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Loans For People With Bad Credit 2018

This borrower is typical of many people who are looking for loans for people with bad credit in 2018. They lost their jobs for a short period. This was enough to cause them to miss several rent payments and their credit rating to sink into the bad category. They also did not have any emergency savings set aside.

They made matters worse by borrowing money from payday loan firms which charge high interest rates and high service fees as well. They can be even more expensive than carrying credit card debt at 21 % interest rates. All of the payday loans were taken out by the applicant. His girlfriend who lives with him was not involved and in fact her credit rating is in the good category.

They are applying for a loan together. They both have jobs and they are both making decent money from hourly wages and tips in the food service industry. He is a bartender and she is a waitress.

They are pretty serious and want to make a life together. She is willing to cosign on the loan to help her boyfriend recover from his bad credit. This is an admirable thing to do and will help him obtain a loan at more competitive interest rates than he would be eligible for on his own.

She should be aware that as cosigner, she is liable for the entire loan if for some reason they split up and he decides to not meet his loan obligations. This is an important fact that many spouses, common law partners and live ins do not realize when they cosign on a loan.

They also do not have any credit card debt and they currently do not have a credit card in either of their names. We recommend that they apply for a credit card, charge a small amount on it each month and always pay the balance on time each month. This will help over time to reestablish his credit rating. It is extremely important that they do not abuse the card and end up not being able to pay the monthly statement in full. His and her credit rating would fall even further in this situation.

We believe that several lenders would be interested in approving them for a loan even with his bad credit rating. Both must co-sign for the loan, making them both liable for the loan if the other defaults. Once they provide all of the details needed, their application will be reviewed and a decision rendered.


Home/Mortgage Loan Amount : $ 10000

Home Loan Application and Processing Speed (when do you need the funds): as soon as possible, I want to repay my pay day loans this week.

Do you currently have a mortgage? : No, my girl friend and I rent an apartment

Bank Name and Branch : Farmers & Merchants Bank, Pine Ave,

What City/Town, State and County do you live in? : Long Beach, California

Zip : 90802

What is your employment field? : Restaurant and service industry

Employment Position : I am a bartender and my girl friend is a waitress at a good restaurant here in Long Beach

When are you paid? (monthly/weekly/biweekly): Weekly

Your credit rating to be – excellent, fair, or bad? : Bad Credit rating from missing several payments and using pay day loan services.

How did you find us? : Looking online for debt consolidation loans for people with bad credit

How are you paid? (direct deposit/paper check): direct deposit and cash

Gross Amount Per Paycheck : $600 check and $600 average or more in tips per week

Do you agree to have this information published online, without your PRIVATE information of course? : sure no problem, just do not mention the restaurant where we work. I don’t want the owner of the restaurant to be concerned.

Extra information here please (some detail): We have gotten ourselves into a bit of a problem with our finances. Basically we missed several payments on utilities and the rent a few months ago. This situation of course was reported to the credit agencies and my credit rating dropped into the bad category.

We just did not have the cash to pay the bills. We were both between jobs and with no money coming in we had to decide what to pay and what not to pay. They were hard choices, but it left us with no savings and behind in our payments for the rent and the utilities. We do not have credit cards so there is no debt from that perspective.

We are all caught up now on the rent and also on the utilities. In fact to show our landlord that we are good tenants and want to stay, we are paying him in advance now. He was pretty worried at the time. He likes us and was afraid he was going to have to evict us from the apartment. Fortunately we both got jobs and were able to catch up on the rent etc.

Part of this bad time was also making some bad decisions. We decided to use a pay day loan lender. The money was easy, but very expensive. I thing overall it is more expensive even than using credit cards and carrying a balance on the card. We do not have a credit card which is probably a good thing.

I work as a bartender and make decent money now with both an hourly salary as well as tips that come in. We are a pretty busy restaurant so the tips are good and I get lots of hours. My girlfriend also works as a waitress at another restaurant close by. We are sharing the cost of the apartment, although all of the payday loans are in my name.

We would like to apply for a loan to help us repay all of the payday loan debt that I have. She is willing to also sign for the loan to help me get my credit rating back. We are pretty serious and want to make a life together. But first we have to pay off the debt and also recover my credit rating. Can you help us in this bad credit situation.

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205 Pre-apps

  1. Lesley wrote:

    My name isLesley I’m a mother of two going through a divorce after 10 years. My divorce is going on over 2 years now and I’ve been representing myself. My divorce began when a judge granted an emergency domestic violence restraining order that ordered my husband out that day after he was served by sheriffs. When he left all that he left in our bank account was $1.02 and had taken money I had put in our sons savings as well. I was given custody and control of our property. My ex was supposed to cover the expenses except mortgage home owners and property tax. I receive 667.00 a month in Disabillity but that was all I was getting for about the first year. Well he never paid anything and lied about paying any support which was ordered by the judge so things started getting shut off. As a mother this has been a nightmare. I started making payment plans for bills and borrowed from friends to get by. I filed a report with child support services so they would enforce the payment. By the time I started receiving a payment I was already sinking further into debt. Late payments came with late fees , past due fees, and penalty fees depending on the bill. When the support was finally enforced I was already on plans wanting multiple payments every month and what was coming in wasn’t close to what I needed to send out for payments. This led to more borrowing from friends. I also must mention that I’ve lost my entire family through this. Though my mother new very well of the abuse she decided to turn her back on us as a mother and grandmother and file papers as a joiner with my ex to seek rights to my son. I’ll mention again it’s been a nightmare. Family wouldn’t return calls we spent holidays alone and me scraping by for gifts. I’ve had to fight contempt charges because my son suffered PTSD and refused to go on any visits. After two years of fighting for custody,contempts,grandparents, and my divorce it’s left me no time to obtain employment to cover the expenses. Both my ex and my mother have their own attorney. The reason for my loan request is im about to settle my divorce and there is a pension, 401k from my exes employment with the union over 25 years , and division of property

  2. Ingrid wrote:

    I am requesting a 100000 loan to consolidate all my personal debt. due to the death of my father and brother, I had to assume much debt for my mom to keep her above water. Although the debts have added up for funeral expenses, medical, and other debts, I have now used all that I had to help family. I am now retired and disabled and just want to pay one monthly bill. I am not reckless with money and my credit will show that I pay my bills. I tried a company last week that took me for 1800.00 promising me a loan. I just need a reputable lender to approve my loan request. I am willing to pay as high as $2000 per month to get the deal done. I need this loan ASAP.

  3. Debra wrote:

    10, to pay an attorney i am paying in payments now…x is holding back 80, that he owes me…because he has a money and i dont…i work fulltime gross 5200..a month..and in school fulltime and work.
    And have our kids to support on my income when he owes..this 10, 000. Will help me get what he owes me..he he makes 200 a year and doesnt want to pay me..and yes i can afford the payment….

  4. mike wrote:

    I am looking for a $10,000 debt consolidation and a small home remodel loan. I have a very strong employment history and can afford a monthly payment of $300 a month.

  5. mike wrote:

    I am looking for a $10,000 debt consolidation and a small home remodel loan. I have a very strong employment history and can afford a monthly payment of $300 a month. My yearly income is 80k and I reside in Illinois.

  6. Delondo wrote:

    I would like to barrow $100,000 00 to consolidate all my debts and bills I make $3,000 a week I would pay fair intrest rate per month lump is what I’m looking for

  7. linda tidwell wrote:

    Need a $2500 loan i own house a q acre of land valur at $23,000

  8. Amanda wrote:

    I need this money for my car

  9. Pam wrote:

    I am looking for a 10,000 loan to pay off some debt. My boyfriend had lost his job 2 times and we turned to signature/payday loans also we have a lot of credit card debt. If we could get approved for this loan we could pay 300 to 350 a month and be able to build a savings so we do not get in a fix again. I have been at my job for almost 15 years and he started a new job in May of this year. If we can get back on track I will never fall into the payday loans again they are very stressful. We could do a joint application or I could try by myself. Thank you and hopefully someone can help us

  10. Jeff wrote:

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Me and my wife and three not life in a house we rent we have been here for 7 years and the last 4 years the house he been falling apart my 2 boys bedroom there floor is caving in the shower is about ready to fall into the crawl space we have to use a k-1 heater all winter and a few other Things with this house is wrong and we have never been late on our rent we have been here 7 years.we can’t get anything fixed. We were puttingourown money in it now we can’t. We have got behind on our bill because we need a stable roof for our family.we would love to get a loan so we can get caught back up on our vehicle loan we would pay our credit cards off and we found a soul e wide trailer that would be perfect for us we would be very appreciate a loan for 20000 and we would pay u back on time ever month u til its all paid off. I hope and pray that you can help our family out and get us This loan so we can get back on the right path.

