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Loans in Santa Clara County

We attempting to list all of the different lenders and lending products in Santa Clara County (California of course). This list will be including small business loans, personal loans, bad credit loans, payday loans (cash advances), mortgage refinancing, RV loans, auto loans, student loans, and debt consolidation loans.

This is to be an all encompassing list of lenders, so this is going to take some time to build up. It will of course with the willing help of the banks and banking staff all throughout the county.

Santa Clara County Banks and Credit Unions

Santa Clara county’s largest city is San Jose and lenders there have to service over 1.8 million residents. This means there is a massive amount of financing being provided every month and every year.

Santa Clara county is one of the largest counties in all of California, so this makes perfect sense.

We like to focus on providing a list of conventional banks and credit unions, instead of payday loan and cash advance companies, which tend to create a more troublesome situation for borrowers and consumers in the long scheme of things.

Santa Clara County Lenders – Self Serve

This list of lenders is a 100% self-serve directory, meaning that the lenders themselves must submit their contact info and lending products below in the comment section. We will be moderating all of these submissions to make sure they are complete and accurate. Make sure thay your bank, credit union, payday loan shop, or cash advance shop has a detailed description before you click the submit button.

We will not be adding lenders to this list – only lending institutions and banking organizations will be adding to this list for all of Santa Clara County. Thanks for you visit to CLF.