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Legit Bad Credit Loans

This article is rather long so if you want to see the list we are offering quickly, you will need to scroll to the bottom of the page. What we did was use our visitor comments and past surveys to find out which banks actually approved them for loans. This took over a year to put together and we are happy to say that over 90% of borrowers with bad credit are getting approved. This is sort of big deal for us, and we’re thrilled. It was lot of work getting the list together.

Legit bad credit loans are applied for by the hundreds of thousands every day in and across America, but using the Internet to find them isn’t always that easy. Online lenders have an allure because borrowers can research different loan providers for free – an it’s easy. Recently when I was in Palm Springs (Indio to be more exact) my friend had just bought a house for $275,000 from a man from Ohio who had remortgaged his winter holiday home using an online refinance lender – as a result his loan was VERY expensive. The lesson here is that you can find a legitimate lender online, but the APR may be cost prohibited for most borrowers.

Recognizing Legit Lenders

Legit lenders are not always easy to recognize because they don’t advertise the fact. Can you imagine a bank or lending institution advertising that they are the real deal, legit loan provider? I can’t. The best thing you can do is look for the warning signs that the lender is illegitimate, fraudulent, unscrupulous, shady, and down right slimy. There are sure signs of these kinds of loan providers. Listed below are some of the more obvious trademarks to look for in legitimate lending institutions – online OR offline.

Loan Provider Never Asks for First Payment

A legitimate loan officers working for  a legitimate lender will never ask you to make a first payment in advance of receiving your loan. This kind of situation is all too common when applicants who have bad credit ratings are applying for a loan – the so-called lender will take advantage of the borrower(s) desperation and insist on a disbursement up front before the loan can be administered. Then guess what? You guessed it – the loan miraculously can’t be approved and administered for “some reason”, and you are out hundreds of dollars (maybe thousands of dollars).

When a loan provider asks you to pay up front, run out of the loan officer’s office ASAP. These are not legitimate bankers – they’re only slick and shady hucksters who are out to swindle you out of whatever funds you still have left.

Large Up-Front Administration Fees

Don’t pay up-front fees on the loan that they have promised you. If you have a severely damaged credit rating, some shady lenders will ask you to pay a large administration fee up front, long before the loan is supposed to go through for approval. Of course the loan never goes through anyway and you just lose your money again.

Just the same as the old “make your first payment in advance” ploy works, the illegitimate lender has no intention of ever approving and administering a loan in your favor. They just grab your fee(s) which are generally hundreds of dollars (sometimes thousands) and shut you down with a loan rejection. Watch out for these swindlers.

High Opening and Closing Fees

Legitimate lenders don’t charge ridiculous opening and closing fees on your approved loan. Legit lenders will not take advantage of your bad credit rating so they can fleece you. They may take a closing fee on the loan (which I still think is outrageous) when you have made your installment (payment). The fee could be anywhere from as low as $30 all the way up to $200, but if you get approved for a loan of 5000, 10,000, 60,000, or more, then it would be worth the closing fee.

What you have to avoid it sneaky, illegitimate lenders, who charge huge opening fees AND huge closing fees. They will also have hidden fees in the fine print of the loan agreement as well – which we’ll get into later in this piece.

Extremely High APR

Non-Legit lenders will charge extremely high interest rates on the loan over the full term of the financing. Their APR can run as high as 250% on some loans after all the hidden fees are calculated over the entire life of the loan agreement. Legit lenders never charge these crazy kinds of interest on their personal loans, and they don’t take and EXTRA advantage of your bad credit situation.

Payday loan providers are an extreme example as they often an interest rate (APR) as high as 500%! You must avoid these kinds of lenders at all costs. These are really called loan sharks and they need to be avoided at all times and in all circumstances.

A legitimate lender will never charge you more than 15% APR on the life of your loan agreement. Keep this in mind when you are hunting for bad credit loan providers.

