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Loans for Retired and/or Disabled People

Hello again gang, and today we want to talk about loans for retired people and disabled people. This speaks close to my heart because I know how difficult it can be to get approved for a personal loan if you are not employed because you are disabled or simply retired. Really want to make sure people don’t make the mistake of applying for a loan with a lender (or lenders) that would take advantage of the elderly or the disabled. It’s quite insidious to take advantage of people who, for any reason, can’t get employment in the job market and are desperate for a loan.

First a Note About Getting a Loan on a Fixed Income (Because usually retired or disabled people are on a fixed income)

For fixed income (due to retirement) and/or disability income a few points are worth remembering. Though it may be difficult to budget monthly to live with dignity, let alone service a new loan, banks accept this income as being as secure as steady employment, depending on your circumstances. If you can service the loan and remain within their lending ratios (GDS and TDS) you are very likely to get approved for that loan.

Commonly people on fixed incomes assume they automatically don’t qualify. That is a myth. Think of it this way; if you have the cash flow available to service the debt, and it’s a proven source of income, why wouldn’t a lender want to take a risk and lend to you? Don’t forget, that they are making a lot of interest off of your loan approval. Perhaps they wouldn’t consider you if your credit rating is poor. Perhaps your fixed income may expire, or is conditional on some other commitments? When in doubt, arrange an appointment with your branch to ask the loans officer(s), what would it take for me to secure a new loan through your bank?. If they are an honest lender, they’ll tell you exactly where you stand.

In cases of disability income you will be required to prove income is long-term and guaranteed for the duration of your life if applying for a long-term mortgage of 30 or 40 years.

If you are in a wheelchair or you are crippled due to an injury or a disease, then getting approved for a loan can be very difficult. Why? Because banks, their loan officers, and private lenders will not consider your assets as security on the loan. Often lenders will not consider disability pension, or social security income as a valid income to pay down a loan with them. So what do you do?

The first thing to do is to avoid non-legit lenders, and make sure you apply for your loan with reputable lender. Loan sharks are everywhere these days and they are still on the front page of every major news paper, defrauding clients and promoting bad sub-prime loans for the sole purpose of reselling them to others. Of course, in your case, if you are retired or disabled you likely just need a smaller personal loan, and not a full blown mortgage. Some retired people who have their houses paid off will apply for a reverse mortage to liquidate some of their asset(s), but that is not likely your case, considering the title of today’s discussion.

Getting Approved for a Loan if You Are Retired

The most important factor for getting approved for a personal loan if you are retired, is to show the lender you have income stream outside of a 401k or disability pension. This is why so many retired people take on part time jobs. They apply for part time jobs for three reasons usually – one, for the medical insurance, two for the extra income, and three, so they can get approved for a small personal loan.

So this is an otpion to consider. Can you get out of the house a few days or evenings a week and work a part time job that does not cause much strain on your body, causing you pain and discomfort? If the answer is yes, I highly recommend doing so. When you go see a lender, bank, or credit union, they are not going to have a problem giving a loan if you are semi-retired. If you can’t prove to the bank that you have an income to pay down the loan with, they are not likely to approve your financing.

Another way to get approved for a loan if you are retired is to have strong co-signer or co-borrower. These are two entirely different types of loan products. A co-borrower is on the hook for the paying back of the loan if something happens to you – that can mean many things resulting in you not being able to make your monthly installment. You may not be able to make your installment payment anymore due to death, or lack of a sustainable income. For whatever the reason may be, the co-borrower will be then held responsible to pay back the loan in full, with all interest (APR) and closing fees.

A co-signer is different because the retired individual (maybe you) is simply being “vouched for” by the co-signer and they are not “on the hook” for paying the bi-weekly, or monthly installment payments. Often a the would-be borrowers pride will not allow such an arrangement because the co-signer or co-borrower would likely be one of their children or family member. The retired and the elderly usually have a great deal of pride and would never even enter into a loan agreement that was using a co-signer. But you know the old saying – right? – “Pride goes before a fall”. When it comes to eating, keeping a roof over your head, paying for medication, and clothing yourself, you may HAVE to consider a co-signer or co-borrower on the loan agreement documentation.

