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Legitimate and Reputable Bad Credit Lenders

Legitimate Lender ListToday we have created a special page for our Legitimate/Reputable Bad Credit Lender list. As we have mentioned before at CLF, we have taken surveys here, and at all of our sister sites, to see which lenders are ACTUALLY approving loans to borrowers who have bad credit ratings. This took us over a year to get together, and so without further delay, we introduce our first product from California Loan Find!

These lenders are all legitimate and trustworthy. There are no shady banks in this list. There are no Payday lenders in this list. None of these lenders are in the car title loan business, or the pawn shop business. These are banks – plain and simple. All of their lending criteria is a little bit different, but the fact remains that they consider borrowers who have less than good credit. Make sure you bookmark the list page once you get there!

Read below so you don’t waste your money – some borrowers can simply not get approved, so we made this list of reasons why some borrowers are declined.

List of Reasons Bad Credit Borrowers Can’t Get Approved

  1. You must be 21 years of age or older
  2. You must be employed
  3. You must have a FICO score that is higher than 520
  4. You must reside in the United States and be a USA citizen
  5. You must NOT have claimed bankruptcy in the last 2 years.

That’s it. You should be OK as far as approval goes. Keep in mind that we don’t give refunds as we had some people get approved and then have the “nuts” to come back for a refund. We’ve had some borrowers who didn’t use the entire list, which we can’t control. We also made the cost of our list low enough that the risk quotient isn’t high for our visitors and readers.

We don’t provide a money back guarantee either – and yes, we understand full well this slows down sales, but we would rather be completely “up front” about it. Even if your situation does not apply to the above List of Reasons for Decline, there is always a possibility that there is some extenuating factor that keeps you from being approved.

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69 Pre-apps

  1. Leslie wrote:

    Would like to borrow $8,000 to pay a tax bill to IRS. I am not expecting a refund this year. I live in California and would like the loan as soon as possible. I am married, but since the tax problem was caused by my own error, ia m trying to rectify the situation one my own.

  2. shawn wrote:

    hello i need a loan of $7000 dollars i was recently scammed and now my bills are about to be over due . they said i was approved for a loan but then there phones all said invalid. now i dont have the money to pay my bills and my car is broke down and a loan for $7000 dollars would straighten everything out and get me and my family back on track. my credit is below 600 . i have steady imcome and can repay without a problem and on time. if there is anyone out there that can please help me i would be very greatful . i need help very badly please . thank you

  3. Suzie wrote:

    I live in North Carolina. I need $5000 to pay off/consolidate bills. I need to get a loan as soon as possible.

    Thank you

  4. Jack wrote:

    Nobody EVER gives me a straight answer dammit! In a week I lose my house. I found a house to move into but need a $5,000 loan and NOBODY will give me one! 588 credit score. I need money now not promises! Help me anyone before I take a drastic measure but as I see it my only option left to take.

  5. Jack wrote:

    When will the govt shut down these shysters or must we return to the old West and vigilante lynchmob justice?

  6. jimmy wrote:

    My wife lost a good paying job for medical reason caused by the job in now the job she has now is about half what she was making we need about 10,000 dollars just to get rid of some of the debt we received. When she had the better job i have been with my job for 91/2 years

  7. Shannon wrote:

    I Would like to borrow 2600..i live in wisconsin..and i need help.

  8. Kathy wrote:

    I live in Indiana and I am looking to borrow $8000 to replace windows and a furnace in my home. I work full time and my husband is not able to work. All of my income goes to our mortgage and household expenses since his disability payments are still being disputed and have not started. I would like to try to get these fixed as soon as possible as we are getting into the higher heating season and better windows and a new furnace will save us money. Also, it will help me be able to continue to provide for my daughter as well.

  9. Brittany wrote:

    I need a loan for $2000

  10. Jason wrote:

    Hi, I am looking for $70,000.00 for a period of 5 years @ interest rate not more than 10%. I live in Arizona and am employed full time with an annual of $60k+. I am looking to consolidate my debt and change my situation.
    Thank you

  11. Kim wrote:

    Looking at a $6.000 loan for a period of 24 months. Please advise as needed asap!
    Thank you.

  12. shirley wrote:

    I would like to borrow 8500 to pay off car and many medical bills.

  13. Ryan wrote:

    need to buy new car

  14. Angela wrote:

    Good Morning, I’m in the need of a 3000. loan for paying off bills and get my vehicle back. I have a stable job, I’m over 21, I live in Illinois, I have a bankruptcy but it is almost 10 yrs old , and last but not least I don’t know my FICO #.thank you

  15. Lacey wrote:

    I am looking for a $25,000 to consolidate all my debt and make one monthly payment. I have a steady job (8 years) and have means to pay it back.

