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I Need a Personal Loan Quick But I Have Bad Credit!

needinganovernightloanThis is an all too common plea shouted from the suburbs, cities, and rural communities all across the United States; “I need a personal loan fast and I have bad credit!” – “I need a loan quick but no-one will give me one because of poor credit!” – “Will someone please give me a loan!!!”

The two most needed quick – usually overnight – loans would have to be the $5000 and the $3000 dollar personal loans. Why? Because these micro-loan amounts are higher than any Payday loan company will provide under a cash advance lending product.

The trouble with getting approved for a personal loan this size, is that no major (traditional) lending institutions will ever take a chance lending an individual $3000 to $5000 dollars sight unseen. Using the Internet can be a very frustrating experience when you need this kind of cash money overnight.

As always at CLF, we are sympathetic to the borrowers who have poor, or really bad credit rating, and require an overnight deposit into their bank account because they have a personal financial crisis – or crunch. We urge borrowers requesting $3000-$5000 (sometimes $2000) to carry out their due diligence to avoid some the shady lenders online and in their own local neighborhoods. Some of these lenders who “claim” to approve borrowers for these cash money, micro loans, ask for 1-2-3 monthly payments up front. NEVER do this. No legitimate, or reputable bank, that approves personal loans will EVER ask you to pay some monthly installments up front. Run for the hills.

Quick Personal Cash Loans = High Interest Rates and Fees

Even if you do find a reputable lender that will give you an overnight loan then you will be facing extreme fees and interest rates (APR) if you have a very bad credit rating. There are State laws, and Federal laws, that prohibit mainstream banks from charging insanely high rates, but “so-called” private lenders can will attempt to skirt some of these laws by hiding costs in the associated fees they so conveniently mention on page 23 of the their loan agreement – which of course the borrower must sign to get their ill-gotten funds.

No matter how you slice it, when you have really bad credit rating, the lenders will be licking their lips and getting prepared to make as much profit from your temporary downturn in financial security. When you really analyze the financial reality of these kinds of high interest, s0-called bad credit loans, you soon realize the predatory nature of them. The question you need to ask yourself is, “Do I Really Need Fast Personal Cash Loan Overnight”. The answer of course depends on your personal situation, and if you can honestly sustain the long term costs involved. Or will this loan drive you even further into a black (more like red) hole which you can never escape unless you claim personal bankruptcy.

If You Do Decide To Find a Bad Credit Personal Loan

OK – let’s assume that you do find legal bank or lender to approve your bad credit loan – what do you need the money for? For school, for a car, a house, debt consolidation, holiday, paying an overdue mortgage payment, an overdue rent payment, a gambling debt, or relocating? If you accept the terms of the loan, you need to prepare yourself for another loan in the near future.

This quick cash loan is going to bleed to you dry in fees and interest so you have to clean up your credit rating, change your spending habits based on your TRUE monthly income and your TRUE monthly expenses. You will need to find a debt consolidation loan to clean up all of your bad debts (high interest loans) once and for all, and at a much lower interest rate. You may have to see a trustee or certified personal financial specialist to negotiate a debt settlement between yourself and all of your creditors. There is a fee for this as well, but it’s the best money you can spend if you have very bad credit rating. It’s a fresh start, and not to be taken for granted.

The Quicker The Loan, The Higher The Interest Rates and Fees

fastpersonalloanswithbadcreditMost of our readers (and borrowers) understand full well that; the worse your credit rating (FICO score) is, the worse your fees and interest rates are going to be when borrowing more money. The sad irony and paradox here is that the borrowers with the very worst credit are the last people that handle (afford) the highest rates at a such a punishing level.

You can see the vicious cycle here, and where it will ultimately lead to unless the borrower has a big change in their monthly/yearly income, or a sudden cash windfall such as a winning, stock, a lottery, or inheritance – financial ruin in the form of personal bankruptcy. This is why CLF always recommends that you learn to change your spending habits ASAP, or find ways to earn more money. We suggest the prior – curb your spending habits.

No Mercy From Banks and Lenders For Borrowers With Bad Credit

One thing you can be sure of. No bank or lender (legitimate or not) will take mercy on you and have a great deal of empathy for you in your time of need. They see you as a possible cash cow if you can somehow make all of the installments agreed upon in your loan contract.