Getting Approved for a Loan if You Are Disabled

Getting approved for a loan if you are disabled can be very difficult, and it saddens me deeply to see people in such financial situation when they have enough daily challenges to overcome. Being disabled can be VERY expensive, even with all of the social nets in American and Canadian society. The disabled are often helped with social programs so their monthly expenses are cut down considerably – but disabled people are HARDLY living in the lap of luxury.

I encourage people who are disabled to find some way they can create some income so that the banks and lenders will consider giving them a loan. There are many disabled people who thrive in our society and in our communities – there are disabled people who make millions of dollars actually, so try not look at your physical challenges as hopeless – there is ALWAYS hope! Of course there are some case where people are disabled so badly that they cannot do any kind of physical work. They may be in a wheel chair and they may not be able to even use their hands to type, use a phone, or carry out everyday simple tasks. In these cases it usually comes down to the family members of the crippled (I should say disabled as some find the word crippled very offensive) to lend them some money, or help them with a free personal loan that does not need paying back. I suppose this is a gift, or some kind of charity though, and pride does not allow many completely disabled people to except charity.

IF, however, you are are refined to a wheel chair can use your hands and speak, you can earn some money. If you can earn any money outside of what you have coming in every month social security or a disability pension, then it’s much easier to get approved for a personal loan. I’ll give you a great example. You can start creating an income online by using your computer from home. There are many ways of making a monthly income just by using the phone or typing on your laptop. As long as you have a phone line and an Internet connection, then you can make some money – in some case lots of money. This is how we actually started California Loan Find – we hired this company to build this turnkey business blog for us.

For disabled people, just like retired people (as above) if you have a co-borrower or co-signer, that can help greatly in getting approved for a personal loan at your local bank or private lender. Try and be careful when dealing with online lenders. Make sure that if you are on any kind of online loan site you read their terms of service pages, and pay special attention to their disclaimers and “small print”. Don’t become a victim of some online loan shark.

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  1. Gerald Pizzo wrote:

    No bank or lender will give me a loan because I’m disabled and not working (no job) but i get benefits every month. What can I do to get approved?

  2. CLFadmin wrote:

    Hi Gerald, sorry to hear you can’t get approved for a loan – YET. If you have a fixed income from benefits every month, and your debt load is not too high, lenders will usually approve the note (loan).

    I would seriously look at ways of checking the credit bureaus and getting your FICO score straightened out first before applying again.

    Here is one of our articles on how to understand your credit rating. Please check it out.

  3. Sharon G. wrote:

    I am on short term disability and will be returning to work in mid February 2011. I need a quick loan for living and medical expenses.

  4. Lynne Olson wrote:

    I am in a very desperate situation. My only income is $930.00 a month from social security. Due to the many medical problems of my back and left leg, I can no longer work in the nursing field which I worked in for 30+ years, due to the many restrictions placed on me because of my disabilities. To supplement my social security, I did volunteer work with the elderly for $2.65 an hour, but I had to quit because the clients in order to be served, had to belong to an organization.
    I can’t even do a simple thing like cashiering because it is so painful to free stand for me. Everyday my back and leg seem to be getting worse. Every month I am overdrawn at the bank, causing me more financial problems. I owe so many people so much money, that I will never be able to re-pay. Living from month to month is just terrible because up on til now, I never worried about not having enough money because I could work more hours, because nursing is always short staffed. I was hoping to somehow be able to attend a Medical Transcription Program named CareerStep. They do not offer any type of scholarships. Because it is not a university, so there are no degrees associated with the program. There is a great demand for this training, because it is considered “Specialized Profession”, meaning that someone just off of the street can’t do it. If possible, I would like around $1,500.00 deposited into my bank account immediately. If I would be considered for the education, I would need to purchase a new computer, because most Medical Transcriptonists work out of their home, which is perfect for me. There are other costs involved in the course. The computer that I have now is having a lot of problems, new ones each day. I can neither afford to have it repaired or to purchase a new one. I thought that I would attempt at typing at home on-line, but that is no longer an option for me. I truly hope that I will be considered for the immediate loan of $1,500.00 and the loan to further my education so I no longer have to live on air. I have never have been so depressed or disillusioned. I feel that there is no way out for me. I am in never-ending cycle of financial problems, also a new one every day. I can’t borrow any more money from the people whom I did before. All that I ask, please find some way to help me. Thank you for your time on my behalf. Before I forget, I live in Washington State, where the unemployment is 10% or more. More and more people are leaving their homes to live in their cars, or worse. Once again, thank you. I will be awaiting your reply.