Hidden Fees Within the Loan Agreement

This is unfortunately all too common for legit lenders and non-legit lenders. Hidden fees on personal loan products are commonplace in today’s financing markets of the Western Hemisphere and always will be. It’s up to you to carry out due diligence and read the small print in the loan agreement the lender places in front of you on their desk. The problem with non-legit lenders is that they will have different loan agreements for bad credit applicants. They tag on some outrageous amendments to their standard loan agreements used for good credit applicants. These amendments include extremely high “added on” fees that will sink you even further into debt, and ensure the bank(s) lines their pockets and props up their profit margins.

If you truly have bad credit, or the lender “tells you” that you have bad credit, they will insist that you sign a loan agreement with all of these high fees included. Some borrowers are completely unaware that their credit ratings is really not that bad at all – in fact, they allow the bank (or private lender) to carry out “their” credit rating check for you. Illegitimate lenders LOVE it when they find suckers who sign on to a high fee, high interest rate loan agreement when they actually know the borrower will pay off the loan by the end of the full term.

So ALWAYS GET YOUR CREDIT RATING CHECKED independently from an impartial party BEFORE you shop around for any kind of loan product. This way you know when the lender is trying to pull a fast one. A legit lender will never try and fudge the numbers and pull a fast on you regarding your true credit rating. A legit lender will be truthful at all stages of the loan process they take you through, and they will charge a reasonable interest rate, and fees, even if you do have bad credit, and bad debt.

List of Characteristics a Legit Lender Embodies

Here is a quick checklist of the characteristics a legit lender will have, so you can run down their lending criteria and their sales literature before making a mistake with non-legit lender.

  • A legit lender won’t ask for any fees or payments up front before loan approval
  • A legit lender does not have hidden small print in the agreement in their favor
  • A legit lender will decline you if you really bad credit
  • A legit lender will not have different APR online than they do “offline”
  • A legit lender will check your credit rating with the credit bureaus free of charge
  • A legit lender will have a long history in one community of market (one address)
  • A legit lender will not have high opening and closing fees
  • A legit lender will make sure you FULLY understand your payment responsibilities
  • A legit lender will value your return service and help you get your personal finances on track

I hope this article helps you understand what a legit lender looks like, and what a non-legit lender looks like. If you want to learn more about the practices of loan sharks you can read about it in other areas of California Loan Find. Just use the search tools you find at the top of the page. Have a glorious day, and watch those nickels and dimes friend.

Legitimate Lender List from

Here is the list we compiled over the last year. We are updating the list when we find new banks that have given loans to borrowers who have bad credit ratings. Click here to learn more legitimate and reputable lenders  – what to expect, and what the requirements are.

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65 Pre-apps

  1. John B wrote:

    I need a legit personal loan directly from a financial institution (NOT A LOAN FINDING WAREHOUSE) for $10,000 (NOT A PAYDAY LOAN PLEASE!!) ASAP in California. Credit score not perfect. Just encountered a scam loan last week.

  2. John B wrote:

    I submitted a request last Sunday for a personal loan ASAP (NOT A PAYDAY LOAN)directly from a financial institution (NOT A LOAN SEARCH WAREHOUSE. I encountered a scam loan a few weeks ago. I haven’t received any offers that I directly know of or had gotten any advice from anyone in the forum. Please give me any leads or advice that you can. Thanks

  3. Steve wrote:

    I need $2000 to get my car out of impound on 4/6/2012. I work seasonally and want to pay it off over summer.

  4. Karen wrote:

    I am seeking a loan to pay off some smaller loans including one I took out for dental work. I am employed full time, I have no problems paying back on time. As a result I fell short on some bills that I have. I am seeking anywhere from 10,000 to even 20,000, may take up to five or so years to pay back but its worth it in the long run.I love in the central california area. Please not looking for payday loans but a legitamite loan. My credit score is getting better, I am working on it. its not too bad but not good enough for the banks to help.

  5. Dy wrote:

    I am looking for a loan in the amount of $10,000, with up to 4-5 years to pay back. After a few rough years and career changes, I’ve been attempting to get back on my financial feet, making some progress. I need to consolidate a way-too-expensive auto loan with my current tax obligations. Traditional lenders would not be an option here, I am currently stable, and able to commit to payments. I’m in CA, and the time-frame is ASAP.

