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Lawsuit Loan = Pre-Settlement Loan [1]

Keep in mind that these types of personal loans for pre-settlement purposes only happen if you have a strong court case and the lawyers can see that you are in a position to win with a 90% chance of success. Literally, attorneys may look at your lawsuit as money in the bank because they have litigated many cases just like it with similar circumstances and they are very confident they will win.

You have to make sure you can win as well of course. I believe one of our other writers is doing an article on pre-settlement loans so I will try and keep this series fairly short and to the point.

I was asked to write an article on the settlement loans or lawsuit loans. I understand why I was asked to write about lawsuit loans because I used to be a paralegal. Keep in mind throughout this article that I was a paralegal for only one-year and I was nothing more than a filing clerk.

With this in mind I must tell you that from my experience you want to avoid litigation as much as possible. Of course if you have been wronged or hurt financially it may be absolutely necessary to go through the stressful gyrations of a court case. Pre-settlement loans can be available from some barristers, attorneys, or lawyers in their attempt to gain financially from your possible winning of a court case.

Most pre-settlement loans (lawsuit loans) take place around automobile accidents. Very often we see people in law offices starting litigation against a friend or family member who was driving a vehicle during a car accident and the only way the victim of a (also a passenger in the accident) can become financially whole again is through a lawsuit. These are generally not negative or “bad blood” type lawsuits, it is just the insurance of the driver that will have to pay damages because of the accident. Of course, there are exceptions when the driver of the vehicle was extremely neglectful.

Many candidates for a lawsuit loans request advice from attorneys and smartly ask scads of questions regarding their upcoming litigation. At the same time they must be completely truthful which absolutely key at this stage of any legal action.

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