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I Would Like A Consolidation Loan For $100000 Approved This Week

The current applicant is an admitted procrastinator when it comes to dealing with debt from credit cards and loans. He would like a consolidation loan for $100000 approved this week so that he can pay off the credit card debt he has incurred before another month goes by. He know he is paying high interest rate charges and wants to put an end to it.

The credit card debt is being charged an interest rate of 19% on the unpaid balance. He also has a personal loan. He did not indicate in his application how much the personal loan interest rate was. He also has an existing small balance on his mortgage. In total he is looking for $100,000 which we have to assume matches his current total debt. He did not provide any balance information on any of these debts.

He wants to use his home as security for the loan. A secure loan is much more attractive and will allow him to be approved for a lower interest rate personal loan or mortgage. Unfortunately his home will need to be appraised to confirm the value of the home before a secure loan can be approved. Basically there needs to be sufficient equity in his home to cover the loan in case he cannot repay this loan.

He currently has a good job that pays very well. He is working in a high risk environment. There are many companies in the area developing software products to take to market. Many are successful and many are not. He also did not indicate how long he had been at the company. His wife also is working and no information was provided regarding her work situation.

The bottom line for this potential client is that it is unlikely that this client will be approved in time to meet his deadline. He needs to provide quite a bit of additional information including proof of employment. His home will also need to be appraised which takes time to be scheduled and a report provided.

Based on the information he did provide and if it all is substantiated as indicated, he should be approved for a loan sometime next week or the week after. Obviously this does not meet his timeline and he will continue to incur additional interest at the higher interest rates offered by credit cards. This is a good example of when it does not pay to procrastinate. If readers have a similar situation, deal with it immediately and save yourself a great deal of interest expense.


Home/Mortgage Loan Amount : $100,000

Home Loan Application and Processing Speed (when do you need the funds): We need to have the loan approved this week and the funds available by the end of the week.

Do you currently have a mortgage? : yes, a small one. We should have lots of equity in our home

Bank Name and Branch :Silicon Valley Bank, Tasman Dr

What City/Town, State and County do you live in? : Santa Clara, California

Zip : 95504

What is your employment field? : Design Engineer with Hi Tech Company

Employment Position : Design Engineer

When are you paid? (monthly/weekly/biweekly): Biweekly

Your credit rating to be – excellent, fair, or bad? : fair

How did you find us? : I was looking online for a consolidation loan and found your site.

How are you paid? (direct deposit/paper check): Direct deposit

Gross Amount Per Paycheck : $4,615

Do you agree to have this information published online, without your PRIVATE information of course? : Sure, just do not publish personal information or my companies name. I would be embarrassed if my colleagues were to see this application.

Extra information here please (some detail): I require a debt consolidation loan for $100000 by the end of the week to be approved and the money deposited into my account. Basically I procrastinated doing something about the credit card debt that I have along with my mortgage and a small loan that I have. My wife is really upset that I have not dealt with this issue before now.

I am able to make all of the monthly payments with no problem. Although it does take most of my income to cover the monthly payments. I make a really good salary, but more on that later. The credit card debt is due early next week and I am paying 19% on the overdue balance. This is a really high interest rate and it is my own fault that I am still paying this level on debt associated with my credit card.

I would like to combine this credit card debt, a small personal loan that I have and the remaining balance on my existing mortgage into one secured loan or mortgage. Obviously I am looking for a competitive interest rate, particularly since it will be secured by my home.

Regarding my job, I am design engineer working for one of the local high tech firms in the area. We are almost ready to go live with our online software and begin generating real income. We are surviving on investor funding at the moment. They are showing a great deal of confidence in our company and the product we are working on.

There of course is a lot of risk associated with the launch of this product and the success we will have in the market place. All of the employees are banking on a successful launch and going public or being bought up by a larger company. We will all be rich, but in the mean time we live on a salary like everyone else.

If for some reason it does not fly, there are lots of jobs available in the market place for someone with my skills. I am not concerned at all about finding another job. It is a really good time to be in the high tech design industry.

With all of this information, my wife and I are hoping you can help us with a consolidation loan. I almost forgot, my home is almost paid for and there is lots of equity to use to secure this loan or new mortgage. Let us know if you can help us with an approved loan this week.

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10 Pre-apps

  1. Harvey Le wrote:

    I need a cash loan of $28,000.00. I live in Sacramento, CA. My credit score is currently 670, with a credit balance of 30%, no bankruptcies, no bad remarks. I am 25 years old and currently living with my sister. I lost my job in San Francisco due to a commute issue and have been going to school since. I will obtain my real estate license in December.

