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Listing Best Bad Credit Lenders – Easiest and Fastest Approval Process

Which bad credit lenders are the best, and which bad credit lenders have the easiest and fastest approval process? Well, the question you should be asking yourself is, “Which bad credit lenders are legitimate lenders and are not loan sharks?” This is the reality of the borrowing process and this is what many young borrowers do not understand these days (so it seems). We need to be wary of so-called quick lenders who claim to approve loans really fast and with the easiest approval process. They may have the quickest approval process, but do you fully understand what the stipulations of the lending agreement are?

Here at CLF we get allot of people looking for bad credit loans. We see hundreds of thousands of visitors on this web site every month looking for a loan when their credit rating/score is seriously damaged – in some cases, to the point of being hopeless. Well, we have a question for our visitors.

The two questions our underwriters ask the most is,

“Where do these bad credit borrowers finally get approved?” OR;

“Do these bad credit borrowers EVER get approved?

Basically, we want to know if there are many happy endings out there for the borrowers that see and read our posts. How many visitors to CLF finally find some success online and offline? Are the borrowing tips we share being utilized, and have we helped bad credit applicants finally succeed in getting approved for a loan with a fair APR.

So please leave your comment and answer the questions as presented here;

  • did you get approved for a bad credit loan online?
  • did you get approved for a bad credit loan with a local bank or private lender?
  • what was the APR on the loan (annual percentage rate)?
  • how fast was the loan made to you?
  • how easy was the borrowing process?
  • how much did you borrow?
  • what is the frequency of payments?
  • what was your FICO score at the time of applying/borrowing?
  • have been employed at the same place for the last 3 years?
  • have you lived at the same address for the last 3 years?
  • no collateral loan, or a collateral loan?
  • what State in the USA do you live?

That is not allot of questions to answer, and it would greatly help new borrowers understand that they are not alone in their frustration, and give them a rough idea – whether or not they will be approved for the loan they need.

Making a List of Best Bad Credit Lenders

We want an entire list of bad credit lenders to be displayed on this post before we are done. We need your information first though. So we encourage you to leave a comment and leave the name of the lender (company that gave you the bad credit loan).

You don’t need ALL of the information listed above, but we would appreciate a much info as possible. Feel free to NOT use your real name in order to protect you identity. We just want to know if you finally got approved for your loan, and how much the borrowing cost (in interest) is over the time of the loan.

The details on the financial product is critical to having a qualified list of bad credit lenders on CLF. Unless you have a thorough understanding of what other borrowers have experienced, you won’t be able to make sound decisions on the kind of loan you need.

Our list of bad credit lenders will be listed by the best reviews so we can truly identify the very best. Without your participation we won’t be able to list the best bad credit lenders in the United States. We’re not including territories here either – just States as listed below;

Alabama: AL / Alaska: AK / Arizona: AZ / Arkansas: AR / California: CA / Colorado: CO / Connecticut: CT / Delaware: DE / Florida: FL / Georgia: GA / Hawaii: HI / Idaho: ID / Illinois: IL / Indiana: IN / Iowa: IA / Kansas: KS / Kentucky: KY / Louisiana: LA / Maine: ME / Maryland: MD / Massachusetts: MA / Michigan: MI / Minnesota: MN / Mississippi: MS / Missouri: MO / Montana: MT / Nebraska: NE / Nevada: NV / New Hampshire: NH / New Jersey: NJ / New Mexico: NM / New York: NY / North Carolina: NC / North Dakota: ND / Ohio: OH / Oklahoma: OK / Oregon: OR / Pennsylvania: PA / Rhode Island: RI / South Carolina: SC / South Dakota: SD / Tennessee: TN / Texas: TX / Utah: UT / Vermont: VT / Virginia: VA / Washington: WA / West Virginia: WV / Wisconsin: WI / Wyoming: WY

Regardless of the State you are living and working in, your bad credit rating will effect your chances of loan approval. Gone are the days when loans were approved based on what the bank thinks of you as a person. It’s all completely mathematical these days. No consideration is taken regarding where you are living because the approval decision is made in a central location in just one of the States.

What the Best Bad Credit Lenders (Banks) Look Like

The best lenders are ones the take as little time as possible to approve your loan, but at the same time, are the most thorough. The best does always mean the easiest either. Some of the best lenders out there may turn you down for approval quickly. This means that your FICO score is much to low, and they can see that you are a “high risk borrower”. They may be doing you a favor, AND them a favor, by not adding any more to your personal debt load. It may be time to stop borrowing, and start earning. I know that may not be what you want to hear because you need a loan really really fast, and you are really really desperate to get the money in your bank account today. Remember that it may not be the end of the world for you if you don’t get approved.