  11. Marie wrote:

    I need $12000. Just completed a high conflict divorce and custody situation. Lived in area for 10 years was a home owner and have a child whom I have 100% of the time. Completed post grad education and a great steady job plus child support from a six figure salary. I am trying to pay the credits used to pay for attorney fees off at a lower rate but my credit took a huge hit. Paid everything off with the sale of the home but then the lawyer fees and survival was necessary. On my feet now and am trying to financially get in a better place to continue budilding a better life for my child and I. My job will eventually be 6 six figures but currently about $75k.

  12. Helen wrote:

    im in bankruptcy, was in hospital and rehab since june20 and hone now have a lot of medical bills. i need 3100 to catch up on my bankruptcy payments im in chap13 im senior need help asap will pay monthly back and then try to sell my condo before i lose it .

  13. Alex wrote:

    Hello to whom it may concern. I need a loan for 5000 to 10000 dollars. I have to get my debt

  14. Mary wrote:

    Need loan, poor credit

  15. John wrote:

    Need about 25k to get caught up on billed and things
    Thank you in advance

  16. Alexis wrote:

    Hello.I need help to get out of debt and to vet my credit report back on track.single parent and I need help .I need 15000 To pay off everything .thank you

  17. Don wrote:

    I’m Retired and living in California receiving monthly pensions and Social Security, I need $4500 for bill consolidations for personal loans and credit cards.Repay loan in 2 years My credit is in the Mid 500, Need Personal Loan ASAP

  18. JUANA wrote:

    I am requesting 2,500. i am in a financial bind,I was with a man who controlled me and verbally abused me, i left him 2 months ago. i need to find a place to live, i am staying in car and friends and need funds to move into a place. My credit if not good but I have a stable job working for the county for more than 18 yrs now. i can pay back monthly, please help me.

  19. Pamela wrote:

    My famly has undergone sveral hardship situations recently which have strapped me for money resources. I am working my way out of this monetary crisis, but I need help to accomplish settling my current debts. A loan for $1000 would help to secure my usual financial stability. Thank You!

  20. Maurice wrote:

    Me and my wife came in some vehicle issue and need 15,000 to get another. We have 8 kids to get around to school,sports, and an appointments. We do have bad credit and are paying somethings off to fix. Put we need this now. Can you help us? I make a little over 2 thousand a month.

  21. Bill wrote:

    My wife is chronically ill and bedridden I have a 20 year old special needs child in 2 other children. I have a great job make great money but when they’re sick and I miss work I don’t get paid I need a

  22. Bill wrote:

    I need 60000. My wife is chronically ill and bed ridden. I have a 20 year old special needs child. We Are being evicted from our rental home. I have a great job but when my wife is sick I can’t work so I don’t get paid. I’m at my wits end as to what to do. I have found a place to move to but it needs a lot of work.

  23. Armaun Bartee wrote:

    Looking for loan for 20K to 25K to payoff all debts including car. Had some issues in the past, just trying to get caught back up and have a new start.

  24. Ismael wrote:

    I need 100000 USD to pay for medical bills, I can repay the amount in no less than 3 months.

  25. Syed wrote:

    I’m trying to buy some real estate properties in my area, due to the high demand I’ll be able to flip these house in no time. The fund I currently have available isn’t enough to help me start. Need another $100,000 minimum to get the business rolling. Please help

  26. Brian wrote:

    I am a 22 year old and have fallen accountable for $16,000 worth of gambling debt. I really need some help to get my life back on track. Can you please help me.

  27. Brian wrote:

    I am a 22 year old and have fallen accountable for $16,000 worth of gambling debt. I really need some help to get my life back on track. Can you please help me.

  28. Gazarrie wrote:

    I need an emergency personal loan to pay for funeral cost

  29. Gazarrie wrote:

    I need 40,000 for an funeral cost for my big sister who passed away recently

  30. Regina wrote:

    in a financial bind need $3000.00 to pay bills please help bad credit..

  31. jason charter wrote:

    I’m 35 years old bed ridden and need it for personal care, need equipment in my home for my care worker.

  32. Desiree wrote:

    fell on some financial hard times behind on rent and credit cards bills got pay day loans and couldn’t pay

  33. betty wrote:

    i need 3500 for emergeny medical

  34. Richard wrote:

    I need a loan of up to $15000 to carry me through the next 3 months. I hav been working on a project for a startup company. Have accumulated over $50,000 in receivables.To complete this project the company has to submit to the bank the documents for the final approval. I have taken out loans over the past year but cannot get another. my credit rating is 700 b ut I have to many loans. Desperately need just a little more income to get ovet the this final delay. Have SS income at about $3000. Lost all my retirement during the financial crisis. The tecnology for this company is mine and I have not given it officially to this company. Si I can find a investor if I have to but it will take time. Help now by the end of the month

  35. charlestate wrote:

    need for overdrawn at bankretired and wife has medical issues

  36. Art wrote:

    This would be for and educational loan that can be payed back fairly quickly. I am in an advanced digital marketing school my investment is led by a coach and very precise system to move me quickly. the 6o grand is to place my business move in position to move quick. Then I will teach native children on as many reservations as possible by creating a school.

  37. Cal wrote:

    Been Employed my entire life, been through 3 divorces that have destroyed my credit. I am in need of $10,000 for personal reasons and can repay at $350/month with a fair interest rate of 16%.

  38. gloria wrote:

    hello, I’m behind on my household bills and I also owe 4 months mortgage,I could lose my home. plus I owe the IRS by Dec. 1st. I’m also late on our van by 4 months, hopefully it will not get repossessed. I do need at least $15,000. IN order for some of these monthly bills to be paid.
    I’m struggling and can’t seem to find anyone to assist me,(bank, loans) I have asked some of my family but they too are pay check to pay check. I do need assistance if you could find it in your heart to assist me. Thank you, and Blessings

  39. gloria wrote:

    Hello, I need a loan of $15,00.00I’m requesting for assistance for my household expenses for 4 months and also I’m late on my mortgage and Van payments, I’m struggling and I do need assistance

  40. Gabriel wrote:

    Hello Im in need of loan in order to get out of gambling debt in an amount of $10000

  41. Anthony wrote:

    I’m in need to pay medical bills to benift my wife’s needs Chiropractor and medicine thank you very much

  42. Shirley H. wrote:

    I am 72 years old and in desperate need of a loan. I have several emergencies that have happened in my house and do have the cash in order to get the work done. Anything you can do to help me would be greatly appreciated.

  43. Elaine wrote:


  44. Tara wrote:

    When i graduated college, i had a great deal of student debt. I had to file chapter 13 to stop collections until I could get on my feet. My former partner put $20,000 of my school debt on her credit cards and I was unable to lump that into the chapter 13. I would like to get that debt in my own name and off of my former partner. I need a loan to do so.

  45. Darnell wrote:

    Hello My name is Darnell i’m a guy that has hit a bit of bad luck. I’m looking for a loan of 5000 to help pay off some hospital bills and repo along with back rent that i have developed. My credit score is 530 everyone i have tried to borrow from says they can’t help. I can afford up to 400 a month pay back would like 3-5 years to pay back 12% Please you are my last hope thanks.

  46. Ed wrote:

    I’m looking for a consolidation loan in the amount of $60K. My credit score is very low 535.
    Hoping for a miracle here?

  47. Joy wrote:

    Can a legitimate lender please contact me.this is my last week to keep my house and help my son..I’ve been contacted however I need to have a registered legal lender or loan officer contact me. I am so heartbroken and just need help and a chance to get back on track…Hi my name is joy and I am a single mother of 4. I am looking for a loan in the amount of $10,000. I’m in need of assistance to help pay for my son’s college tuition as well as recover from a scam that was fraud but completely set me back financially and has put me in a bind and I can not even pay my rent. I am also trying to consolidate my debt. I have been blessed with a great job but cannot even move forward with all the things that have hit me all at once. I’m looking for someone to give me a second chance and a new start to get back on a good Financial path as well as provide me with a way to get back on my feet and take advantage of the great job that I have been blessed with as well as the ability to support my children they are all I have. Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to any blessing that can come my way. I am open to interest credit score had been effected so I do anticipate higher interest rates.36 25%? An expedited response would be greatly appreciated as I really need to square away my rent. Thank you . again for your consideration. I make over 6000 a month and can repay the loan at $200 a month

  48. Wayne wrote:

    Hello My name is Wayne a guy that has seemed to fall out of the bad luck tree and hit every branch. Currently going through divorce and the latest being my car dying on the way to work this morning. My car is not only important to get me to and from work, but also since I have 50% custody of my son it allows me to spend time with him and be a good father. I have tried traditional lenders with no luck. I am seeking a loan of 1500 to get transportation to get from point a to b. I can pay up to 300 a month and pay back at 12% interest. This is my last hope as I have no family

  49. THOMAS wrote:

    hi from thomas my wife has been out of work 17 month has got ajob and starts in january i make 3,051 per month veterans pension, and receive myt social security check in feb , already is sytem i am agood person but we have gotten behin on bills i need to norrow 2,000 dolars by nov 30th and pay it all back aninterest by march 1st i am agood person who has a hard 17 months without wife working, i hoep that u can help me

  50. Elizabeth wrote:

    I need a $10,000 installment loan to get caught up. I have bad credit – 587…but a good job and can pay monthly payments…although my credit history shows otherwise. Please help!!! Need $10,000!

