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Lawsuit Loan = Pre-Settlement Loan [3]

Continued from part [2]

If you manage to stay calm during your litigation process and be what I call “a good plaintiff” a qualified attorney (or attorneys) that you hire can ensure you recoup all of the money from your employment down-time and cover all of your medical expenses. Try to let the attorneys handle your claim and your court case(s) and don’t get too caught up in vengeful resentment and anger because that will do you no good in the short term or long-term.

If you make a good choice in an attorney and law office in the first place you will be approved the funds you need to get by – you should be concentrating on recovery and an honest and positive approach to your court case. Please try to remember that this time will pass and you can recover to a great extent and still have a wonderful life. I have seen people approach their oncoming court case and litigation with great reverence and positivity.

Those people who managed to put themselves in this frame of mind often end up having a better lifestyle then they did before their injuries from the accident. The accident often leads to a reevaluation of ideas and a way of living and thinking. Often the plaintiffs end up straightening out their personal finances so they are in a much better position financially by the end of the court case.

For those of you who came here today looking for pre-settlement funding I only have one more thing I would like to say. You need to be cautious when shopping for an attorney and a law office. Be suspicious of any lawyer that tells you they can guarantee you large sums of money in the form of funding and they have not actually heard all of the pertinent details of your case and your claim.

Some shifty lawyers will promise plaintiffs the stars and the moon (large sums of money) when the plaintiff has only taken two steps into their law office! This is all too common and you must use your wits at this stage. Everything I have discussed regarding a positive outcome from your litigation is only possible if you make a wise decision when you first choose your attorney.

The attorney that you want to find is one that has a great deal of experience in court cases similar to yours and a long track record of winning. The kind of attorney you are looking for is one that does not promise you anything in the form of pre-settlement funding or a slam-dunk victory in court. You need to speak with an attorney who is calm, reserved, and professional – one who listens to all of the details and collects all of the data on your particular case before they even open their mouth with promises of victory and great win-falls in the form of restitution.

Take the time to listen closely to these attorneys and don’t do the talking. Don’t be afraid to take a small recording device to your meetings with the prospective attorneys and asked them if you can record your conversations. If they are reputable attorneys they will let you do this knowing that they are “on the record” so to speak.

When I worked as a paralegal I did actually see some victims, who were seeking personal injury restitution, who brought in recording devices so that they could review what the attorneys said when I got home. The attorneys that I worked for did not have a problem with having their conversations recorded because they were completely honest and on the up-and-up and know they are not risking a collision with the bar or partners at their firm.

So in the final summation I urge you to ask lots of questions when you first begin speaking with different attorneys and different law offices. Let them know the full details of the police reports and the medical reports you have so that they can better give you a straight answer on the plausible outcome of the court case and the proceeding litigation at hand.

If you do your due diligence and give the different attorneys all of your information you will likely be in much a better situation in the future – financially, physically, and emotionally, and of course…..spiritually.

End of series