The best lenders who give loans to people with really bad credit ratings, are also ones that can be seen as “the best” by the people who are lending the money – investing (pooling) money with a bad credit broker. The broker will pool money from companies and individuals who want to capitalize on the bad credit ratings of local borrowers. There is big money to be made in lending money to high risk borrowers that the bank(s) won’t approve. Usually this kind of lending and borrowing is based on a real estate deal whereby the bad credit borrow is lent the money for a house privately and has to pay extremely high interest rates. These borrowers have to have a certain amount of equity in the property, and if they ever default or skip out on their financial responsibilities, the lender(s) assume the equity, and sell the property to another bad credit applicant for the same high fees. Rather a nasty business really don’t you think? This is not the best thing for the borrower – it’s the best deal for the lender.

The other thing the best lenders do is have excellent customer service and don’t hide clauses in their lending agreements that are designed to take advantage of a “low-information” borrower, or a borrower who never thought to read the fine print. A good lender will explain thoroughly to the borrower (you) where you stand, and how much you will be paying in interest over the full term of the loan. They will explain in detail why your interest rate is higher than other borrowers, and they won’t be sneaky with their loan agreement in any way, shape, or form.

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87 Pre-apps

  1. Timothy A. wrote:

    I live in Arkansas, and work in Texas. I have only been at my present job/career for 15 months, but I was at my former job for almost 11 years. I left that one due to declining hours in the work week, but I plan on being at this one till I retire. I put that information in there just so you could see that I don’t ‘job-hop’. In the past year I’ve been trying to satisfy past accounts so I could get my credit score up, because it isn’t real good right now.

    With that being said, I need $4000 right now to finish off those bills, finish paying for my daughters’ graduation package, and maybe start shopping for a car that is better on gas to drive back and forth to work so my wife doesn’t have to give me such a big ‘allowance’ just for gas. I also have my retired disabled mother-in-law that we have been trying to help with her extra seasonal monthly bills.

    I really need this loan within the next week if at all possible. I would be willing to pay in the neighorhood of 12%-15% interest on it, and hopefully for the next 3 years. We really need this jump-start right now, because things are very slim in the financial part for my family and it can’t get much slimmer. We’ve done cut all the wants out, and we just barely get our needs.

    Thank you for time and help.

  2. Tom wrote:

    I am looking for a loan of $25000.00 My presnt credit score is 593. My credit took a big hit because I co-signed on an auto loan for my son, which he defaulted on. This loan is primarily going to be used for paying off debts with about $7000. to be put aside for emergencies.

  3. Sandy wrote:

    I’m looking for a loan in the neighborhood of $5000 to $7500. That loan is needed to consolidate my bills catch up on some if the medical bills from myself and my 11 year old son( he suffers from severe Crohns Disease has feeding tube and we are hoping he goes into remission soon so that his pain is not so bad). In addition, I was recently divorced and was supposed.have received half of one of my ex husband’s annuity funds in the amount if $90,000.00 injustice four d out the judge didn’t really river the QDRO although the QDRO was all done and signed by everyone else. Irwill be another ninth before I really receive these monies. I had found a house to rent to and the landlord can’t wait too much longer for his first months rent and security deposit. He gas given me until Monday. For now we were staying at a hotel until it got too expensive now with a friend. I am on permanent disability which I receive direct deposit monthly into my checking account. I receive alimony monthly which is $2000. prior to getting sick with Lupus and Anti-phosfilipid syndrome I worked for 10 years at Xpedite Systems and before that in the World Trade Center in NYC for the Commodities Exchange in NYMEX for Drexel Burnham and Lambert. I have owned two homes had the mortgages for them and always had them current e even paid extra on them monthly. as u do on my bills now. I just want to have one bill for credit cards, have no more credit cards, only my bank visa debit for emergency. and more importantly get into the hone I will he renting. I lived for 9 months in a condo laud my rent on time had a great landlord but he sold it and I had to move. Here I am. please tell me what u need else from me.
    thank you,


    Sandy (personal info removed)

  4. Gassan wrote:

    I’m looking for a loan around 25,000 to 30,000, I’ve been working on opening a new business in central valley and when I started with installing all the equipment my so called partner bailed on me. I’m looking to get this loan for no longer than a 1 year term!

  5. Alene wrote:

    Hello I’m looking for a loan to start my business and I need $10,000,000 to get it started I’m looking to get started ASAP I don’t want any strings attached I want up front honesty and I might take on partners if that’s more to your liking if so the partner pays all the fees so get back to me as soon as you can. and thank you

  6. Ricky wrote:

    Can you help me with a personal loan?

  7. Danny wrote:

    Om looking for a loan around 5000 – 7500. Im employed full time (been with th same employer for 8 years) and request as much overtime as I can get. I have trimmed my home expenses dowm to bear minimums – meaning only bare necessities and nothing else (i.e. cable, family cell phones etc.). Things got rough about a year and a half ago when my wives father got ill and needed someone on a full time basis to take care of him, my wife tried to do it while working full time and taking care of my two children. It was to much for her so she quit her job to try to make her father as comfortable as possible. I would love to be able to pay off most of my bills and put aside some for emergencies – because as this point I have no reserve. I’m almost to the point that I will agree to any terms just to get even and not to have to worry about one of the kids getting sick or the car breaking down. Any assistance that you may be able to give would be more than greatly appreciated.