  16. brenda wrote:

    I would like to get a loan for 5,000 to pay off my rent so i do not get evicted. I am 34 years old, i have a job, i have never filed bankruptcy and my fico score is 550

  17. Adriana wrote:

    I’m in desperate need to secure a 5000.00 dollar loan @ 8%, finance charge being 1082.94, with monthly payments @ 101.38 totaling 6082.94. I’m trying to save my disabled parents home from being foreclosed on. I moved back home to help maintain basic household duties and financial responsibilities but arrived a bit too late. 5000.00 would make all our bills current and leave enough for us to buy necessities such as food, clothing, basic household toiletries,.etc. I’m being for a second chance. I don’t have much time left to at least show good faith. Please be my savjng grace. God-willing, I’m begging. Please help me save my family home.

  18. R wrote:

    I need to borrow 10,000 for emergency purposes.I live in Texarkana,Texas My credit scores 530plus If all possible I need the loan overnight.Thank You

  19. Randy wrote:

    my name is Randy from Texarkana,Texas I am a 100% service connected disabled veteran.I need emergency help overnight if possible PLEASE!! MY car was repo last night which I needed to go to my doctor appts.I need funds for food formy family and to pay my rent and eletic bill.I am respectfully requesting a loan ,help any assistance that available.Please help me ASAP!!ThankYou and GOD BLESS!!RANDY

  20. Marcy wrote:

    I had a very good paying job for 30 years,but I had to go medical disability due to Type 11 Diabetes with complication to both eyes.My money is all tied up in real estate which I couldn’t liquid at this time.I need above amount to pay for mortgage,utilities and some legal fees to amend my previous taxes.Please help.

  21. Lisa wrote:

    Hi my name is Lisa I’m from NYC. I really need a 3500 personal loan by the end of February.My credit is not good in fact to be honest my score is 548 which is very recent but I do have full time employment and am able to make monthly or bi weekly payments directly from my account.

  22. Walter wrote:

    I’m starting a new managed account investment strategy with a list of investors ready to co-invest. But, I need to add in my own funds to co-invest in order to attract the other larger investors.

    I’m in need of 100,000 to 200,000 USD as a short term (1-6 months) loan for the purpose of seed or pre-funding an collective managed investment account for which I’m managing and having other clients invest in as co-investing managed accounts. The strategy is a Forex trading and stock / option trading.

    As the existing and future clients add their investments to the fund, we’ll be well positioned to grow the investments and repay the loan.

    I’m willing to pay above normal interest, especially if the funds can be made available quickly.

    I have a good regular job that pays over 150,000 per year, a good credit score, and great potential in the new offshore investment business. The investment business is just getting started, and I need to fund it, but my other capital is already allocated and not liquid.

    I can offer high interest of 15% APR or more or offer to share the profits of the investment transactions during the 3-6 month period.

  23. Julie wrote:

    My name is Julie and I need a personal loan preferably $20,000 to $60,000. I live in Indianapolis, Indiana and have a credit score of 613. I have shares of stock that are to sell this year. However, in the mean time I’m struggling. The minimum amount would help make my monthly payments . The larger amount would consolidate my debt. I work full time and pick up extra hours when I can. I would like the funds as soon as possible.

  24. Mark H wrote:

    I am looking for a small business loan for my company. This company is fairly new but I am a previous owner of another company. Due to divorce and C.S., my credit score is 617. I have assets and I am in the oil and gas drilling and completion tool business. Need the loan to get equipment for our shop and to pay the freight forwarder at the Port for new equipment purchased.

  25. mark wrote:

    I’m in desperate need of loan for 40000 to reestablish my bank account I am employed new career one year been out of work for three weeks serious second degree water burn accident never hurt on job quite an experience I’ll pay loan of in a 5 or 6 year span with hopefully reasonable interest rate able to pay as much as 700$ a month I live in south Carolina city, ladson lived in residents for 9 yrs wife wasn’t working for 9 months health issues set are finances back just a hair I am currently in need of funds like two weeks ago small time lenders are destroying my score as of yesterday I have a 552 fico score waiting on somebody to help me greatly need today please consider high risk I won’t let u down second chances don’t come very often thank u

  26. Ronald wrote:

    Hello I need a personal loan for 50000 to pay off debts,hard times to much going out .willing to work out details,can pay 1000 a month + 12000 each year at income tax time.I do have some equity in my home but can get because of ltv needs to be 80 percent or below. If you can help thanks ron

