you would lend money (or extend credit) to someone with the exact same personal financial history.

    If you want a completely unsecured loans for ten thousand dollars then it’s even more difficult, and the interest rate will be much higher.

    If you have steady job, and some collateral you should be able to get approved. If you have a cosigner then it will makes things better for you as well with the banks.

    If you have a co-borrower, then it’s even easier, because the co-borrower (assuming the co-borrower has a solid credit rating) is responsible for the loan with you together. The bank will approve a 10000 dollar loan with no hassles at all if they know that SOMEONE will be paying them back with interest. They have to make money on the loan or they are not interested at all. Brutal for people with bad credit these days, so you have to use co-borrowers or co-signers to get approved.

    You can do a search in are search box at the top of the page to find out more about the difference between co-borrowers and co-signers. Most people don’t fully understand the difference.

    Good luck from all of us at CLF.

  6. ROBINA BROWN wrote:


  7. Lisa P. wrote:

    If I recieved a loan for 10,000 to purchase a home, and wanted it paid off in 18 months what would my payments be?

  8. Logan N wrote:

    I have a good credit but no collateral that is of high value. Is it possible that I could receive a 10,000 dollar loan and pay it off in 10 years and still have a low interest rate?

  9. corey wilson wrote:

    need $15,000
    starting capital for quick return
    live in oregon
    need it by tuesday 3/8/2011

  10. Todd H. wrote:

    I used to have a high 700s credit score, had an accident & soon after went through a divorce. Had to file bankruptcy in 2006. Has been dismissed for almost 4 years now. Can’t find anybody that will give me a second chance. Need $10000.for a truck purchace for my bussiness.Any help would be gretly appreciated.

  11. Dave A Cripps wrote:

    Need 10,000 loan for bills and home improvements. I love in Il. Would you be able to help.Would like to have fairly soon. Thank You.

  12. Daniel Moose wrote:

    I need to borrow 6,500 for a loan on a car.. and my credit score for all 3 companies (tranunion, equifax, and experian) is above 300. is this possible and what do you think the interest would be over 2 or 3 years?

  13. quintinkampmeier wrote:

    like to borrow 15000 to pay off two other loans to have just one payment maybe get the loan for 60 months

  14. James Marlowe wrote:

    Yes I would like to borrow (10.000.00)

  15. sharon wrote:

    Thank you for the infomation.
    Now how do I apply for the loan?
    the payments would be reasonable with my credit rating.

  16. Arlan Gooley wrote:

    Just closed a bankruptcy end of march. Have a score of 637 need 10000 to consolidate some debts not included in bankruptcy need it asap. every site I go to wants to give me a payday loan and that is not what I need

  17. timothy dominguez wrote:


  18. Hello I am a young entrepreneur who has been inspired by the Creator to dissemanate facts and spiritual sayings to spread love to the Human race. I need $10000 to form my publishing and multimedia company. I need it it today and I will repay it back over 2 years, God is with me and will make this very uplifting and successful. Thank you

  19. Roger Varela wrote:

    Need 10,000 to pay o0ff personal and Medical bills
    personal loan
    need asap

  20. Mitchell wrote:

    hello im mitchell and im 20 years old, i wanted to have your Professional opinon. i am looking for an approval for a 10,000 to 15,000 dollar loan. i am financially stable, i have a $500 credit card with my bank as of 2 monthes ago. so that is the only credit i really have to show for. i live independant and pay for my living. please guide me to land a successful loan thank you very much.

  21. alexandria wrote:

    I need it please

  22. E wrote:

    I need help

  23. Nicky wrote:

    My husband and I need a 10,000 loan to finish a job. He owns his own company, and needs the remaining amount to finish it completely. The loan would be paid off as soon as the job is completed. We live in Missouri. Also, the loan will be paid in full if one wishes. This is not a scam. References upon request, and will be more than willing to sign any legal paperwork. Serious inquireies only. Thank you.

  24. Jason wrote:

    I need $10000 to buy a house and fix it you for me and my family to live in. We live in Scranton PA but the house is in Pottstown PA. thank you Jason (phone number removed for privacy purposes).

  25. Baz wrote:

    I have good credit i would need 10,000$ for purchase of Volvo semi truck i would use it for a downpayment and i would pay back with no problems thank you .

  26. Ann wrote:

    I need a $10,000 personal loan. credit rating is 700. I live in Pa. I would need it by the middle of November.