  51. Rhett wrote:

    I need a personal Loan for roughly $15000 and my credit score is 590.

  52. Adrian wrote:

    I need a personal loan for $5,000

  53. Manuel wrote:

    Recently divorced. Looking to catch a break. with a 50-100k loan I will be debt free but have bad credit (500 fico). My kids deserve better and I am able to make payments if I can get rid of some debt

  54. Blair wrote:

    Personal loan for 8,000. I am will to pay up to 15% interest. I will only want the loan for a maximum of two years. I have fair to good credit, along with a year of payment history. The bank will not do school loans sadly.

  55. Simon wrote:

    I am seeking a loan of $80,000. I would like to consolidate some debt in addition to have some much needed work on my house. My Transunion score is the lowest at 578, but its only because my utilization is very high. If I could pay down these utilizations with this loan, Pay a lower monthly payment and use the rest for home improvement it would help significantly. My monthly income is slightly over 120K

  56. Pamela wrote:

    I need $6000 to pay off some bills and get back on track. I drive for uber full time and would be able to repay the loan monthly for 60 months if possible. I hope you can help me.

  57. albert wrote:

    I am seeking a loan of $50,000.i would like to start a buisness.My Transunion score is 650.I get a large social security and i can pay it back at 13% please approve me.thank you

  58. Morgan wrote:

    Hi my name is Morgan I am a 34 year old female from Nevada. I started gambling in August. I had a miscarriage and felt numb. I could sit for hours behind a slot machine and not feel a thing. I am ashamed of the money I
    spent and although I have since stopped gambling, I can’t catch up with my bills. I am so behind on my rent and utilities and I have guns in a pawnshop I need to get out. I have an 8 year old son and I’m barely keeping him fed. If I could just get a loan for $5,000 I could have it paid back within a year and I could be caught up and feel normal again. I made a mistake by gambling but I feel like although I’ve stopped I’m still suffering greatly. I’ve been employed at the same job for almost 2 years and my credit is poor due to my divorce and being a single mother. I’m not looking for a hand out just some short term help so I can get back on my feet.

    Thank you for your time,

  59. Megan wrote:

    We are looking for a $50,000 loan to consolidate our accounts. None of our accounts are in default, with crazy interest on accounts it is starting to make it difficult and it feels like there is no reasonable time frame to pay off them off. We have equity in our home but our value to mortgage ratio does not meet the traditional standards for refinancing with a cash out mortgage.

    Interest rate can be flexible, 3% would be ideal. Looking at a 5 year pay off, paying monthly or bi-weekly. We are a hard working public service family, can provide proof employment, pay stubs, and any other details you would like to know. Thank you for your consideration.

  60. Melissa wrote:

    I am looking for a loan of $9000.00 to consolidate all my bills into one payment. My credit score is low due to some dings on my account years ago that have been taken care of and for the credit score being looked at so many times trying to get help. I work full and would like to see if I could pay this off in 60 months so that my payment isn’t so high. I am really needing the help to get myself back on good standards making payments monthly. I really don’t want a payment every other week, I would rather have one payment per month. I understand I will have to have a high interest rate and that is fine. Thank You so much for just looking and seeing what you can do.

  61. Sandra wrote:

    I have a job that starts January 3, 2018 only getting social security until then. Other job ended in September so bills are late and I have poor payment history because I have been off and on second job all of 2017. I will be able to catch up and payoff some things after checks in January

  62. Daniel wrote:

    Need to purchase family automobile from bank. No other loans or major debt but poor credit. Good, stable job, will be able to pay back in 2 – 3 years.

  63. Daniel wrote:

    Need a loan of 12,500 to purchase my car from bank. Trapped in a loan with co-borrower and would like to own car and pay off this loan in 2-3 years. I have a good, stable income.

  64. Jordyn wrote:

    This loan will be used to get my fiance and I higher credit scores by paying off credit cards and student loan debts that are affecting our credit scores negatively.

  65. Richard wrote:

    Have run out of money while waiting for new job to start. I have a good credit up to the present but need to pay expenses for another 2 month. Currently late on Rent payment.Need $10,000. There is not much opportunity for a 82 year old to find employment.

  66. KTW wrote:

    I am selling my property and wish to obtain a loan to fix it up to a better appearance so that I can get the property at a better price. Thank you.

  67. Daniel wrote:

    Hello im Daniel in the city of Los Angeles. i am looking if i can get a loan of $6,500 i will be able to pay back in 3 Years or less $200 a month. i need the loan because of college books and classes, also for rent at my house, and i am a single parent with my daughter whos less than a year old. i work at a Metro PCS as a Technician i can fix phones tablets etc. i am also working part-time at Post-mates. i have good steady income. Thank you i hope to hear from anyone who can help!

  68. Annie wrote:

    I need $10,000for paying off some bills plus some bills that are due.

  69. barry wrote:

    I would love for someone to lend me $2000 to pay off some bills and have the ability to go to my daughters college graduation in Houston next week. I have a steady income and get paid every week.

  70. Sandra wrote:

    I am currently on social security but start a full time job in January 2018

  71. Frank wrote:

    i have found a home i would like to purchase and it needs a little love.

  72. Klaus wrote:

    I need a $1000 emergency loan to be able to pay for car repair and dental expense.
    I will be able to pay the loan back in four (or less) monthly payments.

  73. Anonymous wrote:

    I’m a teacher at Lincoln elementary going on seven years in Dayton ky and I am in need of a 3000 loan for Christmas and bills please help

  74. conway wrote:

    I am going to need close to $100,000 for debt consolidation as well as dealing with a family emergency. Someone’s life is on the line. I intend to payback the loan in short order in a matter of months. I hope to hear from someone soon!

  75. Dorothy wrote:

    1000.00 Loan at 2% interest for 12 mos.

  76. Dorothy wrote:

    I need to pay some household bills.

  77. Jas wrote:

    Circumstances Beyond My Control have put me behind my bills. Car broke down due to a recall issue with Ford costing me transportation to a job I lost. Got behind in bills and rent. Currently working but not making enough and just need a loan to get current before I lose everything. $5,000 for rent $4,600 to fix my car.

  78. andrea wrote:

    i have suffered from mental instability from hormone imbalance. I took tamoxphen after my chemotherapy/double mastectomy. i have my oncologist’s letter stating the facts…We thought it spread to my lung did not they were incorrect. Too late, i spent all our money and put us in major debt- thinking they would have my last life insurance partner of 17 years left me – it really threw me over the edge and i started gambling- to the point of all my monies are gone and i have two 20,000 loan , 10,000 loan from medical bills and gambling from depression i guess??? i have stopped gambling self-excluded my self from all casinos and on line…but i need help now. please.. i have a full time job 112,000 salary. plus bonus total at 130000 credit score only at 544

  79. Shane wrote:

    My name is Shane about $10,000 for 2 pay off debt to restylers my credit for the title of my house for $0.02 at the very most of Interest fixed income to pay the bill

  80. Richard wrote:

    I need 12,000 to pay for living and rent expenses for the next 3 months. I have been looking for work. At 82 years old nobody wants to hire me. I have several prospects. Should know in 3 months at the most. If not I will have to see if I can get help elsewere.

  81. Cody wrote:

    I need a long term loan of 8,000

  82. Jacqueline wrote:

    I need 8000.00 loan for 3 weeks. i need to payoff exizting 401 loan si i can pull out some money for much needed home and auto repairst

  83. Nakeya wrote:

    I need a loan for 75000 to pay off bills that have gotten out of control while I was out of work and going through a divorce. I have a steady job making a great salary. I just need a little help to becime debt free in 7 to 10 years

  84. Amber wrote:

    Need this loan to help my husband.