  27. Ronald wrote:

    Hello I need 50000 personal loan to pay off credit card debt, hard times I live in parkersburg wv, my credit score is 610 ,need help ass will pay 1000 a month +12000 each year at income tax time,willing to work out details with you thanks ron

  28. gene wrote:

    Hello friends. I am Desperate, declared chapter 7 after disability from 3 heart attacks. income went to half couldnt make house and car payments. now debt is gone i have fixed guaranteed income of 3200 no other debt but medigap insurance and if i can get a car then car insurance i try to get to cardio rehap but its almost impossible. please if any kind soul can help me get 15000 i can buy a descent car i am 53 this will be my last car i am disabled and drive about 5000 miles a year tops. my credit is destroyed but my pay is direct deposited and my payment will be direct debited. i will never miss a payment. looked for a car for months finally found a good one that will carry me to my eldest years. i have no intention of getting in debt again with credit cards or even a mortgage. i will be living in the family home shortly and have no bills. (my mother bless her is a saintly woman and invited me) please help.

  29. Louis wrote:

    A loan for 50k – 65k up to 15% Interest
    Personal Loan consolidation
    Credit Score 750+

  30. Carolyn wrote:

    I would like no collateral personal to pay off Credit Card Debt .
    The amount i’am saying for is 15,000

  31. STEPHANIE wrote:

    I’m looking for a loan for approximately 35 thousand dollars to buy two and a half acre dome home property in Apple Valley California my Iowa home closes on the 20th of this month Monday I have excellent credit and I have been in the area for almost 2 years working I’m hoping somebody can help me figure out some financing just secured this dream home of mine that I want to live in for the rest of my life as someone just put in,cash offer of $50,000, im i need of help quick

  32. Mary wrote:

    I am seeking a $1500 personal loan. Do you have lenders in Virginia?

  33. Tiffany wrote:

    I am looking for a loan to pay taxes. If I provide a lump sum they will reduce what I owe. I need this loan to be asap. Loki g for $8,000 in illnois

  34. Leigha wrote:

    I have been working the same job for a little over a year. I am married and we have a two year old son. I am currently 37 weeks pregnant. We had some money trouble a couple months ago so I took out a payday loan. We haven’t been able to get caught up since. I have a student loan out and I’m still paying on another installment loan. I also have numerous medical bills that need to be paid. We don’t have the means. I am requesting 10,000 to get everything under control so I won’t have to worry how I am going to take care of my family, especially with a new baby tats almost here. Residing in Tennessee, credit score is 570 and I need the loan within the next seven days.

  35. jeanette wrote:

    the message that was just posted this would be the contact respond email thank you

  36. Lance wrote:

    I have gambling, credit card, and debt to family. I can no longer carry this weight on my shoulders and I am on the verge of crushing myself into pieces. I’m literally paying the price for it now. As of right this instance, I am late on all my credit card bills and can’t get approved for anything I’ve applied to. I want to pay off everything and have 1 payment a month so I can hang up this stress and never wear it again. I am asking for $50,000 at an interest rate of no higher than 10%. I have a credit score of around 600. I have been working at my family’s business for 9 years. I only make about $20,000 a year but I still live at home and my fiancĂ© knows my situation and is taking care of our expenses. I can use my entire paycheck to pay this loan monthly. I don’t know what else to do. If there is anyone out there that can help me not only will I owe you the loaned momey, but also my undying gratitude. Thank you to taking the time to read this.

  37. Pamela wrote:

    I am looking for a loan of $5,000 to $10,000. One bill is $5000. For 3 years and an interest rate of
    10% to 12%. I have retirement income of $1500. My husband pays the rent and household bills.

    We purchased home in 2006; husband lost job; brother diagnosed with cancer; elderly and ill mom and brother moved in with us; filed bankruptcy 2007; bank sold home Dec 2014; brother passed away; he was indigent. I tore my meniscus last Jan. Been trying to get a job – they see me as a work comp liability. Hoping for surgery to repair it this Jan. My plan is to pay off the loan early, once I am able to secure a job. I am hoping for a miracle.

  38. Fred wrote:

    I need 12,000 to help with my lawyer retainer fee for an international will and testimant issues.
    a lot of legal issues when dealing with money overseas. Need an expert to help with the details of the set up of trust account and legal tax issues. Due to 911 terrorist attack moving money around has become very difficult and costly for everyone. once I have paid the lawyer the retainer fee the transaction should be complete with in 7 days from the recieaving of the funds 2,500 will get the ball rolling fast though. I need the funds as soon as possible.My credit scor is 576 so it is hard to get a regular loan. I have been on my job for 2 yrs now. I average 1600 to 2200 net per month and every quarter I get a bonus as well of $350.00 Dear angel investor please help me?