  5. Lynne O. wrote:

    I was wondering if my desperate message had been received? I have no way of knowing, due to my computer not working correctly. At this point in time, I only can receive emails, but unable to open or reply. If my message was received, just send me a message someyhing to the affect…yes, message received. Please understand, I am so desperate that I just don’t know what to do. Please help me! Thank you.

  6. CLFadmin wrote:

    Hi Lynne,

    Yes. Carol has been reading your comments too. She looks after trying to do follow up. We get so many requests for loans now it’s hard to keep up. So sorry to hear about your financial predicament.

    Regarding the fact that you say no-one will lend you any more money, the reason is likely that you are not able to pay back the loan with a low income level.

    Consider finding some work that does not involve doing any physical activity. If you get a loan for $1500 that will be a high-interest short-term loan with a high APR (something like a payday loan), and you don’t need anything more than that.

    Our suggestion is to limit spending in everyday life, and THEN start learning how to earn more money in a different way than you have in the past. You seem to be a good writer, so I highly recommend you take a look at being a paid writer on the Elance web site (search it on Google). People will pay you to write at home and you can make money without any physical work.

    We have many different lenders that use our site to advertise, and we have a featured link in our header for $1500 loans that have to be paid back in 100 days you could consider, but remember that the APR is quite high on these.

  7. Wendy Luxton wrote:

    I am looking for a small business loan of $60,000. I am on a disability pension and want to earn my own money but I require money to invest. I would like to pay off my debts (less than $2000), purchase a car, relocate and start my business. I am finding it difficult to obtain a loan as I do not have a good credit score.

  8. Ben wrote:


    My name is Ben, and I am looking to see about some ways of achieving a loan with any possibility of benefit from my disability. My credit score is not perfect, but I assure you, I feel I can accomplish – without a doubt – the business I am planning to start.

    I’m hoping to borrow between 12,000 and 77,000 depending on which parts of my business I will be able to implement and make active, (my business plan is pretty versatile), and I’m hoping to start pretty soon if I can.

    My disabilities are aspergers, schizo-effective and bi-polar. Among these disabilities, I get a lot done – even now. I run an unofficial business called Megacool Computer Repair, in Hagerstown, MD. which with its success has seriously inspired me to move further.

    Thanks so much!

  9. Monica wrote:

    I live in california. I am looking for a small low interest loan or line of credit ($800.0 to 1,000.00.) would like ot pay back over 90 day period. Local credit unons are not doing these small loans.

  10. Monica wrote:

    Are there really loan designed just the disabled with fixed income? If so please refer me right away.

  11. Gabino wrote:

    I am disabled with Parkinson’s disease ( early stages )and have not been able to work. I receive Social Security Benefits, 2000.00 a month. It has been very hard to make ends meet on less than half of the income I was earning and I have fallen behind on rent and bills. I have managed to keep my head above water for the last 5 years, unfortunately at the expense of others (bills) and credit files. I’m trying to survive financially till the end of the year when a settlement of a suit will be finalized. Right now we are in the process of determining and agreeing on the amount of the settlement. I am in need of 3000.00 dollars with low monthly payments and with no penalty for early payment in full. I will be paying the monthly payment and when I receive the settlement money I want to pay the loan in full. Please help or guide me in the right direction of someone who can. thank you.