  27. laura smith wrote:

    i need to borrow 10000 thousand to help buy a house

  28. Rebecca wrote:

    I need to borrow $10-15K for 3-5 years with neg interest rate and bi-weekly payments. Need to pay off bills and find a new car with better gas milage. Credit score above 500 all three agencies and working on rebuilding credit.

  29. Lee wrote:

    I need to find a start-up loan of 10,000 dollars to start a new garage door business.My credit score is above 600 but I was recently laid-off work which is sparking me to venture out on my own. The area I am in does support this type of business and I know it can be successful if I can just get the seed money to get it off the ground. I am a veteran with poor credit and can’t even afford my start up costs to get the proper business and contractors licenses. I do have my first sale if I can get the business side of things in line. The money would be used securing an office/showroom location, materials and advertising and payroll cost while I build the business. I tried some sights online and was spammed horribly. Any information would be appreciated, I am unemployed right now and no one is hiring and I know I can make this work.

  30. Chris wrote:

    Hi, I am so glad to find you, I have been praying night and day for help. We are about to lose our house which we have lived in for 12 years, we are about 3 years behind on most bills. We need about $20,000 to catch up everything. I work at the post office, but can only do 8 hours a day as I have fibromyalgia and cannot do any overtime, My husband is disabled, and only draws SSI, We are barely making it, and I would hate to lose my home. PLease if anyone could help, Thank you and God bless.

  31. maurice wrote:

    well my name is maurice and i live in maine withh my 3 year old and wife. The job merket here is less than bad and i have been finding ways to better the chances of my son going to college. I have built up my credit score so I can get an FHA loan on a house in colorado and have secured a job thier as well so I am working and saving as much money as possible but i can’t save money when work is slow. I am a honest loving father and husbund,a hard working man and am not looking for any free rides. I will work to pay any loans of buy cash or volontering what ever it takes.I just want my son to have a good life. PLEASE HELP!

  32. Cynthia wrote:

    My name is Cynthia and I need a 10,000$ loan! I actually need this to make a down payment on a townhome. I actually wat my parents to call a place their own. And not worry about them getting kicked out. So the loan would be perfect!!!

  33. Paul wrote:

    Need to borrow 10000 to to catch up mortgage and bills can make the monthly payments easily but my credit just isn’t that great

  34. joe wrote:


  35. rebecca wrote:

    – how much you need to borrow =$15,000 to 20,000
    – what type of loan you need = personal
    – what State you live in = maryland
    – how quickly you need the loan = as soon as possible. Hopefully before months end.

    Need the loan to consolidate my car and other outstanding debt. If I dont get it consolidated to a combined much lower payment between $300-$400 a month I will not be able to make my rent payments. Which will put at me risk to being evicted and homeless. On top of it I need the money to fix my car since the service light has been on for over a month. Just need to get caught up on everything so I can keep my job, apartment and car to maintain my life. I have been trying for months to get a second job, been on 8 interviews but I can’t get a second job to work around my fulltime job that I have had for 14yrs. I have tenure there and was recently promoted but the increase was not enough to cover monthly expenses (utilities, rent, phone, car insurance, car payment, gas, groceries) plus debt. Need a loan to get it all together under one monthly smaller payment.

  36. robert wrote:

    need a loan ,can pay back 200 to 250 a month, need 10,000

  37. Jill wrote:

    Yes, I need a loan for 5k to consolidate and payoff loans

  38. Robert wrote:

    Need 15,000 dollar personal loan immediately. I am going to be evicted in 3 days and need to pay back months of rent and th le next three months. I am in Chicago, Illinois. Please Iam desperate and have nowhere else to turn. Please be my.angel.

  39. Marco wrote:

    Hello. My name is Marco. I Need A $10,000 loan. I Can Pay $250 a month on it for 5 years. If any credit union or bank in or near the Tifton,Ga area is willing, i would greatly appreciate it. I have a 512 credit rating, not so good, and have 1 job. Been working there for 14 years. I Make near $2000 A month. If you would be so kind as to steer me in the right direction, i would much obliged. Thank you.

  40. Kerry wrote:

    While I was waiting to see if my mortgage would be refinanced, I let my HOA fees pile up. I got the HAMP refi on my mortgage; still really upside down, but decided to hang tough. Now, I have a couple of years of back HOA fees to catch up on. I am a state worker and have a steady income, but due to being downsized into a lower paying classification, my finances have taken a turn for the worse & there is a lien on my property. Not that I am going anywhere with it so upside down, but if someone could see their way clear to loan me $10,000 it would be a miracle. I have annuities and 401K etc, but I can’t seem to get an okay to borrow against those things. I’d be willing to do almost anything to get out of this pickle.

