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Online Personal Loans for L.A.We are always receiving requests for Los Angeles loans from applicants in the City who want a personal loan to pay off credit card debt (and other personal debt) when they have finally buried themselves too deep in a financial hole – so to speak. Often these personal loans that they want approved online. There are thousands of web sites, and traditional banks that consider bad credit applicants for loans every week in L.A. but the vast majority of these applications are not approved, because most of the applicants living in Los Angeles that have low FICO scores can’t qualify for approval. In all these cases the person applying has their debt spiraling out of control.

This application is a classic case, whereby the borrower wants a personal loan in the amount ten thousand dollars. A 10000 dollar loan is a tall order for a person who have a bad credit history. The applicants that we see applying online from the Los Angeles area come from all areas within the City Limits. This applicant lives and works in the Westlake area of L.A., but we’ve had regular apps coming from thousands of potential borrows, from all Districts of the City. Below is a list of personal loan applications by L.A. Districts in the past few years.

Los Angeles Loans Applied for By City District, Amount, and Requirement

In this list of Districts we have included on persona loan application for each. There are many more, but for this report we are presenting a brief of each area of the City.

District City/Town State Amount Need for Personal Loan
University Hills Los Angeles CA $2500 Personal loan
Atwater Village Los Angeles CA $8500 Bad credit loan
Arroyo Seco Los Angeles CA $5000 Auto loan
West Los Angeles Los Angeles CA $90,000 Student loan consolidation
Westwood Los Angeles CA $70,000 Car loan
Ventura Business District Los Angeles CA $35000 Motorcycle loan
Warner Center Los Angeles CA $4500 Personal loan
West Hills Los Angeles CA $10000 Consolidate debt
Winnetka Los Angeles CA $2000 Loan to pay rent
Woodland Hills Los Angeles CA $6000 Vacation loan
Cypress Park Los Angeles CA $1000 Bill loan
Eagle Rock Los Angeles CA $76000 Boat loan
Garvanza Los Angeles CA $3500 Various debts
Boyle Heights Los Angeles CA $40,000 Home Renovation
El Sereno Los Angeles CA $10,000 Debt Consolidation
Elysian Valley Los Angeles CA $3000 Pay of Bills
Glassell Park Los Angeles CA $20000 Pay gambling debts
Cameo Plaza Los Angeles CA $50000 Small business loan
Canterbury Knolls Los Angeles CA $1500 Personal loan
Century Palms Los Angeles CA $500 Repairs
Chesterfield Square Los Angeles CA $1200 Truck loan
Crenshaw Los Angeles CA $6000 ATV loan
Exposition Park Los Angeles CA $80000 Student loan
Gramercy Park Los Angeles CA $200000 Loan modication
Green Meadows Los Angeles CA $150000 Home refinance
Hyde Park Los Angeles CA $2300 Bad credit loan
Jefferson Park Los Angeles CA $10000 Car loan
King Estates Los Angeles CA $9000 Home refinance
Leimert Park Los Angeles CA $22000 Second chance loan
Magnolia Square Los Angeles CA $300000 Home mortgage loan
Manchester Square Los Angeles CA $600000 Jumbo mortgage loan
Morningside Circle Los Angeles CA $40000 Student loan
South Los Angeles Los Angeles CA $10000 Bank Loan
View Heights Los Angeles CA $3000 Bill consolidation loan
Vermont Knolls Los Angeles CA $5000 Poor credit loan
Vermont Park Los Angeles CA $1500 Really bad credit loan
Vermont Square Los Angeles CA $21000 Bill consolidation loan
Village Green Los Angeles CA $230000 Medical expenses loan
Watts Los Angeles CA $30000 Auto loan
West Adams Los Angeles CA $18000 Holiday loan
West Alameda Los Angeles CA $29000 Bad credit loan
West Park Terrace Los Angeles CA $31000 General personal loan
Arleta Los Angeles CA $4300 Bill consolidation loan
Balboa Park Los Angeles CA $89000 Graduate student loan
Canoga Park Los Angeles CA $7000 Bill payment consolidation
Chatsworth Los Angeles CA $28000 Auto loan
Encino Los Angeles CA $22000 Home improvement loan
Granada Hills Los Angeles CA $230000 Home mortgage loan
Hansen Hills Los Angeles CA $320000 Mortgage refinancing
Knollwood Los Angeles CA $175000 Debt consolidation
Lake View Terrace Los Angeles CA $30000 Credit card consolidation
Montecito Heights Los Angeles CA $12000 Last chance loan
Monterey Hills Los Angeles CA $3000 Short term loan
Mt. Washington Los Angeles CA $4500 90 day loan