  12. Gabino wrote:

    I am in need of a $3000.00 personal installment loan very quickly ( in the next three days )to avoid eviction, car repairs and penalties on late bills. I am on fixed income receiving Social Security Disability benefits. I live in California. I have poor credit and can afford monthly payments of up to $250.00

  13. Jennifer wrote:

    Can anyone help a mom with MS, my kids & their dad also disabled? Just found out my dad in fla and stepdad in NY have cancer!I need to get back there for my mom and we live in Utah where hubby’s from! We figured out $4,000 to drive us and all our things plus food and gas out there just cant get loan cuz Identity Theft happened to me & husband at Univ hospital. We want to leave in next week or 2 we get $1500 a mnth between us can do $200 a mnth, if we can get help U wont be sorry! Thanx

  14. Katie wrote:

    Hello-My name is Katie and I am 47 years old. I have been on Disability now, and my parents, as they are aging, are finding it hard to keep assisting me. I have a 16 year old daughter, who is the light of my life. Right now, I get Disability for myself and her-until she is 18, then it drops. I am battling stomach cancer, and It hurts more to see her watch me go through this. I have Medicare through Disability, and I am trying to get a secondary to cover. However, the damage is quite done. The Chemotherapy was not covered at all by Medicare. I am unsure which will kill me first-the cancer, or the bills! I am in a very desperate situation, as I want to be able to care for my girl, have my time with her, and not have that taken from me, due to my inability to keep food on the table and make her lunches. I am asking for $8000-which is a horrific amount of money. I would be grateful for anything. I choose that number, as that will pay everything off, and leave me money in my account to assure I will be able to pay all I have put on my budget.If there is anyone who could help at all, I pray you will. Many thanx to all.

  15. Heather wrote:

    Yes, I like to know if I can get a personal loan for $500! I’m disabled and can’t work or drive because of my epilepsy and need money “ASAP”. I also have poor credit too could I get help! “PLEASE RESPOND ASAP” THANK YOU!

  16. Shari wrote:

    Hello America!
    I am a 25 yr Resident of Florida and a 5 yr Recovering Brain Injury Person. I am trying to build a wholesale business online, but in order to get Business Financing, I need to clean up old debt leftover from the accident in 2007 and since (medical bills, etc.)

    I am considered a Community Leader by my peers: I volunteer at the Downtown Sarasota Alliance, with the City, the Police Department, the Downtown Improvement District, the Farmers Market, etc. Additionally, I have found my pace as an amazing Community Resource for new and current Residents who need Information or Connections. I usually know or can find what they need.

    I refer people to my Facebook page frequently, laughing about how few Friends I have, but always assuring them it’s the Quality that counts! Those connections have proven to be valuable to those who need them.

    $10,000 – Amount to Borrow
    Personal- Type of loan
    Florida – State located
    2 weeks?- Time Frame

    I appreciate your time, effort and consideration of my circumstances! Thank you.

  17. Crystal wrote:

    I am a 51yr old on disability. I am in need of a $1000.00 loan, to be paid back in 12 months. Is there anyone out there that would be willing to please help me. I have fair credit, well that is what they call my score. I have taken out several payday loans and i have never defaulted on any of them. I recieve $693.00 a month. I live in a home that i do not have to pay rent for, but the home is not in my name. Please someone help me out, i will not default on you and i will make payments of $125-$150 each month for 12 months. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

  18. pam wrote:

    I need $1500 and will paid back in 6 mos I am on SS with $1106 a month and made $600 a month as part time job I also recieve 360 a month from pension. Can I get a loan?

  19. vanessa wrote:

    I am 28 years old and have never worked. I have been on disability since I was 18 because I have lupus. There is not enough known about lupus for it to be considered a true “terminal” life illness. Working is not an option for me because my illness is so unpredictable. Because I have never worked I only get about 850 a month. I’m looking for a small personal loan of $500 to $1000, with the option to pay the loan back over time. Can anyone help me with this?

  20. Hollie wrote:

    I am looking for a long-term loan to get my bills back on track,continue with the debt relief I am currently enrolled in,continue with the credit repair law firm,provide necessities for my 16yr old’s on-line charter education – as well as much needed means of providing public & personal interaction/ socialization including museums,botanical gardens,Oneida Tribe of Wisconsin Rec. Center,Pow-Wows,fund raisers/walks,Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Mixed Martial Arts,driving courses,community participatory events,etc.,and varied transport means to accomplish these.$750 is what I receive per month after the Dept. of Treasury has made it’s deduction for the Dept. of Education.There are always things I will need,and the most important of these is being Mama to my 16&18 yr.old sons!Their Oneidan and African-American heritage is something not to be compromised…just as my income – or lack thereof – shouldn’t be their penalty (or his guinea pigs’ :).Loan Calculation Results
    Total Amount to be payed: 9787.03
    Total amount of interest 3287.03
    Thank you for your time and considerations! 02/08/2013
    Payments: 160.88