  85. Tim wrote:

    I am a 53 year old former Licensed Practical nurse who has had to quit working as a result of my symptoms becoming a safety hazard to my patients, co-workers, and myself. I had been receiving short term disability until 10/13/2017 and was informed that long term disability would start immediately afterwards.

    I’m now being told that Long term disability is likely to be denied as a “preexisting condition” even though I was diagnosed in February of 2017.
    As a nurse, I noticed symptoms in 2012 and was told by 4 neurologists that I was too young to have it.
    I am now without any income and although I have been awarded SSDI I will not received any funds until 02/21/2018.

    My husband is 81 years old and is on Social Security and receives a small stipend from Actors Equity as a result of having been a Broadway performer.

    I could really use some help over the next 3 months.

    Thank you in advance,


  86. JoAnn wrote:

    I need a loan for $1500 as soon as possible to be paid back over 6 months. I am in need of this loan for an emergency situation. I need it as soon as possible

  87. JoAnn wrote:

    I need a loan for $1500 as soon as possible to be paid back over 6 months. I am in need of this loan for an emergency situation. I need it as soon as possible

  88. Garry wrote:

    I am seeking a $60,000. loan for the purpose of consolidating debt and expanding my income with a home business. I am a retired educator with the ability to repay the loan. I also plan to increase my income with a home business.I have not been able to get anyone to help me with this so far. I have had to help my mother with repairs at her residence. I owe credit card debt and a couple of pay day loans. I also have other loans I need to pay and consolidating all these debts and moving forward with my home business would be a great relief. I would of course like to settle this as soon as possible. My fico score is 665.

  89. Klaus wrote:

    I need a loan for $2500 as soon possible to be paid back in 12 or less monthly payments. I need the funds to buy more capable software for my translation and lingual services business,create a website and other web business expenses, and some operating capital.
    I thank you in advance

  90. Jaqueline wrote:

    I need 50K, to pay for my past due to nonpayments, I can pay back, as I am planning to rent my property and live in the back studio. This year I got a raise twice so I can pay back for sure. But know my credit is ruin.

  91. Kristin wrote:

    I need a loan for a consolidation of 2 payday loans. If i cannot pay them i am not sure how i will make ends meet
    Thank you

  92. VIVIANA wrote:

    I need a loan for 4,000asap to get a vehicle. I’m a single mom. Please help

  93. Armando wrote:

    I have never asked for anything. I have been with my company over 15 years and currently on disability. I am drowning in debt from my medical bills and my sons. I am a divorced father of 4 boys that I still pay child support to. I don’t mind as they are my pride and Joy. I am going thru a rough patch my son medical bill for his cancer treatment are outrages. Kaiser has changed very much. I need help with my rent as I don’t want to fall behind on my child support. I will not ask for a specific number as anything will help tremendously. I am waiting for the doctor to release me back to work in February. I have already exhausted all my nest egg. I thing I learned if be grateful for what little you have we can end up homeless at the blink of an eye

  94. Anthony wrote:

    I’m in need of a 4000 loan I’m wanting to repair some items on my credit report so I can buy a house for my wife and daughter at the time these items went into default I was let go from my job of 14 years due to finding my mother in past away in her home didn’t cope well after talking my situation with my employer I’m back to work with a guarantee I will stay with this company until I retire. I also need to pay some court fines for my wife and would love to be able to give my children a Christmas. Im paid well and work 60 hrs a week. I have a 597 TransUnion 517 Equifax and 497 Experian. I can pay around 200 a month guaranteed want to build my credit up so I can make a better life for my wife and two children I have no rent or utilities to pay at this time currently staying with a elderly family member to keep her from being placed in a long term care facility

  95. Richard wrote:

    I need a loan of 2500 to prevent a to prevent foreclosure on my rented home. P help I am desperate. Thanks you

  96. Maria wrote:

    I am in need of a $5000 loan to bury my mom. She is in hospice right now and will not last much longer and I don’t have the funds to bury her. Cremation is out of the question because she made me promise no cremation. So I don’t know what to do. I work full time, I also get benefits, and I own my mom’s house.

  97. Debra wrote:

    i need a loan for 6 K..lost my daughter in car accident and took everything i had for her final expenses..Now im behind on my car payments and other bills..Then my fiance left me for another woomen two weeks after her passing leaving me with everything to pay..I want to pay off these bills and gt back on the right track..I have tried everywheres and knowone will help me…

  98. Karen wrote:


  99. Karen wrote:


  100. Andy wrote:

    I work in the mines, I get paid well I work 80+ hours every two weeks. I’m asking for a 4,000$ loan, so I can add a room to my house for my daughter so she can stay with me. I have a bad credit score from where I was younger, but I’m working on fixing it. Please Help

  101. Bruce wrote:

    Hello. I’m looking to borrow $40,000 to help pay off some of my debt. A.S.A.P aswell id like to find a place of my own to live. I am currently unemployed at the moment and waiting for unemployment cheques to come in. and I have poor credit. I have no cosigner and banks will not help. Please Help .I live Alberta Canada.

  102. Wil wrote:

    request loan up to 15000 travel and vacation hotel thanks

  103. Rob wrote:

    I am a disabled 73 year person my income is about 4000.00 a month this will help me have a better life

  104. scott wrote:

    i have 2 bills that are over a grand each and i have got to pay them now or i will be in court trying to save my butt plus i have a bunch of little crap bills and they are way over due so i need to do this in like a hurry if i can thank you scott

  105. scott wrote:

    last month i had someone that hacked my computer and got my stuff off my email so i had to have my system cleaned out of all the trash and other crap that was there so these people from a web clean out service just started talking through the screen at me and ask me hundreds of questions about everything that i use my computer for they said that it appears to be some of my fault that its in this shape well they told me what i had done that was so bad now i know not to do it again but the damage is already done my info is gone so i am going to have to pay someone to track my credit and my name which is even more cost so now i have 2 bills that are over 1200 each and then i have many little crap bills that i need to pay off because they are way over due so that is why i need 3200 to pay the bills off that jump up in my face while i was doing other stuff so now i must pay these 2 if i dont want to be in court defending my self from multi million dllr co,s that will eat me alive so these co,s i am in debt to for over 1200 each and last month i promised to pay but that was before i knew the feds were going to hyjack my check and keep me from paying what i owe i am on disability on permanent status but i still have many bills that i owe and these 2 have got to get out of my way so i can afford other things in my life as well i am suppose to get 1075 dollrs a month from ssdi and would if ky would keep there end of the financial bargin that we both agreed on just 3 weeks ago now they have changed there mind so its another day at the fights on thursday morn so even if they get it straighten out it will be 2 weeks before i get any replacement money from them i dont have 2 weeks to wait on the state to act as a civilized humans i must pay now as i said i would i cant back out now its to late for that so i must tell these people at the state that they cant act as though they art not in the wrong they have miss read every thing that we put together that day then the ssdi people sent me the most hateful letter ever so if not dealing with them then i must be paying them for services not received i cant say that they have ever done for me like they should have its always somebody elses fault that they screwed up so that is why i need the money i dont drink i dont smoke and have never done any type of street drug in my life so in that case i have no vices i am not trying to tell you any kind of a lie this is my life daily ether the state or the feds or even both on occasion like today i can provide you with any proof you need thank you scott

  106. Teresa wrote:

    Short story is we lost my Husbands retirement a few years ago to a failed business deal by a crook broker resulting in ruining us financially. We have been trying to catch up but just keep getting hit with set -backs & can’t catch a break. We also have two daughters & two grandkids as well as 81 year-old parents & a 60 year-old sister in poor health that we help. (Our daughters both work full time but we help with the grandkids to lower the cost of daycare whenever we are not working our FT jobs.) My husband commutes every day an hour away to work & I work full time at a job I’ve held for 10 years. We are good honest people & just wanting to get back on track. We have some overdue bills, some badly needed car repairs as well as medical procedures that need to be completed. Would like to borrow $10,000 @ 6% for 5 years. Score is 555. Thank you for your consideration!

  107. James wrote:

    I need a $6000 loan to put a roof on home.
    To buy MEDICATION for wife who is in Hearth Failure.

  108. Ed wrote:

    I’d like to borrow $100000 for debt consolidation

  109. james wrote:

    Need food.Need help to keep home.Needhelp to buy medication.We choose between ameal for a day or get medication.
    Please help.