    A little backstory:
    “Where it all began”
    I was 15 when one of my best friends, whom I met at bible school 7 years prior, had died. He drowned in a lake after being convinced by me to just get his feet wet. Somewhere in that short period of time, I paddled off on a floatie with some girl as I last saw him knee deep with the hugest smiles, just kicking and splashing. Till this day it’s still the hardest things in my life to accept. At the time I just finished my freshman year with 4 honors classes, tennis and volleyball, key clubs etc. I actually thought I was doing ok, but after his funeral, I moved schools. The loneliness opened a door to drugs, which eventually led to me flunking high school. It was in the Fall of 2009, while attending continuation school, my mother found contraband in my room and gave me the option to move to another country with my aunt or leave. I was actually high at the time.. so I left. 17 years old, sleeping at friends’ houses, couch to couch. As years passed, I was dope free, I found a room to rent, working under the table at restaurants and labor jobs on weekends. I was doing ok, so I thought.

    September 2011 , there was a warrant out for my arrest. Turns out that by letting a “friend” use my storage unit where I kept my belongings, I made myself vulnerable to criminal charges. I did not turn myself in but was eventually caught in May of 2012. I was sentenced to 5 years but through school programs and joining the CDCR Inmate Firefighter program I was released in less than half.

    “A new beginning”
    August 2014, I’ve been released for over a month now and finally had my parole transfer approved. This allowed me to live and work two hours away with my brother and his new start up company. Living and working in the fast pace environment such as San Francisco was something that I’ve never experienced before, and I loved it. I was actually doing ok, so I thought.

    Spring 2016, my parole transfer was revoked because my parole officer came by for an unannounced visit while I was in a deep sleep. By the time I woke up, nothing mattered, the transfer revocation had already gone through. I was still able to get a day pass to commute 2 hours to work every day, and that made me think it would be ok. So I thought.

    November 2016, me and my former bosses and colleagues agreed that my performance had tremendously declined. I was ok with officially being without a job, having saved up 22k in my savings over the last two years I had something to fall back on. I wanted to travel, but my parole conditions prevented me from doing so. On a good note, I’ve already served 2.5 years of my parole terms with only half a year remaining. I’ve gotten myself into a relationship with a stunning woman, and I would be starting my first semester of college in January. I was actually doing ok.. so I thought.

    January 2017, I attended a Lunar New Years party where I got drunk and kept borrowing money to gamble. By the end of the night I was 8k in debt. The next morning I woke up feeling like the biggest idiot in the world, but it didn’t stop there. I was so stressed I called around and for some reason ended up placing bets on football games. I now owed an additional $10,000. That night I can remember thinking “I’m broke. After I pay off my debt I’ll only have 4k to last me 5-6 months until I can find a local job.” I didn’t sleep that night, instead, I stayed up until the bank opened and made a 10k withdrawal. I went to a local casino in midtown and I left with nothing. How dumb could I be to think that I could’ve made it work. Want to guess what happens next? I go back to the bank and clear out my bank account- I lost that as well. I could’ve had 4k, instead I lost $40,000.00 and was in debt $18,000.00, all in just a matter of a few moments of not thinking.

    “Deep breaths”
    I’m now a 25 year old convicted felon, jobless, attending my first year of college, broke and in debt, living off credit cards, staying at my parents house and at the final stretch of my parole terms. I took things very slow. Aside from focusing on school, I spent my time looking for jobs and sending out resumes and when that would bear no fruit, I then began doing occasional labor jobs or buying and selling cars off Craigslist. I made just enough to eat and chip away at my debt.

    “Almost there”
    July 2017, I am officially a free man. I no longer have any legal issues pertaining to the law or any thing else. I had booked a few flights with my girlfriend and made plans to visit family, wanting to travel now that I could. In August, my second semester of college had just began. I was waiting for my FA checks backdating to the last semester; I would be getting up to 4k a semester. I had paid off almost half of my debt in the last 8 months, and would almost be done paying it off after I got those checks. In addition to this, I was taking the final class needed to be eligible as a Certified Real Estate Salesperson- with plans to rejoin the start up company I left last November. I had kept a girlfriend for the first time in over 8 years. I made plans on rebuilding my credit. My life was finally coming together again and for the first time ever, I saw my direction. I was doing better than ever, or so I thought…