Angelino Heights Los Angeles CA $5000 Installment loan
Byzantine-Latino Quarter Los Angeles CA $2000 Signature loan
Harvard Heights Los Angeles CA $24000 Unsecured loan
Echo Park Los Angeles CA $10000 Collateral loan
Lafayette Park Los Angeles CA $9000 No collateral loan
Pico Los Angeles CA $4500 Online loan
Westlake Los Angeles CA $100000 Medical expenses loan
Elysian Park/Heights/Valley Los Angeles CA $30000 Charity loan
Hollywood Los Angeles CA $70000 Angel loan
Melrose District Los Angeles CA $5000 Guaranteed online loan
Melrose Hill Los Angeles CA $5000 Unsecured loan
Sierra Vista Los Angeles CA $20000 No credit check loan
Hermon Los Angeles CA $30000 Car refinance loan
Highland Park Los Angeles CA $12000 All purpose loan
Lincoln Heights Los Angeles CA $32000 College loan
Arlington Park Los Angeles CA $10000 No credit check loan
Athens on the Hill Los Angeles CA $8000 Guaranteed online loan
Baldwin Hills Los Angeles CA $6000 Unsecured loan
Baldwin Hills Estates Los Angeles CA $43000 All purpose loan
Baldwin Vista Los Angeles CA $12000 Bank loan
Spaulding Square Los Angeles CA $45000 College loan
Yucca Corridor Los Angeles CA $32000 Car refinance loan
Lake Balboa Los Angeles CA $11000 No credit check loan
La Tuna Canyon Los Angeles CA $7000 Personal loan
Mission Hills Los Angeles CA $400000 Bank loan
North Hills Los Angeles CA $60000 College loan
North Hollywood Los Angeles CA $3000 High risk personal loan
Northridge Los Angeles CA $2000 All purpose loan
Pacoima Los Angeles CA $500 Guaranteed online loan
Panorama City Los Angeles CA $4000 High risk personal loan
Porter Ranch Los Angeles CA $90000 Bank loan
Reseda Los Angeles CA $23000 All purpose loan
Sepulveda Los Angeles CA $85000 College loan
Shadow Hills Los Angeles CA $47000 No credit check loan
Sherman Oaks Los Angeles CA $43000 Unsecured loan
Baldwin Village Los Angeles CA $19000 High risk personal loan
Studio City Los Angeles CA $54000 Guaranteed online loan
Sun Valley Los Angeles CA $3000 Unsecured loan
Sunland Los Angeles CA $34000 High risk personal loan
Sylmar Los Angeles CA $10000 No credit check loan
Tarzana Los Angeles CA $2000 All purpose loan
Toluca Lake Los Angeles CA $300 Guaranteed online loan
Tujunga Los Angeles CA $700 Guaranteed online loan
Valley Village Los Angeles CA $78000 College loan
Van Nuys Los Angeles CA $5000 No credit check loan
La Brea-Hancock Los Angeles CA $32000 High risk personal loan
Ridgewood-Wilton Los Angeles CA $3000 All purpose loan
St. Andrews Square Los Angeles CA $2000 Bank loan
Wilshire Park Los Angeles CA $8000 No credit check loan
Harvard Heights Los Angeles CA $11000 Bank loan
Victoria Park Los Angeles CA $57000 High risk personal loan
Lafayette Square Los Angeles CA $300000 Angel Loan
Wellington Square Los Angeles CA $10000 No credit check loan
Miracle Mile Los Angeles CA $20000 Car refinance loan
Park La Brea Los Angeles CA $10000 Bad credit loan
Wilshire Center Los Angeles CA $15000 Car loan
Bel-Air Los Angeles CA $32000 Second chance loan
Benedict Canyon Los Angeles CA $8000 Signature loan
Beverly Crest Los Angeles CA $12000 Fast online loan
Beverlywood Los Angeles CA $4000 High risk personal loan
Brentwood Los Angeles CA $100000 Bank loan
Century City Los Angeles CA $2000 No credit check loan
Cheviot Hills Los Angeles CA $89000 School loan
Crestview Los Angeles CA $4000 High risk personal loan
Del Rey Los Angeles CA $6000 Bad credit loan
Ladera Heights Los Angeles CA $30000 Secondary education loan
Mar Vista Los Angeles CA $5000 Vehicle loan
Marina Peninsula Los Angeles CA $46000 Debt consolidation loan
Pacific Palisades Los Angeles CA $4500 No credit check loan
Palms Los Angeles CA $5000 All purpose loan
Playa del Rey Los Angeles CA $2500 Guaranteed online loan
Playa Vista Los Angeles CA $77000 Bank loan
Rancho Park Los Angeles CA $34000 Auto loan
Regent Square Los Angeles CA $18000 Car refinance loan
South Robertson Los Angeles CA $4000 No credit check loan
Venice Los Angeles CA $2000 Guaranteed online loan
Westchester Los Angeles CA $56000 Student loan
Carthay Los Angeles CA $180000 Mortgage refinance
Sycamore Square Los Angeles CA $230000 Home loan modification
Fairfax District Los Angeles CA $25000 Truck loan
Olympic Park Los Angeles CA $150000 Mobile home loan
West Pico Los Angeles CA $3000 No verification loan
Arlington Heights Los Angeles CA $13000 Car loan
Country Club Park Los Angeles CA $34000 Boat loan
Greater Hancock Park Los Angeles CA $1500 100% Online loan