  110. James wrote:

    Requesting 6500.00 for dept consolidation and vacation on installment loan. 615-717-7358

  111. Deborah wrote:

    Thank you for considering my loan. I am a special education teacher (11 yrs)and love what I do. I have $16000 in credit card debt and there is a reason why. My credit is fair to good (was excellent as little as 6 yrs ago). I went back for my Masters Degree in Emotional Impairments (Behavioral Disorders)which costs quite a bit. My credit card debt was under 5k. It was going fine until July 2014 when I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. I went through Chemo and am fine now. However, I was off for 6 months and my disability insurance only paid 50% of my salary. I lived off credit cards mainly. I make more than the minimum amount but the balances don’t seem to move much. I am asking for an angel loan with a fair rate. I will pay back this loan and will consent to it coming right out of my bank account every month. I am grateful for the consideration and hope to hear from you.

  112. Robbie wrote:

    I would like to get a loan for about $10,000. I fell into the trap of gambling and now finally realized how it has affected my quality of life and my family. I am now unable to pay bills and even take care of basic necessities. I have already tried payday loans and other options including cashing out my company stocks. I am not getting approved anymore for a final loan due to many open accounts even though my credit score is about 660. The loan of about $10,000 would help put me back on track. It would be enough to pay all my bills and gambling debt. Along side my income from my job, I will be able to get back on track.

  113. Robbie wrote:

    Hi, I need a loan for about $10,000.

    Why and How I ended up needing the money:
    I started off gambling small/low ($10-$25) on sports, but last year I had some success and suckered into betting higher amounts. The table turned and I was losing every week, more than I thought I ever would. At first I was able to cover my losses with my income and savings. As the weeks of losing continued I ended up getting a payday loan, a personal loan through a bank, loan from friends, and even considered pawnshops. I was able to get through because of those. I finally won again, but to just lose more than I won the following week. I ended up selling the stocks my work gave out to employees. After that, I lost more and ended up pushing off bills and got caught in a balancing act. Finally, I lost again and now out of options (can’t get approved for any loan, nobody is able to lend money, etc) and behind bills. Through this tough stretch of my life I saw the difference of how I interacted with people specially my family. I finally realized that I can’t take this stress anymore and the way that it has affected my life and my family. I am asking for a loan of about $10,000 to help me get back on track. That amount will be able to payoff money that I owe to people and my bills. Once back on track my income will be able to keep me on track and on the way to paying off everything else on my own and help me learn how to manage.

    How much I can easily payback each month: I can easily payback about $500 each month.

    Interest rate I intent to pay: I don’t really have a specific number in mind. Maybe 15-30%? I do plan to try to payoff the loan early if possible, just really need the money now.

    Credit score: about 660

    Please consider me for a loan. I know it may be hard to believe, but I’m not a stubborn person and I am done with gambling. It is not worth sacrificing my family’s trust and affect their lives. I have a decent stable job and I usually have about $1,000 of extra money monthly after bills and other expenses if I don’t gamble. Therefore I should be able to payoff the loan if I am granted one.

  114. Richard wrote:

    I need to get a 3000 loan to pay my rent.
    I have fallen behind need to catch up. Hope to have work in about one month

  115. james wrote:

    We need help to buy medication and food.


  116. Erin wrote:

    I am 36, married with 2 kids. I need a $20,000 loan to consolidate our debts and have one monthly payment. We rent a house and are both employed full time.

  117. Erin wrote:

    I was on disability for a little while after suffering an injury and it was hard to keep up on the bills. My husband and I are both employed full time. I would like a $20,000 loan to consolidate our debt into one payment. My credit is bad 550, we really need this to get out of debt. I am open to loan terms, I’d like a 2-3 year loan term.

  118. Andrea wrote:

    I am a full-time college student, and my financial aid might not go through and I need help paying my semester college tuition fee of 8,055.30 dollars. I can make payments every month or pay back in full if my financial aid does go through. I appreciate the consideration, and help!

  119. Evans wrote:

    Do you need a loan ? If yes contact us for more info.

  120. Teresa wrote:

    Just re-submitting as per instructions indicate & using original post & adding a bit as I have faith that 2018 is going to turn around for us even though it has started out a little crazy. Last weekend we lost a dear friend at age 54 whose poor wife could barely afford to cremate him. But God is good & I just know someone will find it in their heart to help us out so we can catch up & begin a new fresh year! (Orig post:) Short story is we lost my Husbands retirement a few years ago to a failed business deal by a crook broker resulting in ruining us financially. We have been trying to catch up but just keep getting hit with set -backs & can’t catch a break. We also have two daughters & two grandkids as well as 81 year-old parents & a 60 year-old sister in poor health that we help. (Our daughters both work full time but we help with the grandkids to lower the cost of daycare whenever we are not working our FT jobs.) My husband commutes every day an hour away to work & I work full time at a job I’ve held for 10 years. We are good honest people & just wanting to get back on track. We have some overdue bills, some badly needed car repairs as well as medical procedures that need to be completed. Would like to borrow $10,000 @ 6% for 5 years. Score is 555. Thank you for your consideration!

  121. james wrote:

    I need a $6000 loan for bills and medication and food.Please help.

  122. gloria wrote:

    Hello, ill like to ask for $10,000.00. I have monthly bills. and I have been late on some, like Pacific Gas and Electric, phone, propane, and some of my vehicle payments and mortgage.
    I made the mistake of changing banks for our direct deposit. the bank that I wanted to change our deposit to never received our deposit, so this was a mess for two months, in these two months without our money made everything late, bills and all, this was miserable. one bank wanted us to start a loan modification, and after filing paper, was turned down. and this took two and a half months. but in the mean time I paid what I could on all bills. we still owe IRS, making payments, but its tough. I didn’t realize that being without was so emotional and draining on a person. i finally had one of the banks to have our deposits corrected. but by then I was so far behind on bills, phone rang and letters kept coming. but I prayed day and night for some relief. kindly keep my husband and myself in mind, I would appreciate your assistance. Blessings g & r

  123. Leslee wrote:

    need a loan car about to be repossed

  124. gloria wrote:

    good afternoon, I’m in need of a loan for my monthly bills that i have gotten behind on. i owe at least 3 months on these bills. i came up short because i made the mistake of changing banks and that caused confusion on transferring the small balance i had. i applied for a loan modification and was denied. i have asked for another loan, but haven’t heard from them. 10,000.00 would be helpful, for 24 months@ $357.14 per month. i would greatly appreciate the loan. and i would pay this back faithfully. blessings

  125. Chandra wrote:

    I’m in need of a loan for 5000.00 in order to put down on a home for my mother along with my 3 children, I had to quit my job to stay home and care for my mother .I recently had to make the decision to have her right leg amputated due to an infection or send her to hospice. I chose life for mom and she has reached her 100 days with her insurance and has to leave the rehabilitation center, unfortunately I have lost everything including a home for me and my kids. We have been homeless since Nov 2017 please help if you can.

  126. Cinda wrote:

    I need to borrow 400. this week can repay it February 1, 2018. I need to replace my refrigerator and I am 400.short.

  127. Cheryl wrote:

    I would like a consolidation personal loan of $100,000

  128. Manmeet wrote:

    Hello I need 70 k for 25 years. i have a decent job.


  129. Teresa wrote:

    Haven’t had a response other than my Pre-App has been approved so I am resubmitting as I am also more than willing to accept a lesser loan amount with higher interest if need be in order to get a loan and just get ahead so we may begin to get back on track. Would like to do this ASAP – Please contact me. Thank you!
    Just re-submitting as per instructions indicate & using original post & adding a bit as I have faith that 2018 is going to turn around for us even though it has started out a little crazy. Last weekend we lost a dear friend at age 54 whose poor wife could barely afford to cremate him. But God is good & I just know someone will find it in their heart to help us out so we can catch up & begin a new fresh year! (Orig post:) Short story is we lost my Husbands retirement a few years ago to a failed business deal by a crook broker resulting in ruining us financially. We have been trying to catch up but just keep getting hit with set -backs & can’t catch a break. We also have two daughters & two grandkids as well as 81 year-old parents & a 60 year-old sister in poor health that we help. (Our daughters both work full time but we help with the grandkids to lower the cost of daycare whenever we are not working our FT jobs.) My husband commutes every day an hour away to work & I work full time at a job I’ve held for 10 years. We are good honest people & just wanting to get back on track. We have some overdue bills, some badly needed car repairs as well as medical procedures that need to be completed. Would like to borrow $10,000 @ 6% for 5 years. Score is 555. Thank you for your consideration!