The banks don’t care about your new start, and they certainly don’t care. I know this is a very cynical thing to write, but when it comes to big banking and small cash lenders, you have to call a fact a fact. Especially when you come to them applying for loan with extremely bad credit. They see you as a liability and a high risk borrower – of course they are going to look upon you with a wary eye.

What You Can Do Is Prove Them All Wrong

I suggest changing your lifestyle and proving them all wrong. Pay off all your debts with these “shark in the water” lenders and prove them wrong.

Find a better job, stop wasting money, buy only the most important “things” in life, and turn around your credit rating. You can find plenty of information online on how to turn around your credit rating – I suggest you search for the information elsewhere because we at CLF don’t have much information on repairing a personal credit rating – yet!

All the above requires discipline, and something you don’t want to hear if you came here to find a quick loan – but just think about it – wouldn’t it be nice to have a good credit rating? Wouldn’t it be if you were debt free and have the peace of mind to know that you are not trapped in the state of insolvency.

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42 Pre-apps

  1. Alex wrote:

    great information

  2. m.subramaniam wrote:

    i want lot of money to invest my new legal and cofirmed lot income business.i have already in poly bag plesae give the amount fast and u getback ur amount within 6 months.i can give interest 3 rupees per 100.

  3. Melissa Keeling wrote:

    I need to borrow $2,000 for medical bills.
    In missouri
    Need it in with in 7 days

  4. rose salaiz wrote:

    I live in tx I need to borrow $10000 I have some smaller loans that I want to pay interest very high I need a new air condition. In home my credit is bad plus I have some plumbing that also needs to be repairedi have been employed with my current employer for over 20yrs I get paid once a month I need this asap I certainly hope you will be able to help me!

  5. Sally wrote:

    I live in NC and lost my job back in Nov.2010 and have been out of work every since. I need $4000 to catch up my rent and my utilities. I just recently went back to work part time but need immediate help to keep my children from being homeless.

  6. stephanie wrote:

    hi, i need 5,000 to fix new horse fences due my stallion damaged the fence to my mares got two fillies..i don’t want more babies due not enough room..i need help to fix..thank you stephanie

  7. Steve wrote:

    Many of these posts are dated, so not sure if this site is still monitored- so I will leave some basics.
    I am a homeowner, been employed with current company (biotech) for 14.5 years and currently gross 7500 a month. I have a previous BK (discharged December 2009), due to the bills related to my wife losing her job and going on permanent medical disability (special security). Previous to the BK, I’d owned a home for 8 years, no missed payments, 3000 monthly mortgage.

    We rented a home for 2 years in between (9/08 to 9/10), no missed payments, and were able to qualify with Wells Fargo to purchase our current home (9/10). Current monthly mortgage is 1960 month.

    Purpose for the loan request- the down payment on our home was over 25000, for which I borrowed a portion from my 401K and also took out some other payday loans to make up the difference. For over a year now, due to the interest rates and spread out monthly fees, I am making it month to month by the skin of my teeth. I would like to consolidate all of these spread out payments with high interest. I can comfortably make a monthly payment of up to 400 a month, but with the prior BK and resulting low credit score, no legitimate lender will consider me.

    If there are P2P lenders still monitoring this site, I am more than happy to provide additional information and documentation.

  8. Melanie wrote:

    I am desperate looking for 8000 to 10000 loan, I have poor credit… I open a Beauty Shop and I am looking for money for cash flow and advertising. Please anyone that can help me?

  9. Jeanera wrote:

    Trying to start a business, I need 3500.00 asap. I live in Texas.

  10. William wrote:

    i need 3500 on a 4 year monthly note i got bad credit but got collateral

  11. John wrote:

    I need $3000-$5000 by Thursday of this week. Can you help?

  12. Tyler wrote:

    I am in a terrible financial situation. I might lose my home and my electricity is due Friday. I am good for the money but I need somebody to take a chance on me. I need $5000 in a personal loan. I live in Dover,DE, and need the money ASAP

  13. lora wrote:

    i need a $3500.00 personal loan by tuesday morning i have bad/poor credit and i dont have a cosigner… i live in michigan how do i get one? where can i go?