  8. Patcharin wrote:

    I am looking for business loan 40000-50000

  9. Chris wrote:

    I would like to borrow about 10-16000 dollars to pay off some personal things and get my credit back straight. Only reason I have bad credit is bc right out of college started a business that had plenty of ups and downs. I paid my major things and left out smaller things thinking I could always get it next month. About that time I got stuck for 30,000 dollars by a customer. I have sever local charge accounts I’d like to clear up and get other small loans resolved. Somebody please help. I can’t get anything anywhere. Pull my credit, my bigger loans are shown paid off. It’s just the small things that I didn’t realize hurt so bad. I don’t mind paying whatever back to prove the credit rating I’m legit.

  10. Lynn wrote:

    I am looking for a loan of $15000 to pay off debt from divorce,medical problems & student loans,so that I can start my own business. I have been gainfully employed for 7 years straight & have paid off alot of my bills but the end of them are killing me. I get paid every 2 weeks & would like payments to be split between these dates. I know interest will be high, but I’m willing to pay extra just to have my credit cleared up.

  11. JESSICA wrote:

    I am in need of an immediate (really I need it in the next two days) personal loan of $6000. I make $2900 from employment, and $1400 from other income each month, and have about $2000 that I spend on all my bills and expenses. I have a FICO score of 660, and bureau scores of 620-665. Prior to this month, my scores were 686-750, but I was trying to get a manufactored home mortgage, and the broker had my credit run with 5 different lenders at the sme time my studnt loan/card were checking my credit. This number of inquiries dropped my scores all 80-110 pots in 2 weeks! Now Iam paying outrigh for my home, which leves me broke, and I have to come up with $6000 for an unplanned emergency expence. I can’t afford any more credit inquiries, or to wait for taditional processing, so I need some form of non- bank option. This loan would be paid within the year, and I am willing and able to pay a higher interest rate to guarentee speed of the loan dispersement. Thanks for your help.

  12. YVONNE wrote:

    I am in immedialte need of a $2,500.00 for an emergency that has come up with me. I would like to pay off the loan in monthly installemnts for no more than 8 months. My score is 608 which dropped from 697 in the last 2 months from too many inquires from auto dealers when I co signed for my sons car, bad mistake on my part. I am a independent travel agent and receive SSDI totalling about 2500.00 a month. Hope you can help me please, Thank you.

  13. Darlene wrote:

    Hi. I am wanting to get a loan for about $2500-$3000. I have a ew things I wnt to get paid off. My credit score is about 540. I have a bankruptcy on there that was never comleted due toI didnt have the funds to finish paying for it o get started but it ended up on my credit history. I also have a foreclosure due to me getting laid off of a job that I was at for 9 1/2 years. They moved to Tennessee. I then starting working at another company after having gallbladder surgery and still working there. I want to be able to make low monthy payments over a period of time. If it wasn’t for the two real bad things on my credit report I probably would have a higher score. Please can you help me. I need it as soon as I can get it.

  14. Scott wrote:

    I’m looking for a personal loan in the $2500 to $3000 range. My credit score is 591. I have some outstanding debts. I’m also in the military. Would like to get the loan as soon as possible, with repayment plan of 24-36 months.

  15. Julie wrote:

    I am in search of a small installment loan to pay off debts that are keeping my credit score was increasing. Some debtors on credit report are from approx. 15 years ago, however, they still ‘linger’ as active..I do realize I need to contact the three credit bureaus to inquiry as to why they are still existing, but in the meantime, being approved for an installment loan with decent acceptable interest is next to impossible in receiving. I have one loan store that had approved me and I pay a high amount per month through automatic deductions, but am anxious for that loan to be paid off in order to ‘catch-up’ on other obligations. In the meantime, while having one of my vehicles serviced, the repair shop did extensive damage to the vehicle, and on top of that, did not repair once again, another $850.00 out of my pocket, which I couldn’t afford to begin with..Now CA. state workers are getting pinched again in the wallet and I’m out yet another $150.00 of my paycheck..I am in search of a lender with ‘a heart’…Thanks, anyone, who has taken the time to read this and my dilemma.

  16. Phillip H. wrote:

    I am moving and looking for a fast loan to get where I am going to start a new job. I have lost my job over a year due to lay off and lack of work in my field. I have a job. I need $3000.00 loan for the move. I have been working for 20 years and I have to say the last two years have really done a toll on me. I have not worked and lost everything I worked for. Thank you if you can lead me to money for a short term loan year or less. I really need this so I can get a new start.

  17. Tabitha wrote:

    I am in need of a 5000 loan I am trying to get my credit back on track but I have some personal bills I need to payoff that’s been lingering for a few years now. I work 40 hours a week and I am paid every other Friday. I could repay in 24-36 months please thanks for considering.