  130. Marvin wrote:

    hi , I’m a business owner and looking forward to get a loan to open another one . I need 100k and have proof of my business income to open a franchise .

  131. Darryl wrote:

    I’m in need of a loan that would turn things around for my family. My wife and I recently celebrated the birth of our first child. Considered a high risk pregnancy, the stress was unimaginable. She was in so much pain throughout, making everyday compiled with never ending stress. With a month to go, she was in so much pain that I didn’t give her an option and took her to the hospital. The second day of tests and scans, the doctor in charge of our issues decided best if they induced labor. We were there another 7 days, medications causing insane nausea, so bad that the first bite of salad I brought her led to a puke bag. Finally she was far enough into the labor that we could move forward with the birth. That’s when the doctor decided after only 2 hours his shoulders were too wide, and it would be better to just have a Cesarean birth. While I’d be lying if I said watching our son taken out wasn’t the most horrid and traumatizing sites I’ve ever seen, at the same time? It was the happiest I’ve been other than our wedding. We’d had an amazing 3 months with him, strangely was actually happy to be woken by him at 4 A.M. almost every day. He wanting nothing but attention and someone to play with him. However, we were left paddling up shits creek a few months ago. Driving home, a car accident put my car out of commission, nothing to remember by it other than waking up in the hospital, asking for my phone to call my wife and let her know why I wasn’t home, and a remaining balance owed to the dealership. Thank god neither my wife nor son were in the car, although hospitalized for some fractured ribs and a few staples in the back of my head, everyone was safe. Unfortunately, our insurance decided we needed something to stress over. They refused to cover the vehicle, putting us with a monthly payment on a nonexistent vehicle. This also left stressed financially, leaving us without a reliable income. 90% of my job was driving up and down the 101, and without a car… there was no way to work. I still have an ability to get back to it whenever capable, but with a low 500’s credit score thanks to medical bills only halfway paid by insurance, there’s no way to get funds without insane APR’s that would end up more than the money owed. This began stressing both my wife and I out. If I’m unable to work, what about the rent? The monthly payments on the totaled vehicle? The payments and insurance on my wife’s car? The things we need to be getting for our son on a consistent basis (Infant clothing apparently fits about as long as ice cream will stay frozen on the stove!)? We have been beyond stressed for about three months now, causing unnecessary arguments about unimportant topics, to her having trust issues on whether I could be dependable with financially taking care of our son. This situation has made it either hard, or damn near impossible to get work done; it’s caused us to begin drifting apart. It’s gotten to the point where she has begun moving her things to her parent’s house, which happens to be over 80 miles away. This also means our son goes along with her. Without being able to put enough into her account to cover bills under her name, or a way to continue working the distance I do to cover rent, groceries, or payments to the dealership on my last car, I’m afraid our marriage will be ending sooner than later. Helping me with a loan will get me back to work, and could not only save our marriage. It would also make it so I could be present for my son during important stages of development, hopefully hearing the first words, seeing the first steps, and making sure he is taken care of with everything he needs. I’m in need of about 18-20 thousand dollars, which would cover the down payment on a much needed form of transportation for work and it’s daily commute, a mattress for the crib we’ve yet to assemble, and straighten out the bills we haven’t been able to handle with money regretfully borrowed from family. This would get some past due bills taken care of, and would get me back to work, closer to once again stress free. Besides getting back to work, I could once again offer my wife and son a house that doesn’t have an uncomfortable cloud of uncertainty floating over it. A reason for my wife to see me as the guy she fell in love with again, and a father beyond grateful to be back in the life of his son’s everyday life. If anyone could get back to me with an offer, you’d be helping more than you would ever know.
    – D

  132. Scott wrote:

    Hi my name is Scott I am looking to get $8000 to put down on a home I just lost my grandma that I have taking care of for the last five years. The bank is taking her house back I get SSDI from the state and trying to work part time to get some money to help me out but in need $8000 for a down payment And can pay it back at $150 at a time this would really help out in this hard time thank you very much. my part time job pays weekly if i get this money the house payments would be $290 a month and i dont have any more bill at this time light for the home would be around $100 a month

  133. Johnny wrote:

    I am a subcontractor and I install kitchens. When the winter hits my work declines. It’s been a very rough winter. The bills keep rolling in and I’m finding it hard to keep my head above water. If someone could help me get the amount I need in would be eternally greatful. I have so much to lose, I don’t want to lose anything. As a man it’s troubling going from high to very low financially. I want to make sure my wife and kids don’t have to worry about anything.

  134. Nette wrote:

    I am in need of 10-Year 100,000.00 Consolidation Loan Now! I’m able to payback using 10 years of my pension. I do not want to ruin my life by using Mark Corbett, Director Of Marketing
    Bradling Company, They want me to do a Pension Pay advance with terribly high interest rates. This will put me at a huge disdvantage. I really need to get back on my feet again due to my disability! If I can use My monthly pension income is $3,765.00 to pay you this will help me tremendously take care of all my current debts which makes my monthly expenses $2,647.00. Thank You!

  135. Ken wrote:


    I am looking for a loan of 180,000 or higher to consolidate my debt, help with my business. I am divorced and this has hurt me financially. I could give a long list on how I lost it all in the divorce, but I just want to get to a place to happier times and moving forward.

    The market where I live is strong and my ability to make enough to cover the loan at 16% to 18% is there. If you can provide a loan higher than 180,000 then I can repay at 22%.

  136. Ken wrote:

    Hello I need a loan of 180,000 as follows

    60,000 for debt consolidation

    60.000 for personal

    90,000 for business line of credit and expansion

    30,000 to help float as invoices are paid.

    I had some. Divorce and health issue impacted my finances. Medical bills and debt has escalated my need for help and traditional lending will not work

    I was on my way to getting my credit score improved and bills paid when I became sick and within a couple of months I needed to find a service like this for help. It is true just a paycheck away from homelessness can happen.

    I can easily pay 4,800 dollars a month as I’m located in an area where my services are greatly needed. I can show revenue for the months before I became sick so you can see that I can repay.

    My vehicle was taken and I need this for my work I am a contractor and real estate reins bring in great money.

    I JUST Need help so that I can get back to making my goals and life happen. It hasn’t been easy after the divorce but getting my business started has been a shining light. Please someone give me this break. With the right funding I would be able to increase my repayment amount. This help would let me reach my goals.

    Thank you

  137. Sherri wrote:

    I need a $400 loan as I just relocated to Texas and I had to spend more out of pocket money for the move. The $400 is for basic necessities food, toilet paper, household supplies to hold me over until payday. My monthly income comes from my retirement (Calpers) monthly I receive 3,048 and I also receive an additional $460 from SSA disability this check comes in on the third Wednesday of each month. My rent is $1273, my car payment is $300, car insurance $125, electricity $60. I am able to repay the loan back,over a four month period at $100 per month, plus any fees.

    Thank you

  138. Tim Blohm wrote:


    I am looking for a loan of 25,000 for the following reasons:

    Pay off medical bills

    Purchase a reliable used vehicle to replace my existing vehicle that cannot pass smog (it would cost more to repair than the vehicle is worth)

    Get braces for both of my sons

    Get my Contractors license to improve my business opportunitis

    Do improvements around the home

    A little bit about my situation. My wife of 32 years has had several medical issues over the last 13 years that have caused her to not be able to continue working,(spinal fusion surgery, foot surgery, hysterectomy, and depression) the most impactful being her depression. This makes me the only bread winner. I make 4500 gross per month, but after taxes and insurance, my take home is only 3200, with rent half of that. After utilities and food, there is very little left. I have cut cable to save money, but the utilities keep going up. While we have 2 vehicles, really only one is reliable, and it needs work. On top of all of that myself and my sons need dental work, I have bills that need to be paid (medical) and my stress level is pretty high. There are other avenues I would like to pursue to help my finances, like becoming and independent contractor/producer. I would need funds to set that up for licensing and tools. I can assure you that any funds received will be used in a productive way. I just need help. Of course I can repay the loan, but it would take a little longer than usual. If the money loaned improves my financial situation, then of course it could be repaid sooner. This is the first time I’ve ever done this so I hope there is enough information here. Please feel free to contact me for any further information.

  139. Bob wrote:

    Need a ten thousand no collateral loan monthly repayment

  140. Roberta wrote:

    I am seeking 50000.
    We need to make minor repairs to our house. it is over 100 yrs old but in stable condition. I have two sons, one is a licensed plumber and the other a licensed electrician that will help in the improvements. We are doing the work ourselves. we need a cash reserve for purchases over 1000 dollars. this is what we spend in a month on home improvement because we have no reserve cash. Looking to do work from cellar to roof. Kitchen is in need of cub boards, counters, new or used appliances and new floor. We would love to flip it, but if we are happy with results may decide to live here.