  14. Linda wrote:

    Hello, My name is Linda, and I am in a bad situation. I left one job for a better job I thought. After 30 days they let me go! I have secured a really good job, but because of my job loss i got behind. I was out of work for about 45 days, before I got my new job. I need to borrow $5000, to catch up on bills. If I dont have the money for my rent bu April 30 2012 My son and I will be evicted. Gas is scheduled for shut off in 5 days. I live in Royal Oak Michigan. Please if anyone could just help me.I have had a rough couple of years, my credit is bad, due to having a job, but not enough money to keep up on everything. I have no one to help. I could make payments to pay it back..I just need a boost to put me ahead. Thank You…..

  15. Chris wrote:

    Need $3000 for cross county job relocation by the end of May.

  16. Lisa wrote:

    Hello, I am in need of $4000 to catch up on some bills. I’m needing to catch up on my rent and utilities along with maybe using a part of that for a car since my daughter totalled ours. I currently have a full time job so I will be able pay back the loan in 2 years time at 10% interest. Thank you

  17. stephanie wrote:

    Hi, my name is Stephanie, I am in need of $4000. I need the money to pay some debts. I had lost my job last year n I recently just got a part time job. Between the time period my bills piled up and lost my car. I am working and helping my ill mother at the same time which she lives with me. I’m trying to do my best but i can cut it everything is piling on even worse. I live near Chicago and need the money in the next few weeks before we get evicted. I need help as soon as possible. I do have bad credit from the past but since im working i know i will make payments to pay it back. If anyone could help me i would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

  18. perry wrote:

    I am in need of a business loan in the amount of 100,000.00. I found this site when looking for a loan online. You were able to fund a construction worker in the amount of 100k. I have a business with contracts in hand from several fortune 500 companies, but I can’t get a business loan due to my credit. I can verify the contracts that are worth up to 400k. I am in need of working capital to fill these orders. Please call or email me to discuss this. I would take less money upfront if needed, but I would at least like to get 50k. Thanks, God Bless.

  19. Alonzo wrote:

    I’m looking to borrow 7500 to get out of debt. Please help.

  20. Quinten wrote:

    I’m a 30 year old sinlge mom looking for a $5000 loan with a credit score of 565. I have been at my job and residents for 5 years. Can someone please direct me to a financial institute where I can be helped. Thank you

  21. Mirabel wrote:

    Great thanks unto these great company who make it possible for me to upgrade my buisness level till now. Am very glad and happy because all other company get me down by asking much and through those shit i never get the loan, until i met these company who helps me out with [$10,000] without asking much from me. Truly i want to thank the manager of willemsmithloan company who seriously help me through and ensure i get these loan service very safe and faster without delay. Now i will all say thanks and again congratulate them for their great and sufficient help service they render.. I consider them as the best because they are real, i have seen and tested them.. They are the best loan lenders on this internet. You can email them for a fast and safe loan funds at: [removed for privacy]

  22. Thomas wrote:

    I need a car loan for 3,000 dollars I make enough I make enough but I have a baby on the way and I can’t seem to save the amount I need the it would be great to get the extra help thanks

  23. Valerie wrote:

    I need a $5,000 personal loan. My credit is poor but I am working to improve that situation. A payday loan is not helpful. I need the $5,000. It is a time sensitive issue and I need the funds by 2/1/2013. I am employed full time and repaying the loan will not be a problem. Just find myself in need of large amount at once.
    Thank you for your consideration

  24. Kayla wrote:

    I am seeking a loan for about 8000.00 in an effort to pay off existing debt to help to further help increase my credit score. I ran into financial difficulties and have been unable rectify certain account on my own volition. I am hoping to find an organization that will give me a second chance to correct those mistakes made the first time around

  25. Raymond wrote:

    Please help us we need 5000.00 in a week or we loose our home we have had some hard ships in the last few years and our mortgage company has been nice enough to let except any offer in a lump sum so we can own this house free and clear

  26. Jason wrote:

    I am seeking an unsecured loan of $3000.00 to bring some personal debt current and to save my home. Please contact me asap.

  27. Bruce wrote:

    I need an unsecure loan of $2000-$3000 to pay off some bills to improve my credit rating and to keep from being evicted tomorrow. Please help and contact me asap with a proposal. I’m in desperate NEED.