  6. Stacy wrote:

    My car got impounded because there was a non op on it and I did not know that cuz I just got then car. I have 4 kids and thats my only way of transportation. I get a fixed income of disability and can’t afford to get it out. It costs $550.00 as of today and im located in san jose ca and need it out as soon as possible can someone please help me and my family. Thank you and godbless my # is (removed for privacy concerns) – My name is Stacy.

  7. Ashley Moss wrote:

    I need a $2000 high risk personal loan today. I live in MS

  8. Kathy wrote:

    I am looking for a loan of up to 10K with up to 3 years to pay back. I work full time as a healthcare professional for the government and my husband works as government employee. We own two homes one, of which is a rental which is now paying for itself. We have to evict our tenants and repair the 17K in damage which wiped out our savings. It was the beginning of a financial debacle. I had to quit a lucrative part time job to care for my 88 yo mother who was diagnosed with breast cancer. Shortly after she was back on the mend , my 15 yo daughter became chronically ill. We are just getting back on our feet with me returning to my part time job. We need to play catch up on some bills and consolidate a high interest bill. We are in the middle of a probate case that should settle by end of the year. Traditional lenders are not an option due to my FICO scores.

  9. anthony wrote:

    plls help if u can

  10. Diana wrote:

    I need a “one the level” installment loan in the amount of 5,000. I have to pay irs back taxes and also payy peoperty tax before i loose my home. I am a single mom with a son at home. I hwve a good stable job i have been there over 3 years and in the same industry for a little over 11 years. I have scammed more than once by the online payday loan sites, so no payday short term loans. I need a little time to pay it back.

  11. chad wrote:

    I am seeking to find a loan that i can pay off with monthly payments, i am looking for around 2500 to 3000, i do not have a credit score, no one has given me a chance to get on built up, ive got a good job and can make payments on time every month. any help would be much appreciated

  12. Gina wrote:

    I need a personal loan of $2,500. I have a good stable job of 6 years and make good money. I would like monthly payments for 9 months to 1 year. I need the loan ASAP and live in California. My credit score is low.

  13. noemi wrote:

    I need to get 20,000 -30,000$ fast i would like to pay within 7 yrs. need to pay lots of mistakes i’ve done, im always getting ripped off and end up in debt. Here at los angeles ca.

  14. Anthony wrote:

    I need a legit personal 5 year monthly installment loan of $20,000.00. No loan matching services, or payday loans, please.
    Last known credit scores were low. Equafax 515, Experian 524, Trans union 546, as of 01/19/2014.
    I am about to loose what little I still have to call my own. Help would be greatly appreciated.

  15. natalie wrote:

    Need a 1200 loan fast. Need help for kids school. Can pay back within 45 days weekly friday payments whatever interest rate needed.

  16. Darren wrote:

    I am in need of a $1500 personal loan TODAY. Need for Rent. I am single parent with a great job but my past credit history haunts me. Please if someone could help ASAP! Thank you

  17. Adrienne wrote:

    Looking to consolidate some high interest payday loans into 1 installment loan to be repaid over 48 months. credit scores are 510, 544, and 590. Annual income is 121000.00. Willing to pay up to 28% interest rate. Will NOT send money to attain loan.

  18. Maddie wrote:

    Hi. I need a 10000 loan today to consolidate my debt. Please help ASAP. I have a great job and can make monthly payments

  19. Tobias P wrote:

    Need $5000 willing to pay 25%. Short term 6 months. Looking to consolidate some debt and medical expenses. Good job, good person, big family. Credit 540-570. 96k per year. Will receive 10k bonus in April.

  20. Henry wrote:

    I need a loan of 15,000 for my company to start up.

  21. shaunta wrote:

    I need this loan to get a house i want for me and my 6 kids i keep looking for some where to live but no one wants to rent to us so the best thing would be to buy a home… i have some money saved but i would need 900,000.. to buy it out.. my credit is not great but is not bad.. please if you can help us.. i already know the house i want to buy.. thanks you..