Personal Loans by District - L.A.

Recent Online Loan Application in Los Angeles for Personal Loan

Personal Loan Amount :: 10000 dollars from online lender

Personal Loan Application Processing Speed  :: Within 24 hours for an online loan

What do you need this loan for? :: Personal debts on credit cards, department store cards, and medical expenses. I owe over $6000 in credit card debt, including Visa, Mastercard, and Discover cards. I also have medical expenses to the tune of $120,000 that have to be paid in installment payments. I just need to get some of the creditors and collection agencies off my back. They call every day bothering me and asking for money. I can’t get a loan from family or friends, and I have really bad credit rating. Please help me with this 10000 dollar loan.

What City/Town, State and County do you live in? :: Los Angeles, California in Los Angeles County

Zip :: 90071

Los Angeles Loans – Online Personal Loan – Employment History

What is your employment field? :: I have a full time job in the child care field. I work for a day care in the Westlake area of Los Angeles. I make OK money now and will be making more money each month with another job soon, so that I can pay this personal loan off. I know that I will honor this loan completely regardless of what the credit agencies say about my credit score.

Employment Position :: Licensed Child Care Worker

When are you paid? :: Every second week of the month. On the Thursday morning.

Your credit rating to be – excellent, fair, or bad? :: Very bad credit rating – sorry. Please don’t hold that against me, because I will pay you back as per the agreement we make. I need a second chance badly.

How did you find us? ::

Bank Name and Branch :: California Bank & Trust – South Hope Street Branch (phone # – 213.228.1700)

How are you paid? :: By direct EFT deposit into my checking account at CBT

Gross Amount Per Paycheck :: $870 biweekly

Los Angeles Loans – Applicant Disclosure Agreement

Do you agree to have this information published online, minus your PRIVATE information? :: Please feel free to use my info written here to help others feel like they are not alone looking for a bad credit loan. Especially my fellow Los Angeles people and borrowers who are find themselves in a tough financial situation and needing a personal loan in a hurry. Do as you say though, and keep all my private details secure and not on the Internet.

Any extra information here please :: Yes – I want to stress the fact to you that I am credit worthy and that I have a secure job and that I can make all my monthly payments without interruption of any kind. I have a daughter that requires medical treatment weekly so I must keep my job for my insurance. This is how you know that I will be certain to maintain a very healthy and friendly relationship with my employer and my fellow employees. I can’t afford to fall behind in anything anymore. I WILL guarantee you that I will get the money.

Personal Loan Application Form L.A.

Los Angeles Loans – Borrower’s Request for Lending

I have tried unsuccessfully to get a signature loan of some kind for the past few month. I have been looking online for lenders using Google, Yahoo, and Bing, but no-one so far is willing to lend me the 10000 dollar loan. I have tried some of these debt consolidation loan companies too without any kind of luck. I need this personal loan to be the kind of loan where I pay you back over a 3 – 5 year term – I’ve seen on the Internet that they call this an installment loan and I’ve tried applying for one of these too. No luck yet.