    Thanks for any help you can provide

  41. Liz wrote:

    – how much you need to borrow: $2,000 – $5,0000
    – what type of loan you need: unsecured personal loan
    – what State you live in: CA
    – how quickly you need the loan: this week

  42. Jessie wrote:

    i need to borrow 10,000.00 and am willing to repay it back at 100.00 a week.

  43. Wayne wrote:

    Hi, I am in deperate need to avoid foreclosure, I need $11,000 by Monday, I can repay the loan, I need help, I have a steady good income…please help me….please

  44. Mako wrote:

    – Between 5,000-10,000
    – A personal loan, not a payday loan
    – Connecticut
    – 24-72 hours

  45. Mako wrote:

    Also, I do not want a collateral loan

  46. Diane wrote:

    I need a $16000 loan. I have no collateral and poor credit. I know I am high risk but can pay this over a period of 7 years on a bi-weekly payment. I have 3 outstanding payday loans which are costing me a lot of money. I also have a WesternSky (Cash Call) loan which is another large payment and I am behind in my bills. I just want to pay everything off and be up-to-date in my monthly bills. I hope you can help me.

    please e-mail me as soon as you can.

    Thank you.

  47. Diane wrote:

    Need $16000 to get out of debt. I am willing to pay a higher interest rate due to having bad credit. I would like to pay it over a 5-7 year period bi-weekly. I need to pay off payday loans and another stupid loan I took out from Western Sky (Cashcall). I also want to catch up on my monthly bills. I am behind on utilities, etc. This would definitely help.

    I am in desperate need at the moment and don’t know where else to turn. Banks, etc. will not give me a loan. I need a signature type loan, etc. I have no collateral and poor credit.

    Your help is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

  48. Juan wrote:

    I am looking forward to hearing from someone as to the a loan I need for $10,000 for home improvements. My credit score is not to good and I have a history of bad credit but am willing to committ my self to paying this loan. I am a local elementary teacherf that makes about $50,000 a year. I live in Texas so I am not sure wether a California based loan company can assist me.

    Thank you

  49. Priya wrote:

    I need a loan for 10 thousand dollars. I need it for my surgery. My monthly income is 1,200 dollars. Please do reply!

  50. Priya wrote:

    I need a loan for 10 thousand dollars. I am very capable enough to pay it back. My income is pretty good but my credit is not so good. Its not so bad either. I need this loan as soon as possible before the end of this week. I am a female and I live in Co. I need this loan for my surgery and Your my only hope. Please do reply as soon as possible. thank you

  51. Gail wrote:

    HI, I am seeking 10,000 to start a new business. My credit score is under 600 now due to health issues for the last 3 years. Due to my credit score, economy and banks not lending to start ups. Does anyone have suggestions as where to apply. preferably with no early payoff penalty. We will accept high interest rate and pay off early. Need to get started asap.

  52. greg wrote:

    i have poor credit and am currently making steps to improve my credit. im looking to get a loan in the amount of 9000.00 dollars please help

  53. Russ wrote:

    Hi, truck died. Looking for 10,000. Have a FICO score of 659 and a bankruptcy that is 6.5 yrs. old.
    That combination has made borrowing any substantial amount impossible.
    An interest rate that out runs the value of the vehicle is not practical either.
    I have been a locksmith for 24 + years and with the same university for 2.5 years.
    Having said all that I will understand if you write back and simply say “Russ you are screwed”
    Heard it hundreds of times…
    Thank you for your time and input.

  54. Marilyn wrote:

    I need $7800.00 for 5 years with a payment every 30 days. Please let me know if you find someone that would loan me the money. I am a widow and this money is to complete the legal fees for my husband’s estate.

    Thank you.

  55. daiqun wrote:

    I need $5000 for medical bills, pay off credit card and car repairs, personal loan, virginia, as soon as possible

  56. Tricia wrote:

    I would like a 10,000 consolidation loan

  57. william wrote:

    Looking to provide for new family. Just aquired through relationship family of four.

  58. brandy wrote:

    i need a loan for 7000 dollars i am losing my home and everything in it. i have 5 kids and nowhere to go with them. please someone help me.

  59. nathan wrote:

    i need 10,000 loan . have bad credit please help

  60. velicia wrote:

    My name is velicia, i am looking to get an approval for a $10,000 loan. Im needing thin loan for home repair and to build onto my home, I live in the state of Tennessee. I need this loan as soon as possible.