  22. Richard wrote:

    I have an inheritance of $85 million in London and to transfer inheritance the FSA requires a certificate and costs $295,000. This will be repayed with interest as soon as the funds are transferred to my bank in California. Credit score is around 640

  23. STAN wrote:

    son got really sick at college, multiple pay day loans, $1100.00 out per month in loans with stupid interest.
    need to crush and have 1 payment. 2015 gross income 73k
    would like payment in 400-500 per month range

  24. mal wrote:

    need 5,000.00 loan for 5 years willing pay 18% need to catch up on bills get card fix and pay some small nagging loans off , I don’t want no pay day loans and I need five years to repay this off.

  25. mike wrote:

    need a loan to consolidate debt. 4 to 5000 please

  26. Joyce wrote:

    To whom it may concern hi i am writing because i need to take out a loan for an over seas adoption for a young lady that needs a home and with the change buy some food if you can help me out i really appreciate it very much if not i thank you for reading this and i hope that i didn’t take up much of your time hope to hear from you soon and again thank you very much

  27. Ronald wrote:

    50000 personal loan .1000 a month + 12000 income tax time until payed in full,willing to here your terms. Need help thanks. Ron

  28. Robert wrote:

    Is there anyone out there who can truly help with a loan? I need it to help with a surgery for my daughter. I am willing to pay it back with high interest. I only need 1500. Please email if you can to (email removed for privacy)

  29. Karin wrote:

    how much you need to borrow=120,000
    – what type of loan product you need= it is for a downpayment for a house
    – what City and State you reside in =Orange, CA
    – what your credit score numbers are= low score 545 mid score 585 high score 608
    – how quickly you need the loan=funding within 2-3 weeks
    The home my children and I have been living in since 2008 is being taken back by the owners-they had a family crisis and need us out by August. I have ability to qualify for home loan if I have the 20% down (renting is not an option since rents are FAR higher than mortgages here) and due to work and school and kids I cannot relocate.

  30. Antonia m wrote:

    Lost my job in March 2015 , recieved unemployment but not enough to keep house hold running I am behind on all utilities with shut off notices .i can not get a pay day loan because I don’t have a traditional checking account I only have a prepay checking account and I need help now.i only want to borrow 5000.00 to get things back situated. I was just hired full time and will be able to pay money back with a reasonable payback terms please someone help me now

  31. Victoria wrote:

    I need a loan for consolidation and to catch up with mortgage payments. Minimum of 2000 needed. In Los Angeles. Thank you.

  32. JS wrote:








  33. jen wrote:

    I receive benefits right now and I get a small amount every month. I am looking for a full time job and I do attend school. I am looking for some loan that would get me by for a time since I am receiving a grant next month. i am behind on my rent and utility bills. I am willing to pay up to 15% interest until I pay back the loan. I received some scam loan invitation. I just need a temporary fix.

  34. Marcel wrote:

    I need 12k for business capital and purchase supplies and inventory. Will pay back 20K in 4 to 6 months. With monthly payments
    Los Angeles, CA
    Credi score about 592
    Need Loan ASAP

  35. David wrote:

    I need $6,000 by Monday. I can pay the entire amount back — plus interest — by Sept. 1.

  36. Debbie wrote:

    I need a personal loan for 2500-3000. dollars to get my roof repaired. It has a leak which has now started coming through my living room ceiling. I live in New Richmond, Ohio and we are getting so very much rain as of late that I am really worried. I work full time and could pay the loan back in two years(depending on interest rate.) My credit score is low and due to this I can not get approved through the banks. (My score is right around 550 -560).
    I appreciate your time and consideration and look forward to hearing back from you!

  37. Beverly wrote:

    I am retired and need to borrow $5000 to pay some bills. I do receive a pension and am waiting for social security. Can you help?

  38. Racheal wrote:

    I need a small loan of $800. I have some care repairs and doctor bills that needs to be taken care of right away. I tried other sites for loans, but was turned down. I need this money by 10/2/15. I will pay this back on 11/2/2015

  39. Prentice wrote:

    Actually need 3300 by next Oct 8th, can pay out 300 every other week till its paid off.