  21. Phillip wrote:

    I can not find someone to give me a loan of $12,500 because of my credit rating.I own my own home and can use that as collateral. It is a double wide manufactured home and is valued at $35,800.I am retired and my wife is disabled.No one will give us a chance.I can not miss payments on the loan because I would have the payments come out every month on our paydays.The reason for the loan is because for the last year we have been helping our son with his brain cancer.We had to use all our finances and let are bills get behind.My home needs work and I need to catch up on all our bills.Is there anyone or any company that will help me out.You will get your money back.

  22. julie wrote:

    I am 42 yrs. Old and on i get 692$ a month. I dont have good credit. I need a small loan for 400$ that i can pay back over time ic you can please give me some advice. Thank you

  23. AMBER wrote:

    51 yo female disabled. $1775/month on ssdi. Need a loan for $2000 to purchase recumbent trike as I cannot ride upright bike. Need it for transportation and exercise in order to rehab enough to go back to work as a nurse. I have owned 3 homes in the past. the last one sold in March as short sale. It was under water within 6 months of ownership. purchased it in April 2007. Got in accident in 2009. Been disabled since 2010. Am an RN. Just want to be able to get back to work. Need the specialty bike to do so. Thanks.

  24. AMBER wrote:

    I forgot to add my credit scores above. Do to the economy and my disability, my good credit went bad. scores are EXPERIAN-630, EQUIFAX-593, TRANSUNION-579

  25. Judy wrote:

    My husband and I need to obtain a personal loan for $4,000.00 to take care of some emergency expenses;car repair or small down payment for used vehicle; past due bills-mostly medical; and to help us move. We need this loan as soon as possible-preferably within a few days. We could pay the loan over time of 36 months or less. We have a low credit score of 555 as of yesterday.
    My husband is on life time disability and I have a small pension and Social Security retirement benefits. Our medical needs are on-going and necessary as I am insulin dependent and have heart disease. My husband is also a heart patient since undergoing a failed triple bypass late in 2011. I am still covered by my former employer’s retiree health plan, but the deductible is $3000.00. I have to pay for my insulin and pump supplies at 100% until I reach the deductible. Test strips to check my glucose levels cost $560.00 for 3 months. We are awaiting decision from our mortgage lender as to whether we qualify for a Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure. We have been offered a place to live from friends which is a true blessing. We just don’t have a reliable vehicle to get us to our new residence which is 250 miles from our current address. Our income is sufficient to repay this loan especially when we move. I have applied for a number of personal loans for people with bad credit only to be turned down. I feel it is mostly due to our age, and fixed income status-without the opportunity to explain our circumstances and ability to repay the loan. On some of the sites, I wasn’t even able to include my husband’s income or only 50% of it on one. Can you help us? I sincerely hope so! Thank you for this opportunity to state my needs.

  26. Wajeedah wrote:

    Need money for car payment, 1200. In a financial bind. Retired now. Just need money for car payment. Can you help me?


  27. Miyisha wrote:

    Im trying to obtain a personal loan of $2000. Im in need of it like today. Im trying to get a side.dr to figure out with my stomach problems..but mean while my medical bills are piling up..I have very bad credit..but I do receive ssi n can payback in payment ssi

  28. Ronald wrote:

    I need a mortgage. Between my mother and I we make around $2700 per month. We have bad credit and have 0 down. We want to buy about a 1/4 to 1/2 acre of land, a small double wide, have enough to put a perm. foundation, heat pump and a screened in deck.

  29. WALTER wrote:

    I need a 1000 loan to cover medical insurance payments and car repair .

  30. Theresa wrote:

    Im disabled permanently, with guaranteed income direct deposited every month, I am currently in the process of trying to rebuild/build some credit history. I have little money to use as a down payment and also a vehicle to use as a trade in, I’m in desperate need of a good reliable car as soon as posssible. Have applied at places that “finance everyone with bad credit no credit” and its all lies. I have a co signer with triple the income I make. My monthly debts are very minimal, but Im still having a hard time getting approved in Sonoma County California

  31. pat wrote:

    Mobile home and 1/2 acre paid off. $1200 debt total. Husband 73, final stage renal failure, self perm disabled, 62. No heirs. $1300 @ mo income. Property paid but insurance, tx and upkeep is my own. Need additional modest, monthly income. Seek honest advice. Is this possible? Can I find an advocate?