  18. Oscar wrote:

    Hi im in need of a debt consolation loan of 8,000 i am married my credit is really low its at a 500 i am fallign behind i have tried peer to peer lending banks credit union and online companys as well an nooone qualify me is there any hting i can do ?

  19. Barbara B. wrote:

    I am in need of a 5000 loan. I want to pay off some outstanding debts and I have been working on repairing my credit. My credit took a big dive when my ex-husband died and he never refinanced our home and his parents forclosed on the property and I have been working to fix it little by little. I am paid monthly by social security benefits and could really use any help in getting a loan. Thanks.

  20. Joland wrote:

    I am a single 30 year old veteran living on my own working for a staffing agency. I was forced to move out of my townhome because the landlord moved back into the house. The only thing I could find was a apartment that I could not afford without a roomate but was available immediately. I took it with the conditions that my cousin would move in with me. It tooke him 2 months to do so. I had basically been behind in my rent since the beggining, but I had been making it work. I had worked everything out, and Jan would have started my life free and caught up on everything, until I got laid off. My bank account was overdrawn trying to keep my lights on. My couse has his son moving down in a couple of weeks. I just found out about the eviction next week. I havent told anyone but my family would be destroyed and so dissapointed in me! I really did try to work everything out I could, with no ones help but I failed. I need 1600 by the end of this week. Please, I have the money to pay back monthly payments but not until the end of December, but eviction is set for next week. I am just a good guy working trying to pursue a music career, and court a wife in the process I have no money, temp jobs..this place was the only nice thing I have ever had, if anyone could please help me..Thank you so much for your time.

  21. Josh wrote:

    I am in desperate needs of a loan of about 5000 I got rent and a bunch of other bill due here in a couple of days my net income a month is around 6500 this month has just been very hard for my family and I we just had another son so I took few days off for that and with the weather conditions there is some day we don’t make it to work so I’ve been pushing my bills back till now and they are all gonna hit me at one I just don’t have the money this month and my credit is taking a dive my credit is at a 580 it was at a 630 but I have been at it for the last week hurting my credit so no one wants to give me a lone right now I can pay it back in a years time and be financially stable can someone please help me ps I financed a new car that’s why my debt is high on my credit report

  22. Lupe wrote:

    Hi, I am a California resident for all my life. Newly single mom of 3 (married for 14 yrs)desperatly needing a loan for $2000 – 3000. I need a loan/money ASAP. I am trying to stop myself for landing in a world of trouble, my daughter attempted suicide 8 months ago and all of the medical bills have been pouring in, even with my insurance I cannot keep up with the portions that I am being billed for. Not to mention the regular bills, rent, PG&E, Smud, phone and on and on. I am stressed to the max and need a little help. If someone could help I would be so greatful. I just don’t want my kids to see me struggle like this anymore.

  23. Jessica wrote:

    Need about $2,500. Need it as quick as possible. I live in NJ. I work full-time believe I have bad credit and would need a bad credit loan or long term loan.

  24. Becky wrote:

    I am just needing a 600.00 loan for an urgent matter and I live in Arkansas so it’s almost impossible to find.

  25. Monique wrote:

    desperately need a personal or bad credit loan for about $7000 to pay off my debt. My FICO score is 582 but I don’t know how long it’s going to be because my wages are getting ready to be garnished. I also have a ticket that has gone into warrant status because I cannot afford to pay it. I make decent money ($17.49/Hr, and would have no problem making one monthly payment. It’s these multiple payments to interest only that are killing me. I have applied everywhere and have had no luck at all. I am literally begging for help. This will be my third time applying to this site as well. I just don’t know what to do or where to turn anymore. Please help!!!

  26. Christy wrote:

    Hello I am looking for a loan of $5000. I am moving out and need it by May 1st. I have been at my current job for 1 year but my previous job 6 years. Each time I have had to leave a job it was because of moving. I need to pay the down payment and rent and also need to pay off some bills.
    I have a full time and a part time job right now so I can definitely pay off the loan with no issues.
    Please help me ! I need it by May 1st.

  27. mike wrote:

    i am looking for a 5000.00 personal loan for 36-48 months my credit score is 591 need to pay off some bills can you help

  28. Derek wrote:


  29. Tricia wrote:

    My husband and I are looking to get approved for a $65,000 home loan for a 3 bedroom raised ranch we have been renting for over 12 years and it is such a waste because we had some mishaps with are credit and can’t get a mortgage from our bank. Both of are credit scores are about 600-620 he has been employed for many years with same company and 7 years at the previous job. We have good income just had some credit issues in past alot of them medical. Please help us!