  141. Veronica wrote:

    I am seeking 5000. I need to pay off some debt.

  142. Jessica wrote:

    Seeking a $30,000 loan to consolidate all payday and cash advance loans. My credit is not great (in the high 400s), but I have a steady job and can prove that I can make a payment of up to $600-700/month. Please help. I’d like to get back on my feet and live.

  143. James wrote:

    I would to clear up all my credit cards and have money to up fix up my home.

  144. D wrote:

    I need $10,000 loan to relocate my family after a total lost water damage in our rental home. I had to file for bankruptcy because of the total lost plus during that time I was on workers comp. Just building credit.

  145. Shannon wrote:

    I need help. I got myself into some gambling trouble. It was due to stress at work and not having control of my life. I am currently facing eviction(process has already started) and I need a $3500 loan immediately. I make $6000 a month. I am willing to pay the high interest rate that comes along with this because my credit is not the best. Please help.

  146. kathrine wrote:

    seeking $30,000 loan to pay back personal family loans.I have a good steady job with no living expences. I can pay $700 a month comfortabaly.

  147. Stephanie wrote:

    Seeing a 25k loan with a fixed interest rate to consolidate multiple high interest online loans.

  148. Allen Cook wrote:


  149. alonzo white wrote:

    I’m seeking a 6000 dollar loan I can pay back 175 a month

  150. Brett wrote:

    I am looking for a 10000 dollar loan for two reasons, 1 to pay for the parts that I need to start a small business, 2 To get all the other things in order.

  151. Brett wrote:

    My Credit score is 621 and I live in Ada Oklahoma, I need 24 months to pay back. I need it Asap.

  152. Nancye wrote:

    Emergency health issues and huge SCAM have me in NEED of $3200 loan. Credit is not looking good partially because I hace not gone avout the process correctly. I need approximately 24 months to repay my loan.

  153. Dallas wrote:

    I have always done an raised my kids an give them a great life even tho was times of hardship workinging in steel mill for 20 years now a few years back after kids done left home was hunting and fell with gun an ended my life had frever getting leg shot off now im disabled an realy needing about 5000 to get my house back to livable shape I can easily pay 450 month for 24 to 48 months if possible ive never depended on no one but I would realy bless to heaven if could get my life an home safe and bill free agan thank you so much

  154. Dallas wrote:

    Im saddned every day thinking of how things I need to hav done an catch back up on bills since was shot an lost wife is sad to deal with when home and behind on bills ruins your day all the time dealing with it

  155. Nancye wrote:

    NOTE::: NEED ASAP . In bank by 2/28/18/

    Please let me know if this is impossible.



  156. Jennifer wrote:

    I need $10,000 to consolidate cc debt, payday loan and medical bills. Foolishly, I thought the payday loans would help. They are eating me alive because I have been ill and fallen behind. I am trying to get better, work more hours but I need helpl

  157. Ivy wrote:

    my experian credit score with fico scores, run between 580 and 605.
    i need 65,000 to cover and pay off my current credit card bills, also, I’ve been sick and collect Social Security. I also need the money to pay off hospital, doctors and more.

  158. Teresa wrote:

    Adding to my previous posts that I received “You’re Pre-approved” and then nothing else. Since then – I was able to get the new tires my husband desperately needed on his car and was working on trying to get the brakes for my car done but while driving home in pouring rain I hydroplaned and wrecked into a center median taking out 3 of 4 tires and rims and waiting to hear that the suspension is ok. So now I have the brakes AND $1,000 deductible to pay for. My 8 year old granddaughter attempted suicide & we’ve had her in the hospital so our out of pocket is mounting as we are her guardians and our insurance will only cover so much of the $1,800/day cost. AND now last night I couldn’t see a sign in my blind spot when I pulled thru the drive thru at CVS and hit it with the rental car I’m in so now I will have another $1,000 deductible plus property damage to pay CVS for the sign. I LITERALLY have a black cloud following me around and cannot get ahead. I am willing to discuss any and all loan options if someone would please consider us. Thank you & I hope to hear from you as I know you have many options of people in need to pick from here on this sight.

    Haven’t had a response other than my Pre-App has been approved so I am resubmitting as I am also more than willing to accept a lesser loan amount with higher interest if need be in order to get a loan and just get ahead so we may begin to get back on track. Would like to do this ASAP – Please contact me. Thank you!
    Just re-submitting as per instructions indicate & using original post & adding a bit as I have faith that 2018 is going to turn around for us even though it has started out a little crazy. Last weekend we lost a dear friend at age 54 whose poor wife could barely afford to cremate him. But God is good & I just know someone will find it in their heart to help us out so we can catch up & begin a new fresh year! (Orig post:) Short story is we lost my Husbands retirement a few years ago to a failed business deal by a crook broker resulting in ruining us financially. We have been trying to catch up but just keep getting hit with set -backs & can’t catch a break. We also have two daughters & two grandkids as well as 81 year-old parents & a 60 year-old sister in poor health that we help. (Our daughters both work full time but we help with the grandkids to lower the cost of daycare whenever we are not working our FT jobs.) My husband commutes every day an hour away to work & I work full time at a job I’ve held for 10 years. We are good honest people & just wanting to get back on track. We have some overdue bills, some badly needed car repairs as well as medical procedures that need to be completed. Would like to borrow $10,000 @ 6% for 5 years. Score is 555. Thank you for your consideration!

  159. Laredo wrote:

    need the money to pay all bills off and to just to pay one bill

  160. Brenda wrote:

    I am requesting a short-term personal loan for $17,000. I am a single woman with a lot of financial responsibilities after a recent divorce and I am currently on workman’s comp after being assaulted by a patient at the state hospital where I work. I expect to go back to work soon. I am not delinquent on my bills and my credit score is decent I just need to get over this bump in the road. Thank you.

  161. Sharon wrote:

    I switched jobs and had to pay back back assessments for my pension carrying over. I am so behind ..I need money to pay a few tickets and two bills. I;ve been working overtime the past two weeks like crazy but I dont have the money until next payday. I need to have money in the bank to catch up all I need is 1000.00 . Im a hard worker with terrible credit. Please consider me I can pay 200a month back. I really need help.

  162. Sandra wrote:

    I would like to borrow 15000. to consolidate credit card debt and to take care of outstanding debt that’s on my credit report. I would like to pay this off in 1 year my income is 81000 a year net income 6500 a month.

  163. Shirley wrote:

    I need $6000 to pay off high interest rate loans with payments totaling $803. I need one lower loan payment.

  164. Calvin wrote:

    Need for payoff utility bills

  165. melinda wrote:

    i need 10,000 to consolidate and remodel home at a reasonable rate payback text me at 931/200/6770

  166. melinda wrote:

    I need 10,000 to consolidate and remodel home at a reasonable rate of pay back

  167. James wrote:

    Need a loan to help keep house out os foreclose.Pay doctor bills.
    Wife is in hearty failure.


  168. Warren wrote:

    Need a 10000 loan to stabilize finances. By credit is bad but if I can get this loan it will start a path to fix it.

  169. PRISCILLA wrote:


  170. Brenda wrote:

    I am requesting a loan of $17,000. I have income and my credit is good. I am in a temporary financial slump. After I get out of this I don’t care to ever borrow again. I want to avoid financial traps at all costs!

  171. SHA wrote:

    Really need a loan. I’m so behind Nd Im under so much stress. 1000.oo would do me wll. I have bad credit

  172. Melissa wrote:

    Need a loan to consolidate debt

  173. John wrote:

    I need a $10,000 dollar loan to pay off some outstanding debit. I make $65,000 a year I would like to pay back over 2 years.

  174. Virginia wrote:

    I am looking for a loan in the amount of 8000 to get rid of a high interest loan. I have a job and get paid every 2 weeks. my credit score is around 500 the last time I looked.

  175. mike wrote:

    I am looking for a term loan for $125.000 to start 3 business that are located together in a small plaza.

  176. Christal wrote:

    I am looking for a loan to pay off my credit card debt and boost my FICO score. My husband and I both have high interest cards and are looking for a $2500 loan to pay them off plus other bills.We are both disabled and on a fixed income. All we need is the above amount to get to give us a boost. We are willing to pay over a year or two

  177. CHRISTAL wrote:

    I am looking to borrow $2500 to pay off credit cards and boost my FICO score. My husband and I are on a fixed income but only want to have one monthly payment.