  61. Jacquelyn wrote:

    Hello I am in need of an 10,000.00 loan to pay of bills. I need a unsecured or personal loan.I live in state of Georgia. I need this loan as soon as possible. I’ve been on my job for 8 years and make 1300.00 a month. I can afford higher interest rates if need be and my credit score is in early 500’s. I can pay up to 350.00 a month. Please help. I’ve been everywhere and running out of options. I do have a co-signer if need be.

  62. david wrote:

    Gentleman, I need 7K consolidation loan. I am a flight assurance engineer with 12+ years at my current company. I can pay it off in three years or less. respectfully Dave K.

  63. Katie do wrote:

    Hello I’m looking for 10,000 to get breast reduction lipo & butt implants. I’m looking to pay 300 a month for 5 years to pay it off. Please help me. I have a stable income it will just take to long to save up.

  64. travis wrote:

    Need a 10 thousand loan. I work ft on a marine base, and need a loan for this amount ASAP
    thank you

  65. Rachel wrote:

    I need $10000 I broke my foot I have been paying my insurance and bills I’m a single mom
    I want a car and this would help out

  66. rene wrote:

    Looking for min of 10000 to help paying bills. I am good with 100 to 200 dollar payments. I really need to keep my utilities on and help my credit. Really would love some help.

  67. bz wrote:

    RN Good job, bad credit due to divorce an bankruptcy. I need 20000 to payoff student loan and to payoff 3 paydayloans and to fix my porch. I am willing to pay bi weekly or monthly for 5 years. Need loan asap.

  68. joe wrote:

    Nj need loan for 10000 for home repairs and payoff a cc. police officer 22 yrs poor credit due to loan modification ( it shows on credit as a forclosure) I was paying 1500 per month until I recieved new mortgage, however that doesn’t show on crdit report. good debt to income ratio. will pay biweekly or monthly at as high as 16% interest.

  69. joe wrote:

    nj police officer needs 10000 for home repairs an to payoff some debt. credit report show forclosure although I was doing a loan modification. credit report didn’t show I was paying 1500 per month until i got the new mortgage. so credit is not great, but could be worse. I would be willing to pay as high as 16% interest biweekly or monthly for 5 years. thanks

  70. Craig wrote:

    I need a loan of approximately 7500 dollars. I am attempting to get my bills paid down into a more manageable amount. I have credit card debt, my car payment has fallen behind, and several bills where I got items on credit. (furniture and jewelry) I make 2900 per month, and just over-extended myself. My girlfriend is not working, as she is pregnant and having complications. When she was working we were able to make ends meet without an issue. However she has been out of work for 2 months, and the stress is really eating away at the both of us. Our credit has taken a severe nose dive. If there is anyone who can help point us in the direction of a good installment loan lender, we would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you

  71. cynthia wrote:

    I am searching for a 10k dollar loan to consolidate other loans. I’m looking for 5 yr term and would pay twice per month.
    Thank you for the information.

  72. John wrote:

    I need to borrow $10,000 to assist my wife in getting some medical operations taken care of, I got behind in the last 2 months and need to borrow this. I need $6,000 to pay for a medical procedure for my wife, I also need the other $4000.00 to get caught up and to pay my state tax’s thank you. Sincerely, John

  73. Anthony wrote:

    I need a $10000 loan to pay for my grandmothers funeral. I have good credit my score was 730 about six months ago when I purchased a vehicle. I don’t have any collateral I would be using. If $10000 loan will not work for me then I am also requesting a $30000 loan to purchase my grandfathers 20 acre ranch in Oregon that way he pays the funeral off and the ranch could be the collateral.

  74. Lisa wrote:

    Good morning. I am seeking a loan for 5000.00. I have the pink slip to my BMW for collateral. I live in California. I would like the loan in a couple of weeks. My credit score is around 600.

  75. Pouya wrote:

    Hi ,
    I am a refugee that has been in US for 1 year.I’ve got a dream and a plan to make that dream come true. I know because of my credit most banks dont lend me money so I came here to seek for money to do my business. I just got my certification in personal training and want to open a website for online personal training in my language which doesnt exist and I’m pretty sure its gonna make me a lot of money. my credit score is about 660 I think .

  76. Samantha wrote:

    10,000 dollars needed asap for my first home! Deal done just need down pymt. A 5yr term at nine%(if possible) with a monthly payment schedule. Thx and godbless.

  77. Robin Bartos wrote:

    I need 10,000.00 for 30 days, will pay back 10,500 guaranteed
    Thank you

  78. Patty wrote:

    I could really use a loan please.
    Thank you,

  79. Robin wrote:

    I’m looking for a $15,000 dollar loan to consolidate my and my husbands debt to a single monthly payment a 5 ye. Term and 17% interest my credit score is 622 I believe I have a steady monthly income and my husband works we are able to make payments of $400.00 a month we do not have collateral but do have proof of income and exspenses.Thank-you for considering to loan to us.