I just have to find a way to eliminate debt ASAP, or things are just going to get worse. I’ve tried getting approved for a personal loan with online lenders who guarantee that I will qualify even with no verification but that has never panned out either. I think that you may be my last chance to get approved for financing. I’ve lived in Los Angeles my whole life in the Westlake area and you know where I live. I have been employed full time since I was 17 years old, and I’m now 37. There is no way that I will be unemployed without a job in the future, so I don’t consider myself to be a high risk customer.

I have attached all my personal information, and credit history for you to see. I’m being as up-front about this application as I can possibly be, so you know that I am not hiding any thing from you. I’m an honest person who just needs a second chance to get approved. Please lend me the $10000 – you won’t regret it.

Have you defaulted on any creditor payments in the last 2 years? :: Yes.

Los Angeles Loans – Online Personal Loan – Note to Lender

Note to Lender :: This borrower has a FICO score of only 550 from past defaults and charge offs. She has defaulted on two personal loans in recent month (years) and she has applied numerous times for a loan with many banks in Los Angeles. She has been willing to pay a higher interest rate on a so-called bad credit loan and that is a good thing because her credit rating is so badly damaged she will most definitely be guaranteed to be paying the highest APR on whatever loan product she is approved for.

The applicants employment claims have checked out – she is gainfully employed as per her loan application. In fact, all of this borrower’s details that she submitted turned out to be accurate. I realize that with her poor credit score and credit history, that her loan will be very expensive, but personally I believe would be worth risking the note.

Please contact us as soon as you can regarding this applicant, as we would like to approve her 10000 dollar loan for her. Thanks so much for your consideration of this applicant. Have a wonderful day out their in Los Angeles!

If you live in the Los Angeles area and need a personal loan, feel free to join the conversation below. From all of us here at California Loan Find – all the best to you today.

Boyle Heights
El Sereno
Elysian Valley
University Hills
Atwater Village
Arroyo Seco
West Los Angeles
Ventura Business District
Warner Center
West Hills
Woodland Hills
Cypress Park
Eagle Rock
Glassell Park
Cameo Plaza
Canterbury Knolls
Century Palms
Chesterfield Square
Exposition Park
Gramercy Park
Green Meadows
Hyde Park
Jefferson Park
King Estates
Leimert Park
Magnolia Square
Manchester Square
Morningside Circle
South Los Angeles
View Heights
Vermont Knolls
Vermont Park
Vermont Square
Village Green
West Adams
West Alameda
West Park Terrace
Balboa Park
Canoga Park
Granada Hills
Hansen Hills
Lake View Terrace
Montecito Heights
Monterey Hills
Mt. Washington
Angelino Heights
Byzantine-Latino Quarter
Harvard Heights
Echo Park
Lafayette Park
Elysian Park/Heights/Valley
Melrose District
Melrose Hill
Sierra Vista
Highland Park
Lincoln Heights
Arlington Park
Athens on the Hill
Baldwin Hills
Baldwin Hills Estates
Baldwin Vista
Spaulding Square
Yucca Corridor
Lake Balboa
La Tuna Canyon
Mission Hills
North Hills
North Hollywood
Panorama City
Porter Ranch
Shadow Hills
Sherman Oaks
Baldwin Village
Studio City
Sun Valley
Toluca Lake
Valley Village
Van Nuys
La Brea-Hancock
St. Andrews Square
Wilshire Park
Harvard Heights
Victoria Park
Lafayette Square
Wellington Square
Miracle Mile
Park La Brea
Wilshire Center
Benedict Canyon
Beverly Crest
Century City
Cheviot Hills
Del Rey
Ladera Heights
Mar Vista
Marina Peninsula
Pacific Palisades
Playa del Rey
Playa Vista
Rancho Park
Regent Square
South Robertson
Sycamore Square
Fairfax District
Olympic Park
West Pico
Arlington Heights
Country Club Park
Greater Hancock Park
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22 Pre-apps

  1. Jarheadman wrote:

    Great article – ton of info there. Apparently there is a ton of people in L.A. looking for personal loans. So I take that is all you write bout? Loans.

  2. alex wrote:

    i need a $36,000.00 dollar personal loan
    i live in los angeles california
    and i need the loan asap….

  3. CLFadmin wrote:

    Yes. We write about loans, lenders, banks, credit unions – personally, I am fascinated with individual borrowers and their own financial situations. I dunno, sort of a weird hobby I suppose.

    We make a little money from it too which is nice, but it always dumbfounds me how folks get themselves in financial trouble.