  178. Denise wrote:

    Looking for a second chance. I finally have a great job that pays good, but need to up my credit score as I want to be in good standing, knowing now I have the income to do so and find someone who will work with me and trust me now that I can afford to pay off a loan on my own

  179. Stefan wrote:

    I am in need of a $50,000 personal loan ASAP! Have incurrrd a large amount of debt due to a illness. I am wanting to pay off all debt and have one monthly payment a month. I live in Wilsonville, Oregon.

  180. Debi wrote:

    Seeking personal financing for medical reasons.

  181. Kris wrote:

    Looking for a $10,000 loan to pay off my credit card debt, medical bills, pay down the balance on my car and have a cushion in my savings account. I am open to any installment loan term and have a great long term career, so I have the ability to pay back a loan.

  182. Jim wrote:

    I Would Like A Consolidation Loan For $100000. I am in the final stages of building
    my house. We my wife and I bring in around 50k a year. We live in Antlers, Oklahoma

  183. Sheila wrote:

    I’m looking for a bad credit loan for my emergent financial situation. I’m requesting with no pre-payment penalties.

  184. Sheila wrote:

    I forgot to mention in the previous request that I’m requesting $15,000 to help my daughter and I get into a better financial situation.

  185. Monica wrote:

    I am in need of a $6,000 personal loan to pay past due bills. I fell behind while in nursin school and fell into the payday loan trap. I now have a steady income through full time employment. My credit score is around 520. I live in Texas.

  186. francis wrote:

    i have a credit rating in the 800s . i am looking to take a personal loan out on my wife’s student loans. (60,000) household income is very good but we can perhaps save money by consolidating and pay it off faster with a personal loan

  187. malcolm wrote:

    I would like a loan in the amount of $5000.00.

  188. abigail wrote:

    I need a loan to stay solvent at this time.
    I had an unusual disruption during my paying sessions that will not occur again. I need your help to climb back up on the top of the
    economic scale. Thank you.

  189. Karen wrote:

    Hi, I am looking for a loan for 20,000 to do urgent repairs to the plumbing and heating and air to the house and are hoping you could help. Thanks

  190. Suzanne wrote:

    I am in desperate search for an installment loan in the amount of $600 to pay some past due bills.

  191. Lisa wrote:

    Got behind in my sons school tuition and they cannot finish out the school year unless the rear is paid, and needed by April 9th. Got behind because I had to pay for my sisters cremation because she did not have any insurance

  192. Rosemary wrote:

    I need to borrow 9000.00 to pay off car and personal bills

  193. Rosemary wrote:

    Just need a small loan to get caught up.

  194. Jay wrote:

    I have payday loans that are past due and I need to do a few repairs to my home. I need to borrow 15000 to get my credit right and fix my home. My credit score is 560 and has a bankruptcy on it.

  195. Norma wrote:

    A widow for 2 yrs. on social security and I have gotten behind some – would like to get all caught up and keep up – only paid once a month – need to make low installment payments so I can pay the loan back and on time.

  196. Norma wrote:

    I didn’t say what I would like to borrow – $5000 – if I could make a payment no more than $200 per month

  197. Devin wrote:

    I am looking to get a $7,500.00 loan to get a cosmetic breast augmentation done this summer. I have a credit score of 630 and due to being young and not having very much credit history I have had a hard time getting approved.

  198. Melody wrote:

    I am a 22 year old with less than perfect credit. I am also a type 1 diabetic and cant afford my medical supplies, car payments, rent, and doctors visits, I need to pay back my medical bills as well as my outstanding rent balance, I am behind and just cant catch up, I am looking to barrow 10,000 as soon as possible, I’m very close to running out of insulin. Please help.

  199. Brenda wrote:

    I am in extreme hardship condition now due to large unexpected medical and dental costs. I also now have been scammed trying to get a low credit low income loan for disabled. They took everthing I have. I cannot pay this months bills or rent for May, I have been on disablilty for over 18 years now and really need help. I am looking for 10000 and can pay back about 275 a month.

  200. Jay wrote:

    I got scammed out of a lot of money and had to take out payday loans to cover my bills now that I’m not working I’m in need of 15000 loan to pay off my debts so I can end up having the money to fix my home.

  201. Janie wrote:

    I am a senior citizen, still working part-time and receiving Social Security benefits, with credit score 560 or so. Had surgery in November 2016. Still paying my portion of medical payments, but not able to pay off. Also, recently had car repairs (financed for approximately $2,000 total. My car is 12 years old and cannot buy new one. I really cannot find financing because of low credit score and family members cannot help. Total debt is $21,700 which includes paying off medical bills, repair loans on car, collateral car loans, funeral home loan, and other smaller miscellaneous loans. Just wish someone would be able to help me.

  202. Kim wrote:

    I am a nurse. I work in open heart surgery.
    I have ruined my credit…I had to stop working for 3 years to car for my Dad who had Alzheimers Disease. I live on credit cards and high interest loans. I have a good income but I get paid weekly…approx. $2100. It is not enough to pay bills due at the time so I am always behind. I want to apy off my debts and can pay $4000/month for 2 years.
    I can pay $4000.00 for 24 months…or $1000 weekly for 24 months..up to $96,000,
    I do not have collateral to cover this amount but my life insurance would be more than enough to cover. I own my home but it is financed with the owner for a year until I get my credit up and debt down. I have approx. $20,000 that I will be getting but not sure of dates..approx. 90 days that would go toward this loan to pay off sooner. My mom lives with me and carng for her is my responsibility. My getting out of debt means the world to her and would give us quality time to spend doing fun things together.
    I appreciate any and all help.

  203. roy wrote:

    I need 10000 to pay off credit card other bills I work for the same company for 27yr

  204. Teresa wrote:

    I am attaching my original posts (below) from earlier this year just so one may read the goings on in our family. Needless to say 2018 has proved to be a challenging one so far.

    Just after I submitted my request in March my granddaughter who is only 8 attempted to hang herself. It is unimaginable to think one so young could even grasp that concept but she did and fortunately was unsuccessful. We had to admit her to a facility for adolescents and get her the necessary counseling and treatment which has and will be ongoing.

    My daughter is a single Mom and while the insurance that was in place at that time covered some of it there has still been much out of pocket expenses.

    On a good note my husband found a job in our city and no longer has to commute an hour back and forth to work every day, however, he did take a cut in his salary.

    Since my first posts we really have hustled to sell “stuff” we didn’t need to help pay medical bills and catch up on other bills, car repairs etc. (approx. $4,800 worth!) but we are still struggling to get to where we need to be and our sources are tapped out.)

    We are currently renting a home and are in the mode to downsize even further which will put us in a much better position financially however, we have no savings and therefore no way to pay a deposit and first month’s rent to facilitate moving to put ourselves in that better financial scenario. Plus we are still making medical bill payments.

    Our TU credit scores are 583 & 586 and we bring home a combined net monthly of $8417.00. I am interested in borrowing $4,000.00 for 3 years @15% – (payments would be $62.80 Bi-Weekly)

    This is very doable for us and would help us tremendously. Your consideration is greatly appreciated.

    Previous Posts…
    (3/2/18) Haven’t had a response other than my Pre-App has been approved so I am resubmitting as I am also more than willing to accept a lesser loan amount with higher interest if need be in order to get a loan and just get ahead so we may begin to get back on track. Would like to do this ASAP – Please contact me. Thank you! (01/22/18)Just re-submitting as per instructions indicate & using original post & adding a bit as I have faith that 2018 is going to turn around for us even though it has started out a little crazy. Last weekend we lost a dear friend at age 54 whose poor wife could barely afford to cremate him. But God is good & I just know someone will find it in their heart to help us out so we can catch up & begin a new fresh year! (Orig post: 01/07/18) Short story is we lost my Husbands retirement a few years ago to a failed business deal by a crook broker resulting in ruining us financially. We have been trying to catch up but just keep getting hit with set -backs & can’t catch a break. We also have two daughters & two grandkids as well as 81 year-old parents & a 60 year-old sister in poor health that we help. (Our daughters both work full time but we help with the grandkids to lower the cost of daycare whenever we are not working our FT jobs.) My husband commutes every day an hour away to work & I work full time at a job I’ve held for 10 years. We are good honest people & just wanting to get back on track. We have some overdue bills, some badly needed car repairs as well as medical procedures that need to be completed. Would like to borrow $10,000 @ 6% for 5 years. Score is 555. Thank you for your consideration!

  205. bonnie wrote:

    really just need a quick fix i have fallen behind but can afford a loan payment once i pay off little debts cancer is what caused my failure to keep up

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