  32. Francis wrote:

    Seeking a $3000 loan to bridge me to Social Security. Have applied for and will begin receiving SS ($1640/mo.) in September 2015. Retired in 1/14 and bought a house in WV with 401k proceeds. Currently net $640 from Federal retirement but having a hard time making it until SS. Will be 62 in July and credit scores are in the low to upper 500 range.

  33. Karen wrote:

    I need an installment loan and I need it ASAP. I live in Mc Comb,Ohio. Credit score is 517 and 535.

  34. Alfonso wrote:

    Need loan to fix car so I can go to doctor appointment. I am disabled and on fixed income from SSI

  35. Janice wrote:

    Urgent need of $10,000. loan to consolidate all debt and have one (1) monthly payment over 5 year period. Live in Clinton township, MI. Am High Risk borrower as I am unable to make all the payments needed. Credit Score w/Transunion 546–Score w/Equifax is 550. Need loan as soon as possible.

  36. Carol wrote:

    I am in need of a loan in the amount of $2500. I am a retired federal employee receiving my government pension and receive my check on the 1st of each month. I just paid a large energy bill ($2026.00) because of our harsh winter and have electric baseboard heaters. I also have rent to pay and currently don’t have tloan.I am also in need of some dental work which needs to be done soon because I keep getting infections for teeth that need to be removed (insurance will pay for some work but still will have large out of pocket expense).I am requesting an installment loan of 2 yrs at 20% interest. Loan calculation total amount paid $3020.00, interest $520.74 and payments of $124.14 per month which I will pay up to $150.per month. I live in Philadelphia, Pa, my credit score is Experian:579, Equifax:619 and Transunion:675. I have been turned down many times and now I am desperate to find someone who will give me a loan. I need this loan ASAP. If someone can help please let me know. I thank you for your consideration.

  37. steven wrote:

    i am 37 years old disabled because iv had 4strokes and want to go back to work but my doctor says no how can i get a loan then

  38. Letty wrote:


    I need a loan of $3000 to consolidate my debts!

    Thanks&God Bless!

  39. Octavia wrote:

    I am in a very desperate situation. My property taxes is behind I need of $2000.00 immediately to avoid foreclosure. I receive a pension of and Social Security of $2650.00 per month fell into some hardship. fell behind on my property taxes. If I am approve for this loan I need it as soon as a possible. will be able to repay this loan with a 250.00 per month.
    thanks you

  40. Carla wrote:

    Need Today. Need to borrow $1,200.I have bad credit score 350. I am disabled and on fixed income from SSI. Live in Iowa . one year loan.

  41. Tammy wrote:

    I need a loan of $20,000 to facilitate care for aged family member.
    I’m a medically retired law enforcement officer with good monthly income from CalPERS that is for life.
    Prepared to pay 15% interest for three years. Time is of the essence. Please respond asap if interested.

  42. Rebecca wrote:

    looking for a personal loan for $7000.00. I am on disabled social security.

  43. Jim wrote:

    I couldn’t pick up on what interest rate to use in the calculator. My wife and I need to borrow $500 with payments around $110 for six months or so. Our monthly combined Social Security income is a little over $2,000. By borrowing this amount, we can pay off a debt that currently costs us $280 month. I believe we can repay a debt from you lenders easily based on the preliminary information I have stated here. Thank you.

  44. James wrote:

    need low interest loan to clear up a 25 % 24,000 dollar balance with perfect payment history over first one-year life of loan. FICO score was 693 recently , with an Equifax number of 635 bringing the average down . Thank you

  45. Kathleen wrote:

    I am retired and so is my husband. We are in need of a loan. do you have any suggestions?