  30. DEAN wrote:

    i am looking for a 70,000.00 loan to purchase some lawn equipment for my company banks are not interested in a small loan please email if you can help thanks

  31. tanya wrote:

    I’d like to borrow $100,000

  32. Alex wrote:

    – how much you need to borrow – $40000
    – what type of loan product you need – Home Improvements, pay some debt and to pay my brother for his 1/2 of the house to get his name off the deed of the house, there is no mortgage on the house, we were left the house by our parents after they died, and it is the house we grew up in and my brother is getting greedy.
    – what City and State you reside in – Grand Meadow, MN
    – what your credit score numbers are – 509 – Very Poor – but we are trying to fix our credit without claiming bankruptcy.
    – how quickly you need the loan – As quickly as someone is willing to give us a loan, please give me and my family a chance, that is all we are asking.

  33. Waunita wrote:

    Hello, I am in need of at least 2500 loan to move and file for divorce. My credit score is 607 rated as poor. I have a forclosure and late payments on my record. That was all due to the marriage issues. Those are hopefuly behind me. I just need a chance to start over. I am in Longmont Colorado I have had the same job since 1999 and I need the money today

  34. Sarah wrote:

    I need a loan for $3,500 to pay off my university so that they will release my degree because I am looking for a job. My credit score is somewhere around 591. I am in Massachusetts

  35. Jon wrote:

    I need to borrow 80,000 for 10 yrs at up to 25% APR paid monthly. The money would be used for debt consolidation and surgery. I am in OH and I have worked in the same industry for 25 yrs. My credit score is 638.

  36. Amy wrote:

    I am looking for a $50,000 loan to consolidate debit into one payment and I do not have good credit.
    I need the loan as soon as possible.

  37. Sarah wrote:

    I need $15K to consolidate debt into one monthly payment. I have around a 604 credit score.

  38. Luanne wrote:

    I am needing a loan for 15,000.00, to consolidate my debts, so I can get back on my feet. Student loans and pay day loans have gotten me in a financial crisis. I have been employed with the same company for 20 years. I am now a counselor. I live in Phil Campbell, AL. My credit score is 588 and I am presently working on trying to raise my score. I need the money ASAP. An installment loan would be wonderful!
    Thank you!

  39. Carolyn wrote:

    I need a loan for 8,000 and I have bad credit.

  40. Nestor wrote:

    I am looking for a personal loan of $3000 for medical expenses. I work part-time and go to school part-time. I reside in El Centro, California. My credit score is around 583 and would need the loan ASAP, latest by 3/20. Any help that can be provided will be greatly appreciated. Ex. a loan for $1000 would help as well. Thank you.

  41. David wrote:

    I need to borrow 3000.00 to pay off bills with horrible credit & can afford payments of 400.00

  42. Irene wrote:

    Hello, I am in need of a $2500 loan to pay rent and bills. I have used payday advance and it only makes it worse. I need to get this straight.

    Thank you for your help

  43. Matthew wrote:

    Need a $5000 personal loan to catch up on utilities and other past due bills due to cash shortage from having to recently purchase 2 major appliances at the same time.
    Live in Tampa, Florida.
    Credit score is 572.
    Need the loan as soon as possible.

    Thank you very much

  44. Phillip S wrote:

    Hello I’m looking for a loan for 95k. My Credit score is 630 and I’ve always made my payments on time. I’m currently making 3209 a month and live in Honolulu Hawaii. I’ve been employed for 7 years as of current. I have four revolving bills that I pay each month being my car payment, cell phone, insurance and child support which comes out automatically. I’d like to have the loan repaid over 10-12 years with the payments being around 850-1000 a month (Flexible) before interest. The reason I’m asking for this loan is due to an onset caused by the government saying that they have overpaid me for the last few years and want it back. I’m a current service member and in need of some help. Any lenders willing to help me out will be greatly appreciated or I’ll be faced to take no pay dews for the time I have left on my contract due to this issue caused by someone that sits in the finance office which has already said that they caused the issue to begin with. Again any help will be greatly appreciated.

  45. Robert wrote:

    hello my name is Robert I need a $20,000 loan ASAP by tomorrow 5 27 15…I’ve been at my job 22 years and make about 60,000 a yearmy FICO scores 583 or higherI’m very honest and will never not pay my loan offyou can take the money right out of my check every week if that’s more convenient please help please

  46. Fred wrote:

    I live in San Diego, California.
    I’m requesting $25,000 personal loan to pay off my smaller loans and start up my Health and Wellness Business
    I’m Employed Full Time.
    I’m also receiving $1,992.00 a month VA Disability Payments. I’m looking to borrow $25,000 Lump Sum Cash Loan secured by my Monthly Disability Payments. My credit score is 575. I need this loan as soon as possible. Can you help me? Please advise. Thanks.

  47. pamela wrote:

    Need to consolidate a few bills will be moving in 3 weeks. Need to borrow 5000.00 can make montly payments of 350.00 per month.