  28. Gladys wrote:

    Getting out of a mentally, physically and financially abusive relationship. Single mom of son. Teacher not able to find work this summer. Behind on rent. Going to be evicted and car taken. DESPERATELY NEED $4000-$5000 loan. In NC. Everyone else and I mean everyone, bank, credit union, payday ALL said no. Need this for fresh start

  29. Jean wrote:

    I was in an accident and my car was a total loss I live in Birmingham, Alabama I need a loan of $5,000
    So I will be able get another car to go to work an my to school I haven’t been able to get to work I need to pay two urgent bills I need this loan immediately I will pay it back quickly once I can get back to work Please help us with this we are in desperate need of this loan Thanks and God Bless

  30. Twylia wrote:

    I am requesting a loan to purchase a vehicle for $3500.00 and pay off $3000.00, $6500.00. My daughter was in an accident and rendered our spare vehicle undrivable and our main vehicle’s motor has went out and it will cost over $3000.00 to get fixed. My husband works full time and I work part time, I have two offers for full time employment, but we don’t have our own means of me taking the job. I myself have had seasons and valleys just as others have and this has caused my payment history and credit to take a large hit. I have an interview Monday and I have prayed and turned the situation over to God. If it is in His will, someone in your organization will help me and I will be waiting for an approval.

  31. Kathy wrote:

    I’m in need of a $5000.00 loan ASAP to pay off some debt. Unfortunately my Fico score is way below 600. I am employed and my gross monthly income is $3200.00 I’m looking for a three year plan of payback. Thank you in advance for your help.

  32. Nick Dobbins wrote:

    Thanks for taking time to look over my request. I reside in upstate South Carolina just outside the city of my beloved Tigers, Clemson. I attended college there but didn’t finish. When my wife got pregnant with our son (my beautiful daughter came alittle over a year later), it was time to get to work. I landed into manufacturing, specifically machining (mills, lathes, and programming CNCs). After 19 years, I decided to make a career change as scary as that was. There were 2 reasons; 1)My body was letting me down. Between playing ball in high school and working on concrete floors all day, my knees weren’t much good. I also had developed a herniated disc. I was in alot pain at the end of each day and not much good to anyone. And 2) after ’09, ’10, and ’11, I had endured 5 seperate layoffs ranging in length from 3 to 9 months. I couldn’t support my family like that, I’m not sure if anyone could.

    So, after advice from family and friends, 6 months ago I decided to begin a career in sales. I had always been told that ‘I never meet a stranger’ and that I would be great in the role. My personality is geared toward getting along with people, not making waves, and people seem to feel at ease around me…all good things for someone in sales.

    The reason I am a go-with-the-flow person and dont want to make waves is largely because of my childhood. I was an only child in an alcoholic household. The beatings were moderate but the verbal abuse was as bad as can be imagined. I won’t go further, because nobody had a perfect childhood and it’s nothing new. With me, it created a person who is kind, easy going, and tries to see the good in people. I dont have anger issues and I’ll have a beer or 2 about every 2 months. What it also created that’s not so fun is a person who goes into depression swings that are incapaciting. About once every other month, sometimes once every month, I find myself in the bed, immobilized from sadness and despair. I feel like my entire life is miserable and I’ll never find real success, I’ll never enjoy life, etc etc. I’ll spend 3-4 days in this state before I or someone else pulls me out of it. When I’m not in my ‘swoons’, it’s easy to see that these are mostly ridiculous thoughts and it’s dumb for me to make my depressions worse like this. Loved ones say, ‘you gotta get up’ or ‘press on’ or ‘everybody gets down’. It’s easy to agree when I’m not depressed. But describing that my mind literally overpowers my body and won’t let me exit my bedroom ‘tomb’ is not easy and usually not understood.

    In early May, I was in the bed for day 2 or 3. My wife came in from work and asked me to leave, that she couldn’t take seeing me like that anymore. It was affecting her and creating stress and anxiety. 2 days later, I packed up and left her and the kids in our 150K house and went and found a small apartment. I miss her and the kids, being alone each night is horrible, and I’m not sure where to go with my life from here. But I am trying extremely hard not to quit on life and continue to push forward.

    So, why am I here asking for help. Starting on my own has been extremely taxing, financially. Between getting a new place, new utilities, keeping up with my student loans and credit card payments, continuing to make payments on my 2013 Honda, and giving a 5K retainer to my lawyer, I haven’t been able to make all the ends meet. Im only 6+ months into my new career…it’s easy to see the timing of the events in my life recently has not been good, to say the least. Some payments are already a month late. If it hasnt already, my 653 FICO score (which isn’t great, but not terrible) will be taking serious hits soon.