    Long before the Internet I was in serious financial trouble and the banks would not even look at lending me a red cent. NOW, with all the online loans available, I bet it would be different for those who have bad credit ratings. It’s tough to get a loan with a bad credit rating anywhere, and everyday there are people that come to our site that end up getting approved for a loan. It takes a little hunting around on the site, but the information is here somewhere. Especially if you live in California.

    At the very least, we provide some insight into what other borrowers are going through trying to get approved. Of course this borrower is living in Los Angeles, so LA applicants may find this interesting. All of our examples are real borrowers looking for real lenders.

  4. Victoria wrote:

    I live in Rosemead. I have a retired parent who is unable to find work (construction field). I provide approx 70% of the household income. We are a family of 6. I work for the City of Los Angeles for over 10 years. I net approx 2300 per month. I need to consolidate the outstanding bills to make it easier. One payment per month under 300 will work within the means. I need 9000 to get everything sorted out and paid.

  5. Heather wrote:

    I am recently divorced. I went through terrible spousal abuse that resulted in the loss of several teeth, a facial scar and a broken nose. My credit was ruined as a result of the marriage. I need to get a loan to pay for dentalwork and to repair my nose. My medical and dental insurance will only pay for a certain amount. I have a secure job I have been at for 30+ years. I want to feel good about myself again. My self esteem has dropped. Please someone give me a chance. I can pay $200 a month

  6. James wrote:

    Need a loan for approx 3-5k with about 1-2 years to pay off. Have a steady job and have been employed at the same place for approx 3.5 years. Not the best credit, but working to make it better. Would like to catch up my mortgage and consolidate some bills.

  7. Apollo wrote:


    I am looking for a personal loan of 2500-5000 that I will pay back with interest within one year. This loan is needed because of recent medical emergencies and surgeries which kept me out of work for over a month, combined with a year off from work due to another surgery. I am currently employed with the same company for over 25 years and get paid biweekly of about 1400 net. I rent na dhave no outstanding credit card debt, so my only expenses are the medical bills and living expenses. Unfortunately due to some stupid decisions, my credit is bad (325 ish) and i have defaulted on some medical bills and some payday loans. No bankruptcies however. I need this loan ASAP and can save approximately 400 a month when I am on my feet, more if I am careful, but need to cover rent and other emrgency expenses ffrom my time off immediately. I canpay back the loan in a year if its 2500, a little longer if \I can get 5000. I really just need a second chance from someone.


  8. Apollo wrote:

    sorry i meant 525 ish for my credit rating

  9. Angela wrote:

    Dear Angels in town: Yes there is a demand for us important people that have been the economic journey, that need that special Angel of abundance to come to there rescue. Whatever I can fall under, charity loan, Angel loan, personal loan, emergency loan, installment loan or Business loan.. totally in your hands. bottomline make it easy or give me a SAFE cushiion to payback in realistic time but with an option to payback soon without being penalized. I would feel comfortable paying 50.00 a month then jumping it up to 100.00, 4 to 6 months to start paying or a silent on the payments (balloon). or half silent with remaining. Would 15 to 20 grand or best amount be good. my credit is shot, so please dont send me thru the mill. Also I’m a veteran.

    I want to improve myself, get into business via internet/dream & accomplish a destiny with my loved ones esp my mother 85yrs. we need to enjoy life take trips, instead not eating or worry about running out of gas. I hear the people/testimonies: after living in 5 bedroom house & journey started with the divorce 2003/2006, 2008/2010 of April I moved out of my house & lost my 10yr job, lived with friends & relatives. My adult kids have there own places & one of them I just visit & the other is up north. My dear mother 85yrs just recovered from a fracture hip living at place. Now Jan 16th my storage(Public Storage sp 60A, la habra,ca) will be auctioned, if I don’t find a way, my car tags/insur is expired, my license is suspended. Im almost have to sleep in my car to save gas.. driving land mine. So I hear you clear & well. I’m on GR 220 cash with no rent & basic 3 small bill under 100.00, that’s all & no computer except the library & internet place that charges me cash. I really don’t want to be put in a predicament of the car via police etc, I’m trying so bad to be independent & enjoy life with my mother, now that I still have her. I have been clean & single since the 2003. My heart is to pursue a internet biz that will fulfill my dreams as person & to my loved ones.

    If you want to call me (number removed for borrowers privacy), text me first. If you can sponsor me that would be great & help me out a little unitl I can get on my feet I will return back the favor. Thank you Angela

  10. Elvia wrote:

    I need as 15000 loan asap. I applied for a loan and got scammed. I need a legit for someone like me with bad credit. Urgently and loan that ask for any form of payment first is a scam so please help.