  39. Thomas wrote:

    My name is Thomas and i am in need of a loan to fund a construction contract that is for $975,000. I need the loan to fund the first round of materials and labor.

  40. Thomas wrote:

    My name is Thomas and i am in need of a loan to fund a construction contract that is for $975,000. I need the loan to fund the first round of materials and labor. I am looking for approximately 400,000 payed back over one year at a 10-15% apr. This is a legitimate company with a legitimate contract. Thank you for your time.


  41. Bernice wrote:

    I live in corona,ca I’m looking for a 40,000 loan to have a fresh start it will pay everything including personal loans to friends, I have a full time job in medical field been there 10 years low credit score 500 want to have only one payment need asap, please help. Will pay on time

  42. bernice wrote:

    l live in California need a 9000.00 loan asap to pay off some bills, please can someone help. i will pay back if someone will just give me a chance

  43. Charles wrote:

    I live in Boulder City,Nevada
    Would like to borrow $85,000 for debt consolidation, I believe my credit score is around 680, I am employed for the same company for over 4 years and same profession since 1998. I would like to have the funds in 14 days,but I am at your mercy if approved.

  44. Jason wrote:

    I live in Orange County, CA. I would like to borrow $25,000 that I would pay back in 2 years with weekly payments. My income is over $125K gross, but I have a very high Debt to Equity Ratio. This is mainly due to payday loans and predatory loan installments. I have been spinning my wheels to make sure that I pay all my bills (not always timely, but never more than 30 days past due). I got into this situation a couple of years ago when I was unemployed for 4 months, and in order to catch up on bills once I had steady income, I went the awful route of payday loans and high interest rate installment loans. With a $25,000 loan, I have calculated that I would save at least $4,400 per month just due to the lower interest rate that I would be looking for (assuming rate as high as 20%). Any help would be greatly appreciated. I would like to fund as soon as possible.


  45. john wrote:

    i need 75k to pay off a personal loan to a former business partner, the business turns sour and closed no bankruptcy filed. I just have on running away from good people who trusted me. I pay 5% monthly on a 57k loan which i pay 2900 a month..I only paying interest and the principle still remains.Im realy in deep debts on other bills, but if this personal loan is paid off i would be on my feet again. I have 2 jobs that pays great, i have been on my job over 5 years. I make 30$ an hour +OT and the other Job pays me 23.50 an hour..I basically dont sleep just keep working to makeup on paymnets..pls help

  46. ANTHONY wrote:

    I am looking to borrow $7,500 to erase a number of debts owed, both private and to lenders. I do not qualify through most conventional lenders and have been burned through the payday loan process. FICO is extremely poor (below 500) so I know this is a last resort process.

  47. Dori wrote:

    I have cancer and during my treatment I started to have seizures. I am on liability but want to be able to pay all my medical bill that have gotten the best of me. It’s an exhausting battle and the loan would help so I can make monthly payments. Thank you

  48. Joshua wrote:

    I am looking for a personal loan for $35,000. This would be used to pay off high interest loan and numerous medical bills from wife’s 3 eye surgery’s. Income is over 3000 a month. Credit score is 550. I would appreciate help to get back on our feet as soon as possible.

  49. Brandy wrote:

    Hi, I need 10,000 to consolidate debt and pay for school. I live in North Las Vegas, NV and my credit score is under 600.
    I need to money as soon as possible so I can get payday loans and small credit cards rolled into one payment so I can get back on track. I realize that a lifestyle change is the way to get out of debt. I have made positive changes but cannot seem to get caught up due to payday loans. Thank you for your consideration.

  50. Eric wrote:

    Hi im looking for a 10,000 dalor personal loan, im a union comercial glazer, i make good money but i really need to get into a better place i also have three kids all boys and take care of them by myself, between baby sitter and other monthly expesis its hard to get on top and stay on top, i bealieve thet this money could get me there and help keep me ahead.

  51. Jan & Brad wrote:

    I am looking for a consolidation loan and education loan. I think $10000 would cover the expenses and get us on track. Our goal is to pay off old collection accts., medical bills, repair a truck so we can sell it. It would also be used to purchase a tile saw for my husband business. We both work and have 2 children living at home. One starting college and one in high school. We will need to pay for her schooling as well. I have been employed at the same place for 14 plus years and am currently a student as well. Look forward to hearing from you soon.