  46. Kathleen wrote:

    I like you on face book. We need to move closer to Dr.s an our children so they can help care for us. I need $8,000.00 loan. with an easy repayment plan

  47. Geneva wrote:

    I am disabled and not able to work, I am in desperate need of a loan to help me and my daughter not be on the street again, I am also fighting the Rare Form of Breast Cancer, I do get help from the state of Utah, I get benefits I have done for over 10yr now, I would appreciate your help with this I am needing about 2,000.00 I will be able to pay this back, I am needing this amount asap, and I know that this can take a few days, I am needing this 5/19/2016. Thank you for your Service, and I am hoping that you can help me out with this.

  48. Karla wrote:

    57, disabled, newly divorced and need to buy a used car. Mine is down for good. I’d like about 3000. to get a halfway decent used vehicle with payments about 100 a month. I’m living rent free with my son.

  49. Casey wrote:

    I am interested in finding an RV loan, I’m disabilbed, & my best way to make it comfortably, is buy an rv…so i need help!
    any help would be greatly appreciated…
    ty, Casey

  50. Timothy wrote:

    Unable to work due to illness since 2010. All savings and retirement gone due to no income. I began receiving SDI of 1665 a month and did receive 7 months of retro benefits, which half went to lawyers. For me it an emergency. I am making payments to family and friends for help. Then I have to get payday loans to stay afloat. I need get these small debts payed or I will be in the streets. I have bad credit. Please help.

  51. James wrote:

    I am 70 and on SS and SDI with bad credit. I am retired and need an installemnt loan of $3000 or a grant. I have an active checking account with direct deposit. I have about $2.12 in my checking account. HELP!!!!!!!. I have a broken hip and am in a wheelchair. Please send me links

  52. G Jones wrote:

    i need a loan for a car.

  53. Sharon wrote:

    Hello: I am a retired 64 year old legal secretary, currently collecting social security. I am in desperate need of a $2,000.00 loan to catch up on my rent and pay bills. Am hoping that someone is willing to help me. Thank you in advance!

  54. Dawn wrote:

    I am looking for a purchase mortgage of about 80,000 or a loan of about 8.000 to use as down payment. My husband is 65, retired, and in poor health. Our income is approx 35,000/yr, and my credit rating is poor (523 transunion, 540 equifax). We are currently living in an old farmhouse that the landlord doesn’t want to repair and that is not handicapped equipped.

  55. Cynthia wrote:

    I made a few bad mistakes last month and now I am behind on 3 bills..I desperertly need a personal loan so I can get back on my feet…Please tell me someone can help, because I will have no where to go but to live in my car..I am on disability because of breast cancer…double mastectomy and lymph nodes, I can no longer work because I also have rheumatoid arthritis, probably due to chemo…someone please help me.

  56. gayle wrote:

    I am on disability. my husband was laid off and is looking for a job.
    We are in dire need of $2000 to carry us through until March. Credit score is very low, around 570. Can you help?

  57. dick mertz wrote:

    I need a car

  58. Ian wrote:

    My name is Ian My wife and I are both on permadent disability. since becoming disable we ended up in a auto accident in 2014. we have been paying high copays for medical. Our son is special needs and our 2 oldest moved back home. I desperatly need to get a loan of 5000 dollars to keep our house in check. I’ve looked everywhere and needed the money yesterday. Please help us.

  59. susan wrote:

    I am on social security and disability pay from my employer. I desire a consolidation loan for $5900.00 dollars. My credit score is fair, and I have additional family income. Who can help me with a loan?

  60. catherine wrote:

    I am retire and unable to work I get an disable retirement check each month until the date I die. I will be drawing an disability check this year I be 62′ I just need 3000 dollar to fix my air condition and get 2 door . thank you I pray that you all will give me an chance

  61. shirley wrote:

    I need a loan for $2500. I am 68 yrs old and on Social Security

  62. Dawn wrote:

    I am 53 years old and I need a 10,000 dollar advance on my benefits income. I currently receive 2.013.86 monthly in Disability, Police Pension, and state aid. I have a terrible credit score of 530 the last I checked, but as I have been sending in applications to multiple lenders that may have changed. My benefits are automatic deposit. The home I was renting with my sister, and son had black mold, so we had to leave almost all of our possessions behind, and I need to be able to put a security deposit down on a new rental. I am more than willing to sign an automatic transfer form from my benefit source to the lender for my payments, and I understand that the interest rate will be high considering my credit history that was damaged by a family member with my information.