  48. Patrick wrote:

    Hello is need a personal loan of $5000 for debt consolidation. My credit is 572! I’m have a full time job! 40 hrs a week! $13.71 per hour! Please help me get a loan asap

  49. Joe M wrote:

    Hello, There to you lenders and supporters I am in Dire Need of about at a least Minimum $80.000 to no more than $100.000 Dollars and I need it Like Yesterday, so Please? I Live in Morenci, Arizona, and I live here and I work for one of the Worlds Largest Copper & Gold Mining Companies on Earth, and I have been employed for 8 Years in September the 10TH will be My 8 years here in Morenci, Arizona The Reason I need to pay Back Taxes, in the amount of $30.000 and the Remaining amount of $70.000 I want to By me a House now that it is a buyers Market and I am willing to pay at least $1,500 dollars a month and up to $2.000 a month if need be I do not care so can you please? help me My yearly income is at Minimum not less than at least $50.000 per year But I do put in a lot of overtime and My income can by as high as $100.000 + per year easily if I so choose it to be that way ?? and I do have a very stable Job and income so can you please? help me out here and My Credit Score is about 595 can you Respond back to me Immediately/ Please???

    Best Regards

  50. Joe M wrote:

    Hello, There, My Name is Joe, and I am living here in Morenci, Arizona and I am looking for a Loan of about from $80.000 to at least but not more than $100.000 dollars , But I will take at least not less than about $80.000 I need it Like Yesterday for me to pay my back taxes, in the amount of $30.000 and the other amount of $70,000 Dollars I want to buy me a House that Remaining amount please? I work for a very Large Copper and Gold mine, and also we are also in the oil industry as well My Credit Score is about 595 , and I am willing to pay at least $1.500 dollars a month and if need be $2.000 a month so can you please? lenders and supporters My annual income is at least $50,000 per year but I make much more than that more like about $80.000 plus a year !!! so can you please? help me out here.

  51. Brian wrote:

    HI I am looking for $50K to buy a house. In New Jersey As soon as possible. credit 630.

  52. James wrote:

    I have a couple of high interest loans that are really taking a toll on my finances, need to consolidate into one payment. Looking to borrow $35,000. I am current on all of my payments, excellent credit scores 720 +, permanently employed. Just want to lower the monthly output.

    Thank you.

  53. Kat wrote:

    how much you need to borrow: 2000
    – what type of loan product you need
    – what City and State you reside in: Charleston Wva
    – what your credit score numbers are: 559 and 571
    – how quickly you need the loan: by 10/12/15
    I need to pay the lawyer to represent me on a custody battle.
    I am employeed full time make 20 an hour and live rent free

  54. Nancy wrote:

    I need a loan for $5000 to pay off some credit cards and medical and dental bills. My credit is 530. Can some one do a loan for me for $5000 at 4 percent interest rate for 5 years that would approve me. I’ve applied so many loan places no one will approve me. My income is $1200 a month. Could you email me anyone that would approve me.

  55. Nancy wrote:

    I need to borrow $5000 to pay off some bills. Please help find someone that will approve me. I make 1200 a month on social security disability. If I could do 4 percent interest with a 91.00 payment I could very well afford that for 5 years. Please give me a call at (phone number removed for privacy) or email me at (email removed for privacy) this week I would appreciate it.

  56. WWilliam wrote:

    I am a 48 year old male living on disabilit for a back injury. I wish to get a loan to consolidate all of my debt so that I have one due date and one interest rate to worry about. After my injury occured, My credit dropped sharply due to lossing my livelyhood. no syrprises there! I am no concerned with straightening out all of my financial issues and starting fresh. Any help you can provide would be appreciated!

  57. robby wrote:

    I need a loan to do repairs on my home,and to reestablish my credit,also to use as down payment for a car.i am searxhing for a loan for 15,000.00 ,3% interezt rate with loan duration of 8 years and monthly repayments (30 days). Please reply to my request at thr email listed above.thank you

  58. Jon wrote:

    Im looking to receive a loan for $150,000 with loan period of twenty years. I need the loan to pay for invalid Mother care,
    to finish culinary school and to start a culinary business. Because of certain situations out my hands my credit is bad and i know i would have a problem with payments over a twenty year period.

  59. natalie wrote:

    I am looking for a 2200 short term loan. Willing to pay higher interest rate. Can make payments weekly and completely pay off by 1/08/16
    I have been at same job for 10 years. Get paid weekly and quarterly commission checks. I can show you proof of how much my commission to be paid by Jan 8th. Right now it will be 4000 and does not include Nov sales yet. Weekly pay after taxes 900.00
    This is for a home repair.

  60. leslie wrote:

    Family located in the Los Angeles area with provable take home monthly income of $6000 looking for a legitimate installment loan to use for debt consolidation. Looking for $40,000 over six years with a decent interest rate. NO SCAMS-LITTLE TO NO Upfront fees but fees taken from loan itself acceptable. Please provide a phone number in your response and be willing to provide references. We are looking to have the loan processed by this Friday! We greatly appreciate anyone willing to work with us. Thank you very much!