  52. Jan & Brad wrote:

    In submitting the above mentioned request I forgot to give you information such as a credit score 641 + last check via credit karma. with no late payments on our two car loans we have.

  53. Jan & Brad wrote:

    Also, how long until we are contacted?

  54. CLFadmin wrote:

    Hi Jan & Brad. Approved and screened lenders will review pre-app requests and contact you if they’re interested. Usually if you haven’t heard back in a week you won’t be contacted. Some borrowers just reapply after a week and they get contacted that time.

    We don’t have any control over lender communications with perspective borrowers. We just provide the web site. All we do is make sure the lenders are legitimate, licensed and legal.

  55. Kate wrote:

    I need a personal loan approved today in the amount of $8,900.00 to pay for repairs to my car, 2012 Kia Optima that will not be covered under recall for seized engine because it’s over the 60,000 mile mark. I reside in Spring Hill, FL and have worked at same company for 12 years now with net monthly income of $4,800.00. My FICO score is avg of 580. Kia dealership asking for payment now, so I am requesting loan for payment today. Thanks for your consideration.

  56. Trent wrote:

    Hello i need a 12000 dollar loan i have a 733 693 and a 684 credit score my credit report got all messed up and i got 14 hard inquirys on it i have never missed a payment always on time im in a bind and have no other way to get this money i have spent days looking at everything and hopefully this is the last one i need this loan as fast as i possible can get it im in Pennsylvania philipsburg the loan needs to be a personal loan too thank the other thing thats holding me back is that my credit history is not long year and a couple of months to 2 years hope to here back as soon as possible

  57. LARRY wrote:

    Hello and thanks for putting up this site. I live in Long Beach,Ca and I am seeking a loan in the amount of 2000.00 to payoff some debt and also to fix my car. I am employed in the transport industry and have been for the past 20 years. My Transunion score was 548 as of 09/07/16 and my Experian is 586. If you can assist me with the loan it would be appreciated.

  58. Angela wrote:

    Omaha, NE

  59. Steve wrote:

    amount to borrow-$110K
    type of loan-no collateral personal
    City and State-Las Vegas, NV
    credit score numbers-~636
    how quickly you need the loan-no rush

    I am a USAF military officer (doctor)and have been employed for the past 20 years and have an annual income around $230K. I would like this loan to pay off my and my wife’s student loans and our multiple credit card debts that we have only been paying the minimum on for several years. We are homeowners and have a freshman in college and another that will start in 2 years, so we wanted to get a handle on this now. We are not delinquent on any debt, nor have we been, and have never filed for bankruptcy or had any collections filed against us. We have just been living above our means for too long and have already begun to change our lifestyle but certainly would appreciate your consideration of our request. Thank you.

  60. Mike wrote:

    I need 50-100k

  61. Maureen wrote:

    Would like to discuss loan options. New Jersey

  62. Cory wrote:

    Need a 7000.00 unsecured loan to pay of in 2 to 3yrs. Filed bankruptcy 9 months ago. Have a full-time job been there for 10yrs also own my own home.

  63. Lorie wrote:

    I am asking for 2000, i really need it for fixing our truck which is our only vehicle. I need it for dr appointment fee and and gas and to get some food, and to pay on some bills that are behind. Me and my husband live in VA and are on a fixed income. We could really use this loan as soon as possible. My credit score is 524.i have tried to get loans and ive been truned down and I m stresed out please approve this loan.

  64. jASON wrote:

    I would like to borrow $45k for 5 years for family emergy.

    you can contact me below:

  65. daniel wrote:

    looking for personal loan, with private

  66. Benita wrote:

    Amt: $20000
    Type: personal/debt consolidation
    State: Alabama
    Credit Score: 620
    When: soon as possible. Friday

    I am looking for a personal debt consolidation loan of $20000. I am trying to get my debt back on track..I had to help family member with a personal issue..I have the income to repay the loan. The loan I got is at 156 percent. I need a lower interest rate.. please I have looked everywhere and no luck.. I just need someone to believe… Thanks for your help… Benita

  67. Stephen wrote:

    $5,000 loan
    Payback with interest within 2 years

  68. nata2 wrote:

    Need to borrow between 1000 and 1500 payback by 8/15/2017. Daughter was bit in face by dog needs medical help. Suing homeowner

  69. Terrone L. wrote:

    I would like a loan of 100000 to open and start my business, payback in 5 years

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