    Elvia (last name and phone number removed for privacy reasons)

  11. Ming wrote:

    I am looking to start my own gym. I have found a property in LA looking I am looking to aquire but I can not pay both expenses of start up cost. I have been teaching for over 10 years. I have trained and still are training and competing. I work art a gym now and have many students but the gym its being managed wrong and now I am the only trainer. I am only bringing in enough income to pay the rent according to the owner and I wish to leave and start my own gym for my students and provide for my family in a proper way.

  12. Lisa wrote:

    I am in immediate need of a personal loan. I just moved to LA for work and have n amazing job with a great salary. However, I was unemployed for 2 months while I waited to start my new job, so I need an influx of cash to help me get over the hump.
    Thank you!

  13. mark wrote:

    I was needing like two weeks ago some kind of loan between 7500 to 3500 now I’m looking for bigger and better to resolve my debt clear all stress i indeed need 40000 loan in bank now with terms and aggremates to better my self and a joyful prosperous life

  14. SHARON wrote:


  15. Klaus wrote:

    I need a $500 loan to pay for some unexpected expenses.
    I can pay it back in 2 monthly payments

  16. kadeem wrote:

    I need help I have a full time job and work with agency but I just moved to California and it’s hard for me to get thing started I just need a thousand dollars to get started and I will be able to pay back next month. It’s really hard for me and I’m getting desperate. if you could I would rally appreciate it

  17. Candyce wrote:

    Please need asap can be payed back in 1 month, have tryed all ways to get a loan, friends, family, banks, credit unions, pawn shops, local business, please please help me.

  18. Summer wrote:

    Hello i am in desperate need of a 15000 personal loan. I am near woodland hills and the valley in los Angeles county. I just left an extremely abusive relationship where i was hospitalized 4 times this year which i do not have any health insurance so therefore i am going to end up having to pay out of pocket. I do have my car which i am living out of however he definetly did extreme damage to and needs to be fixed. I desperately need to get a place to live so that i can go back to work and get back on my feet and feel safe. It is crucial to get this loan immediately so that my car doesn’t get taken and i cam get a place to live and keep my phone on and fix major damages on my car plus need to take care of my liscence and insurance and registration and there is a long list of othermajor necessities as well. I will be able to afford 300 a month after the first month of getting the loan. I do not particularly care what the% is. Thank u for your time and a chance at life again by getting this loan. I truly can not tell u how much this means. My fico now after this nitemare is about 550.

  19. LARRY wrote:

    I am seeking an personal loan for 1500.00 to pay off some car repair expenses. The term of the loan requested is 6 months if possible.
    I am employed , work and reside in Long Beach. Thank you

  20. Joshua wrote:

    I am a sophomore at college and need to pay off my school bill. I owe the university and cannot register for Winter classes until my school bill is paid. If I don’t go back I fear that my life will not proceed as I intend it to. I love learning and want to help people, however, I made a mistake in attending before I could fully pay. I have had the same job at a daycare for the past 4 years. Also, I work in a lab over the summers, so I am sure that I will be able to pay off the loan. I just don’t have the money now.

    I am seeking a loan of $8,300 to be paid off at an APR of 13-16% over the course of 3-5 years. It would be most useful if received before January 10th.

    Thank you.

  21. Joshua wrote:

    Explanation: I need a $9000 secondary education loan to pay off this semester’s debt. I didn’t realize that my scholarship only lasted for two semesters, so I have to pay off what it used to pay. I cannot take time off now. I am doing well and I have fallen in love. If I leave now, I risk losing my entire future. I have no other options, I am extremely desperate. You are my only hope at a future. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

    The amount of money I need to borrow is $9000.

    I need a Secondary Education Loan.

    I currently live in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

    I have no credit history, so my credit score is 560. I do, however, have a job and will be able to pay the loan back.

    It would be best if I could get the loan before or on January 7, 2017.

  22. Jennifer wrote:

    I am asking for a $8,000 loan. I am a 100%disabled veteran trying to buy a house. I have been approved for everything however the only thing I am lacking is the $8,000.00, which is the 10% down payment should I need it. I have been told by the VA representative that I shouldn’t need the down payment at all seeing as I am 100% disabled. However, lenders want to see the money sitting in my bank account when I process the home loan application. Thanks for taking the time to read this loan application.

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