    “5 steps forward, 10 steps back”
    September 7, 2017
    I was so close, literally 10 years of my life and I have never been this close to having it figured out. I was mugged outside of my house. Coming back from a two hour drive as I was walking up the sidewalk, two guys jumped out from behind the bushes and tackled me before punching me multiple times in the face. The area I lived in recently had one or two incidents on the news, I didn’t think much of it. The devastating part of this situation wasn’t that I had gotten had gotten beat up, I was robbed for $16,000.00 worth of cash and jewelry that did not belong to me. I was attempting to broker a simple car sales between a couple acquaintances for a small profit and being in the middle of negotiations would have allowed me to do so. I went into depression for two weeks, dropped most of my classes which cuts my financial aid, and in a debt of 28,000. I feel as if maybe I’m never suppose to have it figured out. The gravity of the situation doesn’t even allow me the time to do so. I need help. Please. Anybody out there that can help me will be apart of a true underdog story. And will be forever in gratitude.

  2. Rachel wrote:

    I am in need of a debt consolidation loan of 15,000. I would like to put all bills into one payment. i have ranned into some trouble with credit rating but i am able to make the payments on time. I was engaged to be married and my finance and i incurred bills together. Well, after several years of him going from one job to another the bills feel on to me to pay. We have now split from each other and the bills are on me to pay. i am overwhelmed and can not keep up with the monthly payments. i would to get from behind and living from check to check.. i will make my payments on time and with me freeing up my income i can make the payment and have a chance to enjoy life. no man and no bills to worry about.. i will be stress free. please take my story into considersation..
    i am in desperate need of a legmit loan with a person who will make the payments on time along with little extra..

    i need a loan soon as next week my bills are behind and i want to keep my bills on time..

    please help.. i can send paystubs to validate income…

    Need your help
    Oxford, Al

    last check credit sore was ranging in the low 600..

  3. Jeffery wrote:

    Need unsecured personal load to consolidate debt and free up more money monthly

  4. Nicole wrote:

    I just recently left my abusive boyfriend. My best friend and her children opened their home for me after he severely beat me and made me lose my job because I was embarrassed at him doing this to me again. So today they came and got my car after I have worked so hard to get and they told me to get it back I would need 600 dollars. I am begging for some one out there to please help so that I can get myself back on my feet and get me a job. I have two kids and I barely get to see them anymore because of him so I want to get my relationship built back up with them also.

  5. Christie wrote:

    Hi, I recently lost my job and am facing eviction due to Hurricane Irma. I divorced a few years ago after years of domestic violence and have always prided myself on taking care of my family, I moved back to Florida so my kids could re=establish a relationship with their paternal side of the family, it has been a nightmare. I have two small kids and need to pay off all of my bills (terrible credit due to divorec) and secure movers to relocate us 4 hours away to a new home and job.

  6. Abbie wrote:

    Need new central unit ,braces for my son ..home repair ..I can afford a payment ..just don’t want 3 bills finsving ..just one bill for all 3 issues

  7. Shay wrote:

    I am trying to get on my feet and its been a nightmare. Since switching jobs due to a long expensive commute I carried over my pension and have been paying back payment due to the gap over the summer. I have two bills I need to get paid by Monday. I have terrible terrible credit and I cant build it because I cant get on my feet …1000 would be good unless I can get a big loan ad pay it off longer to build my credit. I have been working overtime and training for a new position I was bumped up to so I am pushing double shifts and I’m exhausted. I just need help. I will pat my loans. This I promise.

  8. Joseph wrote:

    I need a $100,000.00 loan for debit consolidation. I would like to have on payment a month instead of multiple payments with high interest rates. I am employed full-time with great credit. I just need help with this issue. Thank you.

  9. Tamara wrote:

    I would like to borrow $5,000 for a personal loan with 7%interest. I am able to pay back $150-$175 monthly. I have a low Fico score. I need this loan as quickly as possible. The reason I am asking for this loan is to prevent eviction. I live in Gaithersburg, Maryland. My partner lost his job a year ago. He finally got a job this week. We were living off my income, and little side jobs he was able to find. That really took us into a huge financial world wind, including destroying our credit. At the moment, the leasing manager of the apartment we rent, has began the eviction process. Thank you!

  10. Sam wrote:

    Thank you for taking the time to read my application. I am requesting a loan for $5,500.00 to pay my rent, we are in process of getting evicted.. My family and I are going through financial hardship because I lost my job in December 2017, I am currently working but since I was not working for 3 months, we are behind in our bills.
    The loan is pay the back rent that we owe. I am able to pay back the loan in less than 3 years, 5% interest rate, $200.00/month.
    Blessings and Gratitude!

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