    I would just like the opportunity to return myself to slightly above even and have a fighting chance. I’m already seeing bi-weekly checks that are promising. But it doesn’t help when I’m paying back my manager x-amount for a loan for my gas (I’m straight commission, not hourly and no gas milage), or catching up a late bill, etc. To have $7500-$9500 and be able to zero my debts, find somewhere that’s a permanent home and not an apartment on the shady side of town, perhaps put a few extra payments on my Civic so I can get closer to eliminating that bill…It would be such a positive feeling. Like I said earlier, it’d feel like I’d have a fighting chance.

    In closing, I am working with my Dr to find a the proper medications (which aren’t cheap) to help me. I’ve been doing this since 2014. The progress has been slow, but still there has been progress. At work, my new co-workers and management say I’m gonna be great in this profession. There are flashes of hope.

    I know this has been very wordy. Ive never done anything like his before. I guess I feel if someone is gonna be generous enough to possibly offer me the financial lifeline I need to really get headed in the right direction, they deserve to know who I am and why I am asking them for help. Thank you again for listening to my story.


  33. Vanessa wrote:

    I lived in Hawaii and i needed help. I need a fast approval unsecured loan of 15,000 to pay my debts. i have some late payments also i need to clear some off. I have a credit score of 586. I would like to pay monthly payments with in 7 years. I need help as soon as possible. Can i get a loan fast please. I really need this loan as soon as possible cause my phone have been ringing off the hook from my creditors regarding my payments. Thanks indefinitely need of HELP PLEASE PLEASE

  34. Alicia wrote:

    Hello, I’m seeking a personal loan for $13,000 ASAP to save my home from foreclosure. I have a low credit score but always pay my debts – I need a fresh start. I have a secure full time job and would be able to pay as much as $550/month for 3 yrs (up to a 30% interest rate). I have very little credit debt but made some wrong choices. I reside in the Eastbay (California). My income can be verified and would be willing to do a direct payment from my payroll check if necessary. I gross over $6000/ month.

    Thank you for your consideration. It is greatly appreciated.

  35. Bianca wrote:

    I am in urgent need a $6,000 personal loan for medical expenses. My credit is fair, but I am working to improve that situation. A payday loan is not helpful. It is a time sensitive issue and I need the funds by 3/31/2016. I am employed full time, and repaying the loan will not be a problem. PLEASE HELP!

    Thank you for your consideration

  36. Dpamela wrote:

    I was requesting at least 3,000 Iam in need of personal things and also looking for a car to get me to school, home , work Im trying my best to work and also to get me a loan but Iam not finding any great outcomes a miracle is what I need to help me financial.

  37. Elaca wrote:

    I am requesting a 5000 loan. Due to a very bad time with ex boyfriend I am very behind in almost everything and am struggling to keep my daughter fed and a roof over our head. My credit is very bad due to him using my name for most things and unpaid bills I couldn’t keep out with. I have a decent job and have slowly been trying to pay things off and current bills paid. With this loan I would be able to pay off all current bills and keep my head above water. My biggest concern is my daughter she deserves better than I have been able to do. However we are all each other have and I’m trying everything to make sure I don’t lose her

  38. Karla wrote:

    I really need a loan to pay for my furniture, car repairs, and one credit card. I would like to borrow $5000 and pay in monthly installments please help me, I’ve tried applying for other loans and I always get turned down be because of my bad credit.

  39. Fonda wrote:

    I need a loan because my utilities are being shut off and my credit score is very low it is 476 so I know I probley won’t be able to receive help but thank you anyway

  40. LARRY wrote:

    My name is Larry and I have current credit Transunion score of 548 , 586 with Experian as of 09/05/16. I am employed and have been on a credit rebuilding journey. I am seeking a personal / installment loan of 3000.00 to pay off some bad debt and to also use as a down payment for a new car. Please consider my request and advise of any questions.

  41. Nancy wrote:

    Hello, I am looking for a personal loan for the amount of $250,000. I have poor credit but a very good job and a great salary. I can afford monthly payment of $3000. Please get back to me if you are willing to help.

  42. Tawanna wrote:

    I am goin through a divorce and my husband has put me and my children out the house.I need 4500 dollars to relocate and pay off and on some of my debt. It’s been rough this past year and no one will give me a loan anywhere. And since my husband filed bankruptcy on a loan dat was in both our names it is now on my credit. I just need someone to give me a chance to get back on my feet so I can provide a home for my children and i.

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