  40. Prentice wrote:

    Need $3300, by Thursday OCT 8th 2015, Living in San Jose, CA. Would Like an Installment loan, Credit Score is 460 and 439. Making 3360 a month.

  41. Matt wrote:

    I need a 10,000.00 loan. I have a 630 credit score. don’t own my truck, and cant get a cosigner. I need the loan to pay off my truck and own it and get taxes paid on it plus get 2 bills im paying on taken care of. can only do 250 a month payments. can anyone help???

  42. Tiffany wrote:

    I need a loan to help pay some back taxes. If I was to get a lump sum they will reduce what I owe.
    Not looking for payday loans. My credit is horrible due to the past. Looking to $8000 to pay back over a few years.

  43. Eileen wrote:

    I am in need of a loan to pay off all my debt, car loan, other personal loan, timeshare, and just to survive. I am looking for a loan in the amount of $100,000.00. I only want to make 1 payment a month to this personal loan instead of making several payments a month that does not even help these balances to go down. I do not have the best of credit and only have some collateral to offer. Any legit leads on whom would help us out of this rut would be of big help.

    Thank You,

  44. Kevin wrote:

    I am retired and receive an excellent pension from the State. However, after two divorces the financial situation has not been good. I have paid off many debts and yet I have five high interest loans that I pay over 1800 a month in payments and of course these balances never go down. I have a 630 credit score which has improved but because I have two Federal Tax Liens that I have an installment agreement set up with or it could be higher. I do have other credit cards but by eliminating these high interest loans I would be able to pay them off and even re-establish my savings. I am very responsible and I am asking for a loan in the amount of 14500.00 which I would pay off in 36 months

  45. Ali wrote:

    I just recently left the army after 7 years unfortunately I didn’t find work till 5 months later I need a personal loan for around 5000$ I will pay off in about a years time

  46. Dylan wrote:

    I need to borrow 35000 at 12 percent interest for 3 years. I am in a financial bind do to short term loans and too many credit cards. I make a thousand a week working and another 800 a month from my rental. I am willing to negotiate interest rate and term. I am also willing to release title to a 93 friendship manufactured mobile home after funds are released. I live in belle fourche south dakota. My credit score is currently 640. I need funding asap but understand it isn’t going to happen yesterday.

  47. Geneva wrote:

    I am in desperate need of a loan, at least $5,000.00 or so. I have Breast Cancer and fighting to beat this, I have a personal medical bill due to this, and I would like some help if you can please help me out, I am not sure what my credit score is, I only get a Benefits from the state as income, I have been getting this for over 10yrs. now.

  48. Geneva wrote:

    I all ready requested a loan, for 5,000 or so, I really need this loan yesterday, I am in Utah, and I am fighting the Rare form of Breast Cancer, and trying not to be on the street again with my daughter. I am in Southern Utah.

  49. M Smith wrote:

    I am looking for a small personal loan to build my credit. I am a single male from Phoenix, Arizona. I am on Social Security Disability and receive $1095 a month. I am also living alone on the Section 8 HUD program so my monthly rent & expenses are extremely low. As a result, I have in the range of 200 to 300 a month leftover that I can easily expend to save or make payments in worse case scenario. I already have plenty of savings for emergencies. I havent had a credit card or taken out credit since I was given a $1000 college credit card at 19 years old – I am now 41. As I have zero credit now, I just took up interest in building my credit so that I can get loans with lower interest in the future, so I got a secured US Bank credit card a couple weeks ago. I read that making monthly payments on personal loan to a lender that reports my progress to the credit bureaus will help improve my credit score faster, so I am looking for such lender who is willing to consider my situation and loan me as much possible given my budget, so I can pay it off over the span of 12 to 24 months and build my credit. It isn’t urgent, but I would like to begin ASAP – within the month or two.

  50. Jennifer wrote:

    I need a $5000.00 high risk emergency loan ASAP need the loan by tomorrow 11-14-2016 I work full time and can pay the monthly loan payments no problem just need a lump sum now for the emergency that is facing me and my three children now

  51. jackie wrote:

    I need a loan so bad I need 1500 down for a car need to pay off some bills moving and need security I don’t know where to turn anymore I need a quick approval

  52. Bill wrote:

    I need a consolidation loan for at least $40,000, but ideally would for $100,000. I made some mistakes and a divorce has left me in a severe bind. I can guarantee payment via monthly direct deposit/payments. I have a good paying job, but need to consolidate debts into one payment. Repayment period would be for 60 months. The sooner I can take care of this the better. The quickest approval that can be arranged.