  61. Babbs wrote:

    I am selling in my house in Houston and moving to LA where I have been living with my son for the past year because he is in college. I have been told that the house should sell quickly because of the location. I have been given the same listing price by 2 different realtors in Houston. If it sells at that price, I should receive around $200,000 after closing. The problem is my tenant moved out(she paid the rent here in LA) and my son failed a course last semester and had to pay for repeat class so we are short $3,000 from living expenses. ( So now I have to pay 2 rents). I am requesting a $5,000 personal loan to get us through till closing.
    I am a Registered Nurse currently on SSA from brain tumor (surgically removed and doing above and beyond what they expected x 7 years).
    $2400 income monthly from SSA + retirement pension (plus my son gives me $400ish for expenses from his part time jobs)
    need loan today (was unable to pay our health insurance premium today)
    credit score 565ish currently in credit repair (I think that is why I have not been able to get online loan like I could before).
    payback from money received at closing which included interest or $5,000 loan around 4% interest payable monthly installment

  62. ken wrote:

    I would like to borrow $45000.00 live in OKC,Ok Want to consolidate personal loans and credit card debt. Would be happy to pay 16-20%.over 60 months. Will make bi monthly payments. credit score 661-700 . Would like to have this done by Christmas . Been with the same employer for the last 19 years. Thank you for yor consideration , Ken

  63. Mary wrote:

    I would like to borrow 21000 to pay off a high paying 10000 loan of 33% that I borrowed urgently to help my daughter who is on disability. And the remainder to pay back my Dad who is on dialysis 3 times a week. I would like to not have the burden to owing him anymore, since he is so sick. I believe based on the calculations of 21000 x 16% x 60 months, I would be able to pay this easily and without any hardship which is currently happening. I have worked for my Company for 25 years, and I have lived at my residence for over 8 years. I plan on working for another 20 years. I am a very stable person who went thru a divorce and ended up with a lower credit score (650). I really would appreciate any consideration to this, I would be able to do direct deposit to whomever the person would be to help me out in this situation. Thank you for your time in reading my request. Have a great day. Mary

  64. Sam wrote:

    Need to borrow 100,000.00 very quickly I On my way! My own business and would have no problem with repayment . Thank you

  65. Erica wrote:

    I’m needing a loan or financing for around $12,000. I need to have some cosmetic dental work before my teeth become more damaged. I have a life long Class III underbite and I already received six porcelain crowns on top six teeth. Well I should’ve waited. I found a very experienced dentist in NJ but couldn’t get the financing. I filed for bankruptcy in my early 20’s and I’m 39 and just now getting to where my credit score is back to zero. I also need some cosmetic work on my lips and nose after I receive the dental treatment I desperately need. Thank you!

  66. Shawn wrote:

    Is for debt consolidation. I was on track to be out of debt by middle of next year,(from divorce, had ALL debts put on me) then had my granddaughter dropped on me. After daycare and other expenses, am about 500 in red a month. Have had to get some payday loans to pay bills. This money would free up approximately 1500 a month from my bills, I would like a 5 yr term, payments around 5-600 a month. I make good money, combined we bring home about 5800 a month, just a lot of pré-existing debts. Score of 540

  67. Leon wrote:

    Needing a loan for 50k to make a equipment purchase. With my current company I make a average or 4k a month. My lowest credit score is 685 and highest is 737. I’ve tried my banks but they declined due to starting new business

  68. hau wrote:

    need a loan of 100k.

  69. hau wrote:

    -how much you need to borrow: 100k
    -what type of loan product you need: for debt consolidtion and property investment
    -what City and State you reside in: Boston MA
    -what your credit score numbers are: fell behind on bills. went from 730 down to 600
    -how quickly you need the loan: ASAP

  70. Brenda wrote:

    This is for a purchsde on a house for 65000. My credit is bad do i still qualify.The property is in ms.My credit score is 486 hard time trying find financing. please help thnx.

  71. michael wrote:

    need 25000 consolidation of debt. I live in Lexington NC My credit score is about 642
    ASAP would be nice

  72. Charley wrote:

    I’m a painting contractor, and the general contractor who hired the subcontractors is not paying any of us. We took legal action, but I don’t know how long that will take to resolve.

    -I need to borrow 20k.
    -Looking to get a personal loan. It will be used to pay off rent, utilities, and payroll.
    -I live in Los Angeles, CA
    -My score is currently 515. Behind on bills. Currently working creditors to pay off all debts and fix my credit with a low payment agreement, so I can be sure to pay off this loan (if I can get it)
    -I really need the money asap.

    I was hoping for a 10%-12% interest rate over a 5 year period. Please I need the help as I’ve tried my bank and lending companies but was denied.

  73. Cathy wrote:

    I am needing a personal loan asap for $3500 for the purchase of a car. I can pay 20% interest and would like the loan term for 3 years.I get monthly benefits and can pay the loan back with no problem.In all honesty my
    credit is 646 on one and the main one lenders check I have no credit rating? I really have never tried establishing credit,always paid cash.If I did not have an emergency, I would not apply for a loan.But my situation happened unexpectedly.And this was my last option.I need someone to give me a “second chance” loan. My intentions are to rebuild credit and raise my score! Thank you!