  80. Kevin wrote:

    Hi my name is Kevin I’m trying to get a loan of 10000.00my credit score 698Eq/656trans/660experion I need this loan to pay off back texes texes of 5000.00 one credit card 2500.00 and the balance I would like to give my wife of 30years a 50th surprise party please can anyone help me I have a good job of 34yrs still have at least 12years before retirement you can help I would be very greafull Thank you for reading

  81. Justin wrote:

    Hi, I am looking to see if I can get a 15,000 personal loan for debt consolidation. I work at caterpillar and have been there since 2008.I believe my credit score is around 600. I’m looking for monthly payments. Thank you.

  82. Agani wrote:

    I need a $10,000 personal loan. I live in Los Angeles, CA. My credit score is 725. Need loan by 11/1/13. Thank you

  83. Dexter wrote:

    I need a $17,000 loan to consolidate credit card debt and purchase a car. I haven’t checked my scores in a long while, but i’m guessing that i must be somewhere in the low 600’s by now due to the number of open revolving accounts with low limits. I am employed for 5 years now at my present job, but my wife is currently laid off and seeking new employment while drawing unemployment benefits. She’s also a freelance writer working diligently at promoting her books. I would like a four year term with reasonable monthly payments.

  84. RHONDA wrote:

    Need 10,000 by today 8/30/13. Debt consolidation. Will make monthly payments

  85. Lynda wrote:

    Trying to condense the bills into a manageable monthly payment… a do over… to ACH from my bank

  86. Edward wrote:

    I’m looking for a loan to consolidated

  87. Lisa wrote:

    I need to pay of loan at local bank. Truly appreciated your help.

  88. Sherri wrote:

    Looking to borrow 10k, payoff bills, open smoke shop

  89. Sherri wrote:

    PrivacyGuard credit scores: Experian 620, Transunion 606 and Equifax 597. My scores just dropped due to my two February late payment.

  90. Suzanne wrote:

    I’m trying to purchase a vehicle.

  91. Kelly wrote:

    Require $10K to pay off bills and make accounts current.
    Pay back in 2 years.

  92. Lori wrote:

    I need to borrow $10,000 to pay off my house and will let you be the lien holder. I got behind when I moved and got another house to find out the new house house had issues to make a long story short. I got behind on the house I had for 15 years and I only owe $10,000 on and it is worth $55,000 to $60,000 on. I only want a short term note if possible. The home is not for sale I have people in it.

  93. bonita wrote:

    I am trying to open a restaurant. I need about $20,000 to get it started. my credit scores have reduced in the past year, due to personal issues in 550 range. I do have steady employment for almost 12 years. I could pay $500 month for 3 or 4 years.

  94. Timothy wrote:

    I need to borrow 15.000 to pay some debts I just purchase a home my wife suffered a stroke and I fell In the debt try to hold on to my home and I don’t want to lose my home I have three sons that I still have to provide for….my credit score is around 582 just to keep what we work for….

  95. Timothy wrote:

    I need to borrow 15.000 to pay some debts I just purchase a home my wife suffered a stroke and I fell In the debt try to hold on to my home and I don’t want to lose my home I have three sons that I still have to provide for….my credit score is around 582 just to keep what we work for….and credit cards to pay off

  96. Sam wrote:

    Hello, I need to borrow $5, 500.00 to avoid eviction. I lost my job in late December 2017 and it took me three months to find another job. Since, I was unemployed, I fell behind in my rent and bills, and now I am having a hard time getting back on my feet. I live with my partner and son and this year has been difficult for us emotionally and financially. The current job that I have right now does not pay me well, I start a new job in late October and I will receive a 50% income increase. I can start paying back the loan in October 2018.
    Amount of loan: $5,500.00
    Interest Rate: 7%
    Amount I can pay monthly: 166.94 for 3 years (my intention is to pay off the loan in less than 3 years)
    Type of loan: Personal
    City and State: Gaithersburg, MD
    I need this loan before August 20, 2018. Thank you for taking the time to read my pre-app…blessings!

  97. alice wrote:

    hi, i am not sure what the most you can lend me, but if you can lend me 100,000 at 10% with payments of 741.00. i don;t have good credit due to my ex husband, anyway, i a wanting to open a non-kill pet adaption center. but if you can not lend me that amount, the most you can lend me will be very helpful

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