  53. Bill wrote:

    reference above entry (#52)….prepared to pay 7% interest, monthly payments of $1936, total payments over 5 years of $117,788.33. I can offer some guarantees for payment. I will not default.

  54. Bill wrote:

    how much you need to borrow – $100,000
    – what type of loan product you need – not sure what this means.
    – what City and State you reside in – Arlington, VA
    – what your credit score numbers are – 500
    – how quickly you need the loan – ASAP

  55. Erick wrote:

    I need a small loan of $2000.00 after a former employer bounced my paycheck and sent my finances in havoc

  56. Julia wrote:

    I need a loan of $7,00 with five years to pay at 10 percent interest. Need to prevent eviction and catch up on some bills. Had a financial hickup and want to get out of it. Will not default.

  57. Kim wrote:

    I am in desperate need of a loan for $3500. I am employed can payback I did a loan online that was a scam and I need help to get home emergency taken care of

  58. Suho wrote:

    I need a 1 year installment loan for $1500. I’m not sure what went wrong. I had a decent job and was finally getting my life on the right track, but little did I know that I would be terminated, unexpectedly. I was shocked and it led me to spiral towards sadness. It didn’t help that I had to take out payday loans just to pay the bills (rent etc.) Currently I am frantically looking for work and more importantly, waiting for my unemployment benefits. I badly need a loan and have no credit history. I owe 900 in payday loans on Friday March 10th. I already expect to go bankrupt.

  59. Ali wrote:

    I need a loan for 10,000 – to pay off urgent debt. can repay monthly for 6-12 months term. I am very well employed with a very GOOD salary and stable job at a global bank – but my credit was recently damaged

  60. Rich wrote:

    how much you need to borrow=40,000
    – what type of loan product you need= personal loan for child’s medical emergency
    – what City and State you reside in = Pittsburgh, PA
    – what your credit score numbers are= around 550-600
    – how quickly you need the loan=funding within 1-2 weeks
    – have very strong job / income (over $100K yr)

  61. Cindy wrote:

    In need of $4-5000 monthly installment loan, like a.s.a.p.
    Fico is around 600 and DTI ratio is not good. Have several small secured loans and just are paying hundreds per month!HELP! We can comfortably pay $200 to $300 per month once these loans are paid off. Can anyone help us?

  62. Sally wrote:

    I need a 50k loan to help with wedding cost and to buy a car, pay taxes. Have a good income and wish to start married life on a good footing. Please can you help?

  63. Bernadette wrote:

    I need $5000 ASAP to get my car from loan max & pay the rent of my son who lost his job recently. I have been doing ok but family emergencies came up so I ended borrowing money fron title loan now I need to get my car back. I can pay within 3 years or less.

  64. Joy wrote:

    I got into trouble after my last job ended last year and I am now facing criminal charges. I have to come with with $25,000 restitution before this Wednesday, August 16 as I must appear for my non-jury trial. My public defender struck a deal with the D.A. to pay the restitution or face jail time. I ended up relying on credit cards while I was unemployed. My credit dropped from 695 to below 500. I found a good job 4 months ago making $12/hour and have been working since. I do not want to go to jail as my employer knows what I did and I was given a second chance. But the loan companies never gave me a second chance. I am married and my children are grown with good jobs and I am too embarrassed to tell them that their own mother screwed up. My husband would be able to help repay the loan but refuses to co-sign with me. Yes, he is helping me now pay my bills and I am doing my hardest to keep my head above water right now. I am willing to pay a high interest rate if you please give me a second chance too. I may stand to lose everything this Wednesday. Thanking you in advance.

  65. TERESA wrote:

    I need an installment loan ASAP, for $1200.
    I will pay back in monthly payments in 15 months.

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