  74. Meghann wrote:

    I am needing a $40,000 loan for a medical reason for my son. This needs to be done fairly quickly. My scores are low at the moment because I need to pay down debt (which I can do in 30-45 days, but I need this done sooner), so I had my dad added as a co-borrower to my initial loan request with a bank but we were STILL denied, even though our combined income is $120,000 and his score is 770. I need help. With my job I will be able to pay this off by end of the summer, but he can’t wait that long. I’ll pay whatever interest is required. I’m in Missouri.

  75. Victor wrote:

    Need 80,000 personal loan to pay off an existing business credit and to finish my projects to increase monthly cash flow. I live in Philadelphia,PA. My Credit is 454. I need the loan within 30 days from now. I can afford payments biweekly between 300-450. Thank You.

  76. Elizabeth wrote:

    I am in need of a personal loan of 10,000 as soon as possible!! Is there anyway you can help me?? I can pay 120.00 a month starting May 5th. I am drowning due to an unexpected funeral and other bills that I desperately need help catching up with… I hope to hear from you very soon!! Thank you kindly 🙂

  77. Tommy wrote:


    $5000-10,000 USD for 2-3 year repayment, interest 20% +, monthly repayments close to $200/$400 +/-

    This is for debt repayments and consolidation if 5k, if more it will include major purchase car/apartment.

    Los Angeles, California
    credit = BAD (500-600)
    Loan wanted this month or sooner.

    please and thanks

  78. Avi wrote:

    – how much you need to borrow – $5000.00 USD MIN.
    – what type of loan product you need – DEBT/COLLECTION REPAYMENTS
    – what City and State you reside in – NORTH HOLLYWOOD CA
    – what your credit score numbers are – 505+
    – how quickly you need the loan – BEFORE NEXT 30 DAYS



  79. Yvette wrote:

    I’m looking for a $15000. loan for several reasons. For car and insurance, rent and bills arrears.
    I’m employed
    Unsecured /Personal loan
    5-7 years repayment plan
    Ontario Canada
    low score
    ASAP please

  80. Tyler wrote:

    I’m a Veteran looking for a loan of $10,000 at 10% for maybe 4 years or 5 years. I have bad credit due to several reasons mainly medical and divorce. I am retired and disability coming in with no problem making payments. I also still carry my nursing license. I REALLY need a loan quickly and would appreciate your assistance!! thank you so much!!

  81. Ricky wrote:

    I am looking for a Loan to get out of debt. My current credit score is 706. I am self employed consultant and can make monthly payments of at least or upto 3800 dollars

  82. Phil wrote:

    I would like to borrow 20,000.00
    Currently I have a job that pays 150,000 per year.
    The use of the money is to pay off some high interest loans and I am going to start
    A customer rep firm that will be separate from my existing job.

  83. Ashley wrote:

    I need a $50000 loan for debt consolidation. I live in Troy Alabama. My credit scores are 581 and 591. Bills are overdue now. I have a job I’ve had for 2 years. I’ve lived at my address for 15 years now. My bills are overdue now. I need it ASAP. Help Please

  84. DB wrote:

    Hello, my name is DB, and I was very interested in applying for a personal loan, but my credit score is very bad. I relocated to Texas from Indiana 8 months ago, and am desperately trying to get ahead, but do to my bad credit, no one will give me a chance, also I am wanting this to help improve my credit down the long run. if you think it’s a chance I can receive help with a personal loan please give me a call. if it helps, I’ve been at my job and bank 8 months since relocating. Thank you sincerely!

  85. Lynn wrote:

    I always had money.I never took a loan out.I feel bad about taking a loan. I just hit into a hard time which I am coming out. I just need 100,000.00. I will definitely pay loan back.Thank you so much for your help.
    Thank you,

  86. James wrote:

    Seeking $65,000 USD. We have steady income. Modest credit. Wife has same job 18 years, and I have a business less than two years old. We want to finish some work on the home to maximize the value, pay off credit card debt, and then sell the home. Banks will not do a HELOC due to fact that in Texas we had an equity loan on home in 2005. The loan will be for paying debts and performing some home improvements. Have owned house for 18 years. We own our vehicles outright and wife has a corporate car. Having dealt with banks, better to pay more interest than to spend months being denied. Seemingly they only lend to those who need no loan.

  87. Mark wrote:

    I am 54, disabled and have been hit buy tax ID theft and now equifax. To the point, I need a laptop that will carry me through the last 4 years of criminal law. I need a cell phone to because being handicapped, some guy ask if he could make a call on my new iphone and I didnt see a problem and he took it and ran off. I set there in shame because i couldnt run after him. why I was sitting there screaming at him, I didnt know he was being a deversion to let his buddies take my laptop out of my van. I was hit by a drunk driver and I keep being the victim. I cant get a loan anywhere. sometimes i wonder why bother going to college, Im old and it may be a waste. I pay my bills. I hope you can help me. The library will be closing soon.

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