    Thank you for your consideration

  63. Kim wrote:

    I’m a disabled woman 58 although I work from home to assist my income. My husband just passed unexpectedly need a loan to bury him.
    willing to pay a higher interest rate as my husband is still at the morgue 9 days now. insurance will be here in 30-45 days… please he deserves to be respected and be laid to rest. looking for 3500.00 please any assistance??

  64. Clarice wrote:

    I need a loan for a medical emergency. I am unemployed, but I work from home. I sell arts and crafts. I need the loan immediately and can not open my business due to the emergency.

  65. Scottie wrote:

    My husband and i are both retired we need a small loan to purchase a decent car he recieves 2 monthly checks as do i his are a lot more then mine but combined its a reasonable amount we have hit a brick wall trying to get a 7,000 loan because of some past credit issues but we just moved and had no problem getting utilities no problem renting a place and allso no problem getting an account with southern states for propane but when ever we apply for a loan we get turned down our monthly income is just under 6000 combined a month but because we just moved it took our money down a bit and of course our vehicle decided it wasnt going to run we have bought and paid off 4 cars with the dealer we use but they allways require at least 2,000 or more for a down payment and then the monthly payment is 200 a month like i said we have purchased 4 vehicles in the past from them and never missed a payment on any of them we just need enough on a down payment and some cash to finish furnishing the place we moved in we lived in the last house for over 15 years and the landlord wife passed away and he got depressed and didnt make the payments on his property and he was foreclosed on so we had no idea we were going to have to move in less then a weeks time and a lot of our stuff had to be left behind its allways difficult to aquire up front money when you have no warning your going to need it so if theres any company willing to loan us 7,000 i will say all payments will be met on time .thank you for your time

  66. Theresa wrote:

    need to paid off credit cards

  67. Donna wrote:

    I need to pay off some smaller debits and I’m disabled ,I need more but right now 3000 would sure help.

  68. Ken wrote:

    I am retired and my wife is disabled with both getting SS and she gets SSI. We need a low interest loan to help us get caught up with utilities. We were on a utility assistance but the state dropped us due to lack of funding.

  69. Michael wrote:

    Needing $750 minimum loan for 1 year, on ssi, for medical evaluation at mayo clinic, please help

  70. Nathan wrote:

    I’m looking for a loan of $2000 with moderate interest immediately. I consolidated my credit cards and got me with a low credit rating of 341. I can make monthly payments of $200.00.

  71. C wrote:

    FINANCIAL HELP PLEASE ***** Loan of $5000 *****

    I am permanently disabled. My name is Cornell; I am in need some financial aid. I was searching for some type of foundation loan. (Bad Credit) My mother passed in 2014 and left me the house that i am holding on to. At this time i have a few personal loans to relatives that i would love to pay off. A handful of medical concerns to take care of along with medications for my heart disease and equipment to purchase for my COPD i cant afford. Property tax payment behind along with water bill , my home is now on sheriff sale. Repair my leaking roof at least patch it and some auto repairs. I am asking if there is any type of loan available to help me. I get $2000.00 month in benifits. ( Disability ) $128.90 in pension per month. I have started a drop shipping business on EBAY but no funds to get it off the ground. If you can help in any way please determine to message or call me. Thank you for your time and consideration


    (all personal information removed for privacy reasons)

  72. Patricia wrote:

    Hello, my husband and I used to have real good credit till we both at different times had to go on disability which meant we had to go without income for almost three years and could keep up with our bills. Now my husband has been in the hospital three times since June of 2017 in critical condition and still can’t find out what is causing this sepsis blood infection. We are going to have a lot of doctor and hospital bills after insurance pays. Please help. Thank You

  73. leonard wrote:

    i would like a $35000 to $59,000 loan have a paid off condo value $165,000 as collateral money to be used to upgrade condo and home repayment annually repaid in 5 to 7 years with annual payment of principle and interest over that time competitive interest no other loans except home owing $165,000 for a 1 ,000,000 value home. Want to loan?

  74. Lyle wrote:

    emergency need of cash to make sure car